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Well I know we have had threads asking lots of the same questions so i am going to try to distribute as much info as possible before i gotta go away again for a few more weeks(moving in is a pain, so much unpacking) So here is alot of info that has been giving repeatedly, or asked for repeatadely.

Combat Feat DC(TRIP,SUNDER,etc.)

Base versions of combat feats are DC 10 + Strength (except for Slicing Blow, which is DC 10 + Dexterity)
"Improved" versions have a base DC of 14 instead
Racial or class enhancements add directly to that DC.
For trip, monsters have bonuses to their save based on size (big things are harder to trip) or for having extra legs.

Spell rounds.

Or maybe if it's offensive it has a 2 second round and if it's a buff spell it has a 6 second round?

Sort of.

Sort of. We're inconsistent largely because that came into place after the game went live, and in the interests of not retroactively changing every spell in the game many are not like this.
Random Traps

Ah, random traps again. Okay, so let me sum it up a bit. Yes we can do random traps. There are many post-launch quests that incorporate them. We're likely not going to go back to old quests and add them in because of the development time it would take away from new content.
We can do different random traps in one spot, but usually don't because many traps rely on a particular room or hallway setup which doesn't fit with many different trap configurations. Besides, I don't feel that a fire trap will surprise you any more than an acid trap, the second or third time you run the quest. Aside from that, if I randomized every trap in 4 different ways, it would take me 4 times as long, and you would get less content.
I prefer to place traps in many different places. If I do that, it almost guarantees that the first few runs will be fresh and new, since you won't be able to hit all the traps and learn their locations in one run. There's nothing I can do for you if you're running a quest with people who have run it a couple dozen times and happen to remember where traps can be. My goal is to at least carry you through your Normal, Hard, and Elite runs - and hopefully beyond.
Full and complete randomization is not going to happen to the degree and scope some of you wish. We need to build and script every trap. There's no procedural method for randomizing traps because our game relies so heavily on custom crafted content. We place traps with purpose. Sometimes it's to encourage a different path. Often, we place traps in areas we feel deserve more challenge and we want that challenge to exist all the time. I suppose fully random traps would be more likely if the game was 2-D, top down, and tile-based. Many other problems arise if everything were that random. You won't want to enter the dungeon only to find a fire jet blasting you in the face and killing you the moment you load in. I think we can all agree that would be frustrating and unnecessary.
That being said, I'm still committed to building random traps and killing your characters in fun and creative ways!
Ransack Timer

I have been looking through the ransack code because of reports like these. It appears that everything is functioning correctly as far as resets go, but I am still looking into the problem. I did find and correct the bug where the first time you looted a chest after ransacking it the chest level was still reduced.
This is the way it is supposed to work:
The ransack timer for a chest is set to one week in the future the first time you open a chest. The system counts each time the chest generates a new set of loot for you. When the ransack total is reached the treasure level of the chest starts to degrade. After one week from the initial looting, the next time you open the chest the counter for number of times looted is reset and a new timer is set to one week later.
Minimum level of loot

The minimum required level 12 weapons and armor start showing up on the level 15 treasure tables. Just like minimum level 10 weapons and armor start showing up on level 13 tables and minimum level 8 weapons and armor start showing up on level 11 tables. You might notice a pattern there.
High level characters that only adventure in equal CR dungeons and don't buy or trade equipment will have gear with minimum required levels around 4 less than their level. At lower levels the gap is less but then each plus means a lot more too. Minimum Required Level is not gamespeak for equipment appropriate for your level.
Ransack and assigning loot to others

Opening a treasure chest the first time, generates the treasure assigned to you and increments the ransack counter.
Re-assigning the items to other players does not affect ransack in any manner.
Opening a chest multiple times (during a quest) does not affect the ransack counter, but may cause a ransack message to appear if the next time running this quest the chest would be in ransack status.
Loot and character level

