View Full Version : Favor hunting

07-14-2007, 12:41 PM
I play on Argonessen around 7pm eastern untill around 10pm. I am currently 116 favor away from 1750 and have been so for quite a while now. The problem is evryone seems to be after just the main quests for loot or scales and relics and also the cleric community has been halved in the past few weeks. I am looking for other players who are also close to reaching 1750 favor any where between lvls 9-14. I am willing to take turns doing quests that we each need so that it is kept fair. If anyone else is having trouble finding a group to run favor quests then send me a tell or mail on Argonessen, I am on most days of the week at the above times.

Krayvin Lvl 13 Fighter/ Lvl 1 ranger
Apocalypt Lvl 3 ranger/ lvl 1 rogue/ lvl 1 fighter