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  1. Wand and Scroll Mastery from Eldritch Knight bugged
  2. Wand and Scroll Mastery from Eldritch Knight bugged
  3. Wand and Scroll Mastery from Eldritch Knight bugged
  4. Assassin life 2, to splash or not to splash
  5. Can we get an ETA on character copy being fixed?
  6. Bladeforged
  7. When is the patch going live?
  8. Bardic Wand and Scroll Mastery
  9. Rogue Mechanic Leg Shot Requires level 12?
  10. Solution to Making Named Items Relevant at every level of Play
  11. Solution to Making Named Items Relevant at every level of Play
  12. Help with lesser mistake?
  13. Archmage Halt Undead SLA Requires Hard Target
  14. Kensei Tree borked?
  15. Seal of House Dun'Robar
  16. Earning karma questions
  17. When are we getting lamannia up again?
  18. assassin dex enhancements and elf dex based weapons
  19. Isnt Update 21 suposed to be coming soon?
  20. Convalescent Items
  21. Question about Completionist and Iconic TR
  22. Dragon Helmets (Stealth Update)
  23. 1 month has passed from last dev post on lammania...
  24. Old Pirate Event Doubloons
  25. Spies in the House - Location of Lever for first prisoner
  26. Epic Ottos boxes now contain 1300 CoV and a nerf to QP
  27. You can now re-roll a chest up to three times
  28. Character copy not working
  29. Thunderholme Maps
  30. Planar Prowess Droprate
  31. Quivering Palm nerf
  32. Quivering Palm
  33. New Backpack Space!
  34. Adding comms to Otto's Boxes is a dirty move turbine. Pathetic and petty.
  35. Alpha Look: Crafting, Weapons and another use for COV's
  36. Wanna be a tank :P
  37. The Official Haunted Halls of Eveningstar Discussion Thread!
  38. The Official Thunderholme Adventure Area Discussion Thread!
  39. CiTW Weapons?
  40. Wyrm-wrought Crafting System Details
  41. Request - Soundburst Stun: Stun duration increase
  42. In Defense of (unarmed) Monks
  43. Epic Completionist - Pointless?
  44. Arcane Augmentation on Lootgen items?
  45. TurbineLauncher not launching on Win8 machine...
  46. U21 Teleport Changes
  47. Lamma scheduling
  48. Wyrm-Wrought Weapon Crit profile
  49. Add high fortication mobs and bosses to DDO
  50. Installing Akamai Netsession Interface is a step too far
  51. Quiver of Poison binding...
  52. Dodge cap stacking
  53. HP Gap Between Lam and Live
  54. Suggested Balance Changes
  55. Ayone else having issues accessing new content?
  56. With Quivering Palm reviewed, Dev Please Do Something More
  57. Tempest capstone fixed?
  58. Reincarnation Timer - When does it start
  59. Tested QP changes (same facts from my tests)
  60. 38 pt Build for Epic TR?
  61. Is Epic Completionist good enough? Is it too difficult to obtain?
  62. The Official Haunted Halls Monster and Encounter Discussion Thread!
  63. Restless Isles XP increase
  64. Bugged Elemental Critical or WAI?
  65. Old promises by Turbine
  66. Commendations of Valor
  67. Please add throwing weapons to the new crafting system
  68. New Build is up
  69. Sell those XP pots!
  70. The Official Divine Crusader Epic Destiny Thread:
  71. So monks not quite as nerfed
  72. Comm increase with XP Pot, Shrine or VIP Bonus
  73. Really disgusted with Character Copy
  74. Ioun stones
  75. New Crafting system on Lamaland
  76. Kudos Devs
  77. Fix Improved Feint PlzThx
  78. Unyielding Sentinel Buffs
  79. Buffing Exalted Angel as well
  80. VoN3 XP change
  81. New Intolerant Blows; Critique and suggestion
  82. PDK Favor - Devs?
  83. Rowan, could you throw us a bone... well a bag preferably?
  84. Von 3 information
  85. Divine Crusader - Some (Extended) Feedback!
  86. Unofficial Unyielding Sentinel Feedback Thread
  87. Unofficial Exalted Angel Thread
  88. Furret asks: The Miracle, Astral Shards, and You?
  89. why is completionist a feat and epic completionist not
  90. Fix Tier 4 + 5 Tempest please
  91. Stand Against the Tide Stacking
  92. Off ED Farming suggestions
  93. Song of Capering Bard Spellslinger Enhancement
  94. While i as many appreciate the changes to divine ED's , Tanks need dps !!
  95. Take away the NDA from Player's council
  96. Official Thread - Haunted Halls Extended bosses
  97. Official Thread - Shadow Dracolich Raid
  98. Official Feