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  1. Tower of Frost: Augment, Shard of Risia
  2. Scaleable quests and monsters?
  3. QOL: Can we get a second equipment tab just for reaper?
  4. Reaper and Favor
  5. Death Pact
  6. Reaper Restrictions?
  7. Void strike
  8. Instead of nerfing self-healing nerf movement speed.
  9. Maximum Dodge?
  10. When do we get to preview our new reptilian overlords?
  11. Champion Changes Feedback
  12. Character transfer bugged for lama today?
  13. Add Reaper and Mythic Bonuses to Random Loot
  14. No Self Healing Debuff
  15. 10 skull Durk's got a secret completion reaper review
  16. Reaper = boring failure of vision.
  17. Some Info from todays tests
  18. Comprehensive list of reaper scaling: damage, DPS, self healing
  19. 2 Star Good for Solo...4 Star beyond my solo capability
  20. Initial Feedback (playtest day 1 quests only - reaper 5/7/10)
  21. any items with reaper bonus sighted?
  22. List of all the buffs available to Champions, including Tier 3 and Vulnerabilities
  23. Reaper difficulty feedback
  24. Reaper Mode - One players persepctive
  25. Reaper/Champion Changes: Recommendation and Reasoning, Jan10-12, Lamma Patch
  26. Tower of Frost Orc saves still Borked
  27. My reaper feedback
  28. Will bluff be useful to single pull?
  29. Reaper: Likes and Dislikes
  30. End of the Road boarked
  31. Healing Debuff Rounding
  32. Reaper healing debuffs.
  33. Reaper streak and saga reward
  34. Devs - Save being pestered while on lamannia and update the dojo
  35. Reaper XP
  36. How to fix the immersion breaking nature of reaper difficulty.
  37. Create thrall and confusion?
  38. Concerns for reaper
  39. Charming/summoning in reaper
  40. Intriguing idea: Allow us to dispel the new Champion buffs
  41. Extend feat
  42. BUG: The visual distinction of the champions
  43. couple questions for our QA and devs
  44. champions
  45. As always things are subject to change but now I'm realy confused about what comes...
  46. Why did you put the overlevel penalty to Reaper? Way to kill all the excitement
  47. to developer attention: 1 quest critical bug and other things
  48. @Devs Please Read
  49. Draconic Incarnation's breath weapon attacks get full Metamagic feats
  50. Discussion about the new Reaper trees
  51. Devs: Please Read - About the Overlevel Penalties.
  52. A release suggestion for Reaper
  53. Reaper HP Bonuses
  54. Assassins are assassinated again.
  55. Reaper: why lowering player damage output isn't the answer
  56. LOVE the wings!!!
  57. human boost RIP. H-elf and bladeforged still opperational.
  58. Character Transfer?
  59. Reaper.. not what I anticipated..
  60. Generic Ship & Buffs for Lamannia
  61. lvl cap ??
  62. ToD and Reaper
  63. Instead of Reaper gear drops in Reaper.. drop statuettes and busts
  64. Lamma's Reaper preview is pointless without points
  65. Transfer/copying feature ignoring chars past the first 14 in alphabetical order
  66. very confused about reaper mode, is there one spot I can go for info?
  67. Reaper Tree II: Spells (redone) less power creep
  68. Reaper scaling, the numbers game vs the tactics game, and really being a killer DM
  69. How do you feel about the new Reaper Enhancement Trees?
  70. Tower of Frost Loot changes
  71. Reccomendations and Reasoning (4th week of january)
  72. So, what is going to happen with level lockout?
  73. overlevel clarification
  74. Reaper Favor: Reaper Quests are worth 0 Favor
  75. Reaper death timer
  76. This post is for Standing Stone, thank you!
  77. What effects reaper XP?
  78. Reaper mode broken for Devil Assault ?
  79. slef healing
  80. My thoughts on Reaper mode
  81. tangleroot
  82. Any news on when lamannia will open?
  83. Champion Level and Difficulty Clarification
  84. Cannot Continue because en/DDO EULA - Turbine.html cannot be located
  85. Racial past life bug?
  86. Updated 35 Named Items
  87. Dragonborn Info?
  88. Initial thoughts - Dragonborn
  89. Thoughts on u35
  90. Heroic U35 feedback
  91. suggestion about racial action points...
