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I am pulling some of the lost forums from various cached sites:

Arcane Psychoe:
Default Unveiling of The Arcane Psychoe. 12wiz/2ftr 325hp 32 Str.
*Tweaked after hitting 14. This will be what i do when i reroll him soon-Why changes can be made will be under my edit post.*

Well I've become a bit bored of late and have been playing around with a few different builds for my 4th character (have a 14 Barb, Sorc and Battlecleric).

I have read everywhere and have never seen an example of a fighter wizard working in DDO so i Have set my mind to coming up with something that will combine the two classes too produce something that will work well high end. I have found the trick is not to generalise and to specialise.

This guy is the Arcane Psycho. Basically I have forgone any save based spell like pk, charm finger etc and gone for damage and buffs while retaining stats of a fighter. I have started with a base inteligince of 8. Because ddo lets us use equipment as prereqs for level casting i will take advantage of this and because im only really doin buffing it wont matter to much apart from a smaller sp pool.

Bit of a disclaimer. Basically you have to declare that you are a tank at soon as you join a party. Send them a tell saying you will keep the party permahasted and that you can self buffbut thats the only buffing you are likely to do except for rare circumstances.(NOte when iget to 14 i will have a better idea as to the extent of my spell point pool and know how much i can buff others.) You are a tank and to function to the best of your ability you need the spellpoints for yourself. Pugs might have a problem with this and you may face rejection if you fill the last slot and they dont have a real caster.

On to the fun stuff. You have 325hp which is a good tank number. You have a 32 Strength as good as a good fighter. Perma Displaced and Stoneskinned, replaces AC and in higher content is much more useful. Not only this but when they hit you they will be taking 2d8 +12 points of damage (IceGuard and fireshield) You will have resistance to any energies, protections if necessary, permarage, able to self cast GH on yourself and true seeing when you need it, near on immunity to magic missiles and what i consider nearly THE MOST important thing - Permateleport - I am xtremely lazy and there is nothing better than teleporting everywhere.

Playstyle. Buff up and play like a tank I keep thinking of different scenarios from which this guy could be useful i.e casting a nasty firewall - running into the middle of it pull out the paralyser and hit everything near you alternating keeping the enemy in it all the whilst chopping at them with an axe!. Good times.

The Arcane Psycho Build

Dwarf Nuetral Good

13 Wizard/1 Fighter

Starting Stats

17 +3 (lvl)+2(tome)+6(item)+2(Rage Spell) = 30
14 + 6(item) = 20
18 + 6(item) + 2(enhancement) +2(Rage Spell) = 28
11 +6(item) +3(enhance) +2(tome) =22
8 +6(item) =14
7 +1 tome = 8


1.W- Extend, Toughness
2.F – PA
3.W- MT
6.W – Toughness, Maximise
9. W – IMT
11.Wiz – Empower
12. Cleave
(15. – I. Critical.)


Tweaked for personal taste but priority should go to

Dwarven Axe attack and dmg
Fire/cold manipultion/crit
More Sp

End Game HP

20 Base
52 Wiz lvl
10 Ftr lvl
10 Gianthold HP
30 GFL
34 Toughness Feats
20 Toughness enhancements
126 Constitution

308hp at 14

Saves (Will post when I get home cant remember Base-all in the low 20s except fort which is higher)


Intimidate (Max)
Concentration (Max)


Helm – Intimidate
Necklace – Wisdom
Trinket – Bloodstone
Cloak - Resistance
Belt – GFL
Gloves – Rabbit
R1 – Con
R2 – Superior combustion 4
Bracers – Strength
Boots – Dex
Goggles – Int
Robe – Ice/Fire Guard of Heavy Fort

Likely Spells(I only need 3 essential per level generally so swap out extra for whatever)

1. Shield, Expedious retreat, Jump, Grease, Tumble
2. Resist Energy, Blur, Scorching Ray, Falselife, Knock
3. Haste, Displacement, Rage, Protection from energy
4. Firewall, Stoneskin, Fire Shield, Dimension Door
5. Teleport, Cloudkill, Cone of Cold
6. True Seeing, Tensers, GH
7. Greater teleport/whatever(waves of faigue = awesome)

To Hit (Buffed Without Tensers PA and +5weapon/GB cancel)

+9 Str
+4 GH
+2 DAA
+8 BAB
+1 Haste

= 24

To hit with Tensers add +6

= 30.

Id love to get some feedback from you guys as to what you think. Personally i am quite excited about it. Its more of a fun/novelty build but should be able to produce the goods endgame too. Please I love criticism as long as its constructive.


The Rage
Officer of the Tinted Faces

08-01-2007, 04:33 PM
Level 12 True Neutral Warforged Wizard
Hit Points: 104 (128 w/ Modified Con)
Spell Points: 852 (includes EoS with a 24 Int)
Fortitude: 7
Reflex: 7
Will: 6

Base Stats (Modified Stats)
Strength 8 (8+3)
Dexterity 16 (16+4)
Constitution 16 (16+4)
Intelligence 18 (21+3+4)
Wisdom 6 (6)
Charisma 6 (6)

Feats by Level:
Extend Spell, Mithral Body
Spell Focus: Illusion
Maximize Spell
Mental Toughness
Improved Mental Toughness
Empower Spell

Inscribed Armor
Wiz Int. 3
Variable (Greater Combustion/Improved Heightening/Healer's Friend/WF DR)

Skills (accounting for +4 item/buff in relevant stats with max ranks):
Concentration(20), Repair(24), Balance(13)

AC Potential:
10 Base
5 Armor
5 Dex
5 Docent
3 Deflection
3 Natural Armor
1 Haste
6 +5 Mithral Light Steel Shield

Moderate Fort item - 100%

Arcane Spell Failure Progression:
Mithral Body +15%
Inscribed Armor I Lvl 2 -5%
Inscribed Armor II Lvl 7 -10%
Inscribed Armor III Lvl 12 -15%
0% ASF @ Lvl12

Preface: This is a standard illusion focus wizard meant to take advantage of the high AC potential and natural immunities of the WF race. With a modified Dex of 20 I can meet the Dex max for a Mithral Body. A modified Con score of 20 will provide 128 HP, with the appropriate false life items the final HP will be 158, which is rather high for your average caster class.

Alignment: True Neutral was chosen to eliminate that extra alignment based damage that start coming up in high end quests. Even with a decent AC those unholy bolts/arrows can cause a lot of problems.

Feats: Molybdenyl has a rather straightforward selection feats with MT and IMT. I chose maximize over empower simply for the higher damage, metamagics are never efficient. Extend is an obvious choice for haste. I went with SF:Illusion to enhance PK and Hypnotic Pattern, this allows the use of a powerful single target instakill and a powerful AOE crowd control spell. Although only two spells benefit from this focus, they cover both offensive and defensive uses, whereas SF:Enchantment would leave you with exclusively defensive spells. Please notice that I DID NOT waste a feat on Improved Fort. and I still have a 100% fortification from a rather commonly available item.

Summary: With the upcoming changes to the enhancement system WF in general will be able to become much more resilient through the use of WF damage reduction, racial Con bonus, and in the case of mages the extra points to take spell amplifying enhancements. In this case the Lore enhancement lines would be very useful allowing the use a shield as opposed to dual wieldling for maximize damage. This build provides a solid 32 pt. platform for a self-sustaining Wizard.

Compsite plating has a lower ASF and the same AC potential if we account for Armored Bracers (+4) or Mage Armor as the Mithral build. For the most part these Body choices are identical.

Composite plating
10 + 2 Body +5 Dex + 1 Dodge Feat + 2 Mage Armor = 20

Mithral body
10 + 5 Body Feat +5 Dex = 20

Using the Extra feat to add Dodge witha composite plating yields the same AC potential. Note: I have neglected all of the extra bonus that come from gear. To make a solid comparison you need to weigh the costs of getting the highest AC possible. For equivalent AC value the "costs" are:

Mithral: 1 Body Feat, 1 Enhancement (Inscribed Armor)
Composite: 1 Dodge Feat, 1 Enhancement, 1 Item Slot or Spell

The choices are nearly equivalent and it all depends on how much you want to cast Mage Armor or wear Armored bracers. Given the propensity for DC enhancing items to be present on bracers, I chose to keep my bracer slot free by going the Mithral route.

One potential drawback is the DEX cap on the mithral body. Assuming you got your hands on that +6 Dex item and a +2 Tome you could gain +2 AC from your Dex bonus. This can be accomplished in the future through the mithral fluidity feat.

For mithral body how does it detract fomr the build? I took one body feat, which shorts me out of one metamagic or Spell pen, neither of which are critical.

My quick AC numbers for mithril vs. Composite are for the simplest case of no gear (did you notice that I initially (and intentionally) neglected adding the Docent bonus. The Final AC @ 12 will be 38, this includes a Haste but does not include a dodge item (as those dodge items in the correct slot can be tricky to get. We can both agree that a 38 AC is FAR better than most squishies muster.

As for MrCow's comment regarding the AC cap. It will take one Feat to push for the extreme case of a +6 Dex item and +2 tome, neither of which are common items to acquire. Going higher than 16 Dex in the base build requires a reduction on Con and Int, both of which are crucial for surviviability and functionality. In the end the Mithral body will provide a higher AC at a higher cost in feats.

With regards to the "necessary" +4 Dex item, well those are relatively common on auction house. It would not be difficult to pick up a +4 set of Dex boots. And with that aside, there is always that Lvl2 spell Cat's Grace which can be extended to 24 minutes @ lvl12. Without a +4 item the mithral body build would require a single spell be cast to help keep the AC max'd out when it's needed. The composite body choice has the EXACT same pitfall. With these starting stats it would require Cat's grace being cast.

Note: Feats are in Red
Extreme Case: +6 Dex item and +2 Tome for 24 Dex (+7 Dex bonus)
10 Base
2 Armor
7 Dex
5 +5 Docent <--- No stacking with Mage Armor
3 Deflection
3 Natural Armor
1 Dodge
1 Haste
6 +5 Mithral Light Steel Shield

10 Base
5 Armor
5 Dex <--- Capped from mithral body
1 Dex <--- Mithral Fluidity
5 +5 Docent <--- No stacking with Mage Armor
3 Deflection
3 Natural Armor
1 Haste
6 +5 Mithral Light Steel Shield

In order for the composite body to match the AC potential of the Mithral body you MUST have a +6 item and +2 tome. The investment of a second feat (mithral fluidity) in the mithral body STILL pushes the AC +1 above the composite body. I agree that the composite wins out in the case of EXTREMELY high Dex (this is true for normal armors as well, compare robe wearing ranger builds vs. mithral chain shirts), the mithral body provides a solid AC without the extreme gear/tomes.

