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07-03-2007, 10:39 AM
We have a group of players that play regularly once a week, we were all level 9, then scrapped them and re-rolled.

We are about level 6-8. What are alternative quests with good XP to get us back to where we were.

We’ve really done the following to death, but still running them for XP. I'm sure some will agree, these have been run to death over time:

Storm Cleave
Dalers Tome (second part and nerco is great XP)
Gwaylens Stand (A bit tough on Hard and Elite), but great XP
Redwillow (Not bad XP for the duration of the quest)

The following are a bit long, with so-so XP, but decent rewards:


Any other quests that will yield min 5k for our level range?

07-03-2007, 10:55 AM
i would say clear the co6 area for the 1400 kills or whatever the # is it is 10k...then get ready and hit all the atraxia heaven area can get 12k there pretty easy once you are in the 8lvl-9lvl range...xorian cipher is good once you get to the 8-9 lvl....but from 6-8 the grind i usually do is the slayer stuff..deleras and co6 to elite...all of the mid level depths in D to elite...and the mid levels in K to elite are all pretty fast

07-03-2007, 11:55 AM
Uh, Tangleroot is "so-so" XP? I find it one of the best XP around to level up. Usually everyone knows the quest by heart, so it can be rushed quite fast. If you haven't done it on elite yet, it's time for it!

07-03-2007, 12:09 PM
You can clear close to 30K Exp by doing all the Sorrowdusk Isle Explorer, Slayer and Rare things alone. You can also sometimes pull a nice thing or two from the chests with the Rares.

Tear of Dhakaan is a good EXP quest. IF you just go the middle route and ignore all the tears, it is also not too long.

For quick turnaround, run the little quests in House K. They all go pretty fast and should pose no great problems to beat.

Caverns of Korromor takes a little while to complete, but is decent EXP.

For some really nice EXP you could always do the PIT!!!:) Time ranges from 45 minutes to infinity:D

Three Barrel Cove quests are also generally not too long and can be fun and help with House Favor as well.

Oh and I note that you consider Gwylans Stand to be a bit tough. What sort of mix of characters do you have in your group as far as classes, since many groups consider Gwylans to be not so tough with the right prep or characters of your level. I have run many PUGs through it with my Bard with great success, and my Ranger loves that one.

07-03-2007, 02:11 PM
i'd add stromvauld's mine in anvilfire in (house D) as a good quest for xp/favor/loot. just keep an eye out for bodies right from the start!

07-03-2007, 02:48 PM
Thanks for the great input guys, I think we hit sorrowdusk isle etc. I done it on some other toon, yea its easy XP too.

Our current group does pretty well its made up of: Drow Cleric, 32-point human bard/rogue 1, drow sorcerer, 1 human THF barbie, 1 human THF fighter, 1 human pallie/fighter hybrid with intimidate spec. We love the new group mix. Battles revolve around the intimidate tank normally, which you seldom see in PUGs. Gwaylans is not that bad, we did it on hard with the warriors at 4-5 and the bard, sorcie and cleric at 5-6. Pretty good I should say. Only problem with Gwaylans is those damn priests with flame strike. So hold person and fascinate works well, the only bad experience so far had been in PUGs.

You guys gave me some nice ideas at least to break the rut.

07-03-2007, 03:18 PM
Threnel east part 2. I gives somewhere around 8k xp and with a strong party you can finsih in 20 min. Also if you are going for pure xp you can also do Von 3 with 8-10's as well as von 5 for redicoulous xp.

07-03-2007, 06:07 PM
Lvl 8-10 you can do von 5 finish it in 40 min quickly and then recall out without doing the dragon to run it on hard and then elite! It's like 60k xp in three runs if you have a good group and you can do it with 12 people!!

07-09-2007, 09:59 AM
And as much as I despise the quest, try The Pit. It's great xp, but you will need a guide the first time or 2. Or jsut try some of the other quests out there if you're tired of those. Some are really quite good, some not so good, but there are a good amount.

07-09-2007, 01:55 PM
Any other quests that will yield min 5k for our level range?
Well, if you really want to get XP fast, there are two sections of Tangleroot you can run over and over. Each run is about 60 seconds and gives 2,000+ XP to start with (although you are higher level, and will take a -20% penalty or so)

07-13-2007, 02:05 AM
Threnel east part 2. I gives somewhere around 8k xp and with a strong party you can finsih in 20 min.
Have to second that. Excellent xp and you can even run it with level 4-6 if you are a strong group and dont rush it.


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07-13-2007, 10:09 AM
This may sound inane and against the general grind theory of do over and over again.....but....

If you look at time to complete, in the eyes of xp per minute kind of thing, you can level very fast doing the other quests on elite just one time...not norm, hard, etc, and definitely forget the conquest/ransack and the optionals.

You will be level 4 before you leave the harbor, in just a few hours, by simply doing the solo quests, then slamming out the other quests on elite...if you have no opener, then run them really fast on norm/hard/then elite.

Osgoods basement takes a few minutes, 3 or 4...on elite, level appropriate, you get over 2k.... Where as you can spend 30 minutes getting conquest in stormcleave for about 800k.....

Most of those quests you pass as you level are worth so much xp/minute that they are better than the grinder quests. AND>....you will get your favor...you will be 4th or 5th level and jump in market place, run catacombs for cheap healings from silver flame favor, then jump to a tangleroot run and get your house P buff.. by then you should be 5th or 6th....

A great way to accomplish this is to take your compendium and sort it by level...just do all the level 1s to elite, then start 2s....

When you are level 8....you will probably be doing level 6 quests..which are fast and easy...Have not even got to stromcleave yet..

