View Full Version : Moving an Enhance Idea Here

06-28-2007, 10:49 AM
I posted in an earlier forum post with an idea, and without hijacking his post, i thought i would bring the discussion here. I like this idea and i think it has merit. So lets do this "Official Like".

New Ranger and Druid Enhancement:
Nature's Fluidity:
Similar to the Fighter's Armor Mastery (which, iirc, grants a +1 to an Armor's Dex bonus per enhancement level)

Nature's Fluidity:
Grants +1 Max Armor Dex Bounus per level
Only Available to "Natural" armors: Leather family (to include padded), Darkleaf, Leafweave (props to Aesop's post) etc. Pretty much all non-metal/alloy
Only Available to Rangers and Druids