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07-31-2007, 05:26 PM
What i want
+5 mith fp
+6 dex gloves
+5 pro cloak
+6 wis helm
+6 wis ring
cash can be accepted for some of the items and other items not on my list could be considered. My caster is pretty well setup minus wiz 6-7 item and +3 tomes but everyone else could use some gear. Ideas can be bastard swords, bows, finessable weapons neet clickys and trinkets
My trade list
+4 mith fp (gotta get my +5 first)
+4 mith bp
+1 Para b sword
+1 Para scimtar of pg
Full set of greater resist cloaks
+1 charisma tome
fearsome robe of sr 19
+1 icey burst scimitar of greater construct bane
+1 banashing dagger of pg
+4 frost greatsword of pg
Str +1 heavy fort belt
+1 acid light xbow of disruption
+1 keen light xbow of disruption
+15 open lock gloves rr elf
+2 banishing shortbow rr halfling
+4 shock longsword of pg
Daggertooth belt
+1 seeker longbow of disruption rr wf
+1 para longbow of power 1 rr wf
+3 frost dwafen axe of greater chotic outsider bane rr dwarf
+1 banishing shortbow
+5 str, con, wis int cha and dex items for most slots
+6 str gloves rr human min lvl 11
I will add more to this list later on and update with umd numbers on the rr stuff

Updated: 31july2007

08-03-2007, 11:11 AM
Hmmm no interest as of yet if still no interest by friday i guess to the ah everything goes.

08-05-2007, 03:47 PM
What's the UMD on the Disruption Bow, and what's the min level? Also, what race is your toon, I have a +5 Protection Cloak, RR:Human, Diff 18.