We tried this out and my fighter was 10th level without doing any 10-12th level quests at all...and still had a ton of 8th and 9th level quests. Then he skipped them all and went to gianthold and did the side quests on norm till 11th level (coupled with a clearing of the hold)...then you do the side quests on hard and the main quests on normal.

The reason for the norm/hard thing is the diffence of you level versus the quest level, your loot is nerfed if you are more than 3 levels different.

You will hit 12 13 and 14 by simply doing each quest in gianthold on norm/hard/elite...the only quests in this method you should do this way. My fighter pulled a vorpal greataxe out of maze of madness on norm when he was 10th level...just could not use it though....12 minnimum..lol

Also...if you do level by level (except for arc quests) you will quickly gain your favor....by the time you readch gianthold and do them, you should have 1750....or very close to it.

This is without repeating quests over and over....this is quite fun, a good test of your character as you do other quests, and quite easy and fast since you will be the right level for the quest or better, every quest you do til 10th level.

You will find many quests....like recovering lost tome, that take only a minute or two to make 1,000xp.......

2 minutes and 1,000xp.....1 quest...10 quests like that, 20 minutes, 10k xp.....but you will run stormcleave for 30minutes to an hour for 6-10k?

xp/minute was shown to me and it is awesome. I learned conquest/ransack, although absolutely essential when you first start playing is neither fun nor challenging and severely limits your xp/minute of play time to level your toon.

Red willow does not take long, very short if you just grab the stuff and get back to the guy..then kill the giant...thousands of xp...thousands...for about 8 minutes work depending on the party....I believe almost 5k first time on elite... that is about close to the 2 minutes/1k xp as above.

If you run things in order of level you will soon be running those elite quests, for the first time, at the level of the quest....so a 4th level on elite is 7th level....guess what? You will be 7th or close as you are doing those quests...which means you run them FASTER then if you tried doing the elite as a group of 4th levels...

This is not for new people who want to enjoy..this is for seasoned gamers that want to level quick, not go back later and do favor runs, not get nerfed loot by running POP when you are 9th and 10th level and the like.....

So, against the grain thinking...and you should try it with one toon.....go level by level, try to do elite or if you have to work up to it, do not ransack/optional/conquest any dungeon.....

You will level fast, get a ton of favor, and while your friends crash on the 7-10th level cause they did all the good quests for xp already when they were lower (and they get nothing from the lower quests they missed), you can go do threnal on elite and just breeze right by them...or stormcleave, just once...

the important thing is to remember the mid levels are tough.

Your level by level method will give you house P buffs while you buddies are getting wasted by scorching rays trying to milk tangleroot. Early arcanes you will laugh at as your acid and elec buffs will rock for you level..

You will have all backpack slots before 5th level, by 7th you will have most 75 favor and many 150s....including house J for more buffs, and house K for your bank slots. Simply having a 30 minute stat buff for your toon at 4th level makes you tweaked compared to your buds...+4 str, +4 wis, +4 cha....all yours...

Buffs like that get you to go through dungeons even faster.

Try it...it is fun and a good challenge as you learn to bring your toon up by fighting in different settings....the funny thing is when you are 14, long before your friends and getting your +2 tome of 1750 favor, your buddies will be asking you if you can open anything on elite so they can do favor runs....

You'll be..."I did that at 2nd level on elite.....yea, I''ll open it...what a waste of time to do now at 14 though"....you'll yawn and hit POP while they take their 14s and attack garrisons missing pack...

You can also pass all teh necro stuff, do not have to do any of it...for any reason.....which is fine by me.

When you do grey moon co6..when you finally get to that via the 'level by level' method you will be high enough level and have good enough buffs to do it elite the first time (if you can find an opener) very quickly, and then move on.

Try it out with a toon....great fun with a group doing it together....and best yet, no boring repititions to milk, no lame time conquesting or breaking boxes, and you can ease your way to level without banging your head against the wall.

If you need to try a challenge, and want to take a break from leveling very fast, pick a dungeon way higher than you and attack it....but if you want to level fast and not have to do those lame favor runs at 14th level, try this way out....

07-13-2007, 10:42 AM
I was pleasantly surprised with Haunted Library on elite recently. Something like 6K. Pretty fun one too with the right group.

07-13-2007, 05:52 PM
Its not all about getting lots of exp, threnal east 1 gets you 1k exp first time and it takes 2 min to run and can be soloed with a haste pot.

07-13-2007, 06:51 PM
This may sound inane and against the general grind theory of do over and over again.....but....

This is pretty much what I try to do with my new alts.

I realize the reason why I have characters stuck at lvls 10, 9, and 8 is because I pretty much skipped a bunch of quests until I was too high level to get XP for them while doing other quests (like Stormcleave, of course) that were above my level.

One other thing is I usually hold off on leveling as long as I can stand it. If you have enough XP for lvl 5 but you haven't done all the lvl 2 quests on elite (i.e., lvl 4 quests), then stay at level 4 until they are done to avoid the XP penalty for being too high level. You'll still acquire XP until you get enough for the next level.

I don't really like playing this way (it's esp. hard with spell casters to postpone leveling), but it does seem to be the best way to make sure you still have good XP quests left to do when you get to the mid levels.

07-13-2007, 08:28 PM
Xorian cypher has some great exp for that level its a little tough but doable, not to mention great named items, so long as your party knows what its doing and has a decent makeup xorian can be great place to grind exp

07-14-2007, 05:48 PM
MrWizard... that is a brilliant stratagy

07-14-2007, 06:49 PM
This may sound inane and against the general grind theory of do over and over again.....but....

Amen brother, just started on a new server and I am taking this route. It's fantastic. Currently at level 4 about 20k away from being capped for 6th level and still working on all the level 2 and 3 elite stuff.