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  1. Can you devs atleast give us an Update to whats to come?
  2. Temple of Elemental Evil: Round 1 Feedback
  3. Monster Manual - What's in it.
  4. U25: Rogue - Assassin Lamannia Feedback
  5. U25: Rogue - Thief-Acrobat Lamannia Feedback
  6. Lamannia Mac Client Download
  7. U25 Loot: First Look
  8. Game Error [201] ... Can't open the data files.
  9. Ranged builds are too good so we add melee power... now we add....
  10. Character copy not working!
  11. New rogue changes
  12. The Gatekeepers
  13. Bleed Damage and Melee Power
  14. Lam Install - Did I hose it?
  15. Were fort saves changed?
  16. TOEE Pics
  17. DevChat for those that could not be there.
  18. Fire temple
  19. So why Fury of the Wild only grants 1 RP per core? And also bugged at the moment
  20. Lammania not running after install
  21. Looking got Tapestries in Test Mojo
  22. whomever stole the
  23. First Draft Maps (Do Not Look If You Want To Explore Yourself)
  24. ToEE endfight
  25. Mimic in the Dojo
  26. Known Issue: Swashbuckler Stance Crit to Throwing
  27. Shiles in TOEE
  28. TOEE - Starting Area
  29. A Smple Quality of Life Change for the Rogue/Trap Pass.
  30. Why is this not a Raid?
  31. Why another Crafting system?
  32. Turbine Points
  33. 201 Game Error: Possible fix
  34. Great job on ToEE
  35. Temple of Elemental Evil: Round 2 Feedback!
  36. Weapon focus and specialization feats are still too weak
  37. Combat feats losing melee power?
  38. Sting of the Ninja working with named weapons again
  39. Ranged pass, but no ranged power to ranged feats?
  40. NO endreward for temple part one ?!?
  41. U25: Rogue - Mechanic Feedback
  42. Venomed Blades and Ranged Power
  43. Expert builder bugged
  44. It's the little things...
  45. Monster Manual IV flaws
  46. The 4th combat style in ddo: unarmed
  47. Character loaded fine yesterday, but can't seem to login today
  48. GTWF giving melee power
  49. So many bugs, Devs probably should have held off on this pass.
  50. Release Notes feedback on PRR and MRR
  51. Doubling the Cost of Shadow Dodge and Halfing the Dex it Gives Seems a Bit Excessive.
  52. Those Barbarians sure are sticky!
  53. the great crossbow mechanic, still lagging behind
  54. Any screenshots of Zuggtmoy yet?
  55. Just to clarify.... Mechanics no longer get a crit range bonus?
  56. need help finding a couple items in the dojo
  57. The update is done with new loot comping monday!
  58. We need to let Sev and the Team know how we feel about the threat range, be heard.
  59. Are there any named items besides armor/weapons in TOEE?
  60. The bug that does not let one enter a quest...
  61. Not seeing full dodge bonuses on Measure the Foe
  62. Game Mechanic Questions About Update (Build Decisions)
  63. Are we getting another preview?
  64. Does U25 introduce +7 tomes?
  65. Tell the Turbine team that you support them holding off on rogue pass
  66. Level 9 build for ToEE
  67. A Plea to Dev's, don't take down Lammania for a bit
  68. Are we on Oerth?
  69. Its a bad sign
  70. ToEE Awesome look and feel. Horrible Monster Selection (SPOILERS)
  71. Air headed....
  72. Lammania taken down without warning, boo hiss!
  73. Instant Red Dungeon Alert! And Major LAG! TOEE pt2
  74. Visual bug
  75. The Outside area to the Temple Drawn to Scale?
  76. Feedback on TOEE having played all diffs
  77. Temple docents
  78. bought ToEE and it Broke DDO
  79. Amount of ingredient dropped
  80. Weapon crafting
  81. So bored... Can we put Lammania back up?
  82. Unable to decrypt or de-serialize the data downloaded from the server
  83. Earth Node quakes affecting maps
  84. Warlocks... Can we get a taste of what's to come?
  85. Lammania Client is Updating/Downloading? (As of 2:30 MST 5/11/15)
  86. Update 26 on Lammania
  87. warlock thread gone so..
  88. need help
  89. Lamannia Tainted Scholar Feedback - Official Thread
  90. Lamannia Enlightened Spirit Feedback - Official Thread
  91. Lamannia stuck on retrieving content list from Akamai
  92. Is the server up?
  93. Patching troubles - unable to descryp/deserialize, etc.
  94. What did you guys do!?
  95. Lamannia Patcher
  96. Character copy not working?
  97. Warlock bugs
  98. Thank you ... crafting storage awsomeness
  99. Devs: Is the price of Warlock on Lam the price that is planned for live?
  100. 5e warlock
  101. If a Holy Sword and any other nerfs are coming....
  102. Pact Damage
  103. Warlock Bugs and Issues
  104. This could be phrased better...
  105. Lam DeCrypt BUg FiX!!!!!
  106. Warlock Class Feedback
  107. EB does not follow the target reticle
  108. First 30 minutes on a warlock, the initial impression.
  109. I am able to load the Copy Tool Page just fine now!
  110. error 201 .dat files missing
  111. regarding the loot cabinents in the test dojo
  112. Suggestion to make pact right!!
  113. Empower and Maximize
  114. Bang, Pew Pew Pew
  115. Any effort to resolve ongoing issues with hirelings?
  116. Antimagic?
  117. Error 502 Bad Gateway
  118. Empower Spell, Maximize Spell, & Eldritch Blast
  119. EB takes a long time to start and stop - messes up other actions.
  120. Level 3 is a "whole 'nother level!"
  121. Multiclass Issues
  122. Patching troubles, unable to run etc etc sure fix for 64 bit Windows Vista, 7 and 8
  123. Initial Warlock Feedback
  124. Kinda sucks for fey pact that perform affects sonic damage and is cross class skill
  125. Needs "Dismiss Charm"
  126. how about open source
  127. Feat suggestion to help balance fiend pact
  128. Good news! Devs?
  129. Problems with DDO Store
  130. Character copy broken?
  131. Beefing Up Elderich Blast
  132. Guild on Lamannia
  133. So many places I could place this but thinking this gets read more at the moment...
  134. Suggest change to the prestige path
  135. Warlock Iconic?
  136. Eldritch Blast Missle Speed
  137. Suggestion: Warlock's Legacy Video Preview
  138. Epic Reincarnation Limbo Bug / Free tiral issue with VIP
  139. Silly question - evocation vs conjuration
  140. Not on Lammania - question is Stunning Blast a stun, or a daze?
  141. Can't log in :/
  142. So any changes to the ToEE loot Epic versus Mythic?
  143. Changing the Patron Pact?
  144. i find an image of ddo warlock on google image...
  145. Confusion and its potential uses (idea)
  146. Paladin/Warlock 9/5: An experience review of class synergy and potential
  147. Eldritch Blast gets confusing. Badly confusing.
  148. Comparison of maximum DCs for wizard, sorcerer, and warlock
  149. When is the New build being pushed out?
  150. Warlock Class Full Revamp-suggestion
  151. Odd character creation bug with Warlock.
  152. Lets Talk About Spells
  153. Warlock DPS?
  154. Warlock not able to level to level 3 because i dont have access
  155. Enlightened Spirit tree changes are going to be a disaster
  156. Warlock Eldrich Blast causes lag for low-bandwidth systems
  157. Still want a glaive.
  158. VIP warlock purchase issue work-around
  159. Any Warlock specific loot been added to the game?
  160. simple question
  161. Lamannia Client...
  162. Casting the Create Undead Spell
  163. About Soul Eater's Steal Life Force
  164. Warlock Enlightened Spirit w/Melee
  165. What feats are good on Warlock....?
  166. Thoughts on the Warlock Update
  167. why warlock PREs give INT?