As for ASF, it's something I have dealt with to lvl12, it was frustrating but I am past it now. There are always sacrifices in any build, I wanted to push the AC as high possible with reasonable gear limitations. That +6 Dex item that I acquire is going to my ranger .

Can you guys actually find something borked in this build? <--- Serious question what did I not take into account.

EDIT: The Leather belt Docent (i.e. Docent of Acid) is the best looking one in the game IMO. Couple that with a Green bandana and I am one sexy WF.

New System @ Lvl12 48 AP Total
IS1 - 1 AP
IS2 - 2 AP
IS3 - 3 AP
6 AP

Inscribed Armor Costs 12.5% of YOUR TOTAL AP. It actually COSTS LESS in the new enhancement system.

08-01-2007, 04:36 PM
This will be my new Wizard once 4.2 goes live:

Str 8 +4 = 12 (carry supplies and loot)
Dex 8 + 4 = 12
Con 20 +2 enh +1 tome +5 item = 28 Con (30 with Rage)
Int 18 +3 levels +3 enh +2 favor tome + 6 item = 32
Wis 8
Cha 8

HP: 56 (14 Wiz) + 20 (Heroic) + 10 (Draconic) + 126 (Con bonus) + 16 (Toughness) + 60 (Dwarf Tough IV) = 288. 318 with Greater False Life. 332 when Rage is active. And let's not forget False Life the spell.

SP: 600 (Wiz 14) + 80 (Magical Training) + 253 (Int bonus) + 75 (mental) + 70 (improved mental) + 80 (Energy Scholar III) + 100 (Magi item) = 1258 SP

Feats: 5 regular, 3 Wizard --

Mental Toughness
Improved Mental Toughness
Spell Penetration
Greater Spell Pen



[dwarf] - Constitution (Dwarven) I (2)
[dwarf] - Constitution (Dwarven) II (4)
[dwarf] - Spell Defense I (1)
[dwarf] - Spell Defense II (2)
[dwarf] - Toughness (Dwarven) I (1)
[dwarf] - Toughness (Dwarven) II (2)
[dwarf] - Toughness (Dwarven) III (3)
[dwarf] - Toughness (Dwarven) IV (4)
[wizard] - Elemental Manipulation I (1)
[wizard] - Elemental Manipulation II (2)
[wizard] - Elemental Manipulation III (3)
[wizard] - Elemental Manipulation IV (4)
[wizard] - Energy of the Scholar I (1)
[wizard] - Energy of the Scholar II (2)
[wizard] - Energy of the Scholar III (3)
[wizard] - Improved Heightening I (2)
[wizard] - Improved Maximizing I (2)
[wizard] - Improved Spell Penetration I (2)
[wizard] - Intelligence I (2)
[wizard] - Intelligence II (4)
[wizard] - Intelligence III (6)
[wizard] - Lineage of Elements I (1)
[wizard] - Lineage of Elements II (2)

It's a funny thing when a casting Wizard, one that isn't meant to be a battle mage, can get 330 hp.


08-01-2007, 04:47 PM
1) Spell review
2) Item review (mainly caster equipment)
3) Tactics
4) Feats
5) Enchancements
6) Skills
7) Misc
8) Character page

1) Spell review
1st lvl spells, Base spell cost 10, 5 slots at lvl 14.
Burning Hands is a staple low level AoE dmg spell. This spell, through relatively easy means of low level combustion/potency items can deal massive amounts of fire dmg. This spell fires a cone/fan of flame starting at the caster. I would say the arc is between 45-90 degrees straight in front of the caster. The dmg is 1d4/lvl (max 5d4). It allows a reflex save for half. It is a dmg spell and therefore not subject to SR. This spell began to not be as good as better replacements from higher lvl spells arrived and items to boost them. This spell can be max/emp/ and quickened. Confirm enlarge?

Cause Fear Is a single target mind affecting fear based spell. This spell if failed against will cause your traget to usually turn away from you and run away...sometimes in circles...sometimes just up against a wall. It is a will based spell so better targets would be tank/rogue types. The duration is about 6 seconds per caster level and cannot be broken like hypnotism. This spell can be extended/enlarged/ and quickened. This spell has a medium range. Decent low level cc spell to mix with Hypnotism.

Charm Person is a great spell despite its available targets. Any target humanoid (any player race, hobgoblins, kobolds, etc) that fails its save will fight for you in melee or cast its spells for a short duration. This spell has a will save as an initial and is allowed to save again every dozen seconds or so...it is an actual roll like 3d6+11 seconds or something similar to that. This spell is great for initiating combat...sneak up..charm the closest mob and begin your cc with no aggro starting on you or your companions. This spell has medium range and is subject to SR, can be enlarged/extended and quickened.

Chill Touch will cause 1d8/lvl (max 5d8) negative energy dmg to a single target w/i close range. In addition to the dmg they will receive 1 point of str dmg, or if undead become feared. If you max/emp this spell you may deal up to 3 points of str dmg. This spell may be max/emp/enlarged/ and quickened.

Detect Secret Doors is honestly best used as a wand. Although if doing new quests the min/lvl duration will let you go from shrine to shrine being able to detect all secret doors. Good spell, just wont find time in my prepared list. Confirm self or target?

Expeditious Retreat poor man's haste. Had I a few more spell slots, I might prepare this one for running between hastes. This spell will increase your base movement by 50% for 1 min/lvl and may be extended. Confirm self or target?

Feather Fall comes in handy in earlier quests when most do not have access to feather fall items but quickly becomes obsolete I would say around 5th lvl and higher now. It allows you to float slowly in the air landing safely below avoiding all dmg from falling within the duration. This spells duration is 1 rd/lvl and can be extended. It has a smaller radius effect than most spells. Roughly 1/2 that of haste.

Grease with so much potential from PnP...just does not translate well to DDO...mainly due to not being able to heighten it currently! This spell will cause an area to be covered in slippery goo...which gives all in AoE a reflex save or falls down. This spell affects allies, make sure they have freedom of movement. If you succeed at the save you must make a balance check to be able to move in the area, DC 10. You must make these checks every round within. Strategically used with a competent group this spell could be a boon...but lets just say there are lots of excellent choices out there. The duration on this spell is 1 rd/lvl. It has a medium range and an AoE equal to solid fog radius.

Hypnotism is an AoE will save crowd control spell. This spell if failed against will fascinate targets in the AoE which is roughly as large as most AoE spells haste/slow/etc. Once hit a target will be freed and is able to act normally. The duration the targets are hypnotized seems to be a set duration most likely 1 rd/lvl which ends up being over a min at lvl 11. This spell can be affected by heighten but do not think it is adjust by entend. This AoE spell surprisingly works in the brawl area also. This spell bestows a -2 will save to those under its effect for the full duration. An excellent low level cc spell that I keep prepared a majority of the time.

Jump scales with level increases at certain levels. At lvl 1 it grants +10 bonus to jump skill for 1 min/lvl and can be extended. At lvl 5 it bestows a +20 point increase to jump checks. Finally at lvl 9, will give the target +30 which is also the max allowed from this spell. Currently it is believed that the jump skill caps out at total modifier of +40. This is another spell I keep prepared but rangers have access to this as well.

Mage Armor provides a flat +4 Armor bonus to your AC. It lasts 1 min/lvl and can be extended. This will not stack with other armor bonuses. It does stack with different bonuses to AC...will stack with shield, barkskin etc. Being made of force this spell should be effective against incorporeal creatures to raise your touch AC. If you feel you need to jack up your AC as best as you can, this spell does help. I have a clicky for this when I feel I need it and dont usually have it prepared...my main focus is staying out of combat.

Magic Missile. 1d4+1 force dmg to single target which strike unerringly. No save, and not subject to SR. Can be enlarged/max/emp and quickened. This spell is completely blocked by the Shield spell. You receive a second bolt at 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th max 5 bolts.

Niac's Cold Ray. Reflex negate cold spell. Current favorite heightened vs Velah the Dragon. This spell has the opportunity to do massive dmg. Empowered/Maximized/High Fire/Cold dmg Enhancement/Superior Potency I+ or Glaciation item with an upper Ice lore item spell doom for any vulnerable to cold. It is a ray spell and thus needs to hit to do dmg. The dmg is 1d10/lvl max 5d10.

Obscuring Mist *write a review for this spell*

Protection from evil normally does a bunch of kool things...although in DDO players will only be able to currently benefit from the +2 AC and saves vs evil (Sacred bonus unconfirmed but will stack with resistance). Players are already immune to Charm per DDO but will block vampire dominate. This spell will not protect vs Hold spells. Single target, close range. Duration lasts 1 min/lvl and can be extended. This spell is passive on a Fragment of the Silver Flame which is a drop in the Vampire quest in House P.

Ray of Enfeeblement is like one of the few spells that will affect Paladins/Blackguards/Warforged. It damages the targets strength by 1d6+1/lvl (max+5). This spell has no save but is subject to SR. It is a single target ranged attack ray spell. The penalty lasts for 1 min /lvl.

Repair Light Damage One of the many repair spells used to heal warforged...only. 1d6+1/lvl repaired I believe. I am not a fan of healing duties so next spell.

Shield bestows a +4 shield bonus to casters AC, and is self only. In addition it will block all Magic Missile bolts for the duration of 1 min/lvl. This spell can be extended and does not stack with other shields or shield bonuses. This spell should not protect vs Force Missiles but currently does. I have this prepared all the time as well.

Shocking Grasp does 1d8+1/lvl electrical dmg. Has close range and may be enlarged/max/emp and quickened.

Sleep is another of those radius spells similar to slow in that when casting it...it is best to do so on non moving targets so that the effect can "catch" the targets. This spell has a 5 HD cap and I never used it much past lvl 2.

Summon Monster I like all later summon spells are found wanting...their CR is far too low to be effective in over 90% of fights. Their dmg is dismal as is about everything else about them. At this level it is a celestial dog. The cooldown timer is very long for this line of spells.

UpdateTumble has found its way into my prepared spells come mod 4. Not only allowing me to do kool backflips etc but also reducing falling dmg without a featherfall item on....I confirmed this will affect the falling dmg during reverse gravity in the Reaver raid. With a low 30's tumble score I was able to jump off the gianthold tor bridge to the bottom without featherfall on and take minimal dmg. The duration is 1 min/lvl and can be extended/enlarged and quickened. This may be cast on self or your target.

2nd lvl spells, Base spell cost 15, 5 slots at lvl 14.
Blindness is an effective spell when used on the right targets. It will cause your target to be under the effects of being blind which for archers pretty much shuts them down and will fire randomly. Blindness comes with other penalties in pnp but am unsure which ones carried over into DDO...mainly due to blind targets still tracking me like a hound and shooting me at range. This is a will save spell subject to SR that will not affect things like undead, oozes, and vermin.