Loot does not scale to your character's level. There is a cap on the maximum treasure table a character can roll on, but it should not affect anyone in relatively normal play. The treasure cap would not come into play in your example.
There are some areas where the treasure tables are lower than the CR of the quest.
Level cap and ransack messages

First - about the change to level cap experience. This will NOT affect you now. You will NOT lose any of the experience you've stored towards lvl 13. The difference is that you will now stall at 15.4 instead of 1 point before 15.5 (a.k.a. lvl 16).
Second - The ransack counter starts when a chest first generates loot for you. Once that chest has generated loot for you (the first time it is opened) you're not going to rack up another hit to your ransack counter, no matter how many times you reopen the chest. If you leave and the instance resets you would generate a whole new chest - opening the new chest does add to the ransack counter. If this is not what you're seeing, you should file a bug.
There is one eccentricity to this process. Opening a chest the last time before ransack applies sets the chest to ransack status. You don’t get a ransack message, but if you open the chest again while in the same instance you will get a ransack message although you will still be able to loot anything in the chest. This message has no effect on treasure generation. The ransack counter only increments when treasure is generated.
Quest End Rewards

Quest end rewards are dependent on the character's primary class (highest level). If multiple classes are tied for highest level some arbitrary method is used to pick.
The quest end rewards are tailored for you class only in that your class will be proficient in the use of the reward. There are some issues that still need to be addressed like divine vs arcane wands. The quest rewards will be a work in progress for the foreseeable future.

There are basically an infinite number of possible builds in DDO and each person has their own ideas about what kind of loot they need for each build. I am making improvements all the time, but there is no way the quest rewards will ever be able to always come up with the right type of items for every character.


2) Its not really possible to increase the treasure level. I really meant maximum when I said maximum, at least for the Stormreaver. The lower level raids have, oddly enough, somewhat lower than the DDO maximum treasure tables.

The treasure tables in a raid chest are better than an equivalent CR quest run on Elite.

Strength Sapping Weapons

Strength sapping exhaustion: -6 str, -6 dex, and slows movement.
Does not stack with any other fatigue/exhausted effects.
By itself, this is nice (against melee enemies, that's lowering their to-hit and damage on you by a bit, and the slower movement means you may be able to back off and range attack them); it also stacks nicely with other stat-damaging effects (while you can't run someone to zero str through strength-sapping alone unless they were a wimp to start with, it's a good start which can then be followed up with other -str or -dex weaponry).
Stat +4

This is only a Hotifx, not a normal update. The +4 enhancements were scheduled for the next major update. That said - there's been a change of plan. In Module 4 we are going to be revamping the entire enhancement system. It's going to be a complete overhaul, and I'll post official details as soon as I have them myself. However, in light of the revamp we have decided not to put the +4 enhancements into the game.
caster check

Heres the exact formula, just so you know:
d20 + 2xYourCasterLevel >= 2x(RequiredCasterLevel for the spell)
So, for example, take a 1st level cleric / 11 class X casting a raise dead spell from a scroll.

Roll d20 + (2 x 1) >= 2 x 9
d20 + 2 >= 18
d20 >= 16
A 1st level cleric 11th level X must roll a 16 or higher to succeed on a ress scroll. It works this way for all scrolls, arcane and divine.

Mail system Clarification

If a mail is opened, it will be deleted by the mail system after two weeks even if there is something attached to the mail.
If a mail is unopened, it will be returned to sender after four weeks.
It sounds like you opened the mail, didn't detach the item right away, and the mail system deleted it two weeks later.
You can see how long until a mail is deleted by looking in the mail list. The right side column is how much longer the mail will be available to you. Since the mail system is not intended to be used for long term storage, it is necessary to remove your items from the mail as soon as possible to prevent accidental loss. I hope this information helps you in the future.

