View Full Version : Release Notes – June 6th, 2007

06-06-2007, 10:28 AM
The casting animations for Web, Wall of Fire, and Ice Storm have been changed to faster, more aggressive animations.
Fixed a client crash for people who use more than 10 shortcut bars.
Friends List

Players should no longer crash their client when sorting by the online/offline field.
Importing a friends list will now show the notes for those friends.
Friends will no longer get stuck in an offline state due to their anonymous status.

Fatigue from Barbarian rage can now be removed by any effect that removes fatigue.
Wands of Remove Blindness, Remove Disease and Neutralize Poison returned to shops in Stormreach.
Holy Smite now blinds creatures for 6 seconds on a failed save, and properly applies its damage effects to creatures of various alignments.

Undying Call (Level 9, Elven Paladin) has been fixed and is now working properly for both paladins and clerics.
Follower of Vulkoor has been fixed and is now working properly for both Drow Paladins and Drow Clerics.
Silver Flame Exorcism had no save DC. It now has a save of 10 + (Class Level) + Charisma Modifier, where Class Level is Cleric or Paladin, depending on the enhancement.

Dragonmark tooltips will now tell you more information including number of uses per rest, duration etc.