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06-20-2007, 03:58 PM
I posted this in the Khyber forums as well, but thought it might be appropriate here as well. Enjoy!

Ok everyone, I think after the unfortunate events of the Lootapolooza weekend I wanted to see what sort of things the people of "Lag City" (aka Khyber) might have for a "wish list". By that I mean, what sort of changes, additions, improvements, or even retractions would you like to see? I mean loot, classes, races, quests, content, anything that might make the sting of the this past weekend abate some, and give some hope to the future. What would give you some light at the end of the tunnel? I've been reading some of the posts out there, and think I've found a few things that would make me real exited in game, and a few that would help out the game here as a whole as well. These are not all my original ideas, and I cannot remember who/where I read/heard them first mentioned (so please understand I'm not trying to steal any thunder here), but some of these are mine as well. Here goes...

1) Instead of having another Lootapolooza disaster, give new and old subscribers a chance to re-up their subscriptions cheap (like $5) for a single month, or a 2 months for the price of 1 offer. This might lure some of the cancelled players back to the game for the summer to see some of the good changes that have been put into the game since the big stall at level 10 last summer.

2) Post an actual soft timeline for the upcoming monk, half elf/orc, crafting, guild housing, epic classes, and level increases. Basically show us your long term veiw for the game please Turbine & co. Let us know that we aren't on a sinking ship. This doesn't have to be something set on stone, but just a plan to give us some hope for the future.

3) Content additions to the point we no longer have to run quests over to gain levels. I don't mean enough to JUST run each quest on Norm, Hard, Elite either. I mean enough to reach capped status on NORMAL. This could be in the form of a paid update or as freebies like they have been, but it should be OUR option to repeat quests, NOT just the path we must take. The reason I'd be in favor of a paid update is that it would force Turbine to advertise it and hopefully bring in some much needed new blood to our fair city of Stormreach. I like getting new content for free, but wouldn't it be great to have enough new stuff to do that would last for more than a week to get through? A paid expansion is the way that this is most likely. That's just my 2cp on the subject.

4) A favor reward to grant your account a speacial +25-50% in addition to the normal amounts awarded on quest completion for levels 1-10. This would help allvieviate some of the grind out of a re-roll. It would also give the player base something else to do while sitting around waiting for the next update. Capping this at level 10 would also allow the player to learn how to play a new class, while still leveling up at a faster pace. It also doen't make the current end content, OR future content, any less relavant because MOST of the future content to be added will be in the 13+ range.

5) Make Gems worth someting. Incorporate them into the future crafting system, put in a Gem Broker, incerease the value you get for selling them, or give us a "sack slot" in our inventory for them. I hate that they are not worth very much in resale, that they take up a pack slot for each type, and that they are essentially worthless in the current game environment. Right now the only fun thing to do with them is to pass them "hot potato" like while looting chests to another member of your party as a gag.

6) This is a 4 part thought.
a) Tweak the loot system so that there is WAAAAAY less Sacred, of ___ fortification, and Guard of Resist armor/shields that are created. Thses items ought to be SPEACIAL, not imiediate vendor fodder due to their abundance. Add some more trinkets to the game. Lowwer some of the useable level to clothing and jewlery. A +2 Int/+3DD goggles ought to be a level 5-6 item. A +1 Dex/+3 Hide ring ought to be level 3 not level 5.
b) Make RAID LOOT account bound, not character bound (I know there are lots of arguements for AND against this), OR atleast give that player the chance to move 1 special raid item to another character for an extremely high price.
c) Add spears (we need some 2 handed peirce weapons in game) and some other new weapons to the game. Right now, this is a very loot driven game, so adding new weapons is like adding new content to an extent.
d) Allow level 14 loot to drop VERY RARELY on level 16 quests. I understand about the whole +3 loot table stuff, but I find it wrong and just a bit silly. If I am a level 14 PC, why can I not find level 14 equipment unless we are having a +1 loot weekend? This just makes no sense to me. This last loot weekend, I came away with 1 item level 14 required that I kept. I bought it out of the AH to boot. I did gain some great level 12 stuff (and that is not what i am speaking about, good to great level 12 stuff OUGHT to be dropping on +1 loot weekends from level 16 quests), but I couldn't help but feel a bit jipped. There ought to be an IMPROVED chance to pull level 14 gear on a +1 weekend. I like some of the changes that have been made to the loot system, and don't want it trashed, but I feel that there is still room for improvement.

