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  1. Possible to give us more Lamania uptime?
  2. Lamannia with U38 nezt week!
  3. Shinto Melee power
  4. Heshin Mystic - Low Level
  5. Lamannia is up!!!
  6. Druid Update
  7. Helms
  8. Henshin Mystic: Melee Power ONLY when Staff equipped?
  9. bear animation
  10. Assessment Of New Artificer Tree So Far (Melee artificer perspective)
  11. Why are AoNs being "fixed?"
  12. Henshin Mystic Lv 20 - Several Enhancements scale with Melee power...
  13. Battlefist Rune Arm
  14. If you're going to nerf Staff Monks, can you at least give them item defense?
  15. When will Lamannia be up so I can test newest Arty tree version?
  16. AoN and hybrid cleaves not working properly, also nature's defense form + AoN
  17. Thoughts so far on some of the new gear...
  18. Elemental Form Texture Removal for Sorcs
  19. Devs, are Avatar of Nature (tree builds) mechanic's being changed in u38?
  20. 39 errr...
  21. Lamannia U39 Systems Update/Fvs-Beacon of Hope Tree scheduled for 19 - 21st
  22. any ddo developers reading this :D ?
  23. Druids and handwraps
  24. BlackRazor could be better.......
  25. update 39 release notes
  26. Build Failures And Successes (Pure Class Only, no Multiclass builds)
  27. My Opinions On New Gear And Tree Enhancements
  28. Bear dyes
  29. Is Update 39 still open
  30. MAke Wave Wood Please
  31. Would Like To See And Test An Orb Made For Single Weapon Fighting Cleric Builds!
  32. BlackRazor Filigree Set Is A Must!
  33. Do updated Crystal Cove weapons accept sentience?
  34. Why didn't divine disciple and radiant servant get a pass?
  35. A way to somewhat optimise testing on Lamannia
  36. Post Your Favored Soul And Cleric Change Proposals Here
  37. Any chance of an update For Orbs?
  38. Update 39 Preview #2 When?
  39. any chance to add 20 racial points as base default points ?
