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I've got stats listed for what is hopefully 'average' wealth. Most people can afford a +5 item and +1 tome. The raid-a-holics among us will have +6 items and +2 tomes. Either way, I'm only going to assume that people can get +6 from an item and a tome unless otherwise specified. My sole exception is strength, I will assume a favor tome and a single +6 stat item, but I think everybody gets the picture. You can move level-up points around depending on what gear you expect to get. I'm personally shooting for 28 Dex, as that will provide max AC for a Dwarf in KDS. 26 is max for +5 MBP, though, so your mileage my vary depending on raid loot.

That said, I'm calling this "Yet another Ranger with Rogue skills build", as it's generally speaking, nothing new. I'm calling it Beefcake because that's the character name I'm using for it. I've just gone out of my way to get a ton of HP and very respectable AC. Damage will take care of itself with this character, I'm not concerned with hitting absolute max raw DPS on it.

Dwarf Rogue 1 / Fighter 1 / Ranger 12 (in that order)

Str 16 (10) + 2 levels + 6 item + 2 favor tome = 26
Dex 16 (10) + 1 level + 3 enh + 6 item/tome = 26
Con 16 (6) + 2 enh + 6 tome/item = 24
Int 12 (4) + 6 item/tome = 18
Wis 10 (2) + 6 item/tome = 16
Cha 6 (0) + 6 item/tome = 12

If you don't have 32 point build access, drop Dex by 2. It's just 1 AC difference.

1) Toughness
F1) Combat Expertise (munch a +1 Int tome)
3) Skill Focus: UMD
6) Dodge
9) Imp Crit: Slash
12) --open--

10 base
10 KDS
8 dex
1 Dodge
2 chaosgard (umd)
5 bark
5 CE
5 Protection
7 shield
53 Total AC (52 w/o raid loot)

17 ranks
5 Item
1 Cha
4 GH
5 boost
2 luck
3 focus
37 Total UMD (35 w/o raid loot)

17 ranks
13 item
4 Int
4 GH
4 Ranger Search
5 Ranger Boost
2 Luck
49 Total Search

Disable Device
17 ranks
13 item
4 Int
4 GH
5 Ranger Boost
2 Luck
7 Tools
52 Total DD

20 Heroic Durability
10 Draconic Durability
10 Barbarian 1
6 Rogue 1
96 Ranger 12
98 Constitution +7 mod
16 Toughness
50 Dwarven Toughness
5 Fighter Toughness
30 Greater False Life
341 Total HP

Search and DD are high enough for everything but 'the' trap, OL will be sufficient. With 7 skill points/level, I'm going 2 UMD / 2 DD / 1 Search / 1 Jump / 1 OL. That keeps the first 4 maxed, and OL at half progress. Full ranks in OL just aren't needed with no consequence of failure.

Again, I realize this build is not a new concept, it's just what I'm doing. I use 4 different computers throughout the day and wanted it written down somewhere I can access from all of them w/o any hassle.

After level 14, I plan to finish Rogue 2 / Fighter 6 / Ranger 14
Member of the Dragonmark Knights, Argonnessen
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ve been comparing the best possible starting ability split between strength and dexterity in order to overcome the increased DR on elite content and the nerf to weapon effects requiring damage to work. It seems to me the two main contenders is to just go for a strength ranger build, or go high dex with power attack. I am assuming that you want to use some special weapon effect to take down the mob, like wounding etc...

Strength Focused Build:
The best stats that I could come up with min/maxing would be something like:

Str (18 Base + 3 Level + 6 Dragon Belt + 1 Tome) = 28 (+9 To Hit/+9 Damage)
Dex (14-16 Base + 3-5 Enhancements + 5-6 Item + 1-2 Tome) = 22-28 (depending on race and items)

If you use a weapon with racial enhancements you end up with +11 to hit and damage, it seems to me Dwarf would be the best choice for this method as the Dwarven Axe also has 1d10 base damage, Elf and Longsword would also work well. So, if you just assume a +1 dwarven axe with wounding etc... you get a damage range of 13-22 overcoming DR15 70% of the time. If you are against a favored enemy you would end up overcoming DR15 100% of the time or if you have some uber +4 Dwarven Axe of wounding.

Dex Focused Build with Power Attack Feat:
Str (14-16 Base + 5-6 Item + 1-2 Tome) = 20-24
Dex (18-20 + 3 Level + 3-5 Enhancements + 5-6 Item + 1-2 Tome) = 30-36

If you go Drow or 32pt. Elf since Rapier is finessable and count the favor tome for strength and a dragon belt it gets interesting when comparing the two methods. With those items you can still hit 34 dex with a +5 item and a +1 dex tome with a final strength of 22 (14+6+2).

With Power Attack you get a damage bonus of +6 str. + 2 racial + 5 power attack. So if you assume a +1 rapier with effect you end up with a to hit bonus of (+12 dex - 5 Power Attack + 2 Racial + 1 Weapon) = +10, and a damage bonus of +14 compared to 12/12 for the strength build. So the damage range of a rapier ends up being 15-20 overcoming DR15 83% of the time and against a favored enemy 100% of the time. You do have two less to hit with this method but gain a +2 to damage, 10/14 versus 12/12 with a +1 weapon. You do get the added versatility of turning off power attack when you don't need to overcome DR ending up with 15/9 to hit/damage for higher AC mobs.

Advantages 32pt. Dwarf (Strength Focused)
-More hitpoints (can back off on dex and end up with higher con if you want)
-Better resistance to spells
-Better physical damage that beats the dex version with power attack because of the Dwarven Axe and a +2 more to hit when the dex version has power attack on.
-Better AC (with pretty high dex and armor enhancements)
-Potentially higher wisdom as you free up some dex points if you don't care as much about bow and ranged
-Can use more weapons don't need finesse weapons

Advantages Drow or 32pt. Elf (Dex Focused)
-Better ranged combat
-Better against high AC mobs
-Better reflex saves and therefore evasion ability
-Robe swapping (dex is pretty much out of armor range)
-Better with wounding type weapons when DR is not present since to hit will generally be higher

It is kind of an interesting comparison and may come down to what other things you would like to be good at. The dex build with Power Attack compares pretty well to the strength build in terms of physical DPS and compared to the Dwarf strength focused build would be a better archer and better against high AC mobs since Rangers can get dex higher than strength by as much as +7 (+5 enhancements and Drow/Elf can start at 20 dex). It's true the strength ranger could also take Power Attack but in most cases probably would not be able to use it to as good of effect because of problems hitting mobs with it on. Rangers will generally have +3/+4 better to hit from dex versus strength if you try and max one or the other depending on odd or even numbers with everything maxed.

