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07-20-2007, 12:38 PM
4.2 Did a lot of good things that improved my game experience.

Auction House: The seperation of the categories is a godsend. After getting backstabbers gloves I found myself in need of +4 Dex boots to replace my +4 dex gloves. The seperation helped me find them in under a minute instead of flipping through tons of items I didn't need.

Proof is in the Poison: If the quest design here is any indication of what's coming for Litany 3 & 4 you've got me excited. It's a linear quest that doesn't feel linear. Ran through the quest with my higher level to get a feel for it and was amazed by the trapped areas, the coordination between the mobs, and just the new look of the quest. Then I ran my level 6 paladin with a pick up group through the quest and we had a blast.

New Spells: New spells and more choices are always good for my wizard. Can't say I didn't wish there were more though.

New Equipment options: Definitely looking for everbright weapons that suit my needs for use against oozes and rust monsters - my muckbanes can always use an upgrade. A good heavy pick of maiming would also be nice and maybe an upgrade to my rogues +3 fearsome mithril breastplate by adding mobility (is that a suffix? I don't remember off hand) ....oh let's just finish this by saying my wishlists have gotten expanded (god I'm picky).

Quests: Quest fixes and upgrades were nice and the changes to PoP provided a new challenge although I havn't done much else (Low Road for Ransack and Conquest now!). The change to a wilderness zone actually drew my guild into the desert for the first time as we've gotten a little worn out on gianthold (yeah yeah we just started our desert runs...all you old timers can now point and laugh).

So I have to say I liked the update. Was it a little short on quests? Yeah I'm never going to argue about more quests. But I'd like to point out that since I've only been here since November this was just the right touch for me and provided a little umph for a game that was JUST starting to lose it's shine. I foresee alot of time doing desert runs now and having fun in there.

I would like to point out to the "oldtimers" that I can see where your frustration might come from since to you, the desert is old news.

Keep chugging out those free upgrades and I'll keep paying and playing.


So basically I'm not unhappy with this update.

07-20-2007, 02:10 PM
Yeah, I'm gonna have to be updating my trades thread after the new patch.

Transmuting of greater banes are going to be HOT. As well as high-crit range bodyfeeders.

07-20-2007, 02:12 PM
Just a brief note about low road, even that you can now find and open the earlier inaccessible area; you still can't get conquest.