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07-02-2007, 08:33 PM
Alright everyone here is the deal. We have yet another loot and xp weekend ahead of us, but last time I had some lower level characters that just got left out of everything. What should have been a great oportunity to power level my lower characters, but instead I had a hard time finding a party.

Here is my proposal. On Friday sometime after 5:00PM central time I am going to log in either my lvl 8 sorc or my lvl 6 paladin depending on who is online (more than likely my 8 sorc). With my lvl 8 sorc I will recruit a party of level 5-8 (mostly 5-6), characters for a Stormcleave or Deleras tomb run on normal (more than likely several runs). This will help a bunch of lower level toons get up in ranks fast. If it works out good I will do the same thing on Saturday and Sunday. If I gain enough xp to level then I will wait until Monday when the xp bonuses are over so I can keep doing this all weekend.

It would be cool if players just helped other player. I am on Adar so if you need a party post here or PM me. If we can get a bunch of people in on this lets set up a meeting place. Higher level caster escorts would probably be best because of the crowd control (lets face it, what is better in deleras tomb than halt undead).

Otherwise see yall online over the weekend.

07-02-2007, 08:37 PM
Black Lotus Mercs has a few people in you predicament. I wanna level Debt (5clr) and Banzai (8pal). Just send me a tell in-game if you see any of my alts (see sig) online.

Please go for XP this weekend Adarians - at least you are SURE to get +50%xp :)

07-03-2007, 09:17 AM
Sweet, hopefully we can get a couple other volunteers in. I believe that a few members in my guild will be in too.