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  1. U28 Items
  2. Quest Review: EE Vanguard solo in under hour
  3. Spell Wards
  4. Monster Manual 6
  5. Hirelings not doing what suppose to
  6. Update 28: Devil's Gambit Review
  7. u28...
  8. Grim and Barett, npc bug?
  9. U28 Quests...Thoughts, Suggestions, and a Few Bugs
  10. Why not Warning ?
  11. The quest in the Portable Hole lasted 6 mins
  12. Monster Saves
  13. Tavern Brawl + Grim and Barett
  14. AA Tree Update
  15. Boss DPS Kobolds - what times were high DPS pallies and barbs getting?
  16. The new pack completed in 40 minutes on EE Solo
  17. Projectile distance limit
  18. What is up with lamannia
  19. U28 Feedback
  20. Entering challenges?
  21. Kinda like haunted house quests
  22. Charcter Copy Down?
  23. The Night Revels Review (New Halloween Event)
  24. Unofficial New Mabar (BETA) items (2015) list (probably isn't complete)
  25. some bugs and issues
  26. Lamannia PVP Prob.
  27. Night Revels Event
  28. Petition Thread to Add Old Mabar Loot to Night Revels
  29. Lamannia Down..
  30. Ways to obtain keys
  31. Can we please have Mimic Hunt on as well as the new event.
  32. Lammania still open?
  33. Lamannia
  34. Lamannia is UP with update
  35. I had thought. ?
  36. How does someone get access to Lammannia server
  37. The Night Revels: Preview 2 Feedback
  38. Can someone test unarmed crit profiles?
  39. Lammania favor
  40. Why?
  41. Devs - please when Lam is up again
  42. Lamania download
  43. Elf AA Core 18 doesnt work?
  44. Getting under 100 seconds on the DPS Kobold
  45. Any images of new items
  46. Do upgraded Cove hats boost chocolate drops/keys etc?
  47. Love the Night Revels instances
  48. Why does it all have to disappear?
  49. Why are old Mabar prizes so -expensive?-
  50. Reveler's Regalia: Durwtion only 60 seconds
  51. Eldritch Knight rework
  52. Flame Ferret and Tactical Donkey
  53. Old items upgradeable?
  54. What is the benefit of grouping?
  55. Silence of the Tasty Hams
  56. Delara's Graveyard Playtests from Sarlona for CR 12-17
  57. Key Drop Rates and Kill Thieves.
  58. Archmage Rework
  59. abilities that don't work in Delera's Graveyard
  60. Mimic Hunt Replacement Loot ~ Flame Ferret and Tactical Donkey Reprised
  61. Feedback on Nov 2 hotfix
  62. Does Boon of undead proc from vicious weapons?
  63. NR Candy is a #WIN
  64. Back out the door I came in...
  65. Vendor gone already??
  66. When
  67. Can Someone Let Us Know?
  68. Is it back?
  69. Legendary raids
  70. Dev Incompetence at an all time high!
  71. Any ETA of the next Build yet on lamannia?
  72. Dear devs, if at all possible...
  73. highten and Master of Element
  74. Know The Angles
  75. Greater Ruin and "mana dumping"
  76. When is the Roll out Date for Update 29
  77. ED needs rework
  78. New Saga
  79. Subterrane
  80. EE Shroud
  81. Epic Vale?
  82. EE HoX
  83. More than 60 Spell resistence in LE Shroud
  84. The Mortal Fear effect that does 50% hit point damage will not function in Legendary
  85. What is a good dps number on the test kobolds?
  86. 2 Barbarians do EN Hound
  87. Full List of Legendary Green Steel Effects
  88. Needing the Funk: Difficulty in the New Raids
  89. The new and improved Pets
  90. Legendary Tempest's Spine
  91. Suggestions for Arcane Warrior to make it support EK better
  92. Epic Tempest Spin And Epic Hound
  93. DO store crashes clincet (for those having the crash after logging out bug)
  94. Comparison between Epic Spells and Heroic Spells (Difficult Checks only)
  95. Friendly reminder that Strange Tidings is still broken
  96. Devs, +14, +7 insight to a stat is terrible design
  97. Please separate DPS Boss Kobolds better
  98. Runearm weapon imbue and spell power
  99. Lam character copy taking 2 days?
  100. Consider Delaying Level 30 and Random Loot Changes
  101. Can we get DoJ loot in the Dojo, please?
  102. My take on the new Destiny Feats for U29
  103. Kobold beatdown times: outcomes post level 30 buffs
  104. Tell me we can't just DPS through Part 2 of the new Shroud
  105. LGS Crafting Amenity
  106. Warlock Bugs still Exist
  107. Devs: lmmania feedback - caster issues
  108. Devs,
  109. If I initiate a TR before U29, can I complete it post U29 without leveling up to 30
  110. Legendary Shroud makes me sad. (lam build 3)
  111. Why is Master of Light so much worse than all of the other Master of "X" feats?
  112. Devs . . . 84 DC necro versus CR55 Kobolds
  113. Legendary Elite does not justify all this power we are getting
  114. Update 29 Quest Review (Creeping Death and To Curse the Sky)
  115. Scion of the Ethereal Plane
  116. Changes to Update 29 to Avoid Needing a Server Merge Next Year
  117. Intensify Spell - please make it affect heal/regenerate spells
  118. What's so "Legendary" about "Legendary" content
  119. Master of the Dead does not affect Death Aura
  120. New Lamannia Build Just Downloaded...
  121. Creeping Death
  122. Elite Legendary Shroud. (Lam Build 4)
  123. Bard spell singer: utterly insufficient buff
  124. Please add delay before Taint of Shavarath Effects Apply after Raise/Ressurection
  125. "To Curse the Sky" quest
  126. How to make the content challenging
  127. Elite Legendary Tempest's Spine: Lam Build 4