The biggest problem for the dex focused rangers is now the minimum starting strength is probably 13 for most any Ranger build, and with items and tomes you need to get to at least 20, preferably 22 when you start facing mobs with high DR. Because of this Wisdom and Con become difficult to raise and stat distribution becomes pretty difficult. The 32 pt. Elf build ends up being the best choice in terms of stats, keep in mind you need a very high dex so you can convert some of that to hit to damage with Power Attack to overcome DR:

Elf 32pt. (Dex Focused):
Str 14
Dex 20
Con 12
Int 8
Wis 12
Cha 8

Drow (Dex Focused):
Str 14
Dex 20
Con 10
Int 10
Wis 10
Cha 10

Dwarf 32 pt. (Str Focused)
Str 18
Dex 14
Con 16
Int 8
Wis 12
Cha 6

The one advantage Drow has over 32pt. Elf in the melee damage department is both main and offhand weapons benefit from the +2/+2 racial weapon enhancement so they would out damage the elf but have less hit points and spell points. If you don't have 32pt. characters open then Drow becomes an even better choice to Elf as the stats would be identical in the ones that matter.


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Politicking may be found in the other thread. In this one, we go back to builds and discussing builds.

With the advent of Mod 4, and the forthcoming nerf of Evasion, I am of the opinion that Ranger based melee builds have jumped in power significantly. Borrowing from the lessons learned from playing the Rogue-variant, the Round Mound, I have been discussing trying to do a Ranger-based TANK with Gol for quite some time.

This is my version, and I'll save a page for Gol's version. I have a 11ranger/3paladin while Gol has a 12ranger/2paladin. It'll be interesting to compare them and discuss their relative merits.

Please note that this whole build is theoretical at this point, and based on one evening's worth of play. As time goes on, it should be possible to fine tune this, and towards that goal, as always, I ask for your thoughts, comments, and feedback.

The Victorinox (named after the Swiss Army Knife)

Dwarf - 32 point build.
Level 14 Lawful Good Dwarf Male
(3 Paladin / 11 Ranger)

BAB: 14\14\19\24

Strength 16 +3 (levels) +1 tome +6 (item) = 26 (+8)
Dexterity 15 +3 (enh) +4 (item) = 22 (+6)
Constitution 14 +2 (enh) +4 (item) = 20 (+5)
Intelligence 8
Wisdom 12 +2 (item) = 14 (+2)
Charisma 12 +1 enh +1 tome +4 = 18 (+4)

HP: 88 (11 lvls Ranger) + 30 (3 lvls Pal) + 20 (heroic) + 70 (con bonus) + 16 (toughness) + 10 (Dwarven Toughness II) + 5 (Pal Toughness I) = 239 before false life items

SP: 162 + 50 (Wiz II trinket) = 212 SP

A note on items: Some have protested using +1 tomes, or +6 stat items, or rare gear. As the point of builds is not to create a recipe to be followed slavishly, but a guideline showing ideas and principles, I am certain that people will be able to adapt it.

Having said that, we just don't know what sorts of loot and static items and such we'll be finding in Mod4. This may change the build dramatically. For example, if +6 stat items become VERY common, that will have an impact for certain.

Note: Forgot to mention, this is a 32point build. For a 28point version of the same, I would recommend taking Dex to 13 and Con to 12. 20 Dex and 18 Con won't destroy the build.

Feats & Progression:

Level 1 (Paladin)
Feat: (Selected) Weapon Focus: Slashing Weapons

Level 2 (Paladin)
Level 3 (Ranger)
Feat: (Selected) Dodge
Feat: (Favored Enemy) Favored Enemy: Undead

Level 4 (Ranger)
Level 5 (Ranger)
Level 6 (Ranger)
Feat: (Selected) Power Attack

Level 7 (Ranger)
Feat: (Favored Enemy) Favored Enemy: Giant
Level 8 (Ranger)
Level 9 (Ranger)
Feat: (Selected) Improved Critical: Slashing Weapons

Level 10 (Ranger)
Level 11 (Ranger)
Level 12 (Ranger)
Feat: (Favored Enemy) Favored Enemy: Aberration
Feat: (Selected) Toughness

Level 13 (Ranger)
Level 14 (Paladin)

Enhancements: (Really rough)

Enhancement: Paladin Attack Boost I
Enhancement: Dwarven Armor Mastery I
Enhancement: Dwarven Axe Attack II
Enhancement: Dwarven Axe Damage II
Enhancement: Dwarven Constitution II
Enhancement: Dwarven Faith I
Enhancement: Dwarven Toughness II
Enhancement: Paladin Bulwark of Good I
Enhancement: Paladin Resistance of Good I
Enhancement: Paladin Extra Lay on Hands I
Enhancement: Ranger Favored Attack I
Enhancement: Ranger Favored Damage III
Enhancement: Ranger Favored Defense I
Enhancement: Ranger Energy of the Wild I
Enhancement: Paladin Charisma I
Enhancement: Ranger Dexterity III
Enhancement: Paladin Toughness I

To Hit:
+14 BAB
+8 Str bonus
+1 Weapon Focus
+2 Axe Attack II
+4 Greater Hero
+5 Weapon
-2 TWF penalty

-5 for Power Attack mode: +27
-3 for PA and 2Hander mode: +29
+2 for Sword/Board mode: +34 (+29 with Power Attack)

+1 to hit vs. Favored Enemy.
+2 boost for 20 secs x 5/rest.

Damage (main hand; 1/2 str bonus for offhand):
+8 Str
+2 Axe Damage
+5 Weapon

+5 for Power Attack.

Add +9 vs. Favored Enemies.

10 Base
5 Mithral Breastplate
5 Enhancement bonus +5
5 Max Dex, Mithral BP
1 Dwarven Armor Mastery I (w/ 22 Dex)
1 Dodge
4 Barkskin (self-cast)
1 Paladin Aura
1 Bulwark of Good I
3 Spec Optics
2 Chaosguarde
38 AC in base TWF mode.

42 AC with Shield clicky
45 AC with +5 HSS

(In most expected combat situations at end-game, with a Cleric and a Wizard, add 2 to AC from +4 Shield of Faith and Haste.)