7) Add a speacial "Buyer" type vendor in some areas that ONLY buys loots from players, but lists everything sold to him/her at their respective brokers. I have no idea how hard this would be, but I really like the idea of this. It would make the shops around town a bit more happenning and would help the player base by not having to run all over town to sell stuff and keep the brokers with a steady supply of goods.

8) Our shops need some work. Add another level of Broker or atleast redistribute the allotments listed at each. The first tier should list all level 2-4 stuff, 2nd should list all level 6-8, the 3rd should hold all 10-12, and the highest tier should have all the high end gear. +3 weapons/armors should be alooted to a shop in town. These items already have a price and level attached, so abuse would be rather impossible. It just makes sense that a store in town would sell something better than just +1 equipnent.

9) Keep the UI improvements coming. The friends list is a much welcome change, now add some tabs in the jewlery and clothing sections of the AH. There are more, but really everyone has mentioned them already I think.

10) Last BUT NOT least, PLEASE FIX OUR LAG AND DB ISSUES!!!! Khyber still seems to be the red-headed step kid of all the servers. I know that other servers have their issues as well, but there is a reason I'm posting this in the Khyber forums after all. I want my home to be fixed!!! And no offense to the people involved, but last weekend was an utter joke. I'm not trying to form a lynching party, I know that these things do happen, but they always seem to happen here on Khyber.

So there are a few of my hopes for the game. How about you? Have any you want to share?

06-20-2007, 04:44 PM
3) Content additions to the point we no longer have to run quests over to gain levels. I don't mean enough to JUST run each quest on Norm, Hard, Elite either. I mean enough to reach capped status on NORMAL.

This is getting pretty close to possible when you include the fact that wilderness areas are all "normal" difficulty encounters.

06-20-2007, 04:50 PM
Agreed, but I was meaning actual QUESTS. I like the wilderness areas because hey are something to do when hanging around w/o a group. They are also a nice way to clear some debt quick. Your point is noted, but those areas are more free xp than actual content added xp. I feel pretty certain you understand my meaning MT. Good to hear from you as well. :)

06-20-2007, 05:50 PM
If I could only have one thing fixed, it would be the lag. Unfortunately for me, I am pretty sure the lag I experience isn't Turbine's doing but one of my neighbors (when I played from another location on a WIRELESS connection it ran great, but from my apartment it is horrible).

I have a few "It would be cool if" things, but nothing that would make the game "better" (just more diverse*). While diversity would be nice, the problem when too much new content is added is that some inevitably is better than others. Then the diversity disappears because everyone goes to that new measuring stick.

Somethings I think would be cool are:
- Monsters take damage for falling and can drown (but work on the AI to keep them from running into the water).
- Additional Races: Gnomes, Half-Elves (announced), Half-Orcs (anounced), Shifters, Kalashtar (if psionics were added), Changlings (if the change self ability were made some how useful), Orc, and a few more LA races if they were maybe adapted from Savage Species like Ogres, Minotaurs, Hobgoblins
- Additional Spells: Enlarge Person is one of the best first level spells in PnP D&D.
- Additional Feats: Battlecaster (CA), Extra Rage (CW), Extra Smite (CW), Improved Bull Rush (put Bull Rushing in the game!).
- Additional Classes: Artificer (ECS), Dragon Shaman (PHBII), Druid (PHB, already announced), Duskblade (PHBII), Favored Soul (CD), Hexblade (CW), Marshal (MHB), Monk (PHB, already announced), Scout (CV), and Warmage* (CA, if they tooled it with enhancements so that direct damage were effective and not just a "Come kill me" signal flare)
- Prestige Classes (Arcane Trickster, Eldritch Knight, and Mystic Theurge at a minimum since those three aren't very abusable as Prestige Classes go).
- Additional Weapons: Scythe (I want to grim reaper stunned things! Gimme my x4 critical!), Spears (Short, Regular, and Long), Javelins, Trident.
- Option to Two-Hand Bastard Swords and Dwarven Waraxes.

Those base classes and three Prestige Classes could add a lot of diversity to the game without causing much in the way of power creep.

As much as I would like additional Prestige Classes, I know all too well how much they can power creep a game. A few like Dragonmarked Heir and Heir of Siberys. Actually, Warforged Juggernaut would be a lot of fun if they got Bull Rushing to work (Bull Rush and do 1d8+2d6+Str damage from the adamantine spikes).