Blur. Excellent use of spell slot for Wizards. Buff entire party extended to reach any shrine or completion of short quests. Gives a 20% miss chance to any attacking the target. Normal duration is 1 min/lvl. Works against melee, ranged but not against rays. Will not stack with displacement...but will remain surpressed under it until displacement duration expires. This spell may be cast on allies, single target. I do not believe this prevents in any way the targeting of non ray spells that need a target. This spell will not stack with Displacement but will still receive a check vs all attacks it protects against. For instance...with both Blur and Displacement up, an attack against the target will have a 50% miss chance and if that gets through will have a 20% miss chance...both are checked per swing. I always have this prepared.

Bull, Cat, Bear, Fox, Owl, and Eagle stat enhancement spells all of these spells add a +4 enhancement bonus which does not stack with similar enhancement bonueses to the relative ability. The duration is 1 min/lvl and can be extended. Early on in levels, lacking the ability to use +4 items, this spell is requested by various classes. Once about 7th lvl and higher, this will not be the case. If needed at later levels it might be best to have wands of it....these 2nd lvl slots are very important to me at later levels...they have many versitile and needed spells, of which I have no room for the stat enhancements. These spells would have slightly more utility if they functioned like the resist/protection from energy line. Might not be enough for me to take them still at that point.

Command Undead I found use for in earlier levels. I would use it against the skeleton archers to keep them from shooting at myself and other party members. This works similar to charm person/monster but is for undead. See either of those for more information.

Daze Monster is a spell I tried once and never used again. That may sound more harsh than it should be labeled but it will stun the target if it fails its save and doesnt give auto crits like other hold type spells or stun feats such as stunning blow. Too many good 2nd lvl spells to take this in my opinion.

False Life is a spell I am rarely without. I cast this once a quest is started and gain 1d10 +1/lvl (max+10) temporary hit points which are taken from first when damaged. The bonus HP last 1 min/lvl which can be extended which I do not advise. I say that because those HP are a buffer..when they are gone the spells duration expire. It is highly likely you will be damaged for 20 pts before 20+ min are up in any given quest. This spell is self only but does stack with every other single temporary hit point boosting effect out there...even items which grant the same type bonus. I always have this prepared.

Flaming Sphere is slightly less horrid since they changed how it should work in mod 4. It creates a moving ball of fire that acts like a charmed creature and follows you attacking anything it "sees". The dmg still doesnt show from the 2d6 fire it is doing on a failed reflex save and cannot be heightened yet. The duration is decent with the change now, I believe 6 second/lvl.

Fog Cloud *write a review for this spell*

Ghoul Touch will paralyze your humanoid target...which is like orcs, hobgoblins etc. for 1d6+2 seconds and gives autocrits if they fail. The range is close and it can be extended/enlarged and quickened. I have liked what I have seen of this spell but due to lack of too few 2nd lvl slots and having hold monster for the same spell cost, I do not have it prepared. This spell unlike hold monster is a fort save. This should be a good spell for low/mid level wizards. This spell is subject to SR.

Glitterdust is another spell had I more slots would prepare. This creates a particle filled AoE radius similar to haste in size cloud that will blind enemies entering and within if they fail thier fort save while inside the cloud. In addition this will reveal hidden/stealthed/invis monsters. The duration is 6 seconds/lvl and may be extended/enlarged and quickened. Confirm SR on blind?

UpdateHypnotic Pattern is a spell I have never been fond of...when the cloud spell update came along...this spell was not modified and in my opinion currently is the most difficult to see in/out of/and through. The spell creates a dome of rainbow colors. Any creature that touches its edge...and only the edge...must succeed in a will save or be facinated much like hypnotism. The duration is decent, although all the lingering durations for spells are being standardized and lowered in general during update 4.1. Creatures must save each time they re-enter the AoE until the duration expires. This spell combined with other cloud types cause a big visual mess...forewarned.

UpdateInvisibility is a spell I do not like at all. I suppose if your a caster with a high move silently or you cast it on someone who does that it might allow them to bypass some monsters but in general, the creatures will hear you when you try to pass them...move directly towards you then begin attacking. This spell did not translate well into DDO. Poor implementation.

UpdateKnock works in a pinch for locked things, single target. It can get very high locked items but is not capable of unlocking everything. The roll is d20 + your casting modifier + CL, if you have a 32 int your roll at lvl 14 can be as high as 45. This is one of those rare spells I swap for in dungeons if needed, but generally have resist energy prepared in its place.

UpdateMelfs Acid Arrow has an instant disadvantage in DDO...it is duration based. For instance when cast on a advancing mob...you melee will close and kill it before two tics can go off. This is not always the case but will happen frequently. If cast on an archer in the back all it will do it cause you to be targeted until the melee get to dealing with archers. Its a shame mobs dont have to make concentration checks as this might have been able to cause some spell disruption...but cannot. The dmg even max/emp with superior acid lore/all the acid enhancements maxxed/and a superior potency II + item will just begin to be decent...but that is alot of investment for just a decent dmg dot spell. Best part about this spell is no save for the 2d4 acid dmg it does every 2 seconds.

Otto's Resistable Dance amkes me wish I had more 2nd lvl slots. This regrettably is one spell I do not have prepared in order to make room for ones I feel are more needed. This spell is a very close range spell...need to be right up on your target to cast. If they fail their will save they will begin to dance....many races have their own dances...try it out on many of them. Undead and those unaffected by mind spells are immune to this spell. Once dancing they will continue to do so for 1 rd/lvl and are NOT allowed a second save once failed. Important to note that attacking a dancing target does NOT break the enchantment. This spell can be Extended/Enlarged/Heightened and Quickened. This spell is subject to SR. Just found out that this spell bestows a -10 to targets reflex save while under this effect. Niacs mr fire ele?

Repair Moderate Damage is same as the lvl 1 but add another d8 and increase +1 cap to +10.

Resist Energy has 3 levels of strength. Lvl 3 has resistance of 10 to element choosen. Lvl 7 has resist of 20, and lvl 11 has resistance to element 30 (max). Duration is 1min/lvl and can be extended. These will overlap with Protection from energy a higher lvl spell...the way it works is with both buffs on the Protection will absorb the inital dmg then over into the resist energy. This spell maybe be cast on allies, single target. This spell is available to clerics and rangers, hopefully someone in your group will have it. I have this prepared most of the time now and make sure the tanks have the resistances needed for the task at hand. I ask our ranger to do these if one is in the group, or the cleric unless there is a second arcane with us.

Scare *write a review for this spell*

Sorching Ray will deal 4d6 fire damage to a single target with a successful ray hit that allows no save and is not subject to SR. At lvl 7 you gain a second ray that hits the same target with the same attack roll. At lvl 11 you gain another ray for a total of 3, each dealing 4d6 fire dmg. This spell has a range equal to fireball. One of the biggest damage dealers in the game due to the available items to enhance it. Also one of the many spells to be protected against...a resist energy 30 fire with the firestorm greaves which reduce the fire dmg 33% can take a chunk out of the dmg this spell can do.

Summon Monster II is a fiendish scorpion at this level but, same as previous version above. Enjoy.

UpdateTouch of Idiocy is a spell many people swear by...mainly because it used to be able to drop low int/wis/cha mobs into a helpless state after taking the 1d6 stat dmg to all of those score for 1 min/lvl. I do believe this spell is unable to drop mobs below a 1 stat score in any of the above three now. It has a range of close as well as the name suggests. I need to confirm if it is a will or fort save.

UpdateWeb. Used to be the staple CC spell in DDO...has seen some recent changes. Although still highly effective...is not always the answer to your CC options. This spell is AoE and will not affect allies. It grants a reflex to negate (until entered again). Is not subject to SR do to being a conjuration creation spell. Once a target fails their save and is held fast within they may make a strength check (I believe DC 20) to be free of the effect until they enter again. The duration for this spell is about 1 rd/lvl and can be extended. Note, this spell can be burned away by fire type spells within its vicinity, although it will cause no additional harm to those within. Note: If a player is caught inside a web, they may escape it with a fire shield spell but it must have been cast prior to being caught. The casting time is being lowered back to its quick one in update 4.2.

3rd lvl spells, Base spell cost 20, 5 slots at lvl 14.
Deep Slumber *write a review for this spell*

Dispel Magic is single target in DDO. It will roll a caster level check against every ongoing magical effect to remove them, benificial or not. The caster level check is 1d20+CL (caster level) (max+10 from CL) vs a DC (difficulty class) of 11 plus the CL of the person/item who cast the spell attempting to be removed. At 12th lvl your roll would be...for pure casters 1d20+10 (capped at 10 remember) vs 11+12=23. This spell is not subject to SR. Other than CL check there is no save. On screen when used it appears to only work against one spell according to the dice...but if you check your combat log you will see it has been checked against all ongoing effects and whether it has removed or not any spells. Medium range. Also see Greater dispel magic lvl 6. This spell can be enlarged/quickened.

Displacement gives target 50% miss chance when attacked in melee and ranged. The duration is 1 rd/lvl....extended is preferred and lasts about a round per level (6 second rounds). This is a brawl favorite buff for all. Wands of this once available will be highly sought after. This does not stack but will surpress Blur. This spell may be cast on allies, single target. Does not prevent in any way the targeting of non ray spells that need a target. This spell will not stack with Blur but will still receive a check vs all attacks it protects against. For instance...with both Blur and Displacement up, an attack against the target will have a 50% miss chance and if that gets through will have a 20% miss chance...both are checked per swing.

Fireball 90+% of the time I have this spell prepared. Although, honestly I might cast it on average every other quest once. Some quests such as Von 1, I will use it 10+ times max/emp/superior combustion...many other quests, I have it prepared and dont cast it once...depends on my role in the group. This spell will fire up to long range a ball of flame that explodes on impact doing 1d6/lvl (max 10d6) fire dmg to all w/i the AoE which is about the same size as haste radius. A reflex save is allowed for half dmg and is not subject to SR (spell resistance) being a DD (direct damage) spell in DDO. This spell will break barrels, boxes, even some exceptionally well locked doors...hint hint. This spell can be enlarged/max/empower/ and quickened.

Flame Arrow is a nifty little used spell that will create from a single non-magical arrow a stack of 50 flame arrows. If your a caster that uses bows in adventures this might be a handy spell for you to at least have in scroll form. I have a little ranger I am working on that will be able to use scrolls of this through UMD later in her career. I consider the 3rd level spell to be the weakest of the spell levels based on spell selections so this might very likely find its way into some wizards prepared spells. The arrows themselves can be traded and vanish when exiting the dungeon/zone.