Saving Throws:
+7/+7/+3 Base 11 levels of Ranger
+3/+1/+1 Base 3 levels of Paladin
+1/+1/+1 Paladin Aura
+1/+1/+1 Resistance of Good I
+4/+4/+4 Divine Grace with 18 Cha
+3/+3/+3 Resistance 3 item (e.g., Shrunken Head)
+0/+1/+0 Spectacular Optics (+4 to Ref saves, doesn't stack)
+0/+0/+2 Darkforge Nighthelm (+5 to Will saves, doesn't stack)
+5/+6/+2 Attributes bonuses/negatives
+4/+4/+4 Greater Heroism
+28/+28/+21 Total

And +2 vs. spells and poison, native to Dwarves.

Notes & Explanation:

Basically, the Victorinox is a flexible combat build that brings many tools to the table, kinda like a swiss army knife.

First, it is a reasonable DPS provider with 7 attacks per round at +27 to hit on the first swing in Power Attack mode. With a +5 Dwarven Axe and a +5 Handaxe, that works out to an average of about 25.5 for the main hand, and 19.5 for the offhand. If all 7 hit, that's an average of 160.5 damage per combat round. That in turn compares favorably to a THF wielding a +5 Greataxe with 32 Strength, whose average damage is roughly 38.5 per swing x 4 = 154 plus glancing blows.

But what makes the Victorinox interesting is that it is reaching 38 AC in TWF mode and 42 with a commonly available Shield clicky. This isn't your Aggro McSquishy build, but a tough, resilient sustained DPS producer.

Inclusion of Power Attack means that when necessary, the Victorinox can flip to a two-hander mode for a bit of extra oomph. 26 Str isn't 32 Str, of course, and it won't compete with Barbarians -- but it won't put you to shame either. +22 from Strength and PA isn't horrible. As a bonus, you don't suffer the -2 to hit from dual-wielding.

Second, it is a reasonable tank when the need is there. By abandoning TWF mode, and strapping on a +5 Heavy Steel Shield, the Victorinox can get its AC up to 45 self-buffed. With better gear such as Chattering Ring or +5 Protection items, obviously the number just goes up from there. With only 45 AC and no Intimidate, the Victorinox cannot serve as the main tank for a Raid, but it can comfortably keep mobs busy while the Cleric is rezzing the main tank.

With 239 HP prior to false life items, it has adequate health to take a hit or three. With Greater False Life item and Greater Hero, that's 280 hp's of punishment that it can absorb.

Combine that with Evasion granted at lvl 9 Ranger, and the self-cast buffs, and the Victorinox makes for quite a resilient build.

Third, with 3 levels of Paladin, the Victorinox is immune to fear and disease, and with his Favored Enemy: Undead, makes the perfect Mummy hunter. And he brings a +2 AC and saves aura with him not to mention two Lay On Hands per rest, and the ability to Smite Evil.

Fourth, eleven levels of Ranger under the current mechanics means that the Victorinox is heads and shoulders above any non-Ranger melee in ranged abilities. Bow Strength, Rapid Shot, Improved Precise Shot, and Manyshot with 3 arrows all equal deathdealing abilities from range. 22 Dex isn't comparable to 32 Dex of the max dex archer, but it isn't bad either. +28 to hit with a Silver Bow using House D arrows isn't a bad thing by any means.

Fifth, under the current mechanics, he self-buffs 30 point elemental resists and +4 Barkskin. Going to 12 Ranger would have provided +5 Barkskin, but the Bulwark and Aura somewhat balance that out, and I felt the immunities would free up more equipment slots to be used for other things such as a Charisma item.

Sixth, he's self-healing via spells and wands, and of course, LOH.

Some variations -- if you wish to be stronger on the ranged front, then drop Toughness and pick up Improved Crit: Range. Now your silver bow crits on a 17. You will lose 21 hp's, but also get back a bunch of AP's used on Toughness enhancements.

Constructive comments -- especially as pertains to the enhancements -- welcome.


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Default The "Green Arrow" Build
(NOTE: This is an update to a previous post in another thread.)

Updated for new levels and comments

I decided to call this my "Green Arrow" build since the Green Arrow was like Batman but used a bow. I know real original, huh?

I started a character that will be a 1 rogue/2 pally/11 ranger. He's level 7 (now 13) and still I love him!

Starting stats (Drow)

Str 14
Dex 16
Con 10
Int 15
Wis 10
Cha 15

I used a +1 Int Tome and a +1 Cha tome on him at level 1. Ended up using +1Str, +1 Con and Wis tomes on him as well to accommodate +5 items that I have found.

First level Rogue (you know why), second level Ranger (FE-undead and bow str), third and fourth level Paladin, rest will be Ranger. First stat point went to dex, second and third will go to str.

If I figured everything out right ending stats (with enhancements only):

Str 16
Dex 22
Con 10
Int 16
Wis 10
Cha 17

I will have max rank DD,OL,Search,Spot, and UMD. Okay I didn't max out OL or Spot. I ended up maxing out Tumble instead.I am having a hard time choosing between jump and tumble now that tumble has some value because of the Giant Reaver raid. I don't like the fact that I can't get more points for hide and MS so I'll be praying for a +3 int tome to fall out of the sky into my lap.

With +4, +5 or +6 items that I have I can get to:

Str 22
Dex 28
Con 14
Int 20
Wis 16
Cha 22

Praying for a +2 or 3 Dex Tome for all stats. (I know I'm greedy)

I don't have any skill boosts but I might take them once I get to level 14.

You guys can figure out the attacks on your own but he does well in quests so far. My main goal right now is to get him dragon ready and start shooting for the KDS since I just picked up a dagger's tooth (?) belt. I think his armor will break down like this:

10 Natural
10 KDS Still don't have this
8 MDB w/belt (gives FAM II) I did get the belt!
4 Barkskin (my cast)
7 Heavy Mithral Shield (Mithral so I don't take a skill hit)
Removed Dodge Feat for Toughness
2 Chaosgarde
3 Chattering Ring (I hope!)
1 Paladin Aura
4 Prot Item

49 AC - Not the best but respectable for even Gianthold Hard quests, will still get chewed up and spit out on Gianthold elite.

His saves will be great because of the 22 cha (+6), aura (+1), and +5 resistance cloak that is waiting on him. With the +5 item, he doesn't need to get the BAM helmet because they won't stack. More important, I think his reflex save will be around 30 (with Greater Heroism my evasion save is 33) so evasion will work very well even against elite traps.