  128. Is 2000+ damage a swing from trash mobs WAI?
  129. Log In!
  130. Why is the Guide on Vacation?
  131. When U29 hits.... how about this?
  132. Clairty in Random Loot Naming
  133. Too late to make Legendary GS ML:25?
  134. Arcane Warrior and AA's Inferno shot
  135. Munchkin's Quick and Dirty fixes for Difficulty in LE Raids
  136. Still time to change Pale Master SLAs
  137. Things missing from vendors for Epics
  138. Rather than one-shotting everyone nerf our self healing
  139. How to fix challenge
  140. Designing challenging mobs
  141. Have Scion of Limbo be affected by Halfling Luck
  142. construct essence feat chain
  143. You know when monsters should do more than 1200+ damage per hit?
  144. Question for the Devs
  145. Beethoven's (U)29th Balance
  146. We have lowered the overall difficulty of the New Content
  147. And don't forget we need a bag for the LGS augments!
  148. Are U29 quests pay to play?
  149. Pet stuff
  150. How do I know when Lamannia is gonna be open?
  151. How to fit Cannith Crafting to new Genloot
  152. Monks: The forgotten class
  153. Update #) first thoughts, errr update 30...
  154. Character copier fails on 5 toons so far
  155. Please stop giving every class AoE's
  156. Gnome review: Munchkin on Munchkin
  157. Devs: are we ever going to get more illusion spells?
  158. U30 Arcanotechnician
  159. So another update with no content?
  160. Svirfneblin Favored Enemy
  161. Anyone more having issues with character copy?
  162. First I was like "Why the necro's", then I was like "Why no recent last post"
  163. Gnome racial weapons V.S. Racial Tree
  164. Gnome first impressions and a few small buggy things
  165. AA New AOE ability
  166. If you posted 20+ times in the past 12 hours? that's too much.
  167. The Gnome "Problem"
  168. Please stop forcing iconics to take a class at first level.
  169. Master of artifice
  170. Fvs capstone -gnome and swirfneblin versions
  171. Gnome feedback
  172. How is teh DC for the SLA Phantasmal Killer figured?
  173. Gnome boulder and spell power
  174. Spellcasting implement on LGS caster weapons
  175. Becoming pay to win?
  176. "Brace for Impact" bonus type?
  177. artificer bonuses more heavy handed
  178. Ranger enhancement - Final Strike + Gnome Iconic Spellcaft + Iconic Gnome item
  179. Deep Gnome Spellcraft bonus
  180. Deep gnome iconic question + suggestion
  181. Lammania Server Taken Down
  182. Using Lamannia
  183. Iconics: Reincarnation, Monster Manuals, and LFM Racial Icons
  184. Twitch on Friday, last chance to improve Gnomes?
  185. Aniversary Event Reviews
  186. New U30 ML 30 Loot
  187. So devs... what happened to that "thing" you had us contribute to?
  188. 10th anniversery freebies
  189. The new Bacon and Broccoli in taverns
  190. Yet Again Feature Request Sorting Quests by Epic Level
  191. Dirty Fix for Auction House Searching
  192. Gnome deity feats?
  193. Gnome Favored Enemy: Giant
  194. SRD Racial Particulars vs DDO Wild Scaling
  195. cannith crafting
  196. Gnomes and Religion
  197. Cool Idea (that could have been done for 10th)
  198. Please fix vendors.
  199. U31? Timetable?
  200. When is Lammania coming up?
  201. U31 - Laggy
  202. Update 31: Gnomework! Quest Review
  203. Please stop using an absurd number of mobs in every quest
  204. Proposal: TR cache QoL updates for U31 or U32
  205. U31 - Boss kobold beatdowns
  206. I can't find Lammania Character Copy or is giving me a 404
  207. confetti
  208. U31 new hair styles/beards - awesomium
  209. U31 Kensei Enhancements feedback
  210. DDO Needs a Shot of Adrenaline
  211. Will there be an Update 31 Round 2?
  212. New kensai and ranged weapons!!!(Bug)
  213. U31 drops... So what is U32 gonna be?
  214. shadow charges not accumulating
  215. Scion of Shadowfell
  216. Just Cause
  217. /deathâ„¢
  218. Estimated Time of Uptime?
  219. Lamannia Opens tomorrow! Officially! (Or today)
  220. Everbright?
  221. Did they kill Arrow/Bolt crafting?
  222. Costly on the collectables front
  223. Bugs and grievances
  224. Having a major problem getting my crafter on the beta server....
  225. Bring back flexible shards please. My review and preview video
  226. Cannith Crafting is a success
  227. The lag
  228. Item Rename
  229. I am understanding this correctly
  230. A comparison of 128 craftible shards that are in both the new & old crafting systems
  231. How is this an improvement?
  232. Notes After Reading Through the New Recipes
  233. Essence trade in and a couple of other questions.
  234. Crafting Percentage
  235. Unique Border Color for Crafted items
  236. Will Double Stat items be implemented?
  237. Purified Dragonshard use is crazy.
  238. No it's not hard, long or grindy - but it does require a boatload of essences
  239. +Bug+ Artificer Levels/ Dragonmark Enhancements not adding to your crafting level.
  240. My experience leveling from 1 to 312 in 18 minutes - boat load of essences needed....
  241. What attribute you get at what minimum level?
  242. Shard Recipes
  243. Adjusting number of collectibles and purified shards
  244. The look of the new U32 items
  245. Deconstruction question.
  246. +1/+5 Enhancement Spirits ?
  247. Kundarak Crafting
  248. Should I level now or wait?
  249. +5 Sword
  250. U32 items - few comments