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07-16-2007, 10:50 AM
For those going to Gencon this year and had planned on attending my party for the DDO players/devs, I have an urgent and exciting bit of news for you:

The location of the party IS MOVING!

Previously, the party was to be located at the Spaghetti Factory. However, as more and more of you are coming forward, I have opted to splurge and relocate the party over to Jillians! There will be

A private roped off area for the DDO players on the game room floor
Drinks and Appetizers for you to enjoy free of charge (though anything beyond what I have pre-ordered for you, you will have to purchase seperately)
Activies that your non-DDO friends/spouses can enjoy within Jillians - or even you if you like - such as the game room, bowling, billiards (bowling and billiards availability depends on if another group has that section on reserve or not)
Very convenient access to the bar... our area will be right near it!
Jillians is still within walking distance of the convention center
I will still have the Turbine prizes and souveniers for you (and I'm still not telling you what those are yet :D )
No gencon badge rerquired to get in and attend the party
Your family - for those with spouses and children - are welcome to attend! Feel free to drag along your friends who might not play DDO, or are thinking of trying it.

Date and time are still the same: Saturday, August 18th, 7pm EST
(for information about what/where Jillians is, you can visit their website for an overview at www.jillians.com )

Why the change:

Because you all are worth it.
Originally I was trying to be a bit conservative, and I wasn't so certain how many folks would even be interested in something like this (especially considering all the things there are to do at Gencon). I have come to realize that this was fast outgrowing my original location. I also came to denote that I spend about 20-40 hours a week with you all, and that you are a very big part of my life... whether I intended it to be that way or not. How often do I get the chance to spend some true face-to-face time with you? Little to none. This means hosting the party in a way/location that is worthy of you. What more appropriate place for a gamer's party than at a gaming facility?

So... as this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity, I wanted to give you all the biggest and best party I possibly could, in every conceivable way that is within my power to grant you.

What I need:

If you all would be so kind... if you are planning on attending this party PLEASE PLEASE respond to this thread and let me know, so that I can keep a more accurate head count for the poor folks at Jillians. Even if you just plan on swinging in/out for 10 minutes on your way to another gencon activity, please let me know. Remember also that you need not have a badge to the convention to get into this party. If you are local to the Indianapolis area, or just in that sort of mood to drive out for this, you are more than welcome to just come for the party without going to gencon at all! Think of this as a mini-ddo convention fan-fair ^^

In the next couple weeks I will have another special little treat for you related to this, so keep watching the forums / listening to DDOCast!

07-16-2007, 12:31 PM
Oh, by the way Merlask - do we need to chip in anything? I feel bad taking advantage of your generosity.


07-16-2007, 12:40 PM
Oh, by the way Merlask - do we need to chip in anything? I feel bad taking advantage of your generosity.


Absolutely and positively not!

If you really feel inclined to show your appreciation, I accept payment in the forms of hugs and handshakes ^^ that and lemme take pictures of you

07-16-2007, 02:37 PM
Count me in as a definite, with 2-3 guests possible.

Thanks again for all that you do, Merlask. I appreciate it.

07-16-2007, 07:04 PM
Hubby and I will both be there. I can't wait it's gona be a blast.:D

07-17-2007, 05:21 AM
Damn.. I wish I could come but I'll be gaming then...Oh well...