  92. dragonborn avatar
  93. Dragonborn and Racial Reincarnation feedback (and bugs)
  94. U35 armor looks
  95. Racial past life ability scores
  96. Does the dragonborn racial caster leve increase work?
  97. Vet/Newbie power gap
  98. opinion about new bank system
  99. Dragonborn's Racial Tree
  100. Racial reincarnation hearts
  101. The Newcomers feedback therad
  102. Black and Blue feedback thread
  103. Dragonborn creation, enhancements, dragon breath demonstration (video)
  104. Racial Past Life Opinion Poll
  105. Racial/Iconic complesionist
  106. Dragonborn 32pt build ?
  107. Racial Reincarnation - Feedback
  108. racial reincarnation - no double dipping?
  109. Racial Enhancement Trees
  110. can the cooldown of the dragonborn breath attack be lowered down ?
  111. Update 35 thoughts and feelings
  112. Lamma copy question
  113. Review of Raid
  114. Racial improvements
  115. Actually, It's disappointing for dragonborn appearance.
  116. U35 named items (heroic)
  117. Dragonborn Artwork - Its the Head & Feet!
  118. Missing / need ancestry with the Green Dragon
  119. The Newcomers + Black and Blue Feedback
  120. My vision of U35
  121. Human Tree Needs One Change
  122. noob needs some help connecting
  123. New bank suggesitons
  124. Color Options for Dragonborn
  125. Devs - Can you fix the EVON6 Epic Raid Chest in U35 please?
  126. Lamannia server not working?
  127. Clarification on Racial Incarnation bonuses
  128. Do Dragonborn have any racial traits?
  129. Half-elf Paladin's Improved Dilettante
  130. Couple of thoughts
  131. Can anyone help with opening Lamania?
  132. Update 36?
  133. Live reaper mode gameplay tonight
  134. Reaper Divine Tree
  135. Sorcerer & reaper mode
  136. Toon Bank inventory view
  137. Dread Adversary - mementos
  138. level 19 Quest and can't enter Reaper even when The character is level 20
  139. Future Development: Deities/religion Patron Favor question
  140. DDO Reaper Trial
  141. When Will u36 be brought to Lamannia?
  142. DOT's in reaper mode.
  143. Spell Resistance change
  144. Bellow's Ring
  145. Happy monk timez :D
  146. Calrification on an aggro change so we know what to test
  147. Recommendations and Reasoning (27th of June) ~~~ Some Loot Screenshots
  148. Let's not let Lynn's efforts be in vain
  149. Swift Defense
  150. Some U36 loot
  151. u36 loot discussion
  152. New SR data for wiki
  153. Test dojo kobolds
  154. U36 Release Notes
  155. Legendary Tokens in legendary content to reward end game Reaper
  156. How to copy a character to Lamannia?
  157. Underwater Gate - Third Times a Charm
  158. U36 Legendary Bastardsword
  159. Warlock Changes - Any Reviews
  160. U36 updated Sharn Syndicate loot
  161. My Two Cents on Warlock Adjustment
  162. U37 or Ravenloft, which comes first?
  163. things i would like being fixed in update 36 patch 2
  164. Cleric Water Domain
  165. Cleric Protection Domain
  166. Cleric Character Creation UI
  167. Cleric Animal Domain
  168. Add Lamannia NPC Vendors that sell ingredients/collectables
  169. bug: shrouding shot (epic destiny shadowdancer, tier3)
