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07-31-2007, 10:11 AM
I’m reposting my warforged battlecleric concept. Constructive criticism is welcomed!
The Bladesworn Zealot, a Warforged battlecleric

Lawful good, 32ptWF, 1Paladin/13Cleric

S 28 (18base+3Level ups+2Favor tome+6Item or extended divine power) or 30 with Rage potion or 32 burst STR with Bladesworn transformation.
D 12 (8base+4Item)
C 24 (16base+2WF Enhancement+1Tome+5Item) – or 26 with Rage potion
I 8 (8base)
W 22 (14base+3Cleric enhancement+1Tome+4Item)
CH 10 (6Base+4Item)

Warforged Racial Abilities: Immunities (sleep, nausea, exhaustion, poison, disease, paralysis effects, energy drain, or spells that target humanoids, DQ wrack), extended time underwater before drowning, composite plating (+2AC, light fortification), automatic stabilization if incapacitated, healed by Arcane (full effect) or Divine/Bard spells (at –30% if cast by others; 100% benefit if self-cast).

Class Granted Feats: Simple and marital weapon proficiencies, Shield (all except Tower) proficiencies, Aura of Good (allies receive +1AC and saves), Smite evil (1/rest), Turn undead, Divine spells.

Level Feats:
(1) Adamantium body (Adequate AC at low levels. Keep for DR at high levels).
(3) Power attack
(6) Extend
(9) WF: Slashing
(12) IC: Slashing

(Class/Level/enhancements selected in order at each level)
1: Paladin: Follower of the Lord of Blades, WF Healers friend I, Life magic I
2: Cleric: Follower of the Lord of Blades (if it stacks with Paladin enhancement), Life magic I, WF Damage reduction I
3: Cleric: WIS I, WF Power attack I, Divine vitality I
4: Cleric: WF CON I
5: Cleric: WF Healers friend II
6: Cleric: Bladesworn, Life magic II
7: Cleric: WF Damage reduction II
8: Cleric: WIS II
9: Cleric: WF CON II
10: Cleric: Energy III
11: Cleric: WIS III
12: Cleric: WF Power attack II
13: Cleric: WF Damage reduction III
14: Cleric: Energy IV

Spell Points: 1096 (610base+138WIS-Cleri+138WISPaladin+110Energy IV+100Magi item)
Spells known/level: 5/5/5/5/4/3/2

Concentration 28 (17base+8CON+2Recitation+1Prayer)

Base Hit Points: 252 (i.e., 20Heroic+112Cleric+112CON+10Draconic)
[Max Self buffed: 302 (254base+14Mass aid+14Divine power+8minimum from Heroes feast+14Rage potion)

Inherent damage reduction: DR5/Adamantium (I.e., Adamantium body feat+WF DR III).

Fortitude : 24 (+2Paladin+9Cleric+7CON+3C06 resistance trinket+2Recitation+1Prayer)
Reflex: 11 (+4Cleric+1DEX+4Trapblast goggles+2Recitation+1Prayer)
Will: 24 (+9Cleric+6WIS+5Nightforge helm+2Recitation+1Prayer+1Heroes feast)

Base Attack Bonus: 10/10/15/20
10 Base Attack Bonus
+5 Greatsword
+2 Follower of the Lord of blades (enhancement taken twice)
+8 STR
+1 Weapon Focus: Slashing
+1 Bless
+1 Prayer
+2 Recitation
+4 Divine power
+1 Rage potion
+1 Heroes feast
36/36/41/46 –or-29/29/24/39 with PA on

Base Damage
+5 Greatsword
+15 STR (after quaffing a Rage potion)
+1 Weapon focus: slashing
+1 Prayer
2d6+22; i.e., 24-34 damage on normal hit, 48-68 damage on critical hit with a +5 Greatsword.
(With power attack on, damage: 2d6+34; i.e., 36-46 damage on normal hit, 72-92 damage on critical hit)

Note1: These are base damage totals without any elemental/alignment/holy (burst?) of pure good effects added which would further bolster this characters DPS. The ideal DPS greatsword would be the highly sought after Sword of Shadows (Rare Dragon raid loot; i.e., +5 Adamantium greatsword, 18-20 natural crit range, *3 damage).

Note2: 1/rest, this build can invoke the Bladesworn Transformation and gain: +4 profane bonus to STR, AC, and weapon damage; BAB as a fighter of same level; immunity to critical hits and sneak attacks; but cannot be healed by bard or divine magic.

Armor Class:
10 Base
+8 WF Adamantium body
+5 Docent
+5 Protection item
+1 DEX
+5 Shield of faith
+2 Recitation
+3 Barkskin potion
39 AC when weilding Greatsword, 38 AC when Raged.

+5 HSS
44 AC when Sword+Shield.

Build Pros:
1) Survivability
-WF racial abilities are incredible! Moreover, heavy fortification status is easily obtained by equipping a commonly available moderate fortification item.
-Self- and party buffing with spells such as bless, prayer, recitation, and heroes feast (Self-->Divine favor and power).
-Self-healing with spells and standard cure wands (at reduced benefit). If in danger, step back and cast heal!
-Can be healed by multiple party members (bard, cleric, paladin, ranger, sorcerer, wizard) if incapacitated.
-Can hot-swap docents quickly to tailor protection depending on mob.

2) Fun Factor
-The Bladesworn Zealot’s DPS is adequate to good – probably comparable to other non-specialized DPS characters. You should be able to make a good showing in the kill counts if that matters to you - yet also offer post-battle party healing, selected buffs, and the possibility of raising your fallen companions which other max DPS focused characters (e.g., PA+THF feat line Barbarian/Fighters) cannot do without significant UMD investment.

3) Equipment and Inventory Space
This build can effectively equip more stat enhancing items onto the character at any given time than other builds, as WF immunities negate the necessity of needing to carry selected protection equipment (e.g., disease, poison, underwater action, etc.). More space is always a good thing.

Build Cons:
1) To really shine, as with other Battlebards/Battlemages, this build is reliant upon self-buffs to increase its prowess in battle – which can evaporate quickly owing to dispels or antimagic rays. Fortunately, this character likely has enough HP to soak an attack or two when debuffed and can chain self-heal in these instances to promote survivability. The game plan in these instances would be to back step and rapidly chain cast key buffs. Alternatively, toggle the Bladesworn Transformation (as described above) on and boldly charge the offending foe (i.e., beholder) and lay the sword on them.

2) This build will utilize much of its spell points on self-buffs and heals, which may detract from your capacity to play the only the stereotyped healer role. You should state that you are a battle cleric that will help with healing after battles and offer selected buffs.

3) Reduced benefit from non-repair spell- and wand-based healing (-35% benefit).

4) Low AC for melee build. Damage will be reduced by inherent damage reduction (DR5/Adamantium), equipment (e.g. fearsome of axe/hammer/spear block docents or for extra DPS, equip a Acidguard docent), heavy fortification status (equip a mod fort item), ability to soak damage (i.e., 302 HP self-buffed), significant self-healing, and smart play. Play this character much as you would any other low AC DPS THF character.

5) Social stigma of being an apparently much maligned battlecleric - much less a Warforged one!