11+ toolbars.(carefull with this there is a bug that could cause crashes.)

this is old so may not work anymore
11+ Toolbars Bug/FeatureAlthough the "/alias shortcut ;alias shortcutkey" command is currently bugged, it can be used to add additional toolbars in the 11+ range. By typing "/alias shortcut ;$$$ ###", where $$$ is a defined alias, and ### is a three digit number in excess of 100, an additional toolbar can be created. This toolbars will appear when the character is next logged in to the server. Please note that as this is an undocumented effect, some experimentation is still required, and the effect may change at any time.
Thank you Kedoch

DR affecting damage come mod 4

Wow, what a thread.
This is an unintentional side effect that occured when a bug in how damage reduction is applied was corrected. All effects that do additional damage dice (bane, holy, true law) will apply even if the base damage does not penetrate DR.
Other effects will be looked at on a case by case basis. Most of them, like paralyzing, disruption and distruction will continue to work on any hit. Effects that clearly require damage like Wounding and Puncturing will only work if the weapon penetrates DR.

weapon affects and DR

NEW – The following weapon effects will no longer be applied to monsters unless the damage of the attack penetrates the monster’s Damage Reduction for at least one point of damage.
Weighted (Stun Chance)
Tendon Slice

1) The base damage of the weapon including strength bonus and enhancement bonus needs to penetrate the monster's DR for the listed effects to be applied.
2) Smiting and any other effect other than the ones listed is not affected by this change.

I left out sneak attack damage from the above quote. It should be
1) The base damage of the weapon including strength bonus, enhancement bonus and any Sneak Attack damage needs to penetrate the monster's DR for the listed effects to be applied.

The OnCritical versions of the listed effects do not require penetrating DR to take effect.
last word on expansion

Forsaken Lands has been listed on those sites forever - they just bumped the date out. The retailers finally realized what I've been telling you: we weren't going to have an expansion in March.
As I said the last time one of these threads came out - at some point we're probably going to have an expansion pack. When I know when, where, who, what, and why - you'll know too. I can promise there will be a HUGE announcement. It's all just too fluid right now - I'm not going to tell you it's September when it could be October, or August, or next year entirely, or...you get the idea.
What I can tell you about upcoming updates is this:
- In January we're having the Litany of the Dead Part 2 update.
- In February we're planning on having an update that will feature the new enhancement system.
- In March the plan is to launch Module 4: Reaver’s Bane.
All of these are free updates for subscribers.
Newer last word.

These sites have all had this expansion listed for months, and they keep bumping the release date. Forsaken Lands was released as a free expansion months ago.
When we plan on a paid expansion pack, trust me, you will hear it from us first.

If you can't find the cards at a retailer, From the FAQ/Knowledge Base: http://turbine.fuzeqna.com/ddo.suppo....asp?kbid=1687
Which links you to: http://www.paybycash.com/ddo/gametime.php

8 slots.

I'd like to point out, that in the original thread that discussed this the other day, (which remained on the forums for at least a day, before someone complained that it was still there...) an official response was given by Quarion, and I quote:

Unfortunately, it was not intended for this feature to behave in this way, and it will be fixed very soon. It is suggested that the players avoid utilizing this behavior as it may result in disappointment once the fix is published. Because of this I will close this thread.

Because I'm getting VERY tired of removing these threads and handing out the infractions, I'm making a decision to keep this one here, and simply lock it. DO NOT repost on this. DO NOT Discuss how to use this exploit. DO NOT discuss the removal of these threads. Doing so, will result in an immediate permanent ban with no appeals. We do not want innocent players thinking that this BUG is the way things should be, creating several extra characters and then getting upset when the bug is fixed.
A bug is a bug, and even when enjoyed, sometimes they absolutely must be fixed. This is one of those bugs.
More info on 8 slots.
8th slot

Ok. We had a meeting today (after several days of gathering information on what this was and how it happened).
In a nutshell - this is a side effect of the the fix to prevent people from having infinite character slots.
Those of you who have access to an 8th slot - enjoy. It's yours and we're not going to take it away now that you have it. This was a mistake we made and we're not going to punish you for it. The good news is that you can't make infinite slots anymore.