  170. UL short rewiev (+ new items from Mimic)
  171. DDO Store & DDO Market question (again)
  172. Cleric strength domain
  173. Shared spellpower is not actually shared spellpower
  174. Please help...
  175. Cleric Sun domain
  176. Cleric War Domain
  177. Can you slip this in before release?
  178. Please! Devs tell us whats going!
  179. It is like someone doesnt want us to test DDO
  180. Suggestion for the dojo
  181. Mimic Pet question
  182. Questions for those that tested the Healing Domain
  183. Question re:Cleric Domains for character planners
  184. Warpriest STR Joke Still Ongoing
  185. When is Cleric Domains going live?
  186. Info from UL (aasimar, new tree and cosmetic)
  187. Early look/review of Aasimar and Vistani Knife Fighter
  188. No NEW unique hairstyles for Aasimar?
  189. Can't seem to enter Lammania
  190. Another Round next week! (Picture Proof from +Kookie)
  191. Devs please Read this! (Rune Arm Suggestion)
  192. Dagger monks
  193. Info grom UL (iconic aasimar, mabar)
  194. Aasimar Improvement Suggestions
  195. 2017 Night Revels Loot Preview Video
  196. Wraps of Endless Light use old damage scaling
  197. DC scaling of ML28 Robe/Docent of Shadow is meh
  198. Resurrection Chamber
  199. Evasion should be added to Vistani tree?
  200. Complaints About Lamannia THUS Far.
  201. things i noticed about wilderness
  202. ravenloft feedback that you dont like (why foul up a devs thread)
  203. DDO Ravenloft Preview Video – Loot Overview
  204. A Short Review of MoR - first preview
  205. Ravenloft Wilderness FPS
  206. Initial Raveloft Impressions
  207. Lamannia Server Wipe
  208. Raveloft Loot Inquiry
  209. Character Copy Gone?
  210. Wizard of the Wines map issue
  211. Flaming Skulls
  212. Will based traps in new raid
  213. Strahd raid
  214. You cannot Mirror of Glamering the new scepter
  215. Sentient Weapon System have a bit porblem (hope Devs can see this)
  216. Thoughts so far exploring the lamannia preview of Ravenloft
  217. Please answer this.. Are Sentient weapons ONLY for lvl 20+ weapons?
  218. New sentient weapons and augment bags
  219. Use Soul Gem bag for Sentient Gems and Filigree's
  220. Ravenloft Wilderness
  221. Bugs I found
  222. Love For Sentient Weapons Lost Due To A Misleading Description
  223. My problem(s) with the loot.
  224. Pieces Of Equipment I Wish I Could Test On Lamannia
  225. Add Lamannia Equipment Mock-up Gallery!
  226. Suggest your own name items here, hopefully devs will create some for next Lamannia
  227. Fact or Fiction, Rumor Control's latest rumblings
  228. Cannith Challenges and Sentient Weapons
  229. Four Important Questions On New Gear I'm Seeking Answers For
  230. Because I Am Dissapointed That Bloodfeast Claimed Vampirism On Lamania
  231. When is next Lamannia coming?
  232. Ravenloft and artificers
  233. Please Remove Guild Leveling
  234. The Loot Improved A Little.... in some places... still no Helms added?
  235. Ravenloft Wisps will kill you with force damage and no force resistance items?
  236. DDO Players - Ravenloft Preview Video – Raid Loot
  237. Sentient Weapon - Named Item pass? / Liquid Metal Weapons
  238. Barovian challenges
  239. I can not access to lammania
  240. Sentient Voices videos
  241. Standing Stones Games Is Shining Brightly With The Graphics In Ravenloft!
  242. Caster items, I'm curious devs...
  243. Some Class Date need inprove
  244. Bottle of Mist value opinions?
  245. Sentient Weapons...not what I was expecting.
  246. Baba Lysaga raid will Lamannia be open for or not?
  247. Druid Pass Questions
  248. Reaper XP by Level and Skull
  249. Reaper bonus drop rate
  250. U38, what do we think...