Prestige Classes that I hope are never added to the game are: Dragon Disciple (way too good for tanks), Exorcist of the Silver Flame (way too good for tanks), and things like them. It isn't that I don't like tanks (I do!), it is just that every new tank rolled will head to one of those classes. Dragon Disciple gives the Half Dragon template (+8 Str, +2 Con, +2 Int, +2 Cha, immunity to sleep and paralysis, breath weapon, immunity to an energy, +4 Natural Armor) and some bonus spell points (Barbarian 4/Sorcerer 1/Dragon Disciple X is just that good, give up 4 BAB and take one level of 1d4 HD).

06-21-2007, 08:44 AM
Here is my list...

A) Content specific containers. (Gembags, collectable boxes, quivers, etc) I would gladly give up a backpack to allow for these. My thought is either to be able to hold these items in your inventory, and make them containers inside containers, or have them replace a backpack but hold a great deal more of a specific type of item. Maybe Rangers would welcome losing 25 general slots for 50 arrow specific slots…. Same with Wizzies and wands.
B) Elite: I hate elite. I think “Elite” is what is screwing up the game right now. You have to run elite due to favor, if nothing else, but the power increase from normal -> Elite is very melee-centric. It sucks to cleric an elite run. It sucks to Wizzy and elite run. Sooooo… I would love to see the power increase of elite match that of hard, but have the environment rules change. Something I’ve thought of…
a. Wipe = failure.
b. No re-enter
c. No resurrection
d. Traps are not more difficult but do more damage.
e. Debuffs not dispel-able.
f. Rolls become more traditional (my impression is that when the game says I will do 1-4+1 I actually do 1-2+3. on elite maybe 1-4+1 means 1-4+1)
g. Item damage increases
h. Death creates random item loss. (That would slow down the zergers)
C) Equipment updates for non-melees. There are a lot of complaints about the rewards clerics and wizzies get. And there has been *some* move to improve that (sacred items, school focus items, etc) The problem is the “loot” targeted at melees has a much greater impact on their effectiveness. I posted this thought a while ago, and it meshes up with B. Wizard staves that are “configurable.” Staves may have an innate ability, but also have enhancements slots for gems/runes/sigils/ whatever you want to call them. Better staves have more slots and/or amplify the power of your plug in. So maybe you have a Superior Staff with 3 slots, and a Potency plugin, a Necromancy plugin, and an Ice Lore plugin.
D) Love for clerics. It is HARD to get people to play clerics. The reasons are fairly obvious, so I won’t get into those. So how about this… loot bonus for clerics. Call it the favor of their deity. Clerics have permanent +1 loot. I don’t know how implement-able that is, so maybe just on end rewards, but still… that would help the server cleric population.

06-21-2007, 11:03 AM
I'd have to agree with the lag. For me, I've done all things possible on my end to reduce it and still start seeing bad chop any time there is an upswing in the people (which is more and more frequent of late, and I'm NOT talking about +1 weekend)

I have a cable internet connection
I've upgraded my machine on at least two occassions including more memory in particular and with 3 different graphics cards, each more powerful than the last (don't know the stats on the present one, but it runs Doom 3 and Quake 4 at max graphical settings with the smoothness of my own memories)
I run the game at THE lowest possible settings available, short of seeing stick-men running around

all of that... and I'm still seeing about the same amount of studdering, chop, and 'floating' as usual any time traffic increases. Something about that seems off to me. I've run MMO games that were far more graphically/resource intensive, and with not near the trouble. The only time I had trouble out of those game was running them at high-end graphics with 75+ people swarming around flinging spell effects at max graphical settings. Here, with settings turned all the way down/off, I'm getting it just walking around in an empty tavern. I can't imagine Cog and I cause that much trouble :confused:

06-21-2007, 12:22 PM
Wish list.... hmm...

QUIVERS!! I need some place to keep my arrows/bolts. It takes forever to dig around in a backpack and get them out.

*announced* selectable purchase quantities, vice click-fest

Much more wilderness type areas, I love them and would REALLY like to see alot more, even with actual quest entries as other people have mentioned (aka- black anvil forest)

*announced* better filter capability in the AH

SMALL pop-up accept/deny button when people try to join a party while the window is closed. (personally, i get focused and most of the time dont notice the little text splash that comes up)

more favor options, I like the way the first level of Agent favor (giant hold) works. How about more like that? Choose between two or three items you can only get once. Minor things that would be more for flavor than a truely significant and possibly imbalancing bonus. The +10 hp one is nice too, but i'd rather be able to choose between hp and sp, maybe even a permanent +1 to ac (we all know that +1 isnt all that strong, GH proves that daily).

Use healing pots, resist pots, etc on party members. My HP/intim tank cant heal you if you're incap.... sorry... i built to take agro from you, you got it back too soon :D

06-21-2007, 01:19 PM
i would like a "check here" box if i would like to load directly into my server.
i would like to be able to sort the servers by population.
i would like to be able to go from the character select screen back to the server select screen w/o having to quit the game. (if this is in there, i am blind).
i would like the option to disable the opening movie...i've watched it plenty.

06-21-2007, 01:31 PM

Please give us normal outfits to wear, just one pieces like robes but in shirt/vest/pants graphic format.

Also, some high end Bows for ranged types.

06-21-2007, 02:04 PM
Hey, some great ideas!! I especially like environment changes on elite as opposed to scaling up mobs more.

Since this is a wishlist, I cast 'Wish' and wish for evil alignments be implemented. I'd even pay for that expansion!!

06-21-2007, 02:07 PM
i would like the option to disable the opening movie...i've watched it plenty.

i just bang the mouse and hit esc a few times to make it stop

06-21-2007, 02:46 PM
I don't dislike the movie (it is actually quite good) but it would be REALLY nice if the game was actually loading in the background while this was going.

Along that line... one of the issues with this game, as much as I love it, is the cramped feeling. When you go from House D to Sorrowdusk... you don't feel like you are travelling. If some of those loading screens had animations or short lower res films depicting travel of some sort, I really think that would help a great deal.

06-21-2007, 02:56 PM
I don't dislike the movie (it is actually quite good) but it would be REALLY nice if the game was actually loading in the background while this was going.

Thought I've had some decent ideas, this one is great, usually I do just walk away, or just ESC through the intro movie, but, for the idea of it beginning to load after starting the AVI, is a lightbulb moment. If it even went further, with some sort of transition, say a particle one, going to the character selection screen would be a new feature, that I've not seen anywhere before.

06-21-2007, 03:01 PM
i would like the option to disable the opening movie...i've watched it plenty.

Check out this post by Negative, it explains how to disable the Turbine logo and intro movie on startup.

Since I'm feeling nice (how I can feel that way in one of Lerincho threads I don't know;) ) I have confirmed how to remove both the turbine logo movie and the intro movie, without causing any errors.

Please note, improperly following these directions could require you to reinstall your client, use at your own risk!

1.) Navigate to your DDO folder, most likely C:\Program Files\Turbine\Dungeons & Dragons Online - Stormreach\

2.) Navigate to the C:\Program Files\Turbine\Dungeons & Dragons Online - Stormreach\raw folder

3.) Rename the turbine_logo.bik file to any name, something like turbine_logo1.bik is easy

4.) Navigate to the C:\Program Files\Turbine\Dungeons & Dragons Online - Stormreach\raw\en folder

5.) Rename the ddo_intro_cinematic.bik to any name, something ddo_intro_cinematic1.bik is easy

6.) Voila! Your done and your game will load directly to the big scary dragon screen


06-21-2007, 03:59 PM
My list, not necessarily in order of preference, posted from another thread and revised somewhat:

(1) A paid expansion. Something new on the shelves, new internet press. Make it worth the money.
(2) Please advertise. I never saw a single DDO advertisement; just saw it in the store. I just went to WalMart, didn't even see it.
(3) Give the guilds some love. Need new features, guild bank, exclusive guild taverns (guild house?). Never played another MMORPG, I assume there are other great guild features?
(4) New races, new classes.
(5) More variety for customizing character appearance, particularly size of character. Why can’t we make our toons just a little thinner, fatter, taller, and shorter with more variety in the facial additions? Three scars on the face, a little lame!
(6) A new non-instanced area off the market place, maybe open that twelve area, a new house, another marketplace or suburb (may have level requirement or quest to enter like WW prereq to marketplace).
(7) Crafting. Never seen it, but apparently very popular. Someone mentioned making those gems worthwhile to collect. Add them to weapons and such, perhaps make new collectibles. Dragon scales, tokens, adamantium are all very cool collectibles, although I don’t so much like one quest only to collect them, should be spread out more. If we have to quest farm, should have more quests to farm the collectible for variety.
(8) More baddies. I love seeing a new monster. Not just high level, but new low level and mid-level monsters.
(9) Make Necropolis fun. A lot of content that few people enjoy. Back to the workshop, overhaul completely. And great place for my number 7 suggestion.
(10) Water fighting, water based baddies.
(11) Wands stack like scrolls and gems. Create a system for storing arrows better, ability to buy or gain through favor a uber arrow storage quiver.
(12) Keep adding and revamping the old wilderness areas, excellent concept.
(13) Better equipment for spell casters. My melee seems to have a lot of cool names and random items to hope for, not so much with my cleric. Give me some uber loot to dream I can one day acquire for my cleric.