Halt Undead has recently been brought up to my attention again by a friend in that it gave no save to unintelligent undead. Now I had tested this spell way back when and when in Delera's, this spell will halt all those pesky archers that get caught in its AoE...which is roughly the size of the Haste AoE. Unfortunately, undeads best save are their will saves most of the time. So I went into the Chamber of Raiyum to test this on some of the tougher skeletons to determine if they would recieve a save or not. I was thinking prior to testing that most undead over a certain CR/HD become intelligent.. and it seems I was correct...although still able to fail their save as unlikely as it is most times, none of the undead in the wiz king tomb are unintelligent. So a solid early/mid lvl undead spell but in end game, your better off webbing once the casting time is fixed. This spell can be enlarged/extended/quickened and heightened and is subject to SR. Attacking the halted undead will NOT break the spell.

Haste my example spell for AoE is such because it is ALWAYS used in every quest that has it available. This should be your first spell once you have 3rd lvl ones. The amount of DPS (damage per second) this spell has the potential of bestowing far outstrips any max/empowered/superior potency spell of even highest levels. This spell combined with bard buffs are outstanding. It causes all within the AoE to move and attack at an increased speed. In addition it gives +1 to hit, reflex saves and AC. This spell lasts 1 rd/lvl and can be extended...which it usually is if availalbe.

Heroism is the little brother of Greater Heroism and a great spell at low to mid levels. This will bestow on your target a +2 to hit, saves, and skill checks for the duration of 1 min/lvl which can be Extended. I used to have this prepared all the time.

UpdateHold Person is the first spell in the hold line. It works on humanoid targets only. These are races like players can choose, half-orcs, hobgoblins etc. This spell is a will save negate, if failed will stop the humanoid fast and will be vulnerable to auto-crits from both melee and ranged weapons. This spell will last 1 round per level (6 second rounds) but allows a save every 2 seconds. This spell is subject to SR and can be extended/enlarged/heightened and quickened.

Lightning Bolt This spell had some issues early on but seem to all be worked out now...similar in dmg and save as the above fireball, this spell does electricity dmg in a straight line out to its long range. If you line up the bad guys correctly, you can easily get 3 or more targets covered in one bolt. An easily obtainable item, through guild, auction house, or trade is the Lightning Rod...a quarterstaff that give a 40% bonus to 3rd lvl electricity spells and lower. It comes from the end of Von 4 and is useable around lvl 4. This spell can be enlarged/max/empower/ and quickened.

UpdateMagic Circle Against Evil casts Protection From Evil on multiple targets, granting a +2 deflection (actually is a sacred bonus) to AC and a +2 resistance (is also a sacred bonus) to saves versus attacks from evil creatures. Targets are also warded from magical mental control and compulsions which mainly are vampires dominates at the moment. In a full group this is a great spell to have prepared. Cost less than the single casting version on everyone, stacks with all other items/spells other than itself, and its a 3rd level spell that isnt too bad of a choice over others.

Protection from Energy will grant a elemental absorbtion or 10 pts/lvl of the element choosen max 120. This spell overlaps with resist energy for the same element types...see above. The duration is 1 min/lvl which can be extended but will expire once all the elemental protection points have been used. This spell maybe be cast on allies, single target. Most of the times you will not want to extend this spell. If you know you are going to need it for an upcoming part of an instance...it more than likely will be expended, so dont waste the SP unless needed.

UpdateRage has recently made it into my prepared spells. It will give those affected +2 moral? bonus to Str and con as well as a +1 to will saves at the cost of -1 AC. This spell stacks with madstone rage...tanks like that part. I dont mind the extra HP honestly. The duration and number of targets affected is a bit off compared to other spells...at 14th level will affect 5 targets... Thats something like 1 target +1 per 3 caster levels. SO at 15th lvl it should reach 6 targets. The duration is around 1 min + 1 round per caster level...almost 2:30 seconds at lvl 14...extended around 5 min. The radius of this spell is close to that of haste but will randomly choose which targets it hits up to its max.

UpdateRay of Exhaustion will shoot a blue ray of strength sapping magic that will as the name implies make the target enhausted if struck and failing their fortitude save. Exhausted will cause the target to move at a slower speed...I would say roughly half speed. In addition it will reduce their str and dex -6 but not below a 1...as if anything in this game had those low of either stats...but this spell will stack with ray of enfeeblement, so the potential to do 1d6+1/2 CL (max+5) + 6 if failing a fort save for a possible total of -17 str. Unfortunatly this spell would want to be used on alot of the big pounders and most of them have real high fortitude saves. If your hell bent on using this effect try the waves of exhaustion lvl 7 spell on scroll or something...it does not have a save for the same effect. This spell can be enlarged/extended/heightened and quickened. It is subject to SR. The duration is until cured by lesser restoration or better or shrined.

Repair Serious Damage is another d8 and another +5 to max.

Sleet Storm *write a review for this spell*

UpdateSlow was my introduction to the cylindical downward dropping purple circle that tried to "catch" the mobs are they ran around. There was one adjustment to these type spells a while back that cut the time in half that it took for the spell radius to "take effect" but in my opinion it could have been reduced another half on top of that. Simply put, unless your targets are standing still dont expect this spell to land on the target you have selected or those in front of it. They will run right out of the radius before it "lands". There are unfortunatly other spells that share this graphical effect...and in my opinion ruined their potential as well. This spell, if effective will cause those who fail a will save to be greatly reduced in movement and attack speed for 1 round per caster level. This is a paralysis type effect and many creatures out there might be immune. This spell can be extended/enlarged/heightened and quickened.

UpdateStinking Cloud is a terribly potent spell in PnP...and as you might have guessed by by other spells opening this way...dont live up to their counterparts. This spell should cause those who fail the fortitude save to become nauseated and unable to take normal actions. What this spell does in play is the mobs run through it to whatever they are aggroed on and continue as if nothing happened. If you are able to catch and keep mobs inside the radius after they fail their save they will just kind of stand there for you to beat on. This spell can be extended/enlarged/heightened and quickened. It is subject to SR. This spell is one of the few crowd control spells that is effective vs vermin. Thanks Galapas.

Suggestion. This spell has a will save and most of the big strong bad guys I use it on dont resist. Causes target to attack (with whatever is their main attack...melee/ranged/spells) nearest enemy. Undead and those immune to mind affects are immune. The spell functions similar to charm person, or command undead. Fixed duration of 30 seconds. The spell uses a material component, and seems to work on all mobs I have used it against thus far... from giants to those charging minotaurs. It can be extended/enlarged/heightened and quickened.

Summon Monster III gives you a hell hound...otherwise see previous versions.

Water Breathing is available on items with no level requirement. Most will have an item of this by level 5 these days. There should be no reason to prepare this spell or have scrolls of it at all. These items are available on the AH often.

4th lvl spells, Base spell cost 25, 5 slots at lvl 14.
Acid Rain is a unique AoE spell for DDO in that those within the cloud initially when cast will take dmg for the 1rd/lvl duration but those entering the area afterward are unaffected. The spell does I believe 3d4 acid dmg/rd and has no save. This is as close to a AoE DOT DDO has. This spell can be Extended/Enlarged/Maximized/Empowered/ and Quickened.

Bestow Curse can be saved against and is subject to spell resistance. It bestows on the single target a -4 to almost all rolls and checks. Combo: when you have two casters in your group have one focus on cursing targets and the other doing PK (if they have heighten feat make them the PK person) this combo will (if the curse lands) give even your high fort save targets a -4 to save against the PK on top of the save DC being higher from heighten feat. No material component and the range is about as long as PK.

Burning Blood is a decent pvp spell...used with like a greater arcane lore and greater potency IV item can do decent dmg on crits if your target is unprepared or has had resistances dispelled. This spell can be cast at a range equiv of Fireball and will do 1d8 fire AND acid dmg a round on a failed Fortitude save. The target will have to save each round to negate the dmg. This is a fire and forget spell for the most part. On the pve side, this spell is found wanting...most creatures wont be resistant to both energy types but just the sheer number of HP each of them have will cause this spell to not be used much. At best on elite, this will **** off one target enough to chase you around without proper preperation until it dies. This spell is not subject to SR and lasts 1 rd/lvl which can be Extened/Maximized/Empowered/Heightened/Quickened and Enlarged...all those would make it cost a whole lot.

Charm Monster functions like charm person above but will affect any monster not immune to mind affecting spells...undead, oozes etc cannot be affected by this spell. I usually have this spell prepared for a single target "distraction" that I create when beginning a charge. The mobs near the target will turn their focus onto their former ally and allow your companions to begin their attack without aggro.

UpdateContagion has one key component...it can reduce ability scores below a 1. This is improtant when setting up combos to make mobs helpless. When used with touch of idiocy or feeblemeind can render most targets helpless. This is a handy too to use when facing tagets that are immune to the normal means of granting auto-crits like hold monster etc. Instantaneous, Infects a living enemy with the chosen disease, which strikes immediately and deals damage to one or more attributes. A successful Fortitude save negates the damage. Some effects have additional properties, such as blindness. This spell can be enlarged/heightened and quickened. The duration causes the target to save every min or suffer the ability dmg again. Once saved against the spell ends.

Crushing Despair would normally be fairly effective but in DDO with all the inflated monster saves etc...has a minimal impact on almost everything. This spell will bestow on those within its cone AoE (actual shape of the AoE is a circle though) a -2 on most skills, saves, to hit, and dmg. It simply is not worth the slot for what most of us face at higher lvls and on elite. This spell is negated with a will save. It lasts 1 min/lvl and can be Extended/Quickened/and Heightened.

Dimension Door is best to keep in scrolls (have to find them now). It will create a one way portal to the entrance of the dungeon (or last entrance/exit last departed) you are in...this spell may be cast at range if aimed properly to save stranded group members from their peril. The duration for the portal is 1rd/lvl. This spell can be enlarged/exteneded and quickened.

UpdateEnervation creates a black ray of crackling negative energy suppresses the life force of any living creature it strikes, granting an enemy 1d4 negative levels. If the target has as many negative levels as its Hit Die, it dies. Each negative level gives a creature -1 penalty on attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks, ability checks, and effective level. Negative levels stack. This spell should be able to be max/empowered but cannot be currently...until then I do not think I will have it in a prepared slot. Deathward will block negative level loss.

