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07-31-2007, 10:43 AM
I’m reposting my DDO translation of the PnP Warlock concept. Constructive criticism is welcomed!
The Warlock

Warlock Class Abilities: Eldritch Blast (as Magic Missile and Force Missiles), Damage Reduction (as Stoneskin), Deceive Item (as SF: UMD feat), Fiendish Resilience (as Cure Light Wounds), Energy Resistance (as Resist Energy & Protection from Energy), Invocations.

Invocations Known:
Beguiling Influence (as Command Undead, Suggestion, & Mass Suggestion)
Brimstone Blast (as Scorching Ray)
Dark One's Luck (as Protection from Evil & Nightshield)
Draining Blast (as Ray of enfeeblement)
Flee the Scene (as Haste, Dimension Door & Teleport)
Hellrime Blast (as Niac’s cold ray)
Leaps and Bounds (as Jump & Tumble)
Miasmic Cloud (as Cloudkill)
Nihilist Blast (as Disintegrate)
Voracious Dispelling (as Dispel Magic & Break Enchantment)
Walk Unseen (as Invisibility)
Wall of Perilous Flame (as Wall of Fire)
[Specific Details]

True Neutral, 32ptHuman 13Sorcerer/1Cleric

S 10 (8base+2Ring)
D 14 (10base+4Gloves)
C 20 (14base+1Human enhancement+1Tome+4Belt)
I 18 (12base+4Goggles)
W 14 (12base+2BAM helmet)
CH 32 (18base+3Level+3Sorcerer enhancement+1Human adapatability+2Tome+5Cloak)

Concentration 26 (17base+5CON+4GH)
UMD 29.5 (8.5base+3SF:UMD+11CHA+3Goldencartouche+4GH)
Diplomacy 25.5 (10.5base+11CHA+4GH)
Tumble 2 (2Base+2DEX+10Extended tumble spell+4GH)
Jump 32 (2Base+0STR+30Extended jump spell+4GH)

Granted Feats: Light/medium/heavy armor and shields, Simple weapon proficiency, Magical training.

Selected Feats: (1) SF: UMD, (1) Mental toughness I, (3) Heighten, (6) Extend, (9) Maximize, (12) Mental toughness II.

Hit Points: 160 w/o false life items (i.e., 8Cleric+20Heroic+52Sorcerer+70Constitution+10Argon nessen) favor)

Fortitude 20 [+2Cleric +4Sorcerer+5CON+3Resistance trinket+2Protection from evil (PfE)+4GH]
Reflex 15 (0Cleric+4Sorcerer+2DEX+3Resistance trinket+2PfE+4GH)
Will 22 (+2Cleric+8Sorcerer+1WIS+5BAM Helmet+2PfE+4GH)

Divine Spells Prepared: Protection from evil, Nightshield, Cure light wounds.

Arcane Spells Known:
Level1: Magic missile, Charm person (switch out for Ray of enfeeblement after Suggestion is taken), Niac’s cold ray, Jump.
Level2: Command undead, Resist energy, Invisibility, Scorching ray.
Level3: Haste, Suggestion, Dispel magic, Protection from energy.
Level4: Wall of Fire, Force missiles, Dimension door, Stoneskin.
Level5: Cloudkill, Break enchantment, Teleport.
Level6: Disintegrate, Mass suggestion.

Divine vitality I,
Energy I,
Life Magic I

Energy I, II, III, IV,
Human charisma I
Charisma I, II, III

Improved heightening I
Improved maximizing I
Spell penetration I, II

Elemental manipulation I, II, III, IV
Lineage of Elements I, II, III
Deadly Elements I, II

Estimated Base Spell Points: 1632 [+???Cleric (1level)+960Sorcerer (13level)+10WIS+242CHA+150Mental toughness II+20Cleric energy+150Sorcerer energy]

1) This build is designed to capture many of the features of a PnP Warlock within the limitations of the DDO MMO game setting. This warlock build, with at least 1600 base spell points (probably more as 1 1evel of cleric or a commonly obtained magi scepter was not figured in), can spam potent blasts (cycle between MM, FM, SR and/or disintegrate), strip opponents of their magical defenses and stat debuff, charm and beguile foes (main form of CC), and channel fell powers to perform supernatural feats of movement, protection, resiliency (including self-healing), and destruction. With the Cleric splash and adequate UMD, divine scrolls/wands and other restricted items will be usable to this character, replicating the Warlock’s penchant for using magical items.

2) Party buffs are limited to: Protection from evil, Shield of faith, Jump, Resist energy, Invisibility, Protection from energy, Haste, and Stoneskin. The typical bases that parties will be expecting are covered.

3) Crowd control is accomplished via command undead/suggestion/mass suggestion ---all of which can be “extended” via the feat of the same name. High-level mobs with their inflated hit points and infinite spell points will be used to help the party soak damage and weaken opposing mobs. The Warlock can dispel the CC effects when needed. Unabashedly, this build does not have web, hypnotic pattern, hold person/monster, solid fog, etc.

4) Foes that are not susceptible to the Warlocks beguiling influence, such as high SR and constructs, will be blasted with (maximized?) MM, Force missiles, Niac’s/Scorching ray, Disintegrate or engulfed in a Wall of Fire. This build has many SP to accommodate burst nuking.

5) For style points and extra Warlock flavor, you can don light armor (i.e., Padded or other “twilight” enhanced) instead of a robe. The 5% arcane failure is marginal with a character with this many spell points.

07-31-2007, 12:48 PM
What's the point of the cleric level? Your UMD will be plenty high with 14 levels of sorc to UMD any scroll you need to. It seems like a bit of a waste of arcane spell slots and SP.....