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07-31-2007, 06:14 PM
The scene opens in a small confined room. Large table sheafs of papers strewn about. Screen prints of the forums and whatnont.

The DDo people have been relocated to the basement area of the building as the LOTR Online group seems to be experiencing Cube Creep. Tho the DDo people swing their might SoS and fight with Maximized Empowered spells they alas are going to be defeated by the one ring so they have retreated to the outer reaches of Turbine and staked thier claim.

"Look people," the one develer says, "the people are there, they want to play how do we make them happy?"

The roucus laughter that follows and side grabbing and air gasping ensues for about 15 minutes.

"Look man we change and change things and we try to take into account these books (he gestures to the DN manuals and faqs) and what they are posting. well at least what the sane people are posting. They never seem happy," comments a colleague.

"Yes," the small lady pipes up. "I answer the questions and I try to get feed back and so many just want an easy button. Some just want to play god its like feeding wild animals."

"Ok ok," the leader nods, "I know I read this stuff too. We are here to make the new raid and do what we can to keep this game viable and people interested. We have found that, well, magic users are super powerful how can we make them more so....since people seem to think they are weak? The raid loot system sucks what can we do there? People are beating our S*** with 1-3 man groups when it should take 8-12 we need to fix that? Thoughts?"

**hours later or truly best effort an ideas of what could really help the game - tho admittedly a little myopic in view**

The crew comes streaming out of the meeting and go to their tasks of truly trying to improve the game. It looks good on paper, they play test it some and it seems to work. Ah we have done something good they think.

They sit down to right the release notes:
The gut tightens up
nausea sets in
their heads swim
yes this is where suddenly you are going to release what the changes are

will they like it?
will they be happy?
of course not...
they will burn us and yell at us...
and that one dude in des moines will ask again about the stupid as5 message in water works and why it isnt fixed yet!
they start sweating...
their hands tremble....

Yes they again realize they are going to put keyboard to screen and post all their efforts to truly try to make things better and more fun to a group that will only ever want it their way and nothing will be good enough - sure some people will make good suggestions and we might even make a few of those...

*tap**tap**tap**tap**tap**tap**tap**tap**tap**tap* *tap**tap*

Looks at the post button

*running feet *barf* washes face*


*deep breath*

yes thats how I imagine it :)

08-01-2007, 02:22 PM
Punctuation would make this about ten times more readible.

But instead I'll just sum up what I think it says:

"The devs are malicous and evil."

08-01-2007, 02:25 PM
great way it is

edited even better

08-01-2007, 02:56 PM
Punctuation would make this about ten times more readible.

But instead I'll just sum up what I think it says:

"The devs are malicous and evil."

So not what I was saying

translation of myself....

They have a thankless job and I think they truly try to make things better sitting in their small room together.....

but not matter what they do they know they are going to get belittled, beat on and flamed and it has to be tough sitting there arse puckered shut and willingly submitting yourself to it