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07-07-2007, 02:17 PM
Sorry if this is a nub question but, does anyone have a link to a page that helps you in picking a class? I came from WoW and made the mistake of not knowing the true roles of my original class when I began, and would like some more information other than what's on Wiki and in the book. I'd appreciate any help at all, thanks!

07-07-2007, 02:54 PM
A couple of thing can help. One is reading the short descriptions in the Players Handbook (PnP). Another is that you basically have 4 primary type of classes.

Tank-someone who mainly melee, wears heavier armor, has higher hit points and tries to take the initial blows/aggro. The classes that fit into this are fighters, palidins, barbarian or anyone build that is set up to do the above.

Healer-someone who primarily heals. Cleric and bard tends to fit into this.

Rogue-someone who takes care of finding the traps, disabling them, opening locks, etc. Rogue is basically the one repsonsible for this but many multi-classes take some rogue levels and seem to do just as well.

Caster-someone who casts out spells, buffs, crowd control. Wizard, Sorc, and bard fit into this.

Really there are soo many different combos of classes to choose from. If I were you go into the class forum section and find a build that you would have fun playing and go from there. Finding a good guild will also help. They can and should give advice on different directions to take your character and reasons not to take others.


07-07-2007, 10:38 PM
Safest thing for a new person IMO is fighter or paladin. It is much easier to contribute right away. I throw paladin in there because with the bonus to saves and ability to self heal, it can sometimes help make up for some "sloppy" play as you get used to the game. Ultimately, a good pally is (again IMO) one of the hardest characters to build well.

Once you've played around a bit, you'll find some things you like about the various roles and maybe see a potential fit.

07-07-2007, 11:34 PM
A new person to the game should consider a Paladin or Rogue.

Paladins can easily solo to 5th level because of their healing and fear immunity (at 3rd level). Fear is one of the toughest things the 'normal' setting kobolds spellcasters use against a fighter class. However the paladins combat ability falls behind the regular fighters, barbarians and rangers about at this point. But they gain minor cleric spell casting and undead controls.

Rogues are nice as you seem to be 'special' real early in the quests and have some decent combat ability. Soloing is tough as healing comes in the form of potions which early on are pricey. I took a level of Ranger so my Rogue can use healing wands without penalty and get the shield proficiency.

I say go with Paladin until about 4th or 5th and by then will have a real good graspe of the game and can change without investing too much into one character.

07-07-2007, 11:39 PM
A bard would be a good starter class to give you a gentle feel of all the classes. Level the bard up a few levels,then remake the class you think you would most enjoy (if that's not the bard, hehe).

Me, I started with a fighter, and it was pretty fun. Once I started getting a feel for the game mechanics and controls I made a wizard. Absolutely love playing the wiz.

07-08-2007, 09:37 AM
I would never advice a new player to start a rogue, simply because rogue are hard to control. If you're not good at controling agro... squish! Bard and sorceror might also be to avoid as you don't know the spells yet. Since both of these class ask you to pick spells at each level, it might be hard. Wizard are more "newb-friendly" as they can learn all the spells in the game by inscibing scrolls.

Since his concern are about eahc class' role:

Tank : Fighter, Paladin

DPS melee: Barbarian, Fighter, Rogue, Ranger

Healer: Cleric

Caster: Wizard, Sorcerer, Cleric

Jack of all Trades: Bard

Note that in DDO, builds allow you to take your class into a "role" that isn't his. Also, rogues have the capacity to disarm trap but are more squishy and perform a lot of damage when Two Weapon Fighting. Barbarian are more robust and are better then Two Handed figting.

07-08-2007, 09:02 PM
I highly suggest a fighter or barbarian. You don't have to worry about healing or disabling traps or spellcasting. You can get a real feel for the game and its controls before you have to do any fancy clicking.

07-09-2007, 05:13 PM
Well, to answer your question, you can see that each class does not have just one "role" that they fill. Almost every class has the potentional (sometimes through multiclasses) to do almost any "role". But, to answer your question, I'll go through each class and try to detail what they are "expected" to do in a party.

That doesn't mean they are being played well, but it should give a feel for what the class is all about, and if you do just the bare minimum, you won't get yelled at. You won't be commended for being a really good player, but at least you'll bring to the table what the group was expecting you to do, which may not be very much for a lot of these classes.

Fighter - Bare minimum - Deal damage and be able to take lots of hits. That's pretty much it. Beyond that, Intimidating, tripping, stunning blow, or other combat feats are good.

Paladin - Bare minimum - Deal damage and be the last one standing. Provide Aura bonus to party. It really never gets more complicated than that as far as expectations, but if well played, the class will do much more than that.

Barbarian - Bare minimum - Deal a lot of damage. Block fireballs with face (lots of HP). Beyond that, it starts to look much the same as a Fighter or Paladin.

Rogue - Bare minimum - Spot, Search, and Disable *all* traps without fail. Open any lock. Beyond that, a rogue *should* be a DPS machine, but for some reason, it is never expected.

Wizard - Bare minimum - Always have whatever spell is needed for the quest. Buff, debuff, crowd control, and damaging spells, a wide breath of options.

Sorceror - Bare minimum - DPS spell casting. At least that is what is expected. A good Sorc is played just like a wizard though, doing Buffs, CC, and Damage as needed, having enough versitility in spells to do whatever is needed and appropriate.

Cleric - Bare minimum - Heal. Buff. Watch health bars. But that is boring and doesn't use a clerics abilities to the fullest. Buffs, debuffs, CC, and damage spells, as well as melee combat all come into play for play a cleric well.

Bard - Bare minimum - Buff via Songs. Maybe some CC or combat. But a well played Bard is a jack of all trades and it would take too long to go over everything they can do.

Ranger - Bare minimum - Nobody really expects anything from a ranger except casting Barkskin (once you're high enough level). While it's not unsual to see one weilding a Bow, many Two-Weapon Fighter or even go Sword and Board. Personally, I expect that they can fill the same spot in a group that a Fighter, Pally, or Barb would fill, though they will ussually fill that spot in a much different way.

Now let me point out, that summary is full of stereotypes and I am almost hesitant to post it because it really does a diservice to each class. But, player expectations are what they are, and that is pretty much what the question was. "What do players expect X class to do?". Sadly the answer to the question is highly influenced by the unknowledgable, so many classes don't get to shine the way they should.

So there you have it, at least in my opinion.

07-09-2007, 07:07 PM
I like to seperate them into really two categories, primary and support.

Almost all classes can be played as primary and support roles, but for purposes of a beginner in the system, I tend to just think as purebred (no multi-class) characters.

Typical roles for Primary


I categorise them in this because they are mainly dps (damage/second) roles, smack hard, and except for the sorc, can take the hits.

For Support


Each one of these are mainly support positions. Although yes, every one of these can also be primary and do dps, a fully specc'ed Fighter/Barb/Sorc will most likely out dps them with the exception of Wizards but the Sorc will end up with more spell points. Rouge/Ranger with two weapon fighting will also do a lot when specced but probably not take so many hits.

These support classes are actually more vital than anything else, as without the healing, rogue skills and buffing, a group of fighter types could only tank so far.

For ease of playing, the Fighter/Barb is the easiest to learn, and the spellcasters are probably the most challenging in terms of screen action and quickbars, while the squishy wiz/sorc/rogue characters are the tricky ones to keep alive in full blown action......