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06-26-2007, 04:59 PM
Good Day Newcomers,

I am a stormreach mentor and I want you to know I am available for questions or training.

I do play on Aundair, if you play on another server I can answer questions about them. I may be coxed to log on your server if it is not Aundair but in rare occassions.

Be sure to PM me with questions that you have if you need to.

If you are on my server, note my character names. My play times are on tuesday and thursday evenings in the eastern time zone.
If I see you in game and give you advice I will prolly have some starter items plus a good level 10 item, give you something to aspire to.

Some things to note. These are not set in stone, so play as you will these are suggestions only.

- Dont worry about loot, the good stuff will come but normally not until upper levels.
- To get into the marketplace you need to complete Waterworks or pay the man at the gate 20 gold.
- Complete all harbor quests. try them solo first if nervous about ability.
- If you do not do well in the goodblade quests, the 3 beggining quests, chances are your build may need some tweeking. Feel free to roll-reroll as necessary till you get it the way you like it. leveling from 1 - 3 takes very little time.
- Use http://www.rjcyberware.com/DDO/ to help plan your builds.
- I dont like to list the best newbie classes, so pick what you will. I prefer fighter but that is up to your tastes.
- The best xp giving quests from 1 - 5 is the Wayward lobster inn, Butchers path, Waterworks, the lighthouse.
- If you have never done a quest before. Dont get talked into doing a quest on elite your first time. I dont care who you quest with.
- Yu dont need to PUG ( pick up group ) if you dont want to. Yu can solo all the way to level 6 now. So solo away.
- No you cannot play a drow right away, you need to get 400 favor. Dont worry about that until MUCH later. Trust me.

Above all HAVE FUN!!!
Anyone is free to add to this.

06-27-2007, 09:20 AM
If you do not do well in the goodblade quests, the 3 beggining quests, chances are your build may need some tweeking.
Just a remark: don't worry too much about it either. There are some squishy builds that can easily get into trouble in these quests for people new to the game, it does not necessarily mean the build is wrong.

06-27-2007, 02:40 PM
If you are on Fernia and need help, feel free to drop any of my alts a line. I am definitely not an elite gamer. I am a VERY casual gamer but know my way around the harbor very well :)