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07-07-2007, 03:56 PM
I am brand new to the game and almost ready to quit. I don't understand anything....I've read the manual, done all the training quests, leave hints up, etc...

I wish there was a group or tour group that you could join with a real person that went on missions with you and explained over the microphone how to do things, what buttons to hit, etc.... Sorta like a training guild.

Right now, I don't even know what "1d6 +1" means, "modifiers", "save throws", how to determine how many hit points a monster has, how to target a monster as it running circles around me, have enough time to figure out how to shield with my shield, tumble, use feats, etc....

I mean, if everyone complains that there aren't enough people populating this game, these are some of the reasons. I AM SOOOOO frusterated. I join groups but either people don't have microphones or don't want to help me out, it is really lousy.

Can someone please help me? I would love to join a team that someone can teach me things.


07-07-2007, 04:49 PM
Hang in there buddy.....
We all at one point were in your situation.
You should form your own group in LFM tab, and state that you are new and need some help and guidance. There are people out there who would be happy to help.
When I started playing it took me a while to learn. Even as I hit the highest levels I would learn(and still do) all kinds of info on how things work/and on what beasts/and when and where...etc.
Once you start grouping and learning your talents(role) in the party, and also finish quest and get more items.....you will have a grasp of things.

If you see groups LFM at your level.....send a /tell to the leader saying "I'm new to the game and need some pointers".......No harm in asking anyone for help.
Best of luck to you. Once you get rolling along any frustration will be taken out on many unlucky Kobolds!

07-07-2007, 06:45 PM
Just a couple of ideas...

IN the SW corner of the Harbor by the Goodblade Daggers quest there is a rowboat which will take you to Kobald Island. It is a wide open island with a few Kobalds standing around. They are usually spaced out enough that you can fight only one at a time. Practice running around, meleeing, range attacking, sneaking etc. to see what you can and can't do well.

Run around the harbor a lot. Practice jumping on/over things so you can start to get a feel for timing and reading distances.

As suggested above, try to form up a group with the message that you are new and looking for some help. Lots of people that are running new characters will be happy to run with you and give you pointers. Let them know just how much help you want, because sometimes too much info hurts as well. When I'm running new toons I love helping out new people, it keeps the game fresh for me.

Don't feel bad about apologizing in advance if you screw up. Again, a lot of people in the harbor are running new characters,but are familiar with the game and missions. Most likely, if you are in a full group, they could probably complete the mission with or without you. This is actually a good thing ,because if you just stay with the pack,you can pick up a lot of things without being a risk to yourself or others.

The key mapping feature in the options (little check marks) will tell you what everything is meant to do. That way if, for example, you didn't know that shift will help you block you can figure it out. You can also change it if you prefer somehting else.

Did you try the training quests before you got to the harbor? Those are pretty good for getting down movement etc.

Now, for specifics...
The easiest way to target an enemy is to hit Tab. It will select the nearest enemy. If you are ranging, you will shoot right at them (even if you dont' see where it is). Having a particular enemy selected is not needed for melee attacking.

Dice rolls (i.e. 1d6) refers to the Pen&Paper D&D game. A shortsword does 1-6 points of damage. In the game ,you would roll a d6, which is a 6 sided die (just like a regular game die). Attack rolls are done with a d20 or a 20 sided die.

When attacking, you "roll" a d20 to first determine if you hit the monster to do damage. This is decided based on your roll+your attack bonuses. This number must be higher than the number needed to hit the monster's Armor Class(AC). If you hit, then you roll for damage. The damage done depends on the type of weapon, any bonuses attached to the weapon, and any modifiers (i.e. Strength pluses, sneak attack)

Saving throws are basically ways to determine how you will fare when a spell or trap hits you. A will save is based on your Wisdom and is usually related to spells trying to control you. A reflex save is based on your Dexterity and is your ability to avoid damage from damage spells (fireball, lightning bolt etc) or from traps. A fortitude save is based on your Constitution and effects your ability to resist things like ability drain, overcoming poison, and other things that effect your body phisically.

OK, I've written a novel here, but as you can guess there is a whole lot more. Unfortunately, I've been away from pen&paper D&D for about 20 years, so I may not have been the best at explaining things.

The best advice I can give is to first relax. This is a game and there is purposely a very low death penalty for the first several levels. Don't sweat dying and trying over. No, it isn't fun, but if that is the best way to learn, no biggie. Everyone was there before and most people will help you out. Some would rather powerlevel and won't want to slow down for you...fine. Keep looking and you will find helpful people. Once you do, add them to your friends list and try to group with them as much as possible. Your learning will be much faster that way. Also, try to find other new people. It is a blast running around with a bunch of people who don't have a clue either:D .

This forum is also a great way to get help. Post a few specific questions and advice flows. You will get a better response on the week however. When you do, mention what server you are on and the name(s) of your character(s). Also, mention what class(es) you are playing. Some classes are much easier to start with (i.e. fighter as opposed to wizard) You will get everything from people who will promise to run with you, all the way up to people who will promise to send you gear or money to help you get started.

This weekend may be kind of frustrating as it is a +1 loot/+50% experience point weekend. This means that all the quests have a little bit better loot and you will get more experience for completing missions. A lot of people who might normally be working on lower characters are probably on their high level ones trying to get some really nice drops in the high loot quests. Look for a surge of lower level characters later on in the week.

Good luck, and WELCOME. This game is a blast. It is my first and only foray into MMOs, but I love it. If you are on the Ghallanda server, and play around 10-1EST, I'd be happy to help out. I'm usually on as Hammond Eggs or Marge Inoverra. JUst type /tell and the first name to send a private message. Like this: /tell Hammond,
If I'm not in a group, I'd be happy to run a low character with you.

Come on back to the forum with more questions as you find them.

07-07-2007, 07:46 PM
jellomold, you rock! good job.

my only 2 cp is, try looking at the strategy guides moreso than the manual, and if you're on thelanis please don't hesitate to ask me, Tachee (or pm on the boards is fine as well:)

07-07-2007, 10:03 PM
Two suggestions. Post on your server forum you are new and find a guild that will help. Even here you don't list what server you are on so someone can lead you in the right direction. As was said all of us started out pretty much in your same situation. Again list here what server you are on, list on your server forum that you need help, and get into a good guild.


07-08-2007, 08:59 PM
What server are you on? Class, your character's name? I'm sure you'd get a few offers to help out. Look me up if you play on Argonnessen. I have a level 3 ranger named Sabeena. I'd be happy to run a few quests with you and help you out if I ever catch you.

07-08-2007, 09:57 PM
i frequently help out players who put up "new player need help" lfms in riedra

07-09-2007, 12:07 AM
I just saw this today posted in the Guild section...really should be in NewB areas:


This is a group (which I'm not familar with) who is offering to help new people out with grouping and answering questions. Sounds like just what you are looking for.

07-09-2007, 01:06 AM
if you are on the argonessan server,{yes it is spelled wrong.but it is late}, in your chat screen on the lower left hand side there is a place to type in things. Next time just type /invite {name here}, my characters names are solecrusher, vladimar, solehunter, carthoris, and thenabler. I will be more than happy to help in any way I can. other than that there are a lot of good reply's already posted so just start there and dont be afraid to ask question in any group, you might not like the answer but most will answer. lol hope you stay it is a great game!

07-09-2007, 10:15 AM
Yeah, you'll find on most servers there are a lot of people who are willing to help and explain stuff to new players. All you have to do is ask. Some people can and will be jerks, like real life, but most are happy to help. We all started out as noobs,lost and blind lol, even the elitist players you find. Just took some playing to get into the flow. And if you still need a hand, log onto lhazaar and find me on any of my characters (tren, resla, cristos, essy, yupen), or look up Sun war in guilds, and i will answer what I can.

07-09-2007, 10:30 AM
the only way to learn about this game is to play it & to read these forums

it will take approximately 3 months of consistent play to start to understand what is going on IMO

07-09-2007, 10:36 AM
I feel your frustration, I've been playing for just over a month and not only am I new to DDO but to MMORPG. I found that the problem lies in that most PUGs you find yourself in are made up of players that have run the quest numerous time and you end up following them around as they rush to finish. I don't know what server you play on but if your ever on Khyber, I'll run a few quest with you, and try to help you with my limited knowledge.

07-09-2007, 10:52 AM
Browse the website in my signature a bit. Not everything is updated, but there is a lot of useful info.

07-09-2007, 11:50 AM
And don't forget to party with other people and ask questions! Most DDO-ers are more than happy to answer. :)

07-09-2007, 12:05 PM
do not constantly type questions about how to build your toon during the quest

yesterday, a new sor wanted a detaled critique of his spells & future feats during the quest

IMO a better forum for help/constructive criticism for your build is this forum

And don't forget to party with other people and ask questions! Most DDO-ers are more than happy to answer. :)

07-09-2007, 12:10 PM
And don't forget to party with other people and ask questions! Most DDO-ers are more than happy to answer. :)

Sometimes with more info than you ever wanted to know.

I know that when I am in a PUG with new players, I ask them directly how much aid they want me to give. I don't want them to feel like I am also playing their characters as well. Some want as much as I can offer, others do not. I find that dropping into RolePlay mindset helps. I take on the experienced guide so to speak and let people know things like, "This looks like a good place for an ambush, be alert for them tricksy kobolds!". Or "Sometimes the builders of these sewers hid switchs and valves in all kinds of wierd spots, better SEARCH for them" and I tell them that to activate SEARCH they need to hit the little magnifying glass on their hotbar. By taking an IN-GAME perspective, it allows me to get across a lot game mechanics without sounding condesending or preachy. Seems to work well.

For casters I explain the Tab button for enemies and the F1 thru F6 for party members. This often helps a lot, since the biggest frustration I often see (and had myself long ago) was aiming and targeting attacks and spells.

Besides Kobold Island, you can also go out into the Cerulean Hills for some low level battles. Experienced players can solo this pretty easy, so a group can do it without much angst I have found. It is also no penalty to recall and recharge and come back in, time and time again, AND you can earn enough experience in there to get some ranks or even a level as well. (PLUS you get to see first hand how nasty Bards can be, how hurty Ranger Arrows can be and how nasty getting tripped a lot can be...)

07-09-2007, 12:40 PM
do not constantly type questions about how to build your toon during the quest

yesterday, a new sor wanted a detaled critique of his spells & future feats during the quest

IMO a better forum for help/constructive criticism for your build is this forumAgreed. Build advice is not appropriate during quest. It can wait til after the quest. But when at the shrine, asking which spells would be useful for the next part of the quest is great and shows interest in helping the group.

07-09-2007, 04:06 PM
If there are any new players looking for help on Fernia, please send me a tell. I am always willing to help with questions, quests, loot, etc. as my availability allows.