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07-31-2007, 11:46 AM
I’m reposting my warforged utility ranger concept. Constructive criticism is welcomed!
The Iron Multi-tool, a Warforged utility Ranger

True Neutral, 32ptWF, 13Ranger/1Rogue

S 20 (14base+1Tome+5Belt)
D 32 (18base+3Level+3Enhancement+2Favor tome+6Gloves)
C 20 (12base+2Enhancement+1Tome+5Ring)
I 15 (14base+1Tome) – or- 20 (after replacing +5WIS ring with +5INT ring, when control box Searching/DD)
W 14 (8base+1Tome+5Ring)
CH 12 (6base+1Tome+5Cloak)

Warforged Racial Abilities: Immunities (sleep, nausea, exhaustion, poison, disease, paralysis effects, energy drain, or spells that target humanoids, DQ wrack), extended time underwater before drowning, composite plating (+2AC, light fortification), automatic stabilization if incapacitated, healed by Arcane (full effect) or Divine/Bard spells (at –35%).

Class Granted Feats: Bow strength, Improved wild empathy, Favored Enemy (Undead, Giants, Evil Outsiders), Rapid shot, Many shot, Greater two-weapon fighting, Evasion, Improved precise shot, Sneak attack (+1d6), Trap finding, Divine spells.

Level Feats: (1) SF: UMD, (3) Weapon finesse, (6) Precision, (9) IC: Ranged, (12) IC: Piercing, Extend, or Power attack.

(Level/Class/Enhancements Selected)
1Rogue: WF healer’s friend I, Rogue damage boost I, Rogue sneak attack training I.
2Ranger: Ranger skill boost I, Ranger sprint I, Rogue search I, Rogue disable device I.
3Ranger: Ranger dexterity I, WF hardiness I, Ranger favored enemy damage I.
4Ranger: WF constitution I, Rogue haste I.
5Ranger: Ranger energy of the wilds I, Ranger skill boost II
6Ranger: Ranger favored enemy damage II
7Ranger: Ranger dexterity II, Ranger favor enemy attack I
8Ranger: Ranger skill boost III
9Ranger: WF constitution II, Ranger energy of the wild II
11Ranger: Ranger dexterity III, Ranger skill boost IV
12Ranger: Ranger extra action boost I
13Ranger: Ranger energy of the wild III, Ranger favored enemy damage III
14Ranger: Ranger favored enemy attack II

Divine spells: (Known per spell level: 2/2/2; typically jump, resist energy, protection from energy, bark skin, wild instincts, cure moderate wounds).

UMD 33 [17base+3SF:UMD+1CHA+3Goldencartouche+5Rangerboost+ 4Greater Heroism (GH)]
Spot 56 (17base+2WIS+13Dreamvisor+5Rangerboost+10Wildinsti ncts spell+4GH)
Search 45 (17base+5INT+1Rogue enhancement+13Goggles of Minute Seeing+5Rangerboost+4GH)
DD 50 (17base+5INT+1Rouge enhancement+13Goggles of Disabling+5lockpicks+5Rangerboost+4GH)
OL 49 (17base+11DEX+10Gloves of Eescape+5lockpicks+5Rangerboost+4GH)

Base Hit Points: 210 (i.e., 6Rogue+20Heroic+104Ranger+70Constitution+10Draconi c)
[Self-buffed max: 249 (i.e., 6Rogue+20Heroic+104Ranger+70Constitution+10Draconi c+14GH+14 UMDd False life wand+11Aid potion)

Fortitude 19 (+8Ranger+5CON+3Resistance trinket+4GH)
Reflex 29 (+8Ranger+2Rogue+11DEX+4Trapblast+4GH)
Will 15 (+4Ranger+2WIS+5BAM Helmet+4GH)

Base Attack Bonus: 13/13/18/23

Shield+3Finessable Weapon 27/27/32/37
Shield+3Finessable Weapon +GH 31/31/36/41
Shield+3Finessable Weapon +GH +Precision 35/35/40/45

Duel wielding +3Finessable Weapons (FW) 25/25/25/30/30/35/35
Duel wielding +3FW +GH 29/29/29/34/34/39/39
Duel wielding +3FW +GH +Precision 33/33/33/38/38/43/43

+3Bow (or +3House D arrows) 27
+3Bow +GH 31
+3Bow +GH +Precision 35

Armor Class
10 Base
+11 DEX
+7 (+5) Stability docent
+5 Barkskin
+7 (+5) Stability heavy shield
40 (can go higher with additional party buffs and fancy equipment)

Build Pros:
1) Survivability
-WF racial abilities are incredible! Moreover, heavy fortification status is easily obtained by equipping a commonly available moderate fortification item. This character has evasion with a decent reflex save!
-Self- and party buffing with spells such as jump, resist energy, protection from energy, and barkskin. UMD is high enough to employ stoneskin (always on), greater heroism (always on), and displacement (situationally) scrolls. Can employ Raise Dead scrolls with a good chance of success.
-Self-healing with spells and standard cure wands (at reduced benefit). UMD is high enough to use repair light/moderate/serious wands without fail. Roll a 6 or better to use Reconstruct scrolls.
-Can be healed by multiple party members (bard, cleric, paladin, ranger, sorcerer, wizard) if incapacitated.
-True neutral alignment helps reduce damage taken from high-end content mobs that employ unholy weapons/arrows. True neutral alignment also affords a slight boost in AC if Stability docent and shields are equipped. UMD is high enough to equip any item in the game, including "of pure good” melee weapons for extra DPS.
-Can hot-swap docents quickly to tailor protection depending on mob. Typical docents include fearsome, deathblock, arrowblock, and the various elemental resistances.

2) Flexibility in roles.
This build can perform many roles for the team, including buffs/healing, trapsmithing (+evasion), while also making a decent showing in the DPS department via TWF (7attacks/rd) or with a manyshot ranged attack. The ranged attack is better than most non-elven archery based builds. This build is truly self-sufficient and makes a good soloist character.

3) Equipment and Inventory Space
This build can effectively equip more stat enhancing items onto the character at any given time than other builds, as WF immunities negate the necessity of needing to carry selected protection equipment (e.g., disease, poison, underwater action, etc.). More space is always a good thing.

Build Cons:
1) This build does not have max DEX as would an elven/drow/halfling ranger, although this also applies to dwarfs as well. To hit bonuses, even when TWFing, is adequate at end game to hit would be foes.
2) This build does not have max HP as a toughness spec’d dwarven ranger, although this also applies to other races as well. UMDd stoneskin (and situationally displacement) go along way to help mitigate damage taken – so this is less of an issue.
3) Low AC. Damage can be reduced by equipment (e.g. fearsome of axe/hammer/spear block docents), heavy fortification status (equip a mod fort item), UMD’d stoneskin (and displacement situationally), self-healing, and smart play.
4) Reduced benefit from non-repair spell- and wand-based healing (i.e., -35% benefit).
5) Social stigma of being a Warforged ranger. You frankly won’t see very many. You also will be frequently asked, “So…what are you going to do about healing?”

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