06-22-2007, 09:25 AM
#1) Fixed the stupid ranged fighting bug.

#2) In the event that you need a second choice, refer to the first one.

06-22-2007, 10:59 AM
#1) Fixed the stupid ranged fighting bug.

#2) In the event that you need a second choice, refer to the first one.

Dude, you beat me to it! I have one wish:

I shoot an arrow, something actually happens! It's really just that simple. Arrow in flight, either I hit, or I miss. This ranged attack dissappearing into the ether bull **** is killing this game for me. The disconnect between swinging your weapon, and a crate exploding is very annoying, too. Leads to a total break in immersion when you click your mouse to swing a weapon, and the barrel explodes while the character is still in his/her backswing. Neither of these bugs existed in the first six months of this game.

06-22-2007, 11:02 AM
Dude, you beat me to it! I have one wish:

I shoot an arrow, something actually happens! It's really just that simple. Arrow in flight, either I hit, or I miss. This ranged attack dissappearing into the ether bull **** is killing this game for me. The disconnect between swinging your weapon, and a crate exploding is very annoying, too. Leads to a total break in immersion when you click your mouse to swing a weapon, and the barrel explodes while the character is still in his/her backswing. Neither of these bugs existed in the first six months of this game.

It's a new "feature".

06-22-2007, 12:18 PM
Turbine seems to be adding content and features at a good pace as a result I really have no wish list because nearly everything I would wish for has been hinted at or flat out stated that it would be added ... except one thing.

In the future I really hope that raid victorys or failures are not announced server wide. Some folks seem to get a kick out of running Stormreaver 6 times a night and, or spamming the announcment. If you want praise post it on the forums or something cause I could care less and would rather not have that message pop up in the middle of my screen ever 15 minutes.

-Dailus :mad:

06-22-2007, 02:28 PM
i forgot!

Low resolution menus and dialog boxes. every time i talk to someone, i lag out really bad.

i'd like a low res character select screen as well. i don't need to see what my characters look like. i could do with a screen that looks like server select screen, but only has the names of my characters.

i'd rather spend more time playing and less time loading something.

06-24-2007, 09:46 AM
How about a wish list?
Add it as a tab on the character sheet. Let me click desired items, stats, prefixes, suffixes.
Then either:
a) Modify my drop rates to increase the chance of such an item dropping with variation on the level and rarity of the item (a +5 vorpal greatsword had a much lower chance of dropping then a +3 dex item), possibly reduce my drop rates of other items in exchange.
or, even better

b) Every day give a chance of generating a mail item that's from a sage. Visiting the sage and paying (money, or a certain item) will let you know which quest has a chance of having that item. Run the quest and you have an increased chance of finding that item. The increased chance is for that character only. Alternately, perhaps the sage wants you to run a quest for him before he gives you the information.
"Word has it that you seek the scepter of resurrection, Gidden. I have heard that such a scepter has been seen in the hands of the evil cleric Joss. He has recently taken residence in the necropolis and may still have it with him, or perhaps with one of his superiors."

In this case, running every quest in the necropolis may get this item for you, or possibly a slightly diluted version of it (sages aren't perfect you know). Certain weapon types may need to be eliminated from the list (ie vorpal).

Just a thought, I'm kind of sick of pulling daggers and swords for my cleric and it would let me try to get items that will help him.

(hey I can dream, can't I?)

06-25-2007, 09:15 AM

Polearms, spears, any reach weapon. Katanas for rp (I can get a samurai helm), broadswords. Two headed weapons, flails, javelins.

Bucklers that work right (dual weilding with a buckler).

Oh and animal companions worth their weight in salt. Whats gonna happen when the druids come out with these pathetic animal companions?