Fear is a spell you will not see used very often, but I have it prepared most of the time. This spell is a will save that will cause enemies within its cone AoE to become frightened and run away/around if failed...or if saved WILL BECOME SHAKEN. Both frightened and shaken effects have numerous penalties associated with each. Shaken I believe is -2 to most checks/skills etc. So even if you dont land the fear you have weakened them for follow up effects. This spell is mind affecting as well and again those not subject/protected from such effects are warded. The duration of the fear is 1rd/lvl and does not receive regular interval saves to return...they are stuck feared until the duration has expired. This is a back up spell to hold monster especially if there are multiple bunched up tank type enemies. This spell is subject to SR and is a fear effect.

Fire Shield/Cold Shield will wreath the caster in a shroud of cold or hot flame that does not damage him. Those attacking the caster take 1d6+1/lvl fire or cold dmg when they strike the caster in melee. Ranged and spells will not trigger the damage. Currently the spell is not being adjusted for items that increase dmg such as potency, combustion or glaciation (Thanks darkgolem). This spell does not have a save vs the dmg and is not subject to SR. In addition the fire version will burn the caster out of webs he becomes caught in...but will not burn the web completely. Depending on the version choosen at the time of casting, it will protect the caster from the opposite element. The flame shield grants a 50% dmg reduction on fire spells and cold vice versa. The spell has a duration of 1 rd/lvl and can be extended. Update: Does not work with Empower/Maximize currently...thanks Mad MageEater.

UpdateFire Trap *write a review for this spell*
Duration: 1 min or until triggered, Creates a trap that wards an area. When an enemy triggers the spell by entering the area, a fiery explosion does 1d4 fire damage +1 per caster level (max 20). A successful Reflex save reduces the damage by half.

Force Missiles is Magic Missiles big brother. I want to point out that this spell IS blocked by shield and incorrectly so, but Turbine has not changed it...maybe an oversight. A increasingly large number of creatures seem able to cast these at higher lvl. This spell functions similar to MM but each bolt does 2d6 dmg base instead. All other effects are identical to Magic Missile. This spell can be enlarged/empowered/maximized and quickened.

Ice Storm is a spell I like to have on a wand...it has no save. This spell does two types of dmg...2d6 Ice and 3d6 Bludgeoning.

Lesser Globe of Invulnerability immobile effect, it will not move with the caster...expected as much though. Still...this spell will have potential...tough call on this...The effect is it negates 3rd lvl and lower spells cast into it...but when entering or initial casting of the spell...will suppress all spell effects. With a tactically minded group this spell could prove useful but will take coordination. The area surrounding the the caster out to about 10' is warded in a "bubble" and allies as well as foes may enter into it but are affected by the spell normally. There is no save or SR to the spell suppression. This spell lasts 1rd/lvl and can be Extended/and Quickened.

Phantasmal Killer, I use the most of my 4th level spells...That was until they added the second save.. it is a Fort & Will save or die spell(Mind effecting which means it will not effect vermin..spiders etc or undead.. basically things without minds or that cannot think)...Now it also is a fear effect which items, spells, and abilities can now prevent. Best on rogue types now.. Cool blue arms of death appear around the target and convince it that it has died... then it dies... maybe it scares them to death... This spell is subject to spell resistance...damn flesh renders. Takes no material component. The range is about as far as buff spells go. Oh and if they save vs this spell they take a small portion of damage instead.... fixed 3d6 untyped dmg.

Remove Curse

Repair Critical Damage


Solid Fog is a spell that has been turned around for the better. Prior to the last big spell revamp...this one was rarley used. These days though, solid fog clickies are very popular for a reason. The cloud effect has a vastly improved vision reduction when looking at your screen. It has been changed to be able to still operate while within its AoE. The enemies entering this cloud are slowed dramatically. There is no save and its not subject to SR. This spell works great in conjunction with cloudkill/web/Wall or Fire etc. Although I recommend you not cast hypnotic pattern inside a Solid Fog...your eyes will thank you. This spell can be Enlarged/Extended/and Quickened.

Stoneskin has been recently beefed up. This has a costly material component about 250gp per cast but is kind of worth it. This will give the target increased damage reduction for the duration. Grants DR 10/adamantine. This stacks with normal DR. It will absorb up to 10 dmg/lvl max of 150 before running out. The duration has been increased to 1 min/lvl or until discharged.

Summon monster 4. I think the spider it summons kind of sucks. It doesnt do good damage from what I have seen, nor can it take much... it has some ranged spit attack it can do in addition to melee but overall not impressed. I forgot if this spell has a material component or not. Oh and long casting time.... also long cooldown time to recast. I could of done without this spell.

Symbol of Flame is a spell I played around with for a while once the new spells were released. It creates a floating symbol of fire at the location selected. Range seemed between that of spells like Fireball and something close like Otto's. The symbol will sit in that location for 1 rd/lvl which can be extended. When an enemy comes within range of the symbol it will do 1d6/lvl (10d6 max) fire dmg to all who enter. If the enemies leave and reenter they will suffer the dmg a second time etc. This dmg is not subject to SR. This spell can be Enlarged/Maximized/Empowered/Quickened and Heightened.

Wall of Fire this spell brings into exsistance a wall of fire at a fixed width which does a fixed 2d6 fire dmg/rd. This spell has no save but is subject to regular elemental resistances and immunities. This spell does DOUBLE dmg to UNDEAD whether resistant or not. This spell can even extend beyond normal physical barriers...castable through bars...doors...etc...play around with the facing/placement of this spell for interesting reach possibilities. This spell has a duration of 1rd/lvl and can be extended/enlarged/and quickened. I often use this spell on hard to reach archers high above...or just to train all mobs chasing me through it repeatedly. Confirmed multiple walls stack (with your own and others) and most if not all will do damage.

5th lvl spells, Base spell point cost 30, 4 slots at lvl 14.
Ball Lightning in some ways is not as good as its PnP counterpart but better in others I suppose. I usually do not have this prepared in favor of other spells. This spell is an AoE similiar to Fireball in DDO. It does 1d6/lvl (max 15d6) electricity damage. Half dmg on a successful save. This spell is not subject to SR in DDO. This spell can be Enlarged/Maximized/Empowered/Quickened and Heightened.

Break Enchantment is a spell I am finding more use for as quests get higher in lvls and new spells come out...this will likely replace my last slot soon instead of feeblemind. This spell is an AoE that will remove any cloud/buff/or negative effect on creatures or places within its area(Unknown how many it will remove on one casting). Caster check involved is d20+CL vs DC 11+CL of effect to be dispelled. Not subject to SR from enemies. Has not been to date an effective combat spell due to it affecting allies in AoE. AoE radius is close to what haste is. Medium casting time.

Cloudkill will kill CR 5 creatures or weaker instantly no save. Great for those lower lvl quests solo. Very long duration...as well as long casting time for wizards as well as being a 5th lvl spell and all. The effect on those above CR 5 is con damage at a loss every tick (2 seconds I believe) or so. This spell has a fortitude save. If failed will take 1d4 cond dmg, 1/2 for a save. Provides a small amount of concealment within..perhaps 20%. I will have to double check this but I believe the type of damage is poison...so undead should be immune as well as other with like immunities, but does work on oozes. Trick with this spell, you have the ability to cast this on a closed door or gate and have it affect those on the otherside dumb enough not to move. Most AoE spells have this ability. This is a conjuration spell. Has a decent range to it as well.

Cone of Cold I have started leaving in my prepared spells lately due to only having Ice Storm for cold spells in wands I carry. This spell is a cone effect with limited range starting from the casters position. It can be cast with a target selected or not, but if they are not in range it will not hit them. This spell will do 1d6/lvl (max 15d6) cold damage to any caught in the spells cone area. This spell is not subject to SR being a DD type spell. Standard cooldown for standard 5th lvl spells. Half dmg on a successful save.This spell can be Maximized/Empowered/Quickened and Heightened.

Dismissal will cause extraplanar creatures to vanish back to their home world instantly...that is if your on normal difficulty quests...this spell does not have a normal save...it factors in the targets HD into the save...it has the normal save DC+ your CL....the creature subtracts its HD from the modified save DC and saves against that new score. I think it is safe to say that most elite extraplanar mobs have double your CL in HD....so your base DC 27 +12 from CL=39 is reduced to on average 15...which isnt that hard of a will save for most extraplanar mobs. In fact...after the recent changes...I went to test this further on Co6 last instance...and failed to dissmiss a fire reaver/flesh render in about 20 tries each on elite.

Dominate Person is a longer duration charm person. The save intervals are much longer, otherwise functions the same at a higher DC unless Charm Person was Heightened. I rarley use this spell. It is a will based save to negate and affected by SR. This spell will only affect humanoid type creatures which are all player races and gnolls, bugbears etc.

Feeblemind I have switched to recently for caster types immune to or saved against other types of CC spells. Although I use it only as last resorts when other spells have failed such as charm/dominate, Otto's dance, etc. Its a damn shame this spell does not lower wisdom...only int and cha down to 1...preventing spellcasting without the use of items such as wands. This spell has a will save and is subject to SR. This spell is very effective against other Arcane casters in brawl and deathmatch areas.

Hold Monster is melee and ranged attackers favorite thing (unless it was cast on them) all atks on such held creatures are automatic criticals...this means weapons whose effects are crit based will proc every hit. Also every hit except on a roll of a 1 will hit the target regardless of AC. This is a mind affecting enchantment and many creatures are immune...like undead. The target once held gets a will save every 2 seconds (1 tic) to free itself in addition to the initial will save to resist. My favorite tactic when I feel like tanking with Vienemen is to hold a target walk up (because good wizards rush nothing) and lay into them with my +3 Thundering Greataxe of Outsider Bane store bought btw. Good range on this spell. This spell is subject to SR. See the tactics section on mage tanking for more tips with this spell (Thanks for reminder Delixious).

Mind Fog will cause a cloud like visual effect in the same size as say solid fog but does not slow or hinder your enemies other than a will save to avoid taking a -10 to all future will saves while in the cloud and for a limited duration afterwards. I do not use this spell often because it seems self defeating...if your trying to lower the will saves of creatures to for instance hold them...why would you cast a spell that is will save base to negate? I have yet to find a place in any quest where this is the BEST option to defeat an encounter...or even a combination of this and other spells for that matter. It is to my belief that this spell is not subject to SR...similar to web type effects.

Summon Monster V was decent when solo but the cost/effectiveness of it in groups is limited. It is bulky and can block LoS. It does not do much damage but has elemental immunities. It will also go attack any enemies it sees...even when you dont want it to. Poor excuse for a Golem that can be programmed, or a familiar with a portion of the wizards intelligence.

UpdateSymbol of Pain Level: Clr 5, Wiz/Sor 5, Components: V, S, M, Target: Positional, School: Enchantment, Duration: 1 round/level after triggered, You scribe a potent rune of power in the air. When the symbol is activated by a target approaching, all nearby targets suffer wracking pain that imposes a -4 penalty on attack rolls, skill checks, and ability checks. A successful Fortitude save negates this effect.

