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07-31-2007, 01:36 AM
Welcome future Khyberians!

With the upcoming merger the ‘Stormreach Thieves Guild’ (SRTG) thought that a welcome and a few words of introduction would be a step in the right direction to getting to know all the new guilds and players coming to join the Khyber server. We have tried to answer questions that anyone might be interested in about another guild, and in a non-competitive way tell you who we are so when you see our guild name hovering above members there will be a sense of recognition and approachability :-)

-What time is the guild most active / what part of the world do most members live?
A great majority of our members are from Australia and New Zealand, but we have members from all parts of the globe. Australian peak times are our most active.

-How many players can I seriously expect to see online- and what character lvls?
On a busy weekend we will have somewhere around 40-50 online, most weeknights you will see around 20 ish. Of course this number fluctuates, and it makes sense that those who play more regularly than others and are most often online have high lvl toons. This goes up and down too, and currently we have many active mid lvls. There will always be a range of lvls to play with, although low through mid lvls will have to pug sometimes to find a suitably balanced party.

-What is the general player age?
Probably mid 20’s to late 30’s although only at the peak of the bell curve of course :-)

-What style of play is predominant?
This guild was started as a casual off-peak collection of mainly Aussie players. Some of us are able to log on twice a week, others (guilty) are on almost every day and people get concerned and ask questions when they are not there lol. On the whole, we play for fun. We are not all exclusively: Zerg masters (I can do the titan in 30 seconds!), Virtual C*** Measurers (my toon is the most UBER! And I only play with certified Uber players), 24/7 Raid Ransackers Role Payers (I am Gallstaf, Sorcerer of Life!), Loot *****s (except for loot weekends) etc…
Although, there are elements of all these things in our individual members, and we certainly don’t discourage some element of these styles. If intense play-style directed gameplay is your thing then honestly this is probably not the guild for you, even though some of our members look for it on occasion. We are still best described as a casual player’s guild.

-Is it run by A**hats?
Nope :-) all reasonable and fun people in the leadership team!

-Are its members A**hats?
Nope :-)

-What are the guild rules?
Our basic rules are very simple: Fun is the name of the game, and respect for other guildies is paramount. Check out our guild charter and forum at:


-Does the guild have any long standing credibility within the community (how established is it? how stable is it? do they have the maturity to deal with issues and does it have an active leadership team?)
The Stormreach Thieves Guild has been around since launch, and a few of the officers teamed together in beta where its idea was born. We are a founding guild with a place on the founders' stone. Our guild Leader is Arj and as the guild has grown to become possibly the biggest off-peak one on Khyber we have promoted more long standing helpful members to officers. There is almost always an officer online, but instead of listing those all here it would be easier for interested individuals to check the “who” list for guild members and send them a polite tell asking them which officers are online. Our policy is to invite on request, so you will have no issue or trial. Officers are happy to answer nay questions you may have, ingame (when they become free and are not questing) or in the public area of our forum.

-What are the organized guild events?
We currently have one organized guild raid on Saturday evenings (Australian) and the raids are rotated. Any member of the appropriate lvl is welcome to sign up for a place on a first-in basis. As our potential membership grows or if there is demand for it, a second scheduled raid will be added. None of the Scheduled guild events are compulsory, and the guild is a friendly and helpful one for those that need to get raid ready, or really want to get something in particular done. Always keep in mind that we are working with a casual player base, and not everyone has the same amount of time to get ingame things done.
We also have a guild bank that works on donations to help get new members on their feet and help out mainly low to mid lvl characters.

Well, that is us in a nutshell, and I (personally) and the SRTG look forward too seeing and partying with all the new faces in town be they in our guild or not. Don’t be shy to say G’day if you see us about town (most likely at the auction house haha)!

Sincerely, on behalf of the SRTG,

In Game:
Tempesta – Kahaun – Furiel

07-31-2007, 04:41 PM
hey nice guild introduction i would like to but iam looking for indian players where u can find only in THE ASHENS.........ASHENS hav all type of players where u cant find most all frm various regions

but there only 2 players in the game frm india atm and they r bind to ashens

11-09-2007, 03:39 PM
but wait there is more