View Full Version : "Known Issues" suggestion

07-03-2007, 05:05 PM
So, it occurred to me today that it's very difficult to sync up the "Known Issues" threads with the release notes...mainly because it requires you to search through several different threads to see if a known issue has been addressed in release notes.

Then I had a thought...there are a few ways (at least 3 options that I can think of) that Samera and/or Quarion could help us out. I don't know if it would add a large amount of work for them. If it wouldn't, then maybe one of these ideas may have some merit.

1. Create a separate sub-forum area just for the CS folk to post the known issues. Once an issue is addressed by an update, either close the thread containing it or delete the thread. Deleting the thread would have the down-side that people would go looking for it and be unable to find it.

2. Have a stickied official "Known Issues" thread and update as needed to reflect only the current known issues.

3. Continue as is, but close each "Known Issues" thread in the "Release Notes" sub-forum area with a comment such as "Fixed in Release 4.2" or "Fixed in the 8/15 hotfix."

"What triggered this?" you may ask. Well, I went to the "Release Notes" area and saw that there is a thread "Known Issue: Dragonscales." In that thread, the comment is made, "Please do NOT turn-in any dragonscales until further notice." Later in the thread Samera made the comment that "We are hoping to have a fix ready for Monday."

Now, I know that several Mondays have come and gone since then, and I think that this issue has been fixed. However, it would be very nice and convenient to have the thread closed and a note that "you may now turn in Dragonscales."

Since this is the newest thread and newest post in the "Release Notes" area, though, I don't really want to chance it (not that I'm anywhere close to being ready to turn in scales, yet).

If this would not bog the CS folks down too much, could we get something along one of these lines so that there would be less confusion on the Known Issues?

Thanks. :D