Teleport like dimension door is best for scrolls. This spell is closer to its PnP counterpart but still comes short...it will give you a set list of locations to teleport to. This spell is currently the only way to enter the Portable Hole location which has everything a caster needs within. This spell also will only allow you to enter...not any of your companions. It has a costly material component in DDO as well.

Waves of Fatigue

6th lvl spells, Base spell point cost 35, 4 slots at 14th lvl
Acid Fog did too low of damage and lasted to short of duration to be worth taking. The 20% miss chance it gives is nice but not worth it in my book. It also has a severe move reduction effect...but creatures immune to the slow effect of solid fog are immune to this effect as well. In the amount of time it takes a creature to cross it and get to you..it has taken about 4 maybe 5 rounds of 2d6 acid dmg. I dont remember there being a save vs any of these effects or dmg. Duration was maybe as long as haste, or maybe twice as long as haste. This spell could see potential with a crit from a lore item or enhancement or when available a corrosion/acid dmg enhancing item that affects lvl 6 spells. Update: Did not slow Gnolls...most likely a bug.

Chain Lightning will need to be tested a little more but I think the radius may be to small for the AoE. As is...just for damage purposes, there is no reason to choose this over Otiluke's Freezing Sphere. This spell will on average give less damage overall. If the first target, who gets a reflex save for half, takes x dmg, then x number of additional targets in the AoE take half the normal dmg and also get reflex saves. Cooldown is around 12 seconds.

Disintegrate was left wanting in most situations. I did max/emp at the cost of 210 SP to an elite beholder in Von 2 and did ~320...took two failed save shots to kill it. Compared to a stone to flesh...err flesh to stone (joke for those who were there the other night) which I could drop with my greataxe before reverting to normal. Ray spell which requires a RTA (ranged touch attack) and is not subject to SR. This spell does give a fortitude save for partial damage of 5d6 untyped dmg. The best use for this spell is vs undead. Undead can only be affected by Fort save spells if they would do dmg to an object, for example. The reason is they have no constitution score...they get base class fort saves for their type...this on average means they have lower fortitude saves than equal CR mobs. I rarely fail a disintegrate or flesh to stone on mummy's.

Flesh to Stone was my favorite so far. This fortitude save spell which is affected by spell resistance will upon failing turn your target to stone. As stone they have some increased DR but nothing my wiz and a greataxe couldnt hack through. They also are not supposed to be able to move...seems some beholders were not playing by the rules per se. The range on the spell is on average as long as most ranged spells. The cooldown I want to say was about 12 seconds. Which is quite long compared to lower level spells. One maybe 2 castings per encounter. The duration I believe has a recurring save...I need to confirm this. Those without flesh..such as warforged now are immune to this spell.

Globe of Invulnerability is immobile hemisphere of abjurative force that should prevent those inside from being affected by 4th lvl and lower spells cast from the outside. Seems most spells are suppressed entering the globe including buffs of 4th or less. I have yet to test all spells into and out of it. Turbine needs to read the description of this and Anti Magic in the SRD. Anti magic supresses spells...not dispels them...Globes of Invulnerability are NOT supposed to surpress or dispel any currently active spells on those inside when cast. Sure enough when entering the globe from the outside I had all spells..except protection from energy for some reason...dispelled. Might be bugged. 1 rd/lvl duration and should be able to be extended.

Greater Heroism. Does not stack with bard songs. Grants target +4 moral bonus to skills, atks, and saves. Also grants temp HP which stack with everything else... +1/lvl. This spell was a min/lvl duration and can be extended. This spell does stack with persuasion type items for jacking up UMD score. Another important part of GH is the fear immunity during the duration of the spell (Thanks for reminder Riorik).

Otiluke's Freezing sphere had one advantage going for it...it has the longest range of any spell I have currently. This outranged all others I normally have prepared. This is a AoE cold spell which has a dmg cap of 15d6 and a reflex save for half. Nothing really more spectacular about it. Cooldown timer was fairly short...maybe along the lines of 12 seconds. The radius was close to what fireball is. The projectile effect has been sped up for these type spells...maybe +1/2 as much as before.

UpdateShadow Walk Level: Brd 5, Wiz/Sor 6, Components: V, S, Target: Self, School: Illusion, Duration: 1 min/level, Transports you to the edge of the Material Plane where it borders the Plane of Shadow. While this spell is active, you move much faster than normal and your outline appears faint and you are harder to hit. Attacking another creature or otherwise interacting with objects shunts you back to the Material Plane.

Suggestion, Mass is prob my second favorite spell. This spell has a will save to negate and in most regards works as its lower level counterpart, including a set duration of I want to say 30 seconds. It was subject to SR and those immune to mind affecting and/or protection from alignment were not subject as normal. The radius is that of most spells such as haste/slow/break enchantment etc, and the actual visual effect looks like slow...purple circle. The speed of the targeted AoE spells have been increase to where I can catch a few while running in a straight line but could still use to be sped up a little more. The cooldown on this spell was significantly higher than other 6th lvl...at around 30 seconds if I recall. This make it a 1 per encounter spell.

Symbol of Fear

Symbol of Persuasion

UpdateTenser’s Transformation Level: Wiz/Sor 6, Components: V, S, M, Target: Self, School: Transmutation, Duration: 1 round/level, Causes the caster to become a virtual fighting machine - stronger, tougher, faster, and more skilled in combat. Your mind-set changes so that you relish combat and you can't cast spells. You gain a +4 enhancement bonus to Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution, a +4 natural armor bonus to AC, a +5 competence bonus on Fortitude saves, and proficiency with all simple and martial weapons. Your base attack bonus equals your character level (which may give you multiple attacks).

True Seeing will bypass the displacement/blur spells and allow you to target someone without miss chance. In addition it will reveal all secret doors when you come within range. The duration is 1 min/lvl. Can be cast on allies.

Update7th lvl spells, Base spell point cost 40, 3 slots at 14th lvl
UpdateBanishment is the advanced form of dismissal. It will affect up to 3 outsider targets and if the save is failed will banish them back to their home plane. The radius is rather small and most outsiders have a high will save so it is tough to get off but when 3 jariliths pouncing on your friend go poof, its a great feeling. The save is a little complex since it factors in caster level. It is along the lines of your norm save DC for a spell that level plus your caster level. They modify the DC by subtracting their HD and then make a save. 15 HD outsider has this cast on them...they have a +15 will save. My DC for this spell is 42 (28+14 CL) if they roll a 12 or higher they save against it. On normal difficulty, I can get 1 or 2 of 3 targets in the radius 75-80% of the time. I like this spell very much and usually have it prepared. It can be enlarged/and quickened and is subject to SR. By the way, this enlarged is a nice way to begin a fight with some outsiders.

UpdateControl Undead I had some high hopes for once I saw those giant skeletons in the madstone crater. Seems there is a cap of some sort on this spell. (Unless it is a buff like blessing of the ancients in the pre-raid) DDO has not released what that cap is...but it for damn sure does not work on the undead giants. Controlled undead get an additional saving throw every 2 minutes. A successful Will save negates this effect. this spell can be enlarged and quickened and is subject to SR. I have not confirmed what it will do extended yet.

UpdateDelayed Blast Fireball I knew from the first time this was announced it would not be the killer some thought it would. Since we cannot reach its 20d6 cap, and the non-availablility of superior/greater potency VII would limit its effectiveness. There are only 2 or 3 items in mod 4 that can augment this spell. The madstone boots with potency VII...which you dont want as a caster because of the madstone rage effect it comes with (cannot cast)...the crystalline scepter from madstone which has greater combustion VII if I recall correctly...perhaps one other item that has imp potency VII. This spell creates a ball of fire that detonates on impact, causing an explosion of flame that does 1d6 per caster level (max 20d6) damage to targets around it. It has a second mode to switch from that acts more like the symbol line of spells. A successful Reflex save reduces the damage by half. This spell can be enlarged/max/empower/and quickened. I have not yet tested it with extend in symbol mode.

UpdateFinger of Death has a good range for one, single save or die for two, looks good for three, and just so happens that save is a fortitude! Slays one living enemy. Those that succeed a Fortitude saving throw instead are dealt 3d6 damage. Add this puppy to your spell book and grab your necromancy focus scepter/or a napkin This spell should only be able to be enlarged/and quickened..but max and I think empower are causing it to waste sp right now. It is also subject to SR.

UpdateGreater Teleport The went the route of the original teleport with this one as well. It teleports you and all nearby allies to one of a variety of locations. These locations are generally harder to access like the twilight forge area after the caves, or/and dont have current quick access to...ie Zuwabi's. I will be buying many scrolls of this.

UpdateHold Person, Mass made my heart sink the moment I cast it and saw the circle radius sink onto my targets as it was charging me...and completely missing the first wave of enemies because the graffic has to catch up....yes my friends, they did this spell an injustice, it could have used the same mechanic of say hypno or greater command...but no...the developers decided it should work like slow...which misses moving targets on a frequent basis as they run out of the AoE. Doom and gloom aside, all is not lost with this spell. If your situation can be shaped to bottleneck or cast upon foes once in melee...it can have devasting effect IF your assisgned melee are prepared! Example...our melee personnel block a entry way after the door has been opened...the enemy hobgoblins charge...I patiently wait for them to close and cast just as the first arrives. Tanks hear my cast, take a step into the middle of the enemy and cleave/greatcleave/whirlwind with large sharp objects. This spell can be enlarged/extended/and quickened. Enjoy.

UpdateInvisibility, Mass description says: Casts Invisibility on multiple targets, causing them to vanish from sight, even darkvision... but in reality will hide you from nothing. I suggest trying this for yourselves...once. You will find that the stealth/invis mechanic in this game is left wanting. Attacking a target will remove the effect.

UpdateOtto's Sphere of Dancing is the same spell the bard can cast as a lvl 4 spell. It creates a circle similar in size to the radius of haste and forces all whom cross the threshold to make a will save or be forced to make a dancing performance in place of combat until the duration expires or a save is made. The duration of this puppy is about equal to that of firewall but most of these durations will be changing in 4.1. This spell can be extended/enlarged and quickened. I use this spell often.

