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  1. Is the change to Adrenaline recharge (when ranging) intentional?
  2. Kensai - Deadly Shot Broken ?
  3. So can we get a clear response from the devs regarding the future of Fury and Ranged?
  4. Will SWF be added to bonus feat lists?
  5. Swashbuckler Tree
  6. Massive Iconic TR BUG!!!
  7. E3BC - Tokens?
  8. Streamlining Airship Types and Costs
  9. Guild Amenities and Guild Diversity
  10. Biggest ship buff change: Resist Energy
  11. Drop rare +10 stat augments from E3BC an you'll double its longevity
  12. Llama Mac Client
  13. The connection to the server has been lost.
  14. Explorer airships are really annoying and stupid
  15. Cabinet and ddo points timer in dojo?
  16. Devs: Thrown Combat - Updates
  17. Can we have Teleport/Word of Recall to guild Airship?
  18. NEW: Epic moment counters still be reset when going through some porta
  19. New swasbuckler, 8 bard, 6 fighter, 6 rogue 1 hander with buckler
  20. Hello...
  21. Storm the Beaches seems quite difficult on EH (and maybe even EN and EC)
  22. How do you aim the ballistas?
  23. Stormglory Tempest
  24. Hands off my Archon
  25. So When Will WE Get the Quintuple Strike Fix?
  26. PETITION: Give GTHF double strength modifier for damage.
  27. Kobold Dont Use Khopesh
  28. The Swashbuckler tree is great... but what about Spellsinger and Warchanter?
  29. Legacy buff area - a bad idea
  30. Please don't "fix" FotW Adrenaline regeneration with Bows.
  31. Password bug or...
  32. One Handed Fighting+Blinding Speed=Amazing?
  33. Epic Reincarnation
  34. Swashbuckling is a Defensive Stance. Does it clear rage effects?
  35. Could we get another monster manual this release?
  36. Eldritch Knight question
  37. Now that Guild Renown is relevant, how about moving COV's to chests?
  38. So which legacy shrines should I stock up on?
  39. What procs on a 20? (Brainstorming for PSWF)
  40. Hookpoints by ship type
  41. About epic singe weapon focus feat
  42. Why does Turn of the Tide not work on "nosses"
  43. Whirlwind Attack - one second delay.
  44. the things I thought...
  45. Big top
  46. Spirit Decay is Borked?
  47. The new guild ammenities Tavern thread
  48. Shroud pt 3 invisible ceiling
  49. My Update 22 Lammania Experiences So Far
  50. Suggestions to boost Melee Defenses.
  51. do single weapon fighting feats work with druid wolf and bear forms ?
  52. Tharnes Goggles and Dragon Masque: Do the SA bonuses stack?
  53. Will there be some further balancing of the pirate ship encounters?
  54. Epic Destiny Feat "First Blood"
  55. Momentum Swing Reset Counter
  56. when do you think they will release u22?
  57. are there new ways to get commendation of valor ?
  58. Is there a bug in "Against the Demon Queen"
  59. not surprising......
  60. New Guild ship levels
  61. Round 4??
  62. Guild Message Board
  63. Lamannia down - is this intentional?
  64. New guild ship... Buy, or Wait?
  65. Devs can we upgrade from plat ships to AS ships?
  66. Is an orb a shield?
  67. Best build to use SWF/Swashbuckler?
  68. Anyone know if the devs plan to fix sting of the ninja with shuricans?
  69. A demonstration of SWF DPS - Videos inside
  70. Seriously devs swf is OP'ed from jump street?
  71. U22 and Guild Account Balance for Airship
  72. Update 22 Round 4 - Still tavern problems
  73. Dm Audio
  74. Cannith Crafting Hall level 41?
  75. rune arm DC increase?
