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07-31-2007, 03:51 AM
+4 Thundering Khopesh of Pure Good
+1 Anarchic Khopesh of Greater Vermin Bane
+1 Vorpal Flametouched Iron Khopesh

+2 Ghost Touch Kama of Greater Undead Bane
+3 Transmuting Cold Iron Kama of Pure Good

Dwarven Axes:
+1 Dwarven Axe of Greater Human Bane
+1 Anarchic Dwarven Axe of Greater Animal Bane
+1 Seeker(2) Dwarven Axe of Smiting (rr Human min level 10 diff 20)

Bastard Swords:
+5 True Chaos Bastard Sword

Two Handers:
+2 Shock Greatsword of Greater Human Bane
+1 Seeker(2) Byeshk of Greater Halfling Bane
Whirlwind x 2
+3 Shock Greatsword of Pure Good
+1 Greatsword of Disruption
+4 Thundering Greataxe of Pure Good
+1 Paralyzing Falchion of Shatter(2)

+4 Crippling Kukri of Pure Good
+4 Acid Kukri of Deception (rr Halfling min level 8 diff 18)

+4 Shocking Burst Scimitar of Tendonslice 2%
+1 Seeker Battleaxe (2) of Greater Monstrous Humanoid Bane (rr Human min lvl6 diff 16)
+1 Weakening Scimitar of Greater Elemental Bane
+2 Thundering Silver Longsword of Greater Chaotic Outsider Bane
+3 Shock Longsword of Evil Outsider Bane
+4 Acid Silver Scimitar
+1 Axiomatic Burst Scimitar of Power1
+2 Holy Burst Scimitar
+3 Keen Battleaxe of Greater Gnoll Bane
+1 Shock Battleaxe of Greater Reptilian Bane (hunt and kill the last of the dinosaurs!)
+1 Holy Scimitar of Greater Dwarf Bane
+1 Paralyzing Scimitar of Shatter(2)
+3 Thundering Flametouched Iron Scimitar of Pure Good
+3 Cursespewing Longsword of Righteousness
+1 Holy Burst Longsword of Pure Good
+1 Vorpal Scimitar of Righteousness

+1 True Law Shortsword of Smiting
+3 Flaming Burst Shortsword of Righteousness
+2 Frost Shortsword of Destruction
+1 Paralyzing Shortsword of Righteousness
+1 Minor Void Lore Rapier of Backstabbing +5
+1 Ghost Touch Shortsword of Greater Elf Bane

+3 Impact Light Hammer of Greater Gnoll Bane
Hammer of the Leaden Clouds
Mace of Smiting
+3 Flaming Burst Light Mace

+2 Banishing Quarterstaff
Staff of Innersight
+? Superior Potency 6 Scepter
+3 Spell Penetration 7 Scepter
+3 Greater Potency 6 Scepter
+3 Greater Spell Penetration 6 Quarterstaff

Lbows/Sbows/Xbows Weapons:
+1 Banishing Heavy Crossbow
Bow of the Elements (Air) x2
+2 Banishing Shortbow
+3 Frost Composite Longbow Of Greater Construct Bane

+4 Adamantine Returning Throwing Dagger
+5 Returning Throwing Hammer of Pure Good

Heavy Armor:
+5 Lesser Fire Guard Full Plate
+4 Acid Guard Full Plate
+5 Adamantine Full Plate
+3 Fearsome Adamantine Full Plate of Light Fortification
+4 Fire Guard Full Plate
+5 Lesser Ice Guard Full Plate of Stability
+5 Acid Guard Full Plate

Medium Armor:
+1 Deathblock Mithral Full Plate of Light Fortification
+3 Sacred Mithral Full Plate of Spearblock

Light Armor:
+3 Twilight Leather Armor (no arcane failure armor+5 max dex +6)
+3 Twilight Padded Armor (no arcane failure armor +4 max dex +8)

Robe of Acid
Deathblock Robe of Spearblock
Fire Guard Robe of Greater Cold Resistance

Striding 25% of Springing +3 x2
Striding 20% of Springing +3
Dexterity +5 of Swimming +3
Striding 5% of Nuetralize Poison 3/day
Dexterity +4 of Balance +3
Golden Greaves
Feather Falling Boots of Balance +10 (rr Human min level 11 diff 18)

Intelligence +4
Intelligence +4 of Spot +3
Intelligence +6
Intelligence +5 Disable Device +3
Spot +15 (rr Elf, Drow Min level 13 diff 20)

Strength +4 & Detect Secret Door 3/day
Gloves of the Falcon
Strength +4 of Healing +3
Dexterity +5
Strength +6 of Repair +3 (rr Warforged Min level 13 diff 20)
Dexterity +5 Gloves (rr Halfling min level 13 diff 20)
Strength +4 of Disabling +5
Strength +4
Heal +10
Strength +5 of Performing +3
Strength +5 of Heal +3

Steady Handed Armbands
Armor +5

Superior Devotion3 of Bluff +3
Greater Glaciation 4 of Concentration +3

Constitution +5 of Balance +3
Constitution +4 of Light Fortification
Constitution +4 of Chill Touch 3/day

Charisma +6
Charisma +5

Intelligence +5 Ring of Burning Hands 3/day
Ring of Rage 1/day x3
Striding Ring 20% of Tumbling +5
Resistance +4
Dexterity +5
Ring of Greater Lightning Resistance
Wisdom +4 of Performing +5 (rr Human
Charisma +4 of Suggestion 1/day (rr Human min level 9 diff 16)
Strength +4
Strength +4 of Lesser False Life

Thraak Fang x2

Wisdom +4 of Bluffing +3
Haggle +11
Wolf Whistle
Constitution +5
Protection +4
Wisdom +5 (rr Elf, Drow min level 9 diff 16)
Wisdom +4
Haggle +11 (rr Elf, Drow min level 9 diff 16)

Charisma +1
Strength +1
Wisdom +1
Intelligence +1

Looking for:
+5 Mithral Full Plate
Planar Girds
Beholder Optics
High Burst Khopesh with suffixes
various greater bane slashers (wounding/transmuting of greater banes preferred)
Spiked Turban
Kardins Eye
Vorpals of Pure Good/maiming

p.s. thanks for deleting the last one Turbine it was so convenient to redo, will the rest of the server transition be as convenient?

08-30-2007, 09:24 AM
saw you were looking for slashing greater banes. Think i have a keen scimmy of greater construct bane somewhere and maybe some others. I am interested in acquiring a sunblade for a new lowbie. Let me know what you need specifically and i'll see what i can come up with.