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Nick is my buddy, so I'm reposting his thread while he struggles for nice internet in Australia:

Well I've become a bit bored of late and have been playing around with a few different builds for my 4th character (have a 14 Barb, Sorc and Battlecleric).

I have read everywhere and have never seen an example of a fighter wizard working in DDO so i Have set my mind to coming up with something that will combine the two classes too produce something that will work well high end. I have found the trick is not to generalise and to specialise.

This guy is the Arcane Psycho. Basically I have forgone any save based spell like pk, charm finger etc and gone for damage and buffs while retaining stats of a fighter. I have started with a base inteligince of 8. Because ddo lets us use equipment as prereqs for level casting i will take advantage of this and because im only really doin buffing it wont matter to much apart from a smaller sp pool.

Bit of a disclaimer. Basically you have to declare that you are a tank at soon as you join a party. Send them a tell saying you will keep the party permahasted and that you can self buffbut thats the only buffing you are likely to do except for rare circumstances.(NOte when iget to 14 i will have a better idea as to the extent of my spell point pool and know how much i can buff others.) You are a tank and to function to the best of your ability you need the spellpoints for yourself. Pugs might have a problem with this and you may face rejection if you fill the last slot and they dont have a real caster.

On to the fun stuff. You have 325hp which is a good tank number. You have a 32 Strength as good as a good fighter. Perma Displaced and Stoneskinned, replaces AC and in higher content is much more useful. Not only this but when they hit you they will be taking 2d8 +12 points of damage (IceGuard and fireshield) You will have resistance to any energies, protections if necessary, permarage, able to self cast GH on yourself and true seeing when you need it, near on immunity to magic missiles and what i consider nearly THE MOST important thing - Permateleport - I am xtremely lazy and there is nothing better than teleporting everywhere.

Playstyle. Buff up and play like a tank I keep thinking of different scenarios from which this guy could be useful i.e casting a nasty firewall - running into the middle of it pull out the paralyser and hit everything near you alternating keeping the enemy in it all the whilst chopping at them with an axe!. Good times.

The Arcane Psycho Build

Dwarf Nuetral Good

13 Wizard/1 Fighter

Starting Stats

17 +3 (lvl)+2(tome)+6(item)+2(Rage Spell) = 30
14 + 6(item) = 20
18 + 6(item) + 2(enhancement) +2(Rage Spell) = 28
11 +6(item) +3(enhance) +2(tome) =22
8 +6(item) =14
7 +1 tome = 8


1.W- Extend, Toughness
2.F – PA
3.W- MT
6.W – Toughness, Maximise
9. W – IMT
11.Wiz – Empower
12. Cleave
(15. – I. Critical.)


Tweaked for personal taste but priority should go to

Dwarven Axe attack and dmg
Fire/cold manipultion/crit
More Sp

End Game HP

20 Base
52 Wiz lvl
10 Ftr lvl
10 Gianthold HP
30 GFL
34 Toughness Feats
20 Toughness enhancements
126 Constitution

308hp at 14

Saves (Will post when I get home cant remember Base-all in the low 20s except fort which is higher)


Intimidate (Max)
Concentration (Max)


Helm – Intimidate
Necklace – Wisdom
Trinket – Bloodstone
Cloak - Resistance
Belt – GFL
Gloves – Rabbit
R1 – Con
R2 – Superior combustion 4
Bracers – Strength
Boots – Dex
Goggles – Int
Robe – Ice/Fire Guard of Heavy Fort

Likely Spells(I only need 3 essential per level generally so swap out extra for whatever)

1. Shield, Expedious retreat, Jump, Grease, Tumble
2. Resist Energy, Blur, Scorching Ray, Falselife, Knock
3. Haste, Displacement, Rage, Protection from energy
4. Firewall, Stoneskin, Fire Shield, Dimension Door
5. Teleport, Cloudkill, Cone of Cold
6. True Seeing, Tensers, GH
7. Greater teleport/whatever(waves of faigue = awesome)

To Hit (Buffed Without Tensers PA and +5weapon/GB cancel)

+9 Str
+4 GH
+2 DAA
+8 BAB
+1 Haste

= 24

To hit with Tensers add +6

= 30.

Id love to get some feedback from you guys as to what you think. Personally i am quite excited about it. Its more of a fun/novelty build but should be able to produce the goods endgame too. Please I love criticism as long as its constructive.


The Rage

08-02-2007, 03:55 AM
Awesome thanks asp - didnt see you repost here - appreciate it! I have updated with the Warforged and dwarf varients in my thread above. Thanks mate cya soon.