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07-18-2007, 12:10 AM
Thanks for visiting this thread. I've been looking around at certain dedicated teams that are already in place, however, most of them run at times I'm not too comfortable with and at levels Ive not yet reached.

So, having been a NWN Dungeon Master for three years, I'm used to making my own fun :)

I'd like to recruit new members who are interested in roleplaying and meeting (preferably twice) weekly for three-four hour game sessions. On Sarlona.

There would be a few rules:

No rushing through adventures, even if you know them.

You'd have to create a brand new character for this group and create a backstory and roleplay him/her when in game.

You'd have to use this character only for the dedicated group and to only use items you find yourself (no mailing from other characters)

You'd have to be positive you can join the group on the days and hours we settle upon

Now, please reply to this post with what character you'd like to create, including race, class, alignment and what would drive them during our adventures (fame, money, experience, etc). As the group fills up, you'd most likely have to submit a class that would complement the group.

Please note that I am proposing Sarlona as the home server.

I suggest the following times:
Wednesdays- 8pm PST - 12am PST
Sundays- 8pm PST - 12am PST

07-18-2007, 12:16 AM
I would like to create an elven rogue, true neutral, motivated by thirst for wealth and power, but also with a deep sense of fairness.

07-27-2007, 02:58 AM
A Drow Elf from the Western Scablands, Djeserit follows the path of purification, healing, and spiritual magic. Being an expert on the Ancient Elven Discourses on reincarnation, fate, meditation and enlightenment, Djeserit loves philosophical discourse. Djeserit seeks the righteous way, but believes each must find his own true path.

Djeserit wishes to share the heart prayer of the desert wastes:

Geta, geta,

Translated to the Common Tongue:
Gone, gone,
Gone beyond,
Gone absolutely beyond,
This is enlightenment.

Djeserit will be arriving in Stormreach and available Sunday evenings.