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06-24-2007, 09:06 AM
After over and over again buying 2 or 3 Rapid Healing Balms to fill myself up(160 a pop) and watching Fleshies buy Roast Boar Shank for 300 a pop. I ask myself WF have a higher starting CON and lend themselves better to Tank/Barb High HP classes, why they getting the shaft on bar food?

So come on now, I know people with 400, 500, even a guy with 600 HP and you give us this tiny food!

Please sir, may I have some more.

06-24-2007, 09:12 AM

The House Jorasco Divine Reagent Vendor now carries Blessed Cold Iron Greatswords, Bastard Swords, Longswords, Shortswords, Scimitars, Warhammers, Rapiers, Dwarven Waraxes, Khopeshes, Mauls, and Heavy Picks.
NEW – New enchanted food and drinks are available in all taverns. Warforged also have new enchanted balms and tonics. The new drink and tonic restores 2500sp over 1 minute. The new food heals 500hp over 1 minute.The new balm heals 450hp over 1 minute.
Corrected the caster levels for Wands of Flame Arrow and Wands of Holy Smite to appropriate values for their spell level. Wand of Flame Arrow was reduced to Caster Level 5. Wand of Holy Smite was increased to Caster Level 7. Wands of Resist Energy was changed from Caster Level 1 to 3. These changes will affect the UMD difficulty of activating the wands as well as the wands gold value.
The Helm of the Black Dragon and the Helm of the Blue Dragon will now appear in the correct Clothing section of the Auction House. They were so pretty they were mistakenly put in the Jewelry category.
NEW – Randomly generated thrown Returning weapons will now correctly bypass their targets Damage Reduction.
NEW – Clarified the description of the Nullcloth Gown to make it obvious that the 15% Spell Failure applies to all spell casters, even Divine casters.
NEW – Corrected the naming for stacks of higher level Barkskin and Shield of Faith potions. They will now indicate their additional bonus eg Potions of Shield of Faith (+5).
NEW – You will no longer be able to attach items to mail messages that are not currently in your inventory (i.e., an item that is in your bank).

06-24-2007, 11:09 AM
Ask and I did recieve... good work, man!