View Full Version : Pally saves boost I, then saves boost II

07-25-2007, 12:59 PM
If I have saves boost 1, then after making some levels I spend the action points to get saves boost 2, do I now have 5 clicks of each ?
Because saves boost 2 and 1 both show on my enhancement tab in the scroll box.
I had assumed the game would have changed saves boost one into saves boost 2, not listed saves boost 2 under saves boost 1.

It is additional or an upgrade? Which?

07-25-2007, 01:12 PM
It is an upgrade. Replace your boost I icon with the boost II icon.

07-25-2007, 03:09 PM
As Toe said the upscaling of enhancements (all similar kinds of enhancements), are just upgraded versions of the same Enhancement itself.

Thus taking Pally Save Boost I may give you a temporary +2 to saves

Pally Save Boost II will give you +3 to saves (which is 1 higher, thus an upgrade). This is now your Save Boost ability. You dont get both Boost 1 and Boost 2, you simply have level 2 of the Boost, which is better than level 1.

Similar is the mana increasing enhancements. Level 1 may give you 10 more mana. Level 2 states 20 more mana, however you do not get 30 total mana at level 2, you only get 20 more mana, as level 2 is better than level 1. Howver with mana enhancements, if you have a different mana enhancement (ie Elven Arcanum for being and elf and an enhancement for mana as a Wizard), then you can take levels of enhancements in both and gain mana extra mana boost that way.

With almost everything in DDO that pertains to boosting anything (stats, skills, attributes, etc) if the boosting effect has the same title they will not stack, only the better of the 2 will stack. Hence, full plate (ac of 9 will not stack with Armored bracers +4...both are armor bonuses. But, you can stack an armor bonus with Protection, since it is titled Protection, not armor)

Hopefully that makes sense.