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06-21-2007, 06:20 PM
...but I would love to see the Reserve Feats added to DDO. Talk about saving the caster some SP and increasing the longevity or damage... yeah ... hang on a sec I'll go grab the books with the in it...

2 min later

sorry they were in the car

Acidic Splatter 1d6 Acid damage per level of the Highest Acid Spell available for casting. So if you have Acid Arrow Memed it would be a 2d6 damage splatter. the great part is it doesn't cost mana. a 6th level Acid spell would to 6d6 damage per splatter. These don't scale by caster level only by highest spell level. Also each grants a +1 Caster Level to the appropriate spell type (this one would be Acid)

Aquatic Breathe grant water breathing for a duration based on highest water spell memed +1 CL to water spells

Blade of Force +spell level to weapon damage and Ghost touch as well as +1 CL to Force spells

Borne Aloft um... not likely as this one lets ya fly... though maybe it could grant a bonus to jump andthe +1 CL to air spells

Clap of Thunder d6 per Spell Level touch attack + Deafen +1 Cl on Sonic Spells

CLutch of Earth Impede Target Movement +1 CL on Earth Spells

Dimensional Jaunt Teleport 5ft per spell level +1 CL on Teleportation Spells

Dimensional Reach Summon small objects +1 CL onm Summoning Spells

Drowning Glance Exhaust and Air breating foe +1 Cl on Water spells

Face Changer hmm not likely as it lets you change appearance... +1 CL on Glamer Spells

Fiery Burst d6 per spell level Burst (small AoE) +1 Fire Spells

Hurricane Breathe Bull Rush opponents with air +1 CL on Air Spells

I'll just list the rest quickly

Invisible Needle force dart d4/spell level
Magic Disruption force concentration check (wish they would have checks)
Magic Sensitive detect magic
Minor Shape Shift grant a minor physical bonus(+2 damage + HP +speed etc)
Mystic Backlash damage spell caster when they cast a spell
Shadow Veil reduce target's sight (should probably make it miss 5%/lvl)
Sickening Grasp Sicken Target (like those Trogs can do maybe)
Storm Bolt mini lightning bolt d6/spell level
Summon Elemental as it says duration and size based on spell level
Sunlight Eyes see in darkness ... dunno
Touch of Distraction -2 penalty on Attack/reflex saves... just 1 apparently
Wind Guided Arrows +/-2 to rangfed attack rolls for target
Winter's Blast mini Cone of Cold d4/spell level

Some of these require Domain access but that can be waived I think
Charnel Miasma target will save or Shaken if shaken then Panicked
Fragile Construct Reduce Construct's DR by highest Destruction spell
Holy Warrior +highest War spell to damage rolls
Mitigate Suffering temporary restore Ability Damage (10 min) hmmm... bah
Protective Ward short duration +spell level to target AC (sacred bonus)
Touch of Healing heal target HP by 3/spell level ... up to half target's HP
Umbral Shroud apply miss chance to target 5%/spell lvl (will save)

but yeah I think that would make casters sorta happy :) hell I'd take a couple of those depending on which Character I was playing. my Bard or Clerics would so take the Touch of Healing and my Wizard would have one or 2 of the others. Even if the enhancments don't apply (though I think they would... Metamagic would not however as there is no cost) it would still be worth it to actually have a little something extra to put towards the group... without bankrupting ones self with Wands and Scrolls


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Thank you for taking the time to write this !

11 year necro...impressive!