Just to be clear - this only affected people with 1750 favor when the fix went in. If you didn't have 1750 favor you won't have that 8th slot.

This is true. And it's one of the things we talked about. Unfortunately there are many reasons we can't allow everyone to have that eight slot (most of them I can't talk about - but one example is the hit our databases would take). Everyone has 5 slots. Not everyone has 6, not everyone has 7, and now, not everyone has 8.


Samera has pointed this out to me many, many times how often this topic has come up and an answer hasn't been given by the development team. (not that other questions posted on this forum don't equally deserve answers) The character team is constantly working to improve the game systems around character abilities. We are also responsible for working on new spells and new character abilities for upcoming modules as well. Given a finite amount of time to work with and infinite ways to improve our game, we pick out issues and prioritize them versus what needs to come out in the next module.
This being said, we will be addressing what we refer to as the "payment issue" for actions in the game other than just paladin lay on hands and remove disease. We picked this ability to start with because of the very limited number of times you are allowed to use this ability (once per day as a basis) and the simplicity of the execution pathway. It is frustrating to lose your _one_ chance to do your special ability because you were hit at just the wrong time by the wrong monster ability. Rage is another character ability we will be fixing in a future release. I am certain that other special abilities like turn undead will follow.
We have to be careful about making changes to payment mechanisms for actions. In the case of lay on hands, remove disease, and rage, they share the same delivery pathway in code. They represent some of the simplest actions in the game. It is natural to start making delicate changes in a sterile environment with fewer complications in the pathway. ( ie. metamagic augmenting sp cost, arcane spell failure, physics based delivery with AOEs and projectiles, the use of devices to invoke the actions, concentration checks, actions that create entities that actually perform the action on your behest, etc, etc ) These changes are easier to test and verify. Changing the timing of payment can result in some really bad exploit bugs if we are not extremely careful.
To make a long story short, yes, we're looking into it and have known about it since before launch. As I have time, I'll keep working on the issues and try to address the worst offenders first without endangering features in the next modules.
Thanks for your patience and diligence.
What GM's can do.

Let's clear up a few things about all this "wrong information".
GMs can NOT force quest completion or advancement. This has never been done a single time for a single player, ever. It simply is not possible. Now if you mean "force completion" by respawning a bugged monster that will advance a quest or objective when it's killed, then yes, we can do that, but we can NOT simply advance a quest or complete an objective for a player. This has never been done. In the case of Blaze, recreating him does not allow players to complete the quest if they did not speak to him at the start. Unfortunately that means that players must redo the quest when this happens.
GMs can not reset zones, the only way to reset an instance is for it to be abandoned by all players for at least 5 minutes. Again, GMs have never "reset a zone".

dragonscale armor repair

The dragonscale smiths are not perfect, but they are very good. Better than the Expert Repair smith in the Desert.

A couple things to note:
Muck doesn't always spawn.
Muck doesn't always drop Muckbane.
Make sure you pull ALL of the levers in the dungeon. If you don't - Muck won't even have the (random) chance to spawn.

What I meant was this - you have to pull "his" lever to have there be a chance he will spawn. I can edit for clarity since I see now that what I wrote and what I meant were different
heres the entire thread.

Greater Then 100% Fort

Fortification can in some cases go over 100%. Fortification has no effect on Armor Class or anything else besides the chance to avoid critical hits and sneak attacks, no matter what its value.
It is entirely possible that you will see a few things that can reduce a target's Fortification percentage.

Chattering Ring and Dodge bonuses

The dodge bonuses for multiple chattering rings are being treated as coming from the same source so they do not stack.

Interupting Enemy Spellcasters/MOBS

Gimpster is actually quite correct on this one. Hitting non-raid monsters for a certain percentage of its health in a single attack will interrupt whatever it is doing. Some monsters (such as Thaarak Hounds) are more vulnerable to interruption during certain actions (their "dance of death").

Perform affecting songs

Keeping your Perform skill high isn't a bad idea to "future-proof" your Bard. It may eventually became important for things other than solely unlocking higher level songs.

I'll look into it. The enthrallment from the Virtuoso enhancement should last just as long as a fascinated enemy.
The Lingering Song enhancements are "Your beneficial songs last 20/40/60/80% longer than normal.", so really should only be affecting non-offensive songs. Fascinate is probably improperly flagged to gain the lingering song bonus. If that's so, we'll evaluate which behavior should be considered correct and update whichever one we decide should be wrong. I'm currently also looking into ways of having a character's Perform skill have an effect on your songs - it's likely that that will somehow play into song durations, so there's no need to panic about fascinate durations yet.

Champion of the Deathless

The Basic Faith enhancements grant +1 to hit as part of the passive effect, which only affects the Cleric or Paladin.
They can expend a turn attempt to grant proficiency (not +1 to hit) in the associated weapon to their target. Clerics can target themselves, Paladins can't, because Paladins are already automatically proficient in the weapons and Graal thought it'd be nice to make sure they couldn't waste turn attempts trying to hit themselves with it, since it wouldn't do much. (Drow Clerics can't hit themselves with it either for the same reason.)

TOughness Respec

The issue with toughness respec that you are referring to is that you cannot use respec to acquire toughness more then once, is that correct? That issue will be corrected with mod 5.

Monster Aggro

The in game GM was incorrect. Your charisma has no effect on whether or not you will be targeted first by monsters. In fact, with rare exceptions, neither does your class or race. (Rust Monsters prefer to eat tasty Warforged, for example.) A character with a high Charisma will, however, have better success with Diplomacy and Intimidate, which will alter a monster's targeting decisions.

There was a longstanding bug where the player farthest away from the monster when it activated would typically be the monster's initial target, but that's been fixed. (That bug did make it very likely that the arcane casters or healers would be the monster's initial victims.)


The ability to restrict effects to certain weapon types came in rather late in the development cycle. I updated the obvious effects like vorpal and bonebreaking to restrict them to the appropriate weapon types. I missed Disruption because there isn't any obvious linkage between Disruption and Blunt weapons other than the prototypical Mace of Disruption.

Concealment(Blur/displacement) and Stacking

The ring of shadows offers 10% concealment. Blur is 20%, and displacement is 50%.

The highest concealment bonus is applied.

There are those who argue "the ring of shadows is a different kind of concealment." These people are wrong. There is one kind of concealment, and only the highest modifier is applied.

That would be correct. I am currently in the process of adding to the descriptions of all of the miss chance items to indicate they are all forms of magical Concealment, only the best one applies.

Eternal Stoneskin wand

Neither I nor my database has ever heard of an Eternal Stoneskin Wand.

Mithral Scalemail

All the mithral scalemail was melted down and made into Breastplates.

While there may be a set or two of heavily enchanted mithral scalemail still left out there, there are none in common use.


The formula for WF hit point recovery at shrines is: 10 + 3 * (maximum score in repair of a nearby party member).The formula for fleshies is: 10 + 3 * (level + maximum score in heal of a nearby party member).

Using a rest shrine is conceptually the equivalent of resting for eight hours, which is why non-permanent effects go away when you use one. At the end of the eight hours, fleshies are healed by their good night's sleep, and warforged are partially repaired.

Warforged do not naturally heal over time (though on the bright side, they don't bleed out either if rendered unconscious), which is why they do not receive their level in hit points after a night's rest in the equation.

RAID 5 Reflagging

PS: There has been some question on whether you need to collect pieces, since they stack. You only need to obtain a piece once. Once you have completed the sigil, you do not need to keep collecting pieces. They only stack because of the inherent game system.

06-15-2007, 09:49 AM

A reminder that Turbine does not participate in, nor endorse, the sale of in-game money/items in exchange for real-world currency. The sale of - and/or purchasing of - in-game money/items for real world currency is a violation of the Terms of Service agreement.

We continue to investigate and ban 'gold sellers' from the game, and player reporting is an important part of that process.

We continue to work to eliminate unwanted in-game mailing and messaging related to the sale/purchase of in-game money/items. One such feature was to disallow in-game mail to be sent by trial accounts. However, we realize that this is not the only measure, and are working towards additional features.

A feature that we are curious to hear your thoughts about is a filter, able to be toggled on and off at any time you like, that prevents private messaging from those not on your friends list. Quarion asked for your thoughts about such a feature at the recent Town Hall, and we're still interested to know: What you think of adding a feature such as this to DDO?

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This one too.:D

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also saved for a later date


For your information.

Feat Respec Costs

Cost (gp) Item
Level 1 100 flawed_siberys_dragonshard
Level 2 750 flawed_siberys_dragonshard
Level 3 3,000 flawed_siberys_dragonshard
Level 4 6,500 flawed_siberys_dragonshard
Level 5 12,500 imperfect_siberys_dragonshard
Level 6 20,000 imperfect_siberys_dragonshard
Level 7 35,000 imperfect_siberys_dragonshard
Level 8 50,000 imperfect_siberys_dragonshard
Level 9 75,000 siberys_dragonshard
Level 10 100,000 siberys_dragonshard
Level 11 100,000 siberys_dragonshard
Level 12 100,000 siberys_dragonshard
Level 13 100,000 siberys_dragonshard
Level 14 100,000 siberys_dragonshard

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If you wanna cheat and not do math use this.
n = number events (people in raid party)
p = 0.166667 (1/6 chance a raid item drops)
Prob. X = the chance of that many raid items dropping.
And technofear said it best.

This is a change (IMO) that helps the casual player and (in some ways) penalises the power gamer.

The objections seem to be;

Less (raid) loot.
More griefing.

Lets start with loot.

This WILL mean more loot for any raid party over 2 people, 100%!

CURRENT: the warded chest only contains 2 raid items

NEW: the warded chest contains 'level appropriate' loot for everyone with a chance at raid loot.

In a 12 man raid there will be as much or more raid loot 63% of the time (and everyone gets something from the warded chest).

I think Turbine is trying to encourage larger raid groups (and more of them).
There is no longer any (loot based) reason to short man the raids.

Probability there are >2 raid items (to nearest %)
12 = 32%
11 = 27%
10 = 22%
9 = 18%
8 = 13%
7 = 10%
6 = 6%
5 = 4%
4 = 2%

This is a Binomial distribution (set number of independent events with same probability)

Here is a JAVA calculator.


n = number events (people in raid party)
p = 0.166667 (1/6 chance a raid item drops)
Prob. X = the chance of that many raid items dropping.

In a 12 man group on average nothing will change.

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Just some interesting QUotes from devs that have nothing to do with gameplay.

The point I've been trying to make is that we don't sit around stroking our goatees wondering what nefarious plots we could cook up to get players to reroll again.

What Ziggy said.

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eek! too many links!
you have been so busy!

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Ziggy, you just made my life 100% easier.

07-27-2007, 05:49 AM
Ziggy the last word on expansion section has the same quote twice in a row, might want to edit that.

08-09-2007, 12:51 PM
Ziggy the last word on expansion section has the same quote twice in a row, might want to edit that.
fixed, and updated and organized some stuff.

10-12-2007, 11:19 AM

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this is so nice... please keep updating this GREAT resource.

02-26-2008, 06:29 PM
Well im back so ill try to keep this updated. If anyone has anything post it here.

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Welcome back, Ziggy.

02-26-2008, 11:14 PM
Well im back so ill try to keep this updated. If anyone has anything post it here.

I was just thinking yesterday.... Where is Ziggy?... And... well there he is

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ingredient drop rate


This is correct. The Large Scale drop rate is identical to all other Large ingredients, other than Large Splintered Horns (which have a significantly lower drop rate, but do still occasionally appear).

08-28-2009, 07:56 AM
Reducing lag, from Marketroid:

The new servers are already in place. As has been mentioned we also need the latest software build to get the most out of the system. Until then some of the specific cases of raid/instance-specific lag will not get better. Once DDO Unlimited goes live next week you should see a significant further improvement over the current performance.

How significant? At times we were running Lamannia with half the number of physical servers that we normally use in a world and it handled peak loads more smoothly than anything we've ever seen for DDO. Those peaks were often equal to or higher than the peaks on the live servers, for those who are interested.

With a full complement of these servers for each world everyone should see general performance improvements. Once we've added in the newest code players should see very good levels of performance.

Does this mean that you'll never see lag ever again? No. The realtime nature of DDO enhances the visibility of lag issues. There will always be some situations that can cause lag, but the new hardware will allow us to support many more users doing things that used to cause unacceptable levels of lag for everyone.

So far we've done a lot of work (and spent a lot of money) to resolve the issue of server-side lag. To get the best possible experience from DDO with the new servers you'll also need to make sure that you've got client-side lag under control. Here are some tips:

1. Don't install DDO on your system partition or the partition where you keep your main swap file. This causes contention during disc access which can lag out on-the-fly loading of assets from the dat files.

2. Defragment the partition where you keep DDO frequently. All Turbine games use a series of large DAT files that contain a virtual filesystem where the game assets are stored. The more broken up and scattered these files are the worse your overall performance gets.

3. Even with defragging on a regular basis it's possible to encounter another type of fragmentation - internal to the DAT file. If this happens there's nothing your filesystem defrag tools can do to help. If you suspect DAT fragmentation the best option is to uninstall DDO, defrag the host partition, and then reinstall. Only a fresh re-installation of the latest release of DDO will give you a defragmented DAT file. Since every patch cycle can cause possible DAT fragmentation you should consider a fresh install every few patches. This issue is largely resolved with TDM so only users with our classic installers need to do this regularly.

If you’re running an installation that’s a year or more old, the launch of DDO Unlimited is an excellent opportunity to do a fresh install. The M8 files are currently here (http://www.ddo.com/ddosupport/download-ddo) and will be replaced with the DDO Unlimited versions on Monday during our maintenance. Installing the latest build guarantees that you don’t have intra-DAT fragmentation issues.

4. Make sure your drivers are up-to-date. Video drivers are critical, but sound, motherboard, and network drivers are also important. If you haven't updated your drivers in 6 months or more you should give that a shot. Adding custom performance profiles for the game can help as well with certain cards and driver combos.

5. Turn off unnecessary resident programs and services. Some resident programs such as spyware blockers may hinder disc and network access. Only leave the things you need running during your play session. Also, running multiple resident security programs simultaneously can significantly reduce network and disc access speed. Generally you should pick a single security package to run resident.

6. Tune your game settings. If the game runs fine in some places but is choppy in others you may have your graphics settings turned up too high. In particular try disabling post-processing effects, DX10, and anti-aliasing in areas where you experience graphics lag. What works fine for a small dungeon may grind to a halt in high-end instance due to spell effects, dungeon geometry, number of avatars and NPCs visible, etc.

7. Optional upgrades for the truly performance-obsessed: If you have Vista you may wish to try using the ReadyBoost feature with an 8GB+ flash thumbdrive. Some users have also reported success running the entire game from flash (though this is unsupported by Turbine).

Due to the nature of flash many of the fragmentation issues noted above do not apply. On a similar note, if ultimate game loading performance is your goal and you’re willing to spend money to get it, an SSD drive will drastically reduce both load times and fragmentation effects. Try to get a drive with at least 128MB of on-board cache to get the best possible random-access performance.

So, if you’re still with me after this gelatinous wall of text, the point is that what players perceive as lag is a complex issue that has both client and server side causes. We’ve invested a ton of time and money to track down and eliminate server-side lag at the hardware, software, and network level. Hopefully the work we’ve done, plus the tips above will allow you to get the best out of your time with DDO when Unlimited ships next week.

See you in Stormreach!