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05-23-2007, 10:49 AM
If you use Vista and add LOTRO to a computer with DDO already installed, the launcher will not be able to patch. There are two workarounds for this:

Run DDO in administrator mode AND as an administrator

Make sure the account is flagged as an administrator
Right click on the DDO icon and select “run as administrator”

Turn of UAC (User Account Control) in Vista

In the confusion caused by the shipments of new wands to the shops in Stormreach, Wands of Remove Disease and Remove Blindness have been misplaced. These wands as well as Wands of Neutralize Poison have been found in the warehouse and they will once again be on sale after the 4.2 update.
If a rogue attempts to sneak attack with a weapon that does extra damage, such
as with a flaming or pure good weapon, the extra damage affects the monster
first. This alerts the monster to the rogue's presence, which prevents the
sneak attack.
It is possible to get gargoyles into a state where they will not leave their defensive mode.
Friends List

Importing a Friends list with notes will not import the notes until you log off and log back on.
If a character on your friends list is online and Anonymous, a connection between your friends list and that Anonymous character will not be made for the duration of your session. The Anonymous character can toggle off Anonymous, and their listing on your friends list will not update until one of you logs off (and they are non anonymous).


Human Only – all dragonmarks, not just the line you've chosen, will be visible in the feat selection window when you level up. You will not be able to obtain these other lines – you can only have one dragonmark.
Some tooltips are missing important information including number of uses per rest, duration etc.


Follower of Vulkoor is not working properly for Drow Paladins (it is working properly for Drow Clerics). Drow Paladins will not get their +1 bonus to attacks with Shortswords. (Also – the Drow Long Knives mentioned in the tooltip aren't in the game).
Undying Call (Level 9, Elven Paladin) is currently not working. The Level 6 version available to Clerics is functioning properly.
Way of the Mechanic - If you try to use the repair over time effect on a dead warforged, the effect does not get applied and you lose a charge of the ability and your skill boost.
Iron Companions cannot currently be repaired using Repair <X> Wounds spells. The Way of the Mechanic ability functions on them, however.
The various enhancements that summon creatures (Iron/Steel/Mithral Companion and Vulkoor’s Avatar) can only be summoned in dungeons. Attempting to summon them elsewhere (such as the market) will trigger their cooldown without summoning a creature.

05-23-2007, 05:20 PM
If a player has a "lot" of friends in their friends list (usually more than 64)and they attempt to sort by "online status" (the green dot) the game may crash.
We are working on fixing this issue and thank you for your patience. In the meantime, we suggest not sorting your friends list by online status.