My UMD will be 17 rank + 3 SF:UMD + 6 Cha Bonus + 5 Titan Gloves = 31 I have the +4 (or 5) Ranger Skill Boost enhancement for a 35 to UMD when needed. That's a respectable UMD. It allows me to equip any item and use what scrollls are left in the game with at least a 50% or better chance of success.

I'll try to flesh this out some more if anyone is interested (there was one that's why I'm posting this).

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First off, credit to Gren for the Imperfection (Round Mound of Astound) build. This build was based heavily on what he had there, but modified to fit different purposes.

General Theme
Strength based Two Weapon Fighting build with high AC and saves. I have a level 12 tank that I love (Fighter 8 / Paladin 2 / Rogue 2, not a Batman), but this build will out-damage and out-AC him with only slightly lower saves.


Str: 18 (16) + all level ups Dex: 14 (6) Con: 16 (6) Int: 8 (0) Wis: 12 (4) Cha: 6 (0)

Level Progression
Ranger 1
Paladin 1
Ranger 2-11
Fighter 1
Ranger 12-13
Fighter 2
Ranger 14-16
Paladin 2

Translation by level cap raises:
12: Ranger 11 / Paladin 1
14: Ranger 12 / Paladin 1 / Fighter 1
16: Ranger 13 / Paladin 1 / Fighter 2
18: Ranger 15 / Paladin 1 / Fighter 2
20: Ranger 16 / Paladin 2 / Fighter 2

1: Weapon Focus (Slash)
3: Dodge
6: Power Attack
9: Improved Crit: Ranged
12: Toughness
Fighter 1 (13): Improved Crit: Slash
15: ??
Fighter 2 (16): ???
18: ??

Here's the breakdown of my character as he currently stands

Module 4.2 Update

Enhancements (at 14.4)
Dwarven Armor Mastery I
Dwarven Axe Attack I
Dwarven Axe Attack II
Dwarven Axe Damage I
Dwarven Axe Damage II
Dwarven Constitution I
Dwarven Constitution II
Dwarven Spell Defense I
Dwarven Spell Defense II
Dwarven Spell Defense III
Dwarven Toughness I
Dwarven Toughness II
Dwarven Toughness III
Dwarven Toughness IV
Fighter Critical Accuracy I
Ranger Favored Attack I
Ranger Favored Attack II
Ranger Favored Damage I
Ranger Favored Damage II
Energy of the Wild I
Ranger Dexterity I
Ranger Dexterity II
Ranger Dexterity III
Fighter Toughness I

My current stats

Str: 18 + 3 levels + 6 item + 1 tome = 28
Dex: 14 + 3 enh + 6 item + 1 tome = 24
Con: 16 + 2 enh + 5 item + 1 tome = 24
Int: 8
Wis 12 + 6 item = 18
Cha: 6

Hit Points

20 Heroic Durability
96 Ranger 12
10 Fighter 1
10 Paladin 1
20 Greater False Life
16 Toughness Feat
10 Agents of Argonnessen Favor
20 Dwarven Toughness
05 Fighter Toughness
98 Constitution Bonus
315 Hit Points. No, that is not a typo. Yes, this is a Ranger.

For Skills, I maxed out Jump, Hide, Move Silent, Spot, and Search. For my Paladin/Fighter Levels, I just put points in Jump and caught Hide and MS up by shorting Search and Spot.

Attack bonus analysis (level 14)
+14 BAB
+9 Str
+5 Axe
+1 Focus
+2 Axe Attack
-2 Two Weapon Fighting
+29 base = +29/+29/+29/+34/+34/+39/+39 unbuffed!

Sword of Shadows (with Rage potion, I carry 100)
+14 BAB
+10 Str
+5 Weapon
+1 Focus
-5 Power Attack
+25 attack (+4 vs FEs)
for 2d6+30 damage, +8 vs FEs, crits on 15x3. In Prison of the Planes, I crit captain frosted flakes into the 130s (yes, after DR). No need to pull out a vorpal, this drops them quicker.

AC analysis (level 14)
Evasion fix is here! AC took a small hit, but not too bad. Still looking for that elusive +6 Dex item.

10 base
+1 Dodge
+1 Paladin Arua
+5 Barkskin (self cast)
+7 Dex
+2 Chaosgarde
+5 Protection
+4 Shield Clicky
+10 Kundarak Delving Suit
45 standing AC while you have 2 weapons out (albeit with a clicky)
48 standing AC if you turtle up and pull out a +5 shield unbuffed!


I've found that this character holds up remarkably well in Gianthold. He has enough sneak (upper 30s) to get by anything outside without agro issues on the long runs. Enough HP (295!) to take quite a few hits, and his to-hit numbers are top notch. Not many evasion tanks are going to be sporting 47 AC in light armor, but I do and it absolutely rocks. The only things in Gianthold I can't solo are the named bosses and a few of the chest spawns.

This build annihilates giants and undead (aka Tor and Reaver). I've done Tor on this guy and hit 73 kills before moving on to the dragon sections. The other tanks in the party combined for 22. I redid my enhancements to pick up Armor Mastery I after I pulled some +6 Dex gloves and went ahead and picked up the remaining Dwarven Toughness feats in anticipation of next week's 4.2 patch. I'll have 345 HP after that patch goes live.

I also did the DQ for the first time (ever, on any character) this week and now that I've seen it, I see why Rangers are capable soloists. I plan on soloing DQ fairly frequently now. Should be a cakewalk. The run I did this week was a 2 man, and I had agro the entire time and never took any damage till after she was dead (stupid archers).

I also swapped in Imp Crit: Ranged. Couple reasons for this. Silver Longbow has a nice crit range, and I got a set of nice crossbows. Smiting, Banishing, and Wounding of Punturing. It's not a bad option as the crossbows are cheap and have the better natural crit range anyway.

I've totally redone my weapons. I swapped in Power Attack a few weeks ago, and ****... I run Prison a lot, and there's no sense in using Axes in there for the most part. Here's a list of the weapon sets I use on a regular basis:
Dual Wounders (Dwarven/Hand)
Dual Greater Banes (Dwarven/Hand)
Dual +4 Holy Maces of Righteousness (for skellies and razor cats)
Paralyzer / Greater Bane
Vorpal Greataxe
Sword of Shadows.

That's it. I use the Sword of Shadows about 80% of the time and the other stuff is all situational. If it can be crit, there's no reason to use anything else unless I actually have dual greater banes for it. Absolutely no reason. Of course, unlike a Barbarian, I run around with 44+ AC while doing it. Not great, but it keeps a lot of the trash off me.

