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07-31-2007, 12:53 AM
this is my rant from raiding alot with pugs. it's always nice to meet a certain guild or individuals that make my gaming experience better, those folks walk a different path. this thread is inspired by them.

Dragon Raid "Safe Spot(s)" - silly. i don't mean by the gate. same goes for draggin mobs to home and dying, thats old school. come up with something new you're level 14's for god's sake...i've seen posted and even devised at least three different ways to get the gate down with out dying, and i'm not even an expert at ddo, like some of the people that figured out stuff early.

Demon Queen Raid "Safe Spot(s)" - not necessary. recently learned a killer method, theres plenty of methods of killing the dq. can trio it no prob (in pugs, using our brains and some skill, not safe places where ya can't get hit). why use a safe spot? this aint mario brothers. I'll tip my hat to the elite crews that trio or four man the dq in record time, thats gotta be fun. If those crews arent uing a method of standing in on place where ya can't get hit, that is. if ya are... shame on you.

Reaver Raid "Safe Spot(s)" - not necessary. lame. lol, learn skills. big gratz go out to all the people soloing this raid, if you don't make use of safe spots, that is. same to the the users of res-into-the-quest- lame-o tactics...enjoy your loots... you earned it.

Titan Raid? don't know of any safe spot here. the best raid i ever witnessed was on you tube, they had him in the center of the room, spinning on his head, dropping pillars on him, double shotting him, everything. :eek:

man this is embarrasing having to write this out for a level 14's, some of them founders even.

flame me all you want. ain't scared

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07-31-2007, 01:36 AM
/flame on

wait theres nothing to flame about, these raids are easy with or without the soooo called safe spots