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07-28-2007, 05:07 AM
In the interest of fair play, and to minimize angst, DDO/Turbine need to rename the servers when they are merged.

The main problem is that the "parents" can squat on guild names, it doesn't appear to take activity or legacy into the merge.

Some guilds do span several servers so they have protected themselves. Others don't or couldn't because somebody else has the same name. In some cases posted, the rival is totally inactive and is just depriving an active guild from its use.

Some guilds span games and their name also lets others who know them, meet back up, upon entering a new MMORPG, many have also extra resources into creating an online presence such as a web site.

The fairest way to handle this, would be similar to character name, where age (seniority), and player activity determine who gets the name.

As DDO may not have all that data, it may be harder to determine, but they do know who the founding guilds are and thats a start.

By prescreening the servers prior to merge they could identify guilds in conflict, and have an in game mailing alert them. The mechanism is there and used for updates already.

If there wasn't 2 or more responses or claims made in a reasonable time, the name would belong to the first claimant.

If there remains a dispute then they could use member activity (frequency of play), and the possible presence of guild/society websites, to resolve the dispute.

It is possible that the guild masters could be asked to try and reach an accommodation, but I think that would lead to goldfarmer like selling.

I realize this post should probably be in the merger forum, but there are already many like it there and Turbine has chosen to ignore them. Instead of having the decency to give a response.

07-28-2007, 08:35 AM
there are already 2-3 other threads on this.. no need for more

and yes, i do agree with you

(look for the thread: A rose by another name... in the server merge forums... where this topic belongs)

07-28-2007, 02:11 PM
Yep, I agree, only trying here because all the other threads have been ignored by the dev's, and time to act is running out.

To see more threads visit the merger forums

07-29-2007, 08:52 AM
Yep, I agree, only trying here because all the other threads have been ignored by the dev's, and time to act is running out.

To see more threads visit the merger forums

The problem is that you're not supposed to knowingly post a duplicate thread - the mods can get a bit rough when people keep starting posts on the same topic, so you'll want to be careful with that.

07-29-2007, 01:25 PM
Thanks for the info, figured different place as for game development (implementation) , vs merge page which seems to be for emotive usage (and ignored), was valid reason for new thread.

If it makes you or the peep's in charge feel better, my Merge thread was intended to address more than one question, it has just taken off and stayed on the first question. One that I posted to get it going (thought others may add thier on queries).

Still in favor of new server names, for a new beginning.

07-30-2007, 04:45 PM
From Quarion, on the Server Merge. "A Note about Guild Renames during the server merge
Thanks to the players for your feedback on the server merge! We’ve noticed quite a bit of concern about guild renaming and the possibility of players exploiting the guild rename process to grief other guilds.

If your guild feels it has unjustly been renamed by the merge, please submit a ticket via the help button in the game. Customer service will receive your report and use the same logic behind the automatic character rename that the server merge will use, to help determine the outcome of the name conflict. This means that they will look at the date guilds were created, and if there is a naming conflict between two guilds, the younger of the two guilds may have their guild name changed to allow for the older guild to obtain the name. Of course, you will still have your guild rename token as well, should you want to rename your guild on your own."

The server merge FAQ has also been updated with this current information.
"And then Teral's Head Exploded."

Part of the issue appears to have been addressed, Thanks Quarion

Still prefer renaming servers, but this was needed