08-01-2007, 05:05 PM
So, the level cap just went up, they just announced Evasion is getting fixed, and Paladins' Divine Favor just got a backhanded nerf. A lot of Batman builds are feeling the pinch. The new enhancement system is a little better understood. Search/Spot DCs got jacked up with mod 3.3; now they're losing 4-5 AC to keep evasion. New spells abound, and the smells of xp grinding and new raids fill the air.

That's a lot of changes in one day. Change is healthy sometimes, but I think we have to take a look at how to make a new standard of the "Evasion Tank". It used to be Fighter X / Paladin 2 / Rogue 2. But as we all know, almost nobody did that in light armor. Time to re-tool a bit.

This build focuses on the strengths of Dwarves as a race and on the largely underrated combat power of Rangers with a kick of defense from the Paladin.

Starting Stats:
Str 16 (10)
Dex 14 (6)
Con 16 (6)
Int 8 (0)
Wis 12 (4)
Cha 12 (6)

I wouldn't mind dropping Str to 14 if and only if there were another stat worth raising that would cost fewer points. As it is, Str, Dex, Con, and Cha are already at the "break" point for 1:1 points to stats, so there's no benefit here. If you don't mind dropping below the 26 watermark for Str, put the points into Charisma for saves or Dex for AC. I consider 26 Str a watermark due to the 25 str level in VoN 5 if for no other reason.

Put all your levelup points into Strength. If it gets you to an even number, putting 1 into Dex or Cha is ok, too, after level 12.

Level Breakdown (Ranger 12 / Paladin 2)
Ranger 1
Paladin 1
Ranger 2-12
Paladin 2

I took Ranger first to maximize skill points. There's no benefit to taking Paladin first, so you might as well.

As we all know, 2 more levels to play with means better loot and that +5 stat items are becoming very common. Prices on tomes are still fairly cheap (50k plat each on my server), making +6 to any of those base stats very reasonable. Factor in that +6 items will be dropping as frequently as +5s use too, they will be more common as well. My bet is that Turbine will lift the restriction on +2 tomes dropping in raids only and re-introduce them into standard loot as level 15 or 16 chest loot.

I'm including a +6 str item since 1) it's your most important stat, and 2) there's 2 raid items with +6 str on them. An alternative is to favor drive for the +2 tome and have a +5 item.

Anyway, buffed stats at level 14 should be something like this:
Str 16 + 3 levels + 1 tome + 6 item = 26
Dex 14 + 3 enh + 1 tome + 4 item = 22
Con 16 + 2 enh + 1 tome + 5 item = 24
Int 8 + 0 = it's still a dump stat
Wis 12 + 4 item = 16
Cha 12 + 1 enh + 1 tome + 4 item = 18

1 Dodge
3 Weapon Focus: Slash
6 Iron Will
9 Luck of the Heros
12 Toughness

Well, we have good news and bad news here. Good news is that until you get evasion at level 10, you can wear all the armor your dex will support with no consequences. This (probably) means your best mithral full plate you can find. However, after you get Evasion, you'll want to return to light armor. The Kundarak Delving Suit from the Vault of Night raid is the best suit you can find, and if you do a 6 man run (common on my server), you probably don't have any worse than a 50/50 chance of getting it if it drops. It has 5+5 armor and 6 max dex for a total of 16 max AC points. You might note this is the same as +5 Mithral Full Plate which is 8+5 armor and 3 max dex. If you can't get a suit of KDS, a +5 Mithral Breastplate is the same thing with -1 Max Dex, so taking Dwarven Armor Mastery I fixes that.

Obviously, though, you can't fill out the dex available from your Dwarven Armor Mastery enhancements while wearing a Kundarak Delving Suit. Honestly, I like having this room to grow. If you can squeeze out a higher Dex, you obviously have room to use it, and spend APs as you go. If they ever add +4 stat enhancements (my guess is they will, just a matter of when), pick up a +2 tome and a +6 item (eventually) you're up to 26 Dex, just 2 shy of the max 28 from Dwarven Armor Mastery III in the KDS or equal to the max in +5 Mithral Breastplate.

10 base
10 +5 mithral BP
6 Dex (with Dwarven AM I)
5 Barkskin (self cast)
1 Aura
1 Dodge
2 Chaosgarde
7 Shield (as applicable)
4 Protection item

46 Total, with room to grow for 2 more Dex, and you're in Light Armor.

8/8/4 Ranger Base
3/0/0 Paladin Base
7/6/3 Stats Mods
1/1/1 Paladin Aura
1/1/1 Luck of the Heroes
0/0/2 Iron Will
4/4/4 Divine Grace
3/3/3 Resistance Item
0/1/0 Trapblast Goggles (overlap on resistance)
0/0/2 BAM Helmet (overlap on resistance)

27/24/20 Total. pretty darn nice for NO BUFFS.
30/27/23 vs Spells.

Enhancements (Essential)
2 Dwarven Armor Mastery I
2 Dwarven Axe Attack I
4 Dwarven Axe Attack II
2 Dwarven Axe Damage I
4 Dwarven Axe Damage II
2 Dwarven Constitution I
4 Dwarven Constitution II
1 Dwarven Spell Defense I
2 Dwarven Spell Defense II
3 Dwarven Spell Defense III
1 Dwarven Toughness I
2 Dwarven Toughness II
3 Dwarven Toughness III
2 Ranger Dexterity I
4 Ranger Dexterity II
6 Ranger Dexterity III
1 Ranger Energy of the Wild I
2 Ranger Energy of the Wild II
2 Paladin Charisma I
1 Paladin Toughness I

There's 8 points leftover, too, for the following customizations:
1 Ranger Sprint Boost I
2 Ranger Favored Attack I
4 Ranger Favored Attack II
2 Ranger Favored Damage I
4 Ranger Favored Damage II
3 Ranger Energy of the Wild III
1 Paladin Attack Boost I

Hit Points
20 Heroic Durability
96 Ranger 12
20 Paladin 2
16 Toughness
15 Dwarven Toughness III
5 Paladin Toughness I
98 Constitution

270 HP before any false life nonsense.

The attacks breakdown essentially mirror's Gren's, just without the Power Attack. So, I'm not going to repeat them.