  76. No Amenities in chest drop in U22
  77. The Lamannia Server Threads are poorly maintained this release.
  78. Ship Up Grade Progression - AS line progression lost if you switch to Plat options?
  79. Guild Air ship trade in thing of the past or not.
  80. xp shrines - the old system, the new system and change management
  81. The Bounty Box!!!!!
  82. Add Rune Arm Proficiency to T4 Half-Elf Artificer Dilly
  83. Can we get more ingots in the dojo, please?
  84. Feedback on Epic Three-Barrel Cove
  85. to **** high!
  86. Quick, hit the release button, the pitchforks are getting closer!
  87. New airship costs
  88. Lesser Reincarnation Restriction
  89. 10 second warning server is bring brought down, really?
  90. +X LR Class Changes- Need Help
  91. a simple idea for an airship room
  92. Boom Goes the Ballista
  93. Precious Cargo 7 Chest's
  94. Precious Cargo quest giver.
  95. epic 3bc Ghost of a chance
  96. Iconic to other race
  97. The music box
  98. Stealth: Old Tomb, New Tenants
  99. Current State of Anthem
  100. "It came from the desert"
  101. Make CitW worth running again
  102. Has anyone farmed for Whirlwind?
  103. World Closed
  104. Some GMoF Questions - No Monk Levels
  105. Shadow of a Doubt bug
  106. Since first TR can not enter ANY quests
  107. Haunted Halls 'end' fight
  108. Lamannia Update 22 Patch 2 Preview is now available!
  109. Airship Amenities Drops and Locations
  110. How do you know when to Heroic TR?
  111. Heroic reincarnation lvl question
  112. EA: Sun Bolt SLA acting strange
  113. Help! - Reincarnation Alignment change gridlock!
  114. Backlash nerf
  115. Fighter - Kensi - Agility
  116. Martens TR Plan (Input Requested)
  117. Iconic TR
  118. The Official Warchanter Lamannia Feedback Thread
  119. The Official Spellsinger Lamannia Feedback Thread
  120. Where is the airship name to be found?
  121. Have you found any Airship Amenity contracts yet?
  122. Ship names
  123. Cormyrian weapons: lifestealing
  124. Uh, what's this about?
  125. suggestion: modification of purple knight active past life
  126. suggestion: improve precious cargo quest
  127. A couple Swashbuckler bugs not on the Known Issues list
  128. Can a moderator please delete the last few posts in the bard's trees' discussions...
  129. Question about Epic Charged Gauntlets
  130. Server down
  131. Epic Reincarnation PROBLEM
  132. Unable to get on Lammania
  133. Is DDO transitioning to DirectX 12?
  134. Stop the light armor nerf.
  135. TRing my Arty
  136. Stuck in LR
  137. Lammania
  138. Favor and flagging
  139. Post ETR: Bravery/Tome Bonus
  140. Battlerager Harness questions
  141. any staff please answer this
  142. Schemes of the Enemy airvent grate: how to open?
  143. Update 23
  144. Elven Arcane Archer Requirements
  145. Will U23 Loot be BTCoE?
  146. It's a SLAYER Zone Devs!
  147. Arcane Prodigy
  148. Lamannia is down right?
  149. Developers: what about Two Weapon Fighting?
  150. Lamannia missing Dojo
  151. Will there be Necropolis Saga?
  152. wild shots
  153. Level 20+ access
  154. Melee Power is NOT affecting Sneak Attack damage: Bug or WAI?
  155. Unoffical Loot Thread
  156. U23 Quest Feedback - Epic Ghosts of Perdition
  157. U23 Quest Feedback - Epic Inferno of the Damned
  158. U23 Quest Feedback - Epic Desecrated Temple of Vol
  159. U23 Quest Feedback - Epic Orchard of the Macabre
  160. U23 Items Feedback thread
  161. hireling ai
  162. Adrenaline and defensive stance.
  163. Dev's what is the point of this change?
  164. Lamannia Dev Chat 8-21-2014
  165. Release notes correct?
  166. Great Cleave
  167. Life after level 20
