View Full Version : an idea for ddo

07-04-2007, 05:38 AM
Was a respond to another post in another forum but i belive the top paragraph has a good idea and very good merit.....

there are many things as a programmer they can do to improve the game in general, i think the idea behind this game is solid however they should consider raising the level cap to more then 2 levels a time that hurts the game, one thing that should be considered by the dev's is simple, a random instance dungeon d and d actually had the first random instance dungeon in any game on the market from way back in the mid 90's when they developed a game called "Dungeon Hack" it was an interesting concept and still is. if anyone gets a chance check out some abandonware sites and see it for yourself, yes the graphics are antiquated but the style of play is d n d to its truest form.

But seriously this game has a lot of potential, and think about it this way from a programmer and a gamer who has played many MMORPG's first year in everquest there was skuttlebutt about that game "dying do to lack of content" or " was to pricy for what you get" however everquest is still out there still going strong to this day with well over a million players, that has also been said about vanguard" only time will tell on that one" lord of the rings online and various other games of that genre. all i am saying my friends is have a little faith take a break if it is needed but dont give up hope cause even if i have to write some programming for them and send it in this game will continue and grow!!!!!!!!