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05-27-2007, 01:29 PM
I noticed that level two Rangers can dual wield. All characters can dual wield, does this mean that the penalty is reduced? If I go Ranger would I not want to get the dual wield feat?

What benefits do I get choosing a Ranger over a fighter, specifically ranged attack benefits?

I am thinking of making a Ranger Thief combination. Depending on their bonuses and such I might consider throwing in some fighter (for feats), and/or Paladin (for resistances).

Anything I should consider? Could anyone please suggest some class combinations that might be good?

I want a dex based mele class that focuses on ranged attacks. I want to put a few levels of Thief for the backstab bonuses (i might also pump trap and lock abilities). I was planning on Ranger because they are good at distance attacking.

What do you think?

05-27-2007, 01:58 PM
Rangers automatically get two-weapon fighting. The first level of it (which they get at level 2) decreases the penalties. At higher levels they get feats higher up in the chain that add more offhand attacks.
The only benefit a ranger has over fighter is at Ranger lvl 1 they add their strength to ranged damage. If you don't want TWF and don't care about your skill points, you could jsut go 1 level of Ranger and the rest as Fighter. Check out the Ranger, Rogue, and Fighter class forums for builds, though.

05-27-2007, 07:19 PM
barkskin, self heal, self buff are also reasons pple take rangers for twf and more importantly..... evasion. with a ranger, i can afford to wear robes (due to my 30+ dex) and get decent ac with evasion active. a fighter base twf would need to invest in 2 lvl of rog for the evasion. in addition, unless you are going for a uber high dex, the only armors out there you want to use (for a decent ac) would only be silken mail and the dragon loot kundarak delving suit

twf and bow strength are not the only reasons pple use rangers

05-27-2007, 07:59 PM
In my opinion, the best thing about a ranger is their ability to adapt to a variety of situations. Rangers typically are not tops in damage or healing, but are definitely very effective. Dealing damage without taking hardly any (ranging), TWF at the right time especially with your rogue sneak attack, and wand whipping heals make the ranger one of the most versatile classes to play. I've never felt like I was not able to contribute. Additionally, as DEX is important to both rogues and rangers they compliment each other well.

I don't have much experience with fighters as I don't like not being able to self heal. Pallys are pretty fun. The biggest disadvantage of going pally is that INT is probably the only stat a pally does not need to have high, and that is key for rogues. Rangers have a lot of categories to place stats too, but not as much as a Pally. You can get by with having a lower strength ranger and still be effective.

05-27-2007, 08:06 PM
I know this topic has been covered elsewhere but this is a build I have had very good luck with.
The reason for the 4 levels of rogue is mainly for the UMD, you will be able to get over 20 UMD without any items, which will let you use most any RR items or weapons. That can really help once at higher levels because you can use items people find less valuable due to a RR that they can not use. It also allows you tohave enough DD, Open lock, Uncanny Dodge (given as a class feat at lvl 4), and Evasion.
The 2 lvls of fighter are not really needed, but is very helpful in the fact that, you get 2 extra feats, and can use any simple or martial weapon without having to take penalties, due to not being proficient. You also get a few extra hit points and have the ability to use all shields and armor without penalty (although you must take care to watch carefuly when using dex based skills, as a shield or armor can reduce the max dex bonus).
The 8 levels of Ranger can best be summed up with these few reasons, Barkskin, Longstrider, Jump, Resist Energy (with 8 lvls you only get 20 points on resists, but even at higher lvl this still seem to be enough), 2 weapon fighting, many shot, 2 Favored Enemies (I chose undead and aberation, these can be exchanged by talking to Fred in House J just like any other feat), and you also have the ability to use wands without having to make a UMD check.

Don't get me wrong this guy was not a planned build it just happens to work VERY well, the levels pf rogue can be tinkered with a bit by only taking 2 but you might find it harder at higher levels to make your skill checks and you lose uncanny dodge which has saved my life on more than a few occasions.

I hope this helps, and again this is not by any mean the best build in the game but it is olid and versatile.
If you have any specific questions that I didn't cover here, end me a pm and I will try to answer as best I can.

Happy Hunting!

P.S. if you plan on twf, don't forget to pick up imp crit pierce, and weapon finesse, as crits on a 15 with a rapier are real fun!

05-27-2007, 09:06 PM
another reason to go straight ranger is freedom of movement... this L4 rgr spell is only availiable at L14. what it do? allows you to move thru fog and best of all, immunity to hold and paralyse

05-28-2007, 08:07 AM
another reason to go straight ranger is freedom of movement... this L4 rgr spell is only availiable at L14. what it do? allows you to move thru fog and best of all, immunity to hold and paralyse

clerics and bards also get this lvl 4 spell, so if you plan on running with either classes you are covered there.

05-29-2007, 09:51 AM
Elven Ranger 13 Rogue 1 with precision, improved crit piercing and weapon finesse. I can get my AC in the high 40's and I dual weild two puncturing rapiers, one shock and one acid for a bit more damage. I use precision all the time just to help confirm crits as thats all I'm going for. With a dex of 36 I only miss on a 1 and most anything breathing dies very quickly, I have higher DPS weapons for the red names, got a couple holy burst rapiers for most of them. A few sets of the different +5 elemental (fire, acid, cold, shock) damage weapons. A couple holy light maces for the skellies... I have two backpacks of weapons, I wish we could get my weapon set buttons. Soon as I can acquire a finessible disruptor I'll be able to cut them back a little. And I love the ability to swap out robes with such a high dex instead of relying on the heavier armors. Got me a +5 mithril heavy shield if I ever need a little more AC. I've been able to solo a lot of quests with this build, with the 1 level of rogue and a very high dex I can dodge most every trap and open nearly any door in the game. Course a lot of this goes toward my equipment as it may take a while to gather decent equipment for your build, I will say I do not have any named or Raid loot on this character, its all acquired in random loot drops, well except the named belt Planar Gird.