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  1. Turbine now wants to sell PrEs.
  2. Blitz vs Crusader vs Sentinel Videos
  3. Official Paladin Feeback Thread? Where is it?
  4. Heals are Healing Undead
  5. State of the game= Handwraps
  6. Doubleshot Chance in UI?
  7. So much blablabla regarding u24 and the melee changes: some hard numbers
  8. Scaling of power for power gamers and casuals (with graphs!)
  9. Shadowdancers and Melee Power
  10. Hireling "Stand Your Ground" Clarification?
  11. The new "best defense"?
  12. Download doesnt work.
  13. Anyone tested the rune arm?
  14. Can executioner Strike get a dex or int bonus to modifier?
  15. Why no Melee Power for Perfect Two Handed Fighting?
  16. Paladin change feedback
  17. Two-Handed Fighting
  18. Purple Dragon Knight's Set intentionally redundant????
  19. BF-Juggernaut-Harper - the Huggernaut?
  20. Unarmed Harper?
  21. What do you want to see in the new Vanguard tree?
  22. Ranger FOTW VS LD VS DC - EH Cabal
  23. Still unable to install without Akamai
  24. mrr pet, Enhancements, Feats and Epic Destinies
  25. Epic Abbot 08/29/2014
  26. Melee's; Fury, GMoF, and Shadow Dancer
  27. Threnal XP changes
  28. Grab a chair and rest my friend
  29. PRR/MRR changes.
  30. I realize that Int is a paladin dump stat but...
  31. When are we getting an Arty ED?
  32. Why is Lam not shutting down?
  33. Videos: First Life Pally. EE FoF. DC VS LD.
  34. Videos: Fighter vs Paladin
  35. We need Non-Pally Melee Feedback.
  36. why the dev are buffing certain classes
  37. Lammainia tomorrow
  38. Free LR on U23
  39. Shadowdancer is not getting Melee Power?
  40. Spellcraft and pirate hats
  41. Viability of Primal Avatar as TWF Option in U23?
  42. Chane one feat and *poof*, no more enhancement trees
  43. Guild Storage Bug
  44. Ranged Power...
  45. My issue with blitz (damage is fine)
  46. how the pet
  47. Just playing around on Llamaland, some notes
  48. Developers, answer wanted: why cleaving with Handwraps proc off-hand damage and...
  50. Divine Crusader, the only melee destiny in U23?
  51. A too-late rethinking of Holy Sword
  52. Significant improvement for Crystal Cove- Euphonia's interface
  53. Is Blitz Nerfed? Devs Please confirm
  54. How can this really be WAI?
  55. Official Vanguard Feedback Thread
  56. Light armor cap and shield evasion
  57. U23 Crystal Cove Items Feedback Thread
  58. Monkcher (well, all rangers) nerf?
  59. KOTC Nerfs - Really?
  60. CC - Items
  61. Character Copy Disabled
  62. Should I really forget about Evasion and instead pick Heavy Armor in a Ranger?
  63. Intercession
  64. Exotic Weapons and Fighting Style feats
  65. Pally Tier 5 comparison.
  66. Melee Power Boost stacking with Damage Boost
  67. Heroic Fleshmaker?
  68. U23 loot updates?
  69. Question
  70. Silver Linging - Doesn't act as a shield
  71. "Connection to the server has been lost"
  72. Help me plz
  73. Holy retribution?
  74. U23 Release Date?
  75. So what happens to my Augments when Crystal Cove Items are upgraded?
  76. My U23/Vanguard Pure Pally Choices - any feedback?
  77. EE GoP end fight
  78. Devs: Official Statement on Holy Sword Requested Please
  79. DEVS: VERY BAD DECISION: Card Cruncer no longer going in Anniversay Bag
  80. More AP Please?
  81. +20 hearts in U23?
  82. What is your highest MRR?
  83. Is it actually difficult to create items?
  84. Answer plz
  85. Easier obtained runearms
  86. Combat styles exclusivity
  87. Does THF still work with Bastrad Swords/Dwarven axes
  88. Fourth Look? If so, whats in it for us to Preview?
  89. Meaningful AC
  90. What's "leashing"?
  91. Shintao is going to get nerfed
  92. dear devs, please do not change divine works
  93. Will there be any improvements on the Eldirtch Knight enhancement tree?
  94. epic destinies , sphere max xp
  95. Cannith Propulsion Boots Nerf
  96. Master's Blitz PRR version needs to be revised.
  97. Devs!, Can you turn CC back on Please?
  98. Wow - Nice!
  99. Cabinet Loot
  100. So, no changes to the heroic raid flagging?
  101. Help!!!!
  102. How many Turbine points will the new Harper enhancement cost?
  103. Help me plz
  104. a big and thoughtful question to the Playerbase about Turbine:
  105. Can you set your own default server?
  106. Please Repair the Necro Story Arc
  107. Got Epic Macabre map
  108. Relevant suggestion to Vanguard tree
  109. Character copy question
  110. Order of operations . . . is it PRR then DR?
  111. Holy Sword Question, can't log on to test
  112. suggestion for u23
  113. Flagging for Abbot
  114. Cordovan's video of the Mirror of Glamering was a bit (accidentally) deceptive.
  115. How to improve Fighters in regards to paladins
  116. Disappointed on EnecroIV
  117. Lamnia Fifth look?
  118. I've been gone for two years, help please
  119. unfinished PDK (and other) Favor Rewards
  120. Feat Changes/Melee Power
  121. Heroic TR gear for leveling(my standard layout)
  122. Any chance for Pale master SLA- necrotic touch,bolt and blast able to use metamagic?
  123. Several suggestion to improve precaching game logic
  124. Be nice if I could use it.
  125. Please fix lesser arcane dexterity stacking issues/bugs
  126. Absorption vs Avoidance
  127. Sheltering PRR, MRR and Guardian Angel
  128. How do you access characters from 2nd account
  129. Completionist free Feat -
  130. Epic XP Penaties
  131. Does Vanguard combine fighter and Pali levels?
  132. Cannith Raids need more XP
  133. Legendary Dreadnought Improved Power Attack bugged?
  134. So no more lama?
  135. Chest Re-rolls in Orchard result in worse loot each time
  136. Epic TR and destiny points
  137. Mirror of Glamering?
  138. Question about Free Lesser Hearts of Wood
  139. Chest Ransack
  140. Lamannia for OSX?
  141. Epic Bastion of Fealty
  142. Epic Ring of Spell Storing
  143. when will update 24 hit lammainia?
  144. Symmetric.strikes?
  145. Epic Destinies
  146. harper insightful strikes II
  147. Severlin et al. - barbarian feedback
  148. Why no new saga?
  149. Ehancement Suggestion with TR
  150. Barbarian Suggestion
  151. Enhancement Points: Epic Levels
  152. Lamlam up?
  153. Combination character
  154. [NEW] Fighter changes
  155. Claw of the Vulkoor bugged?
  156. We are in need of Heal Amp Augments
  157. What items do you want to see in Temple of Elemental of Evil?
  158. Devs: are you out of imagination? The new druids forms..
  159. Missing the Dojo door on Lamannia
  160. A Few Items from Mask of Deception
  161. Elemental Form changes
  162. Stuck on loading new game data...
  163. Seriously??? Wave at the Mirror???
  164. U24 Heart of Madness Items
  165. Epic Web of Chaos items?
  166. Loot Tables Fixed?
  167. Barbarian Nerfs Already or Release Notes Wrong?
  168. U24 - Ravager Update
  169. U24 - Loot Thread
  170. U24 - Frenzied Berserker Update
  171. U24 - Occult Slayer Update
  172. Lammania server
  173. Lammania U24 unplayable
  174. Lammania server not working properly
  175. Does increased drop rates will affect shards and seals?
  176. Whare did the promissed TWF barbarian go?
  177. I can't seem to get the client open...
  178. Jezz plz talk to me devs/community managers
  179. Barbarian DPS
  180. Has anyone heard from the devs yet, about this problem?
  181. Release Notes and Healing Amp question
  182. Devs Did you not Notice there is already a Teleporter in the Hall of Heros: Eberron?
  183. Harper favor Tree unlock?
  184. rework Half-Orc when changing barbs
  185. U24 Quests Feedback
  186. Devs I cannot loggin with my main account(VIP) Can Somebody fix this?
  187. So, Whats happening? the Servers been Shut down
  188. U24 Quests
  189. Transfer issue
  190. U24 Quest Feedback - Mask of Deception
  191. U24 Quest Feedback - Terminal Delirium
  192. U24 Quest Feedback - Palace of Stone
  193. U24 Quest Feedback - Fashion Madness
  194. Not impressed with the barb changes
  195. Barbarian new enhancement trees
  196. U24 rise of the copymachine quest feedback
  197. TP guy is Broken in the Dojo
  198. Game Wont Start
  199. Terminal Delirium Where is the portable mirror?
  200. Hey Devs, any chance on reworking the named toot to be more Xoriatish?
  201. U24 - undocumented changes
  202. u24 Quest Review
  203. No changes to named items
  204. Dear Devs a quick thought.
  205. For talking bout lammina
  206. What about the sorcerer elemental forms
  207. Champion Tokens
  208. Fatesinger: What bonus does Inspire Courage give, with no bard levels?
  209. Shield mastery feats compatibiltiy
  210. Jewelers Tool Kit broke?!
  211. u24 (r2) Quests feedback
  212. Healing Amp Question
  213. U24 Summary Feedback
  214. Warforged Barbarians
  215. Character sheet change
  216. Customize AI Bugged for Pet
  217. Hire AI
  218. Thought I'd ask before contacting support...
  219. Any word yet on the "new event"?
  220. Back from 4 years vacation, picking up my old lvl 20 full heal cleric
  221. EE Thunderpeak
  222. Multi-Server EE Raiding on Lamannia
  223. Why i can only reset my epic destinies tree with shards and not with plats ??
  224. Can't log on Lamannia
  225. Lammania seems to be fixed.
  226. Confirmation of Nerf to Holy Sword
  227. Devs, moving into UD24..
  228. Will barb rage be worth using after update 24?
  229. A little more love for Rangers
  230. FESTIVULT 5k gold turn in results
  231. Mithril armors and prr/mrr
  232. Cursed Blade of Jack Jibbers - Questions
  233. i tried the new shadarkai and....
  234. Future of DDO endgame?
  235. Epic Value/Shavarath and fire savants
  236. some suggestion for lammania fixes:
  237. Very simple epic destiny question
  238. The Loooong pause when activating adrenaline in a melee...
  239. Any news on the new build for lamannia? its the end of January...
  240. Not yet another currency
  241. a mysterious creature companion - YUMM!
  242. Can't access iconics, even though I already have them on live server
  243. Fashion Madness - Please delete "Gather" mechanic from your worldbuilding tools
  244. Paladin Vanguard loosing its 20% Melee attack speed bonus
  245. Epic destiny problem
  246. Orb requests across all content
  247. Barbarian Critical Rage
  248. Only 2 days of Lammania time since January 1
  249. Warlock sneak peak
  250. When are the doors opening again?