08-01-2007, 05:06 PM
have tested this build extensively, it is currently capped at lvl 12, got it there in just under 2 weeks, it can solo almost anything, the ranger I leveled this up with has never been outkilled, did some PvP with him, he is basically immune to casters, can take out pretty much anyone but the highest AC tanks, though you do need to use a shield sometimes

Note this is a 32 point build, for those of you favor junkies

Starting stats
18 str
14 dex
16 con
8 int
12 wisdom
6 charisma

If you wanted to make a 28 point version I would use starting stats
17 str
14 dex
15 con
8 int
12 wisdom
6 charisma

Lawful Good

lvl 1 -> Weapon focus slashing
lvl 3 -> medium armor (for mithril full plate)
lvl 6 -> dodge or skill focus UMD (With rangers action boost skill and buffs can use res scrolls semi reliably, I went with dodge)
lvl 9 -> Improved Critical Slashing
lvl 12 -> Iron Wil

Recommended Favored Foes:
Evil Outsiders

(you can switch out elf with giants, but elf is fairly common especially pvp, and you have +4 ac vs giants, so you can get a max of 60 ac vs them, so you dont need to worry bout giants really, although thats pretty much fully buffed and will require high end stuff)

Stat Points:
lvl 4 -> str
lvl 8 -> str
lvl 12 -> str


Enhancements (Lvl 12):
Dwarf Axe Damage I
Dwarf Axe Damage II

Dwarf Axe Attack I
Dwarf Axe Attack II

Dwarven Armor Mastery I
Dwarven Armor Mastery II
Dwarven Armor Mastery III

Ranger's Dexterity I
Ranger's Dexterity II
Ranger's Dexterity III

Favorite Enemy Attack I
Favorite Enemy Damage I
Favorite Enemy Resistance I
Favorite Enemy Armor I

Enhancements (lvl 14):
Favorite Enemy Damage II
Favorite Enemy Damage III
Favorite Enemy Damage IV

Note: Might be worthwhile switching out some favored enemy Damage for some Favored enemy Defense, though the philosophy of this build is dead things dont fight back, but if you do decide to be more tankish then thats the way to go!

This build is a dual wield str based melee character with very good all round saves, only beatable by a paladin, with good equip his saves will be 16 fort save, 18 reflex save, and 13 will save +5 saves vs spells by lvl 12. not including heroism, or greater heroism. Vs reflex save spells his save goes to +23, 27 reflex with greater heroism, and he will have evasion, taking almost no damage every single time from a area of effect spell. Versus will save spells his saves will be +18, again without heroism, 22 with it, making him near immune to all of those. His main weakness is a fort save of 16, although it can be raised to 20 with greater heroism, but the +5 spell saves go with that too versus spells such as slay living, finger of death, and disintegrate raising it to 22 unbuffed, needs to watch out for stunning blow though, trip is fairly effective initially, but he always gets up fast.

The advantage a dual wield build has with strength, is that it will do substancially more damage per hit then a dex finesse based one, and will save a feat, as well as allowing you the use of a heavy weapon (dwarven axe) in your main hand which again adds more to your damage. Its main weakness is that you will have a slightly lower attack then most dual wield rangers, (in the area of -2) but this can be made up for fairly easily by using a crippling or destruction weapon in your offhand, crippling is recommended as you will be able to attain a very high ac, assuming you pick dodge you can get up to 40 with just barkskin on and 2 weapons. With a shield you can get to 47, with pally aura and haste, 53. When foe is crippled lowers his attack by 2, raising your relative ac to 56.
Fighters cant do this with a dual wield build as they need a minimum of 19 base dex to get the last dual wield feat at bab 11, rangers get it for free, hence can afford to get str instead.

The reason you can get ac this high is because you will be taking the medium armor feat, to use mithril full plate, and with dwarven armor dexterity III, thats +3 dex bonus to your armor, raising dex bonus to 6. With rangers dex 4, and +4 dex item you will attain 22 dex, to match the +6 bonus.

(This isnt what I did but its an option)
If you go UMD instead of the extra ac from dodge, you can get your UMD up to
+5 base
+2 from eagles splendor
+3 from feat
+3 from deleras necklace
+4 from greater heroism
+1 from rabbit gloves (threnal)
+7 from rangers action boost skills
25 UMD

This will allow you to use greater heroism scrolls on yourself 1/4 of the time, and use res scrolls 1/2 of the time which can come in handy in a pinch. Can technically get it to 27 with inspire competence, but I prefer not to rely on a bard to buff you.

Even with all the buffs it is fairly low, dodge is a more reliable feat overall.

Recommened Ideal Equipment:
Helm: Dragon Helm, or BAM Helm
Armor: +4/5 Mithril full plate
*I would get the invaders mace as it even helps your wanding*
Boots:+4 Dex or Run Speed or Jump
Rings: +4 Dex or Run Speed, and Ring of Balance (invaders)
Cape/Necklace: Need a +3 Resist in one of these slots
Bracers: Chaos Guards
Goggles: Threnal Goggles (+3 deflection bonus +4 reflex save)
Belt: +4 Con
Gloves: +4 Str

Also a +1 str tome by lvl 12 is recommended to get to 26 str for the 32 pt build, the 28 you would need to get the +2 str, so not anytime soon

Ranged: Silver Bow
Melee Combo's:
#1 Non Axe Combo
Main: +5 Scimitar Elemental or pure good
Offhand: high + crippling kukri
#2 Axe Combo
Main: +4/5 Elemental Dwarven Axe
Offhand: Handaxe of destruction
#3 Low + combo, good vs low stuff or with bard buffs
Main: Retribution
Offhand: Holy Handaxe/Kukri of Pure Good
#4 Trip Combo
Main: Really High + weapon (even a +5 backstabbing +2)
Offhand: Vertigo +8 or +10 weapon
Your mainhand gets the vertigo bonus when attempting to trip things.
#5 Tank Combo
Main: Good Weapon
Offhand: +5 Heavy Shield

The weapon set I prefer, and use atm is:
+3 axiomatic dwarven axe of pure good
+3 shock dwarven axe of pure good

Also have a +4 frost dwarven axe and +3 flaming burst of righteousness to switch out depending on mobs im fighting.
Gormageddon 9/1 Ranger/Wizard Drow
Gorminator 9/2 Fighter/Rogue Drow- UMD
Gormforge 12 Barbarian Warforge - Slashing
Gormslayer 1/6 ranger/rogue Dwarf
Gormshadow 12 Sorcerer - Human UMD
Gormsniper 1/9 Ranger/Fighter Elf- Archer
Gormforged 13 Ranger Dwarf - Strength Based

08-01-2007, 05:10 PM
Pellegro, i was towards the end of my work day and I had wrote up a reason why you are wrong but after further consideration you are right. 134 at 50% hit ratio you will still have 67 hits BUT. you would 26.8 hits would crit chances and assuming all those succeeded... 40 hits and 27 crits. For a +5 bow it would 80 hits and 13.4 crits... 67 hits and 13 crits. Here are the new calculations. Had to recalibrate the +3 holy of PG too

Calibrated for 24 Strength, +7 Damage...(any fractions rounded down at the end of the damage total) and multi shot (shesh), FYI in 100 shots you going to get off one volley of multishot and thats about 16 maybe 17 shots hout of the 100... lets say 17... thats 34 extra arrows.. 134 arrows...Assuming also that all archers have improved crit ranged and all crits are confirmed.