  168. Some feat suggestions
  169. Warlock ES Aura not ticking every 2 seconds
  170. Can Not Get Warlock
  171. Soul Eater Oddity, Consume and Stricken, spellpower but not metamagics?
  172. Enlightened Spirits Bugs
  173. Spell casting and eldritch blast are not mixing well
  174. Request for dilettante info
  175. Dilletante: Warlock Feedback
  176. Level 4 Enlightened Tree Try
  177. Short TOEE EE Feedback
  178. Warlock Bugs
  179. Epic Eldritch Blast Feat Missing
  180. Tainted Scholar Bug
  181. The basic E-Blast is painfully awkward
  182. Eldrich Blast basics questions
  183. Pact Spells
  184. Some bugs, and some opinion...
  185. Warlocks, Bards, Bladeforged and Domains - expanded spell lists
  186. Pact Spell Confusion
  187. Eldritch Blast sound effects
  188. Ok so Warlock is live.
  189. warlock slow bug, anyone know the fix?
  190. EBT targeting is wonkus
  191. enlightened spirit - combat log spam
  192. Action Surge not working with Vanguard/Kotc melee action boosts
  193. Warlock (Ranged items)
  194. Changing Your Pact
  195. When will we see Shavarath update?
  196. U27 Loot thread (unofficial)
  197. Is this a prequil to the Shroud?
  198. Too easy, I think...
  199. Crafting/Upgrade mats, or lack thereof.
  200. Horned devils?
  201. caster viability
  202. Character reset
  203. Devil's Details Bugged?
  204. Resonation Effect Seems to break Fey Pact Dice
  205. What is Reaper difficulty?
  206. "On Harmful Spellcast:" Items, Bug or Intended?
  207. Developers, can we talk about the Binding status of items?
  208. Test Dojo Loot Hunting Help
  209. Please consider leaving Lam up permanently.
  210. What does epic shavarath mean to you?
  211. Feedback Thread: Defiler of the Just
  212. U27 - Raid - First thoughts
  213. U27: The Sudden End of All Endgame DC Casting in DDO?
  214. Demon Assault: Please make Jailer Redname
  215. Character Copy: Failed
  216. Two New Things (undocumented so to speak)
  217. character copy failed
  218. BTW . . . new quests are beautiful
  219. Were the mobs in quests given a buff?
  220. cannith challenge reward bug
  221. Shield Issues intended or no?
  222. It is not that I do not like to put powerful items!
  223. Any chance lamm will be back up for U27?
  224. Archon's Trial ~ stuck in intelligence trial
  225. Raid version two ~ attempts and feedback
  226. Reminiscent of the "Heart of Madness" pac (tested first two quests)
  227. Chain giver gives level 13 gear when chain done on epic
  228. Shiradi no longer works with eldritch burst/spirit blast??
  229. new monster manual for 27
  230. The Devil's Details Endfight ~ unfinshed I assume?
  231. Question for devs.
  232. What are update 27's augments?
  233. stealer of soul flagging
  234. So ! Now that U27 is almost live (countdown in hours) -
  235. Amateur Hour in Amranth: Jalena broken???
  236. flagging for the raid bugged?
  237. No 'Raid' designation for 'Defilers of the Just' in Adventure Compendium
  238. Demon Assault Endfight bugged?
  239. Lamannia
  240. Rogue - Tier 4 Assassin enhancement [Killer] loosing all stacks upon timer expiration
  241. Dear Devs. Before you change every action boost (%) to giving only melee power
  242. Lamannia Please come up
  243. A little suggestion...
  244. U28 Speculation Thread
  245. make a raid completion stays through tr and itr plz
  246. Pale Master Skeletal Knight Pet questions / Clarifications
  247. Surviving Fire Blast in DoJ
  248. Update your clients peeps!
  249. U28 Lamannia - Ranger: Tempest Feedback
  250. U28 Lamannia - Ranger: Deepwood Stalker Feedback