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07-30-2007, 04:25 PM
The Evocation Mage

You are the mage of destruction. The charred and frozen remains of your enemies lay scattered across the battlefield. Your battles are engulfed in flames, the field hidden from a warm mist of dark water vapor. Lightning comes down from the sky to smite all who stand against you.

With your focus feats, spell pen, max stat, stat enhancements, and your meta feats, nothing can withstand your onlaught. Your ice blasts will do hundreds, nay thousands of points of damage. Your fire will burn a castle down while your bolts of lightning incinerate all who stand to fight on the walls.

Seldom will you need to 'over indulge' with meta feats other than heighten as no one will make their saves, when the need arises however, you will bring a hellstorm upon your enemy.

You care not for control. Slowing your enemy down does not concern you. Charging or running, you just want to destroy them fast and hard.

Also known as a bit of a Nuker, this build is an attempt to concentrate on one school of magic, a true mage of the evocation school.

Reality: DDO and DnD do not have an adequate spell system to stay within one school and survive, this is an attempt to give you options to do just that.

Feats: Evocation and greater evocation focus, heighten, Spell Pen

For your final feat choose one below

Optionals: Maximize, empower, Mana feat, greater spell pen (Pick two if human).

Note: except in extreme cases of red named, or need for instant killing, both max and empower are not necessary.

Note: You can opt to not use spell pen if you feel comfortable about it, and add another metafeat like empower or enlarge

You are going for damage, so any critical multipliers, chances to crit, damage % increases are most needed. Stat increase of Cha/intel is desired for DC rolls. Concentration, spell pen, mana, subtle, are also good ones.

The Evocation mage is about damage...mostly centering around fire, cold, and electricity.

Many of the evocation spells do not require a save, the rest are pure reflex saves.

Evocation Spells

level 1
Burning Hands Reflex save reduces.
Magic Missile
Shocking Grasp (max 5d6)

Level 2
Flaming Sphere Reflex save negates
Scorching Ray

Level 3
Lightning Bolt Reflex save

Level 4
Fire Shield
Force Missiles
Ice Storm
Shout (max 5d6)
Symbol of Flame Reflex save
Wall of Fire

Level 5
Ball Lightning Reflex save
Cone of Cold Reflex save

Level 6
Chain Lightning Reflex save
Otiluke's Freezing Sphere Reflex save

Level 7
Delayed Blast Fireball Reflex save

Suggested play style:

With fast moving groups, you will expend much mana on nothing as the fights will be over so quick, your firewalls and such will be in the distance still burning. You are more comfortable with a party that will let you determine the pace and allow you to set up 'death spots' in the dungeon.

In PVP, you take out others very fast, if you get the first shot off.

In solo, you are quite good, but mana can run out much too early.

You laugh at spiders, oozes, and with disintigrate added, you pretty much laugh at golems...

Your best situation is a large mob attacking the party. Your talents are wasted in small mobs or single enemies.

You get aggro very quick and love it. You will probably need more hit points than most mages, a better ac, and a lot more buffs. You will need healing potions. The points you spend to increase your hit points makes you less strong and agile, thus you are slower, easier to trip, slower to get up, and are almost useless in melee when mana is gone. More likely everything is dead before that happens, but when it does you are in trouble.

Suggest: Buff spells like blur, displacement as you have no AC at all...resist, prot,mage armor, prot from evil since your reflex and will save will be horrible.....

This is just an example of an evocation based caster, not a fully tested or run build. Try it out and post how you did, if you can stick to one school of magic and make an 'Evoker'.....

I would suggest a minor if you have the items or feats, probably enchantment....until you get comfortable...