Silver bow with +3 Returning Arrows (most people)
Normal: 11-20 +2d6 (Avg damage = 22)
(1+3+7)-(10+3+7) + (7)
AVG damage figured if you could roll a 5.5 (which is the middle on a D10)

(+3 arrows +7 damage) = +10
D10 Damage = +5.5
Holy Damage = 7 (3.5 + 3.5)
Total = 22.5

Crit: 33-60 +2d6 (Avg Damage = 53) (times 3)
(3+9+21)-(30+9+21) +(7)
AVG damage figured if you could roll a 5.5 (which is the middle on a D10)
(+3 arrows +7 damage) = +10 X 3 = +30
D10 Damage = +5.5 X3 = +16.5
Holy Damage = 7 (3.5 + 3.5) (just so you know 3.5 is the middle on a D6)
Total = 53.5

20% crit chance (assuming you always crit)

+5 Burst Bow with returning arrows.
Normal: 13-20 +d6 (Avg Damage = 20)
(1+5+7)-(8+5+7) + 3.5
AVG damage figured if you could roll a 4.5 (which is the middle on a D8)
(+5 Bow +7 Damage) = +12
D8 damage = 4.5
Elemental Damage = +3.5
Total = 20

Crit: 39-60 +d6 +2d10 (Avg Damage = 64)
(3+15+21)-(24+15+21) +3.5 (elemental) + 11 (5.5+5.5) Burst
AVG damage figured if you could roll a 4.5 (which is the middle on a D8)
(+5 Bow +7 Damage) X3 = +36
D8 Damage (4.5)X3 = +13.5
Elemental = +3.5
Burst 2d10 (5.5 + 5.5) = 11
Total = 64
10% crit. chance (same assumption)

Now factor mob AC's if you have a +30 chance to hit and a mob has an AC of 41 you are going to hit 50% of the time with the silver bow and if you have a +5 burst bow you are going to hit 60%.

Now factoring multi-shot firing 100 times = 134 arrows...

Silver bow = 67 arrows hitting which means 27 arrows would crit ... 40 normal hits ...900 damage, 27 crits for 1444 damage for a total of 2344.

+5 Burst Bow = 80 shots hitting (actually 80.4 but we will round down) which means 67 normal hits for 1340 damage and 13 critcal hits doing 832 damage for a total of 2152 damage

+5 burst bow of pure good 80 shots on 67 hits would do 1574damage with 13 crit damage being the same at 877 damage for a total of 2451 damage.

Tortured Livewood Bow (with the same base standards)
Normal: 11-20 (Average Damage = 16.5)
AVG damage figured if you could roll a 4.5 (which is the middle on a D8)
(+5 Bow +7 Damage) = +12
D8 damage = 4.5
Total = 16.5

Crit: 39-60 + 15
(3+15+21)-(24+15+21)+ Acid [(2.5 X2)X3)]
Avg on a D4 is 2.5 and 2D4 = 5 6 seconds divided by = 3 so 5x3 = 15
AVG damage figured if you could roll a 4.5 (which is the middle on a D8)
(+5 Bow +7 Damage) X3 = +36
D8 Damage (4.5)X3 = +13.5
Acid Damage = +15
Total = 64.5
10% crit. chance (same assumption)

Firing 100 shots with Multi shot is 134 arrows, comparing the same base 60% chance to hit with +5 Burst Bow. 80 Hits, 13 are criticals. 67 normal hits = 1105 and 13 crit shots equals 838 for a total of 1943.

+3 Holy Bow of Pure Good (or +1/+2 bow with +3 arrows)
Normal: 11-18 + 10.5 (Average Damage = 25 )
(1+3+7)-(8+3+7) +(Holy (3.5X2) + PG 3.5)
AVG damage figured if you could roll a 4.5 (which is the middle on a D8)
(+3 Bow +7 Damage) = +10
D8 damage = 4.5
Holy = 7
Pure Good = 3.5
Total = 25

Crit: 33-54 +10.5 (hold and PG)
(3+9+21)-(24+9+21)+ (same as above)
AVG damage figured if you could roll a 4.5 (which is the middle on a D8)
(+3 Bow +7 Damage) X3 = +30
D8 Damage (4.5)X3 = +13.5
Holy and Pure Good = +10.5
Total = 54
10% crit. chance (same assumption)

Firing 100 shots with Multi shot is 134 arrows, comparing the same base 50% chance to hit with Silver Bow with +3 returners but less threat range. 67 arrows hit which 13 of which are crits. 54 normal hits = 1350 damage and 13 crits = 702 damage for a total DPS of 2052 damage.

+5 Holy Bow of Pure Good
Normal: 11-20 + 10.5 (Average Damage = 27)
(1+5+7)-(8+5+7) +(Holy (3.5X2) + PG 3.5)
AVG damage figured if you could roll a 4.5 (which is the middle on a D8)
(+5 Bow +7 Damage) = +12
D8 damage = 4.5
Holy = 7
Pure Good = 3.5
Total = 27

Crit: 39-60 +10.5 (hold and PG)
(3+15+21)-(24+15+21)+ (same as above)
AVG damage figured if you could roll a 4.5 (which is the middle on a D8)
(+5 Bow +7 Damage) X3 = +36
D8 Damage (4.5)X3 = +13.5
Holy and Pure Good = +10.5
Total = 60
10% crit. chance (same assumption)

Firing 100 shots at 60% hit ratio with multishot is 134 arrows equalling 80 arrows hitting and 13 arrows would be crits.. So 67 hits equal to 1809 damage and 13 crits equaling 780 for a total damage of 2589 damage.

