View Full Version : dev questions

07-09-2007, 06:51 PM
I was just kind of curious what kind of time frame we were looking at for crafting to come into play. Also what are the thoughts on the limitations (If any) that will be set forth with crafting? Are we going to be able to craft a +5 vorpal sickle? Will Binders be put into the game to add elements to crafted items? I'm hoping of course that there are no limitations although I do understand the problem that could arise of balancing such a thing. Content must be able to keep up right?

Also, Turbine please note: we understand you are a business and you as a business would make more money if we rerolled our toons and played them longer vs. allowing us a do-over/respec ... SOLUTION: Charge for a respec like you do for a name change. I messed my first toon up royally. Really, its so bad im embarassed of it and it hasnt seen the lgiht of day since I stripped it down to its last copper, but I refuse to erase it on the grounds that ONE DAY YOU WILL allow me a way to respec that toon ...it also serves as a reminder to only level sober (JK) we love ya and thanks for your time.