  168. Reprisal
  169. Does anyone know what the exact proc chance is for master's blitz stacks?
  170. Great Cleave = +2[W], Paladin version = +1[W]?
  171. Looking forward to fighting style calculations/comparisons
  172. Is Character Copy Broken?
  173. Effects that need Epic Versions
  174. Anyone seen Epic Guardain of the Liturgy drop yet?
  175. NOW THIS ROCKS - and hope it gets expanded upon
  176. Deadly Spell Needs to be Melee/Ranged Power and not +1W - AKA Artificers Suck
  177. Does Melee Power work on Venomed Blades from Drow too?
  178. Why did Holy Retribution not get changed?
  179. New Blitz mechanic is counterproductive
  180. Blitz Mechanic and Glancing Blows
  181. A TWF / Melee Power Question
  182. Error 201 installing Lamania
  183. Mirror of Glamering test
  184. Combat Styles Comparison
  185. Game error 201
  186. Masters Blitz
  187. Thread for what melee power works on please post what you see
  188. Master's Blitz feedback
  189. Could you leave a note where lord pointsalot used to live....
  190. Changes are too much.
  191. Ranger tempest help.
  192. Hireling Teleport and Ability Cooldowns
  193. 146 Intim Fails in EE......
  194. EE Viable = EH DOOM
  195. Please fix Renewal
  196. Melee Power
  197. Paladin/Fighter shield dps tree in Update 23 or 24?
  198. Masters blitz alternative change
  199. Eldritch Knight and Melee Changes
  200. U23 Guild Storage
  201. Please tell me that the Litany of the Dead quest was made epic too
  202. Ranged Paladins?
  203. Holy retribution is terrible period.
  204. Collecting Ideas for Melee Power
  205. ATTENTION : Sacred Defender Stance currently requires paladin lvl 6
  206. Issue with defender stance
  207. Crystal Cove Items
  208. As Long as You're Fixing Things In Threnal
  209. Is improved shield mastery MP+THF/SWF MP supposed to stack?
  210. Exalted/Avenging Cleave Cooldown
  211. Anyone test ship buffs and pets/companions?
  212. Barbarian Frenzy/Death Frenzy scaling with melee power
  213. Is Lamannia offline for anyone else?
  214. Are epic past lives only active during epic levels, or also during heroic?
  215. Shared Bankj Plat Limit Increased
  216. Conjure Bolts: No Point for Higher Levels
  217. We need a tiered loot system
  218. Video of New Master's Blitz Mechanic
  219. The massive list of light shields for update 23
  220. U23 loot???
  221. The Official Why Aren't you Adding Ranged Power to EDs That Are Bad at Ranged Thread?
  222. Proposal to Change Master's Blitz and Ascendance
  223. Crystal Cove - need clarification on Lv 24 mats
  224. Master's Blitz Feedback, round two
  225. When Does Lammania Open
  226. Quell's Intercession
  227. TWF and fighter/paladin stalwart stances
  228. turbine kills ah house?
  229. Does new Holy Sword work with handwraps?
  230. Any word on hireling changes?
  231. New to this Lamm a thing lol!
  232. (Yet another) Idea for Epic Moment mechanics
  233. Need some help logging onto Lamannia
  234. Tower of Despair sets still any good?
  235. Magical Shield
  236. Harper Tree
  237. Melee Power on SA and procs
  238. Harper tree feedback
  239. U23 Quest Feedback - Epic Fleshmaker's Lab
  240. U23 Quest Feedback - Epic Black Abbot Raid
  241. Paladin Tree Feedback / Bugs etc
  242. Vanguard?
  243. Epic Abbot defeated + feedback
  244. please buff owlbear and panther..
  245. Couple quick questions for you guys
  246. Developers: what about Oversized TWF, TW Defense and TW blocking?
  247. Lamannia launcher
  248. Videos of Mater's Blitz Round Two - Pure Paladin
  249. devs: Love the Harper Tree, but,
  250. DEV Please Answer - How are we able to be Harper Scouts in Eberron?