UpdatePower Word: Blind I have problems with for two reasons...it is based on hp cap in a game with overinflated mobs (bad even after turbine adjusted it) and secondly is the AI's reaction when blinded...they have no problem tracking you down and hitting you. I will say this for it though, a blinded creature takes sneak attack dmg every hit. In my opinion, the blind effect on mobs needs an overhaul for me to go with a blinding effect other than glitterdust. A single word of power is uttered, causing your target to become blinded. Creatures with 100 current HP or less are permanently blinded, creatures with 101 to 200 current HP are blinded for 1d4+1 minutes, creatures with 201 to 400 current HP are blinded for 1d4+1 rounds. Creatures with more than 400 current HP are unaffected by this spell. This spell has the normal range of most of the other ranged spells...and is affected by SR. This spell should be able to be extended/enlarged and quickened.

UpdateSummon Monster VII is my favorite of the summons because it can actually do something. It will make a dent in an elite mob before being squashed, and has spell casting abilities with regenerating power. I still would not prepare this spell but would/and do carry scrolls of it when in a pinch. Summons an efreeti to fight for you for a brief time. Casting this spell locks out casting any other Summon Monster spell for 7 minutes. The cooldown timers are being revamped in 4.1.

UpdateSymbol of Stunning Level: Clr 7, Wiz/Sor 7, Components: V, S, M, Target: Positional, School: Enchantment, Duration: 1 round/level after triggered. You scribe a potent rune of power in the air. When the symbol is activated by a target approaching, all nearby targets are stunned for 6d6 seconds or until the Symbol expires. A successful Will save negates this effect.

UpdateSymbol of Weakness Level: Clr 7, Wiz/Sor 7, Components: V, S, M, Target: Positional, School: Necromancy, Duration: 1 round/level after triggered. You scribe a potent rune of power in the air. When the symbol is activated by a target approaching, all nearby targets take 3d6 points of Strength damage. A successful Fortitude save negates this effect.

UpdateWaves of Exhaustion. I dont know what it is about this spell I dont like...it is supposed to create waves of negative energy that cause all living creatures to become exhausted. Exhausted creatures take a -6 penalty to strength and dexterity and move at a reduced speed. Perhaps its the fact that it is just as potent on a scroll as it is prepared...or maybe that the spell effect is difficult to catch visually...maybe its the fact that it is a cone and I think I should be catching more targets in the AoE that the spell actually does. I know that in PnP, I love this one. Unfortunatly fear seems more effective.

For additional spell reference please check darkgolem's Apprentice's Companion at http://ddo.tentonhammer.com/index.ph...play&ceid= 71

2) Item review
UpdateA particular type of enchantment on 1 handed and 2 handed weapons boost the dmg of your spells much like (and stack with) the enhancements that do the same. There are several levels, Superior potency will grant +50% bonus to dmg, Greater potency 40%, Improved potency 30%, Potency (Not named generic/ex. Combustion) 20%, Lesser 10%. Potency can be substituted with any single elemental type as well...potency being perfered over all. In addition to this designator it will be followed by a number which represents the highest lvl spell affected. As you see in my equip description at the bottom below, Vienemen carries a Greater Potency VI scepter which affects ALL 6nd lvl spells and lower by 40%. Potency is the only enchantment that affects all spells. There are other types...one for each type of damage inflicted...Combustion for fire, etc that affect only that type of damage. Potency works on both divine and arcane.

UpdateA different type of enchantment is the Lore items. Most will only have a particular element assigned to them. The best is the superior version which will do 9% added chance to crit with a .50 added multiplier. The greater will add a 9% chance with .25 added multiplier to dmg. Anything less should not be worth mentioning to pure casters. All arcane lore (the all spell version) are greaters currently. Arcane Lore is the generic version of the lore enchantment currently only offered on a small handful of items..like the Green Blade and Blue Dragonscale Robe. It will affect all spells of any level.

Best type combination for the above is a 1 handed weapon with Superior Potency VI for example, and in off hand a Superior Lightning (or whatever type dmg you like to do most) Lore 1 hander.

UpdateA new enchantment that casters should be aware of aids in spell resistance penetration...These stack with your feats and enhancements...so working in a +3 spell resistance penetration item with the above combo might not be something to scoff at. For the CC purest, an example of a good combo would be a Spell Penetration(+2) V light mace with a +5 Light Mithril Shield...forgoing the dmg aspect of the potency/lore one handers. This is available on a few items, The Blue Dragonscale robe have spell penetration VII, the Belt of Seven Ideals has VII as well, The Torc has Greater (+3) SP VI.

UpdateAnother new enhancement is the Arcane Focus, currently only available on one item the Storm Reavers Napkin. It grants focus in all schools available...which means +1 DC to all spells with a save which stacks with feats. Some of the new named items found around the realm have the Spell Focus feats on them (for a specific spell school)...some even have more than one school. Important to note that these items WILL stack with the feats of the same name.

The only other weapons I think that might need to be mentioned here that could be fit into a template is a 1 hander with like Power XI on it or Magi. This frees up other space such as robe or trinket for other items and as discussed below can just be swapped out later once the spell points have been used up.

Torc of Prince Raiyum-de II Greater Spell Penetration VI which is +3 to penetrate SR for 6th lvl spells and lower. Wizardry III which is +75 SP. Transform Kinetic Energy: Each time you are hit in melee there is a chance that the energy of the blow will be converted into SP! Necklace it looks like, and comes from I assume the lvl 12 raid from the new desert content Zawabi's Revenge.

Staff of Arcane Power - +2 Quarterstaff, Good Luck +2, Arcane Power Spell Selection (25 charges, 1 recharge per day/shrine), Wizard only (DC 26) Arcane Power Spell Selection - Staff may cast Magic Missile, Ray of Enfeeblement, Lightning Bolt, Fireball, Cone of Cold, Hold Monster, or Globe Of Invulnerablity all as a 12th level caster. From Zawabi's Revenge.

UpdateGreen Blade - Kukri +5 Enhancement Bonus, Force Burst +1d10 on critical, Greater Arcane Lore - ALL SPELLS gain 9% added chance of .25 added multiplier effect. This is from the Demon Queen in Zawabi's Revenge.

Ring of Spell Storing - This new item has 3 charges of a 25 spell point restoration...just like drinking a potion. Highly sought after. Find yours at the Undead chests guarded by General Trakand (Guildy confirmed that is can also drop from non-named chest at same location) in the sands of Mechtarum. I would advise trading whatever you have for these items...the degree of versatility they grant is unmatched. Update Now again available.

UpdateBlue Dragonscale Robe - This robe is costly, both in purchase and repair. This will set you back 25 blue dragon scales. The robe is packed with some nice benefits though...Greater Arcane Lore, +4 Armor bonus, Greater Lightning Resist (30), Potency VII (20%), and Spell Penetration VII all come standard. The repair on this hardness 10 robe is 10 dragon relics. The smith is as skilled repairing it though as he is at making them...I have gotten my robe down to below the worn level...about 45 dmg total and repaired it with no perm dmg.

UpdateStormreaver's Napkin - This cloak has +6 Intelligence enhancement bonus as well as Arcane Focus (+1 DC to all spells). It comes from the Reaver raid. Shame it had to be a cloak slot but excellent nonetheless. For a goggle replacement look into the visor of concentration from the titan.

UpdateBelt of the Seven Ideals - Improved Potency VII (30%), and Spell Penetration VII (+2). This is from the Blue Dragon chest in the pre-raid.

3) Tactics
Item with spell point swapping: Enter an instance with you Robe of Magi, Pearl of Power X, Wizardry VII helm, use the spell point bonus it provides you up buffing or combat. Then swap the item out for something that you can put to better use...like Blue Dragonscale robe, or Kardin's Eye. Do not forget to re-equip they spell point item before resting at a shrine. I currently buff for 100+SP then swap my PoP X for my Kardin's Eye. Takes some time to get used to the swap but will become second nature.

Mage tankin...not so much taking the damage as opposed to giving it, clerics cringe everywhere. I cut out alot of the previous fluff to say get your hands on wounding of puncturing weapons if possible. Those are high demand items so settle with bursting puncturers until then. These weapons will drop held/stoned/stunned mobs faster than any dps. I carry the same set of puncturers that I have had for many levels now, a +1 thundering rapier of puncturing and a +2 axiomatic dagger of puncturing.

Crowd control. I consider my best missions, ones that I have no kills (unless you need to FoD some casters) and no spell points left...that usually means I did my job. It is important that you know your different crowd control spells and be familiar with them. I will try to always have a different fortitude, reflex, and will save type crowd control spells prepared. Fortitude such as Flesh to Stone vs casters and rogues. Reflex like Web for Clerics/priests. Will such as Hold Monster for tank types. It is also important to have a mix of AoE and single target CC. If you prepare both a single target and AoE of each type of save CC spell...then you are a CC pureist. Also included in the CC arena are cloud spells which slow movement such as the frequently more popular Solid Fog and Charm spells such as Mass Suggestion.

Carry wands that do not depend on saves (exception offense). MM (magic missile), FB (Fireball), LB (Lightning Bolt), IS (Ice Storm), SS (Stoneskin), RCW (Repair Critical Wounds), Invisibility, DSD (Detect Secret Doors), FL (False Life). The Staff of Arcane Power is an excellent substitution as it contains a nice number of spells that can be used up to 25 times.

It is a wise wizard who is prepared for as many situations as possible. Scrolls offer a dergree of flexability to any caster and those with high UMD scores to cast that perfect spell not frequently needed in a pinch. I carry scrolls of Dimension Door (20), Teleport (20), Break Enchantment (10), Greater Teleport (20), Summon Monster VII (10), Enervation (40 for when SP run out), Cloudkill (20), and 5 Raise Dead (cant use them except on a 18 or so, its for others to use). Other popular spells to have on scrolls include Solid Fog, Wall of Fire, Acid Fog, and Waves of Exhaustion. (Thanks for the idea Delixious)

4) Feats
(1st Wiz is the level I took this at ) Extend: Metamagic feat, doubles the duration of most spells. Adds 1/2 the base cost to the total spell point cost to cast. Will save you spell points to extend as opposed to casting a buff twice.

(1st Char) Mental Toughness: Bonus spell points 10 at 1st and 5/lvl. Pre req and stacks with the Improved version below.

(1st Human) Greater Spell Penetration (Respeced from Toughness): Grants a +2 to spell penetration rolls vs targets with spell resistance. Stacks with lesser version below.

(3rd Char) Enlarge (Repeced this from Combat Casting at 12th): Metamagic feat, increases the range at which you can cast your spells. Add 1/2 the base cost to the total to cast...like extend.

(5th Wiz) Empower: Metamagic feat, x1.5 dmg stacks with maximize. Costs double base cost in total spell points to cast.

(6th Char) Improved Mental Toughness: bonus spell points of 10 at 1st level and 5/lvl after that. Requires Mental Toughness and ability to cast 3rd lvl spells, stacks with mental toughness.

(9th Char) Heighten: Metamagic feat, will raise the DC of most spells with saves up to the highest DC spell caster can cast. A 6th lvl spell heightened will have a DC of 29 instead of 28 for me currently at the increased cost of 31 spell points from Improved Heightened enhancement only. (Need to respec this into lvl 15 Wiz Metamagic slot when available). All spells of 1-6 lvl will cost 31 SP heightened with Imp heightened III. Even if that reduces the base cost as with the case with 6th lvl spells.

(10th Wiz) Maximize: Metamagic feat, x2 dmg stacks with empower. Costs triple base cost in total spell points to cast spell.

(12th Char) Spell Penetration: +2 to penetrate SR. Stacks with greater spell penetration.

5) Enhancements 56 points at 14.4Update: The enhancement system has gone through a few changes and I would like to discuss a few for you and tell you what I choose and why.
These enhancements are for a human wizard, and although most will be the same there are a few differences between the races. I will start with the ones I consider the most important.

Wizard Int II: Comes in three levels which each give +1 and stack. Available at lvl 2, progression 2. Lvl 6, progression 16, and lvl 10 progression 30. As a human I have lvl 2 of this enhancement and one of the human enhancements for int...saves me 4 action points. When I am lucky enough to get a +3 tome I will choose wiz int III and have a 34 Int.

Human Adaptability Int: Available only to humans starting at lvl 5, progression 14. Grants a 1 untyped increase to Int score which stacks with everything else. Can choose a +1 to any stat.

Human Greater Adaptability Dex: I got this to have an even number in dex attribute. Avail at lvl 13 prog 44. Can choose a +1 to any stat other than what was choosen for the lesser version.

Improved Heighten III: Comes in three levels which each give a reduction to the cost of spells augmented by this feat. Available at lvl 2, progression 2 for 10% reduction. Lvl 6, progression 16 at 15% reduction, and lvl 10 progression 30 for a final 20% reduction to the spell point cost of spells augmented by this feat.

Energy of the Scholar IV: Comes in four levels which each give additional spell points. Available at lvl 1, progression 0 for 20 extra spell points. Lvl 5, progression 14 for 20 SP, lvl 9 progression 29 for 80 SP, and lvl 13 for prog 44 adding 140 SP. These values do not stack they replace each total bonus at each level of the enhancement.

Spell Penetration III: Comes in three levels and will increase your total modifier to penetrate spell resistance. First tier available at lvl 5 prog 14 for +1, 2nd at lvl 9 prog 28 for +2 total, and the last at lvl 13 prog 42 for +3 total. These values do not stack they replace each total bonus at each level of the enhancement.

The above are what I consider the need-to-haves. Next I will cover what I used as fillers for points to advance my progression to be able to get the above.

Improved Empower, Enlarge, Maximize I: I have all these at lvl 1 power and the progression/% decrease are exactly the same as Imp Heighten above.

Spell Critical Chance Fire/Cold I: Tier I is available at lvl 3 prog 7 and gives an additional 3% chance to crit with fire/cold spells. Tier II is avail at lvl 7 prog 22 and gives 6%. Tier III is avail at lvl 11 prog 37 for 9% additional chance to crit. Note base spell crit chance is 0% without any augmentation. Base dmg multiplier is 1.50 unmodified.

Spell Damage Aplification Fire/Cold II: 4 tiers, each granting a 10% increase to the dmg of the specified element. Tier I is avail at lvl 1 prog 0, tier II at lvl 4 prog 10, tier III at lvl 7 prog 21, tier IV at lvl 10 prog 32.

6) Skills
Concentration: BLUF keep maxed out to prevent spell loss from damage while casting.

Use Magic Device (UMD): This maxed will mean the difference to being able to wear that RR (Race restricted) Cloak of greater fire resistance or Goggles of Int +6 and a item of lesser value. Not to mention being able to carry around things like CLW wands and use them to top yourself off on healing or get the cleric up from incap.

Balance: Wolves like to sneak behind casters and trip them...elite doggies WILL trip casters...we dont have the dex or str to resist. Giants stomp will make you fall down...would you rather sit there and let him beat on you..while casting no spells...or get back up due to your high balance score and lay a hold monster on him? The Ring of Balance...a reward for 25 outsider tokens from the invaders quest grants +13 to balance, Hobnail boots from Cult of the Six end reward +15 Balance.

Tumble: Well sometimes tumbling is fun, and you need a positive modifier to be able to execute the maneuver. 1 rank is usually enough to get this. Tip: Tumble through effects such as solid fog to rapidly cross such movement slowing spells. Update Tumble now reduces falling dmg. With a tumble in the low 30's you can fall from the Gianthold Tor bridge and take minimal dmg.

7) Misc
Link to spell point progression Wiki by Mad_Bombadier...forgive me if wrong and correct please. DDOWiki

8) Vienemen Level 14.4 Wizard
Human LG, 186 HP, 1293 SP, 24 AC, 100% Fort, 30 lightning resist.

Saves: Fort +16, Ref +16, Will +16 (Unbuffed)

Stats: Str 8(14), Dex 12(20), Con 14(20), Int 23(32), Wis 10, Cha 10(12), +2 Dex, Con, Int, and Cha tome used.

Feats: Enlarge (respeced from combat casting), Greater Spell Penetration (respecced from Toughness), Mental Toughness, Extend, Maximize, Improved Mental Toughness, Empower, Heightened, Spell Penetration.

Skills Ranks/(total buffed): Balance 5.5/(17.5), Concentration 17/(38), Tumble 8/(41), UMD 8/(15).

Enhancements: Energy of the Scholar IV (140 SP), Human Int I, Greater Human Dex, Improved Heighten III, Wizard Int II, Spell Penetration III, Imp Max/Emp/Enlarge I, Fire/Cold Dmg II, Fire/Cold crit chance I.

Equipment worn: Black Dragon Helm, Visor of Concentration, Staff of Arcane Power, Blue Dragonscale Robe, +6 Str bracers, Disease Immunity Belt of Heavy Fortification, Feather Fall boots of Tumble +10 rr human, Bramble-Casters, +6 Con Ring, Ring of Greater False Life, Stormreaver's Napkin, Kardin's Eye, Torc of Prince Raiyum-de II.

Swap-out items: Beholder Optic Nerve, Silver flame amulet (V2.0), Visor of the Flesh Render Guards, Bracers of Lesser Restoration 3 charges, Ring of Spell Storing x1, Dreamspitter, Skyvault Shield/Greater Potency VI Scepter, +2 Axiomatic Dagger of Puncturing/+1 Thundering Rapier of Puncturing, Chill Shard, Cloak of the Silver Concord, Lvl 12 Robes of Greater Sonic, Acid, and Cold resist (Most have some kind of elemental guard on them lvl 12 for increased hardness), Charismatic Cloak of Solid Fog 3 charges, Bracers of Solid Fog 5 charges, Philarn Pendant of Time, Underwater Action Helm of Concentration +10, Bracers of Neutralize Poison 5 charges, Goggles of Remove Paralysis 5 charges, +1 Str Belt of Remove Blindness 5 charges, +1 Cha Ring of Greater Fire Resistance, Pearl of Power X, and +2 Armor Bracers of Remove Curse 3 charges.

Spells: DC 21+Spell level (mostly DC29 from always heightened & Napkin/30 for Enchantments), Spell Penetration: +24 to all 1st-6th lvl, +23 7th.

Prepared: (Offense) Niac's Cold Ray, Hypnotism, Scorching Ray, Web, Fireball, Wall of Fire, Phantasmal Killer, Fear, Hold Monster, Cloudkill, Feeblemind, Flesh to Stone, Disintegrate, Mass Suggestion, Otto's Sphere of Dancing, Banishment, Finger of Death. (Def/Misc) Tumble, Jump, Shield, Resist Energy, False Life, Blur, Haste, Protection from Energy, Rage, Displacement, Stoneskin, Break Enchantment, and Greater Heroism.

Misc: 500 of each component including stoneskin, 20 scrolls of Teleport, 20 scrolls of Dimension Door, 5 scrolls of Break Enchantment, 10 scrolls of Summon Monster VII, 20 scrolls of Greater Teleport, 40 scrolls of Enervation, 20 scrolls of Cloudkill, 1/2 Page of wands (IS, RCW, Invis, SS, DSD), 50 Cure serious wounds potions, Many various Mnemonic potions.

Self buffed: 200 (+34) HP, 1293 SP, 22 AC, 100% Fort, 30 lightning, fire, cold, acid, sonic resist (Protections at 120 as well). Fort +21, Ref +21, Will +20, Str 16, Dex 20, Con 22, Int 32, Wis 10, Cha 12.

08-01-2007, 04:49 PM
The theme for this post is going to be what spells available to a wizard that can be blocked or shielded against by various means.

Let me say first that players are immune to charm/dominate (but not vampire/mind flayer dominate)/suggestion spells both from mobs and players.

Protection from evil states: Protection from Evil has been fixed to work correctly. It no longer protects against *all* charms and compulsions (including Otto's, command, hold monster/person, etc). Rather, it only protects against charms and compulsions that give ongoing mental control, such as the vampire's dominate ability. Also, as per D&D rules, it no longer protects against mental control from evil creatures, but ALL mental control, regardless of the target's alignment. Prot vs Evil should block the following.
-Charm Person lvl 1
-Suggestion lvl 3
-Charm Monster lvl 4
-Dominate Person lvl 5
-Mass Suggestion lvl 6
Of the above only one is used that I have seen and only vampires/mind flayers use it...dominate.

Freedom of Movement blocks:
-Hold Person lvl 3
-Hold Monster lvl 5
-Web lvl 2
-Solid Fog slow lvl 4
-Slow lvl 3
-Ghoul touch lvl 2
-Acid Fog lvl 6 slow effect only

Deathblock will prevent the following spells from working...
-Phantasmal Killer lvl 4

Fear Immunity will block...
-Phantasmal Killer lvl 4
-Fear lvl 4

Poison Immunity will block...
-Cloudkill lvl 5
-Poison lvl 4 divine

Disease immunity
-Contagion lvl 4

Blindness Ward shields against...
-Blindness lvl 2
-Glitterdust lvl 2 (blinding effect only)
-Sleet Storm lvl 3 (blinding effect only)

Raktu's trifle will block...
-20 magic missiles before being expended

And just so you know Deathward protects against...
-Vorpal effect
-Enervation lvl 4/Negative level loss
-Finger of Death lvl 7
-Chill touch lvl 1 negative energy damage but not stat damage
-Slay Living lvl 5
-Destruction lvl 7
-Harm lvl 6
-Inflict wound spells 1-7

Thanks Mavnimo for the additions.

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