+4 (Axio/Anarchic/Holy) Bow of Pure Good
Normal: 11-19 + 10.5 (Average Damage = 27)
(1+4+7)-(8+4+7) +(Holy (3.5X2)7) + PG 3.5)
AVG damage figured if you could roll a 4.5 (which is the middle on a D
(+4 Bow +7 Damage) = +11
D8 damage = 4.5
(Axio/Anarchic) = 7
Pure Good = 3.5
Total = 26

Crit: 36-57 +10.5 (hold and PG)
(3+12+21)-(24+12+21)+ (same as above)
(+4 Bow +7 Damage) X3 = +33
D8 Damage (4.5)X3 = +13.5
(Anarchic/Axiomatic) and Pure Good = +10.5
Total = 57
10% crit. chance (same assumption)

Firing 100 shots at 55% hit ratio with multishot equalling 134 arrows means 73.7 arrows would hit and we will round it to 74 arrows hitting and 13 of those are crits.. So 61 hits equal to 1586 damage and 13 crits equaling 741 for a total damage of 2327 damage.

+3 (Axio/Anarchic/Holy) Bow of Pure Good (using +3 arrows)
Normal: 11-18 + 10.5 (Average Damage = 27)
(1+3+7)-(8+3+7) +(Holy (3.5X2)7) + PG 3.5)
AVG damage figured if you could roll a 4.5 (which is the middle on a D
(+3 Bow +7 Damage) = +10
D8 damage = 4.5
(Axio/Anarchic/Holy) = 7
Pure Good = 3.5
Total = 25

Crit: 32-54 +10.5 (Align Dam and PG)
(3+9+21)-(24+9+21)+ (same as above)
(+3 Bow +7 Damage) X3 = +30
D8 Damage (4.5)X3 = +13.5
(Anarchic/Axiomatic) and Pure Good = +10.5
Alignment Burst = 3.5
Total = 57.5
10% crit. chance (same assumption)

Firing 100 shots at 50% hit ratio with multishot equalling 134 arrows means 67 arrows would hit and 13 of those are crits.. So 54 hits equal to 1350 damage and 13 crits equaling 747 for a total damage of 2097 damage.

+5 Longbow of Righteousness (assuming evil mob)
Normal: 15-22
(1+7+7)-(8+7+7) +(Holy (3.5X2)7) + PG 3.5)
AVG damage figured if you could roll a 4.5 (which is the middle on a D
(+7 Bow +7 Damage) = +14
D8 damage = 4.5
Total = 18.5

Crit: 45-66
(3+21+21)-(24+21+21)+ (same as above)
(+7 Bow +7 Damage) X3 = +42
D8 Damage (4.5)X3 = +13.5
Total = 55.5
10% crit. chance (same assumption)

Firing 100 shots at 70% hit ratio with multishot equalling 134 arrows means 93.8 (round up) arrows would hit and 13 of those are crits.. So 81 hits equal to 1498 damage and 13 crits equaling 721 for a total damage of 2219 damage.

+3 (+8) Bow of Greater (Insert Mob Type Here) Bane
Normal: 16-23 + 10.5 (Average Damage = 25 )
(1+8+7)-(8+8+7) + 10.5 (bane)
AVG damage figured if you could roll a 4.5 (which is the middle on a D8)
(+8 Bow +7 Damage) = +15
D8 damage = 4.5
Bane 10.5
Total = 30

Crit: 47-69 +10.5 (Bane)
(3+24+21)-(24+24+21)+ (same as above)
AVG damage figured if you could roll a 4.5 (which is the middle on a D8)
(+8 Bow +7 Damage) X3 = 45
D8 Damage (4.5)X3 = +13.5
Bane = +10.5
Total = 69
10% crit. chance (same assumption)

Firing 100 shots with Multi shot is 134 arrows, comparing a base 75% chance to hit with the bonus from bane with +3 returners +5 bonus from bane with normal threat range. 100 arrows hit which 13 of which are crits. 87 normal hits = 2610 damage and 13 crits = 897 damage for a total DPS of 3507 damage.

+3 Elemental Bow of Greater (Mob Type) Bane
Normal: 11-18 + 14 (Bane and Elemental Damage)
(1+8+7)-(8+8+7) + 3.5 (Elemental)+10.5 (bane)
AVG damage figured if you could roll a 4.5 (which is the middle on a D8)
(+8 Bow +7 Damage) = +15
D8 damage = 4.5
Greater Bane = 10.5
Elemental = 3.5
Total = 33.5

Crit: 51-72 +14 (Bane and Ele damage)
(3+27+21)-(24+27+21)+ (same as above)
AVG damage figured if you could roll a 4.5 (which is the middle on a D8)
(+8 Bow +7 Damage) X3 = 45
D8 Damage (4.5)X3 = +13.5
Great bane and Ele Dam = +14
Total = 72.5
10% crit. chance (same assumption)

Firing 100 shots with Multi shot is 134 arrows, comparing the base 75% chance to hit for bane bonus to hit. 100 arrows hit which 13 of which are crits. 87 normal hits = 2914 damage and 13 crits = 942 damage for a total DPS of 3856 damage.

So the best bows in the game are in this order.. Assuming used under the MOST favorable conditions.

1. 3856 = +3 Elemental Bow of Greater (Mob type) Bane
2. 3507 = +3 Bow of Greater (Mob Type) Bow
3. 2589 = +5 (Holy/Axio/Anarchic) Bow of Pure Good
4. 2451 = +5 Elemental Burst Bow of Pure Good (race restricted ML 12)
5. 2344 = Silver Bow (ML6)
6. 2327 = +4 (Holy/Axio/Anarchic) Bow of Pure Good
7. 2219 = +5 Bow of Righteousness
8. 2152 = +5 Elemental Burst Bow
9. 2097 = +3 (Holy/Axio/Anarchic) Burst of Pure Good
10. 2052 = +3 Holy Bow of Pure Good
11. 1943 = Tortured Livewood Bow

08-02-2007, 08:32 AM
Nice job Wiglin!

10-03-2007, 10:53 AM
Nice job Wiglin!

This really should be stickied!

02-22-2008, 06:09 AM
You should really add the Tempest Ranger build since it had over 50,000 views before the move and I am sure there may be 1 or two out there =p


Anyway, good work.

02-22-2008, 08:28 PM
Ya sorry about that. I knew I would miss some builds. I tried to do this for all the classes after the forum wipe to help those that lost alot of work and feedback. It took some time to pull these posts out of the different cached sites.