View Full Version : Easy Raid Loot Issue Improvement

08-01-2007, 04:15 PM
The main complaints about the new Raid loot are:

- You are not guaranteed to pull anything
- In order to have the same chance of getting something as before, you must build a 12 person group.

The benefit of this is:
- It gives RAID parties more incentive to invite PUGs, hopefully giving more people an opportunity to Raid.

FACT: Building a 12 person raid party is not easy, even if you are inviting PUGs. in many cases, it will just not be possible because people are simply not ready, or are holding out to run it with their guild the next day or something.

Because of the above fact, in practice this will be a direct nerfing of raid loot EVEN FOR those who try to build big parties.

So please Turbine, meet us half-way. Raise the chance to recieve something from 1/6th (16.6%) to 1/4th (25%) per player. This will preserve the incentive to run larger groups, still penalizing the groups of 2 or 4 people. However it will properly reward the honest groups of 8 or so that are a reasonable norm.