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06-27-2007, 11:21 AM
Initial Needs of a LTT tab:
1. Display the item for trade. I.e. you drag the item so that BUYERS can SEE the item the TRADER is offering.
2. TRADER’s item is held in escrow to prevent double posting.
3. Able to trade item(s) for item(s).
4. Anonymous posting/bidding. This is to prevent begging/whining.
5. BUYERS are able to attach items (and/or coin) to offer a trade back.
6. TRADER is able to approve/reject/comment on bids remotely (they can see a tab of their trades).
7. BUYER’s item(s) bid is held in escrow but a bid is cancelable. On canceling, the items are mailed to the BUYER. This is to prevent double bidding with the same item.
8. There needs to be a way to prevent players from using Trade-Escrow as extra “bank” slots.
8a. Using the Trade-Escrow service has an in-game fee that is based on the TRADER’s item. Bidding likewise incurs a few from the BUYER (to detour bid spamming).
8b. Limited duration. I think the AH time options are fine.
9. TRADERs should be able to cap how many items can be offered and what minimum value items can be offered in a trade. For example, four +1 items might have the value of a +2, but four +1 items aren’t necessarily as good as one +2.
10. TRADERs are able to put a note to describe what they want in exchange.
11. BUYERs can only have one open bid on a particular post at a time.
12. Ability for BUYERs to increase a bid without canceling. BUYERs can not remove items from a bid, but they can add more items and/or increase the coin offer.

I think the best way to do it is to have the item being put up by the TRADER be kept in an escrow like state (similar to how the AH takes the item) in town somewhere. To view the LTT you must talk to an NPC.

A TRADER should then be able to open a tab and see a list of items he/she posted. Then by selecting one of the posted items be able to open another panel to view the bids on the item; including being able to reject a bid. Since it is anonymous, I think the option to anonymously automatically reject future bids by the same user (on that post) should be included. For instance, someone offers a really bad bid repeatedly.

Another nice addition would be the ability for a TRADER to attach a message to a bid suggesting a change. So that instead of having to reject a bid, perhaps request something extra.


06-27-2007, 12:00 PM
Or reduce it all to one step:

1) Visit your server's Marketplace Forum.

06-27-2007, 12:01 PM
Or reduce it all to one step:

1) Visit your server's Marketplace Forum.

Ha! Brilliant!

06-27-2007, 01:08 PM
That satisfies everything except: (1) anonymity, (2) speed, (3) griefing.

Griefing can happen because anonymity isn't protected. For example, when a person says they have an item to trade but don't. For instance, say A is offering Awesome Sword and B says they will trade Awesome Longbow for it, but B doesn't really have the Awesome Longbow, they have a less awesome Longbow instead and are claiming to have the Awesome Longbow to get A's character name to start relentlessly begging for the trade to still happen.

But yeah, you're right.

However, to the above, I would probably modify it so that Buyer's don't have to front any charge unless their bid is accepted (provided there is a limit of one bid per post and those bids can only be increased or cancelled).


06-27-2007, 02:09 PM
I like this idea, but it SHOULD be limited to 1 item at a time per online player.