  40. Writing As I Go
  41. Things Missing From The Test Dojo, Please Fix!
  42. BlackRazor is broken...
  43. White Plume Mountain Cosmetic Bundle Visuals
  44. White Plume Mountain Named Loot Visuals
  45. Any chance I can Redo My Character Copy To Lamannia?
  46. I Like the U39 Bird Attacks -- but must I have the bird visual?
  47. How high can people climb in The Price of Freedom?
  48. Bugs To Squish
  49. Epic Cutting Currency Needs Work!
  50. Best Load Screen. 10/10
  51. Blackrazor still needs work
  52. Unable to buy ravenloft thrown weapons
  53. Falconry Tree
  54. Quest Feedback Thread?
  55. White Plume Mountain Raid For Upgrading The Iconic White Plume Weapons Please?
  56. Poll: Versions Of BlackRazor
  57. U39 and beyond: FAlconer Tree...possible pet's upgrade in the future?
  58. U39 Ranger 2.0?
  59. U39 Aasimar iconic + Falconer + Arper + ED feet... winning combination or not?
  60. What Black Razor Really Needs to be closer to the Original Flavor
  61. eta when this goes live
  62. Suggestions To Increase Lamannia Testing Efforts
  63. So Just got Word from Cordovan....
  64. War Paint Appearances
  65. Very flattered, can someone explain further?
  66. Nerfing Fighters is dumb
  67. Epic Defensive Fighting
  68. War Paint Feedback
  69. Lamannia Client not working.
  70. Night Revels - delera's graveyard instanced - concerns
  71. Character Transfer not Working
  72. U40 - R.I.P. Heroic Monks
  73. Update 40 Monk Die Scaling discussion
  74. Update 40 Heroic Sentinels loot
  75. Satisfactions And Dissatisfactions
  76. Lammania is up?
  77. No more public instances for Night Revels...I see why, but I don't like it at all
  78. If A Cloak Slot Item Was A Backpack What Effects Could It Have?
  79. Why all the greatswords?
  80. Raid Testing / Character Copy. @SSG
  81. New Raid F2P?
  82. Skull Head Volume Levels
  83. When Lamannia Opens!
  84. Some observation after 2h play
  85. PDK Cloak Not Showing
  86. New mabar loot? Please post it
  87. What I Am Learning From Wood Elf Archer Build Attempts
  88. Something wrong with Mac Login
  89. Player Power Fantasy wrt Raid Loot
  90. My character will be like in the future: U40 beta 2
  91. Races that cloak equipment visuals don't work on
  92. New Nightmare Guard Is Bugged
  93. New raid needs a flagging process
  94. Please, redesign Construct Mantle Cosmetic cloak appearance!
  95. New Item Proc Test Runs (Slay Living and Nightmares)
  96. Lam client ... ???
  97. The Elfephant Graveyard
  98. How do I access Lammania?
  99. If I could only get one thing to happen with EK...
  100. Character copy is not working......
  101. Sustaining/Soothing Song
  102. Bardic Song Uses
  103. Is anyone else having trouble accessing the new quest?
  104. Eldritch Knight/Pale Master Splash test results
  105. Beneath the Thunder Sea, bug and a lil' feedback
  106. Video: Death Knight (Eldritch Knight/Pale Master build) running new quest
  107. New Eldritch Knight Tree Modification Suggestions
  108. Update 41 Preview 2?
  109. Consider making the raid items the same ML..
  110. DEVS: Can you guys review Disintegrate and Horrid Wilting ?
  111. Inspire Excellence req
  112. U41 Eldritch Knight rework
  113. Devs: Clerics need some love too
  114. Lamannia Vendors Still Broken This Preview.....
  115. Old raid tokens?
  116. Lammania down already?
  117. Sorcerer DPS + Videos
  118. So....U42 when is it coming and what can we expect
  119. Lamannia is updating
  120. Graphical Update
  121. A Hidden Sharn Easter Egg
  122. how to know if the server lammania is up ?
  123. Can't log
  124. Sealed in Amber Update
  125. Inquisitive Theorycrafting
  126. Charisma to hit for Bard, when?
  127. Arcane pass not in Producer's Letter ?
  128. 1st loot preview thoughts
  129. A question in general
  130. Thoughts And Opinions On New Loot As A Melee Artificer
  131. Undead Eldritch Knights Get A Short End Of The Stick Treatment In Sharn Loot
  132. Warforged Eldritch Knight Gearset Possibilities Look Promising
  133. Visions of Sharn
  134. Results From 17 1/2 Hours Of Meticulously Examining The Loot For Purpose Of Critique
  135. Pictures of Sharn Raid Weapons
  136. Where is the Castle Ravenloft equivalent in Sharn?
  137. Bring DPS Kobolds to Guild ships!
  138. Please bring Legendary Dust procs to the new loot
  139. Pictures of Quest Items
  140. When will the server open again?
  141. epic equipment
  142. Trouble getting test client to work.
  143. Constellation weapons need a little more to feel like raid loot........
  144. First look at the COGS
  145. Dinosaur in the COGS
  146. Alchemical Silver is not a weapon power
  147. Shrines in The Cogs Wilderness?
  148. Lynnabel Asked For Raid Weapon Suggestions, Let's Get Creative And Have Some Fun!
  149. Nearly Finished
  150. Bug Found: Flying Squirrels Missing In Sharn
  151. Pictures of Syranian Weapons
  152. Please fix the Inquisitive with a Runearm Animation
  153. Inquisitive Crossbow Cosmetics
  154. Goblin Voice?
  155. cant log in
  156. Dragonborn not available on Lamannia?
  157. Purchasing throwing dagger...
  158. Where is the character progression?
  159. Undocumented Change
  160. Loot Disappointments I am Hoping Elude To Next Adventure Pack Released
  161. If Next Adventure Pack Has Loot That Covers For What Sharn Loot Lacked
  162. Bravery Marshall?
  163. U42 Equipment and Power Creep
  164. Sharn no spoiler review
  165. Raid Too Hard
  166. Nonsensical and wasted attribute on new orb (Stygian Wrath)
  167. Dc100 proc weapons from killing time.
  168. A "Book" On Future Item And Content Creation
  169. Pale Master Pass
  170. Sharn Shields
  171. Next Sharn Raid Preview?
  172. Re Piston Boots
  173. Is the glaring issue with Spellsinger ever going to be addressed?
  174. Make everyone on Lama VIP?
  175. What I Wish To See In Epic Destiny Updates
  176. Reaper at level +2. How do you expect to play that?
  177. Nullification Based Spellsword IN ED Update Please?
  178. Unable to launh
  179. Iconic on Hardcore Server
  180. Good time to nerf divine might analogs and barb run speed to be based on class levels
  181. World death announcements for hirelings
  182. daily dice
  183. Hardcore Server Ranged Build
  184. Hardcore Server, Unanswered Questions
  185. Zombie form is at full speed for ranged builds??? really?
  186. Is it by design to keep Lama on the down low?
  187. Call me noob ..but
  188. For KotB... maybbe run your first character, ever.
  189. Lamannia Server
  190. How to get to the keep?
  191. KotB bugs and hiccups
  192. New quests - Wiki data (SPOILERS)
  193. My Critiques, Praises, And Suggestions (Will be updated from time to time)
  194. PB Maps the Borderlands
  195. keep of the borderlands suggestion: make weapons ml20 for sentient
  196. keep of the Borderlands Favor & other rewards
  197. DDO Players - UPDATE 44 Hourses Overview Video
  198. Effective Hit Points not adjusted by reaper skulls
  199. Are there quest teleporters in Keep on the Borderlands?
  200. New Feat: Multitude of Missiles
  201. Lamannia on Mac
  202. Regarding the new stats tab
  203. Please add a past life dude to the dojo!
  204. Please make epic BL high spawn density
  205. I need an Alchemist update
  206. Don't make me wait till Wednesday!
  207. Eulogy for Inquisitive Wed 8pm in Temple of Sovereign Host
  208. Refund for Players Who Purchased Inquisitive
  209. Problems with character copy?
  210. Cargo Buffs/Teleporters/Bank/Tavern are Going Away
  211. Why can't I get in Lamannia?
  212. Please remove the level my guild option from the Guide
  213. First thoughts of Lam content - experienced on Lam
  214. Bank Enhancements
  215. Assorted U45 comments
  216. Love the changes to the shared bank
  217. I'd like my Boarding Pass back please!
  218. DEVS: Please add a 'user choice' option to shared bank
  219. IPS not working on Throwing Dagger
  220. Two-Handed-Fighters are constantly moving.
  221. Strikethrough and Tanking: An idea
  222. Stealth changes: all-seeing and all-hearing don't work while moving
  223. Static numbers in centres of hotbars (and other strangeness)
  224. Alternate IPS nerf
  225. Which thrown weapon to use?
  226. Poison imbue - Combat Log Bug
  227. Alchemist possible story tie-ins
  228. Inspire Courage doesn't appear to be applying INT to Will saves
  229. Alchemical Shield - Not Working
  230. Possitive Feedback from a Ranged Toon
  231. Small Sorc Balancing Suggestion
  232. Idea for new inventory tab
  233. What to change about alch?
  234. Scion of ethereal plane changes feedback
  235. Alchemist Feedback (yes I Actually played it)
  236. Lamannia down atm?
  237. Tokens of the 12 to Delera's/Catacoms?
  238. Meta : Alchemist has a complex spell system,give Newbies more tools to understand it
  239. Did anyone get a chance to try a Vanguard DPS test with Strikethrough?
  240. Whens round 2?
  241. Simple replacement to glancing blow/DoD lag
  242. Legendary High Skull Reaper quests and Balance
  243. DIVINE MIGHT nerf is a big mistake.
  244. Missing 4 Constitution on TANK build
  245. Misleading descriptions
  246. Alchemist Variants and Spell Strategy Planning/Primer
  247. Cerulean Hills
  248. Death Salve Still Broken
  249. Price for Alchemist?
  250. Can't seem to get Melt Lock to work