View Full Version : Resistance Cloaks?

06-25-2007, 08:02 AM
Resistance +3 = ML 9
Resistance +4 = ML 11 (old ones)
Resistance +4 = ML 13 (new ones)

Why are new +4 resistance cloaks minimum level 13? Are you trying to pull resistance +5 items out of the game? I don't really understand this change. Is it a bug?

I know its fairly minor but I have to wonder when I start seeing a bunch of different items dropping at higher level. Its like theres nothing to add to the higher level loot tables so they take lower level items and increase the minimum level :D

And, before someone mentions it, I'm not talking about the old butg where some effect was missing from the item yet the ML is generated as if that effect is present. This is different. All +4 resistance cloaks that I've seen over the last month or two have been ML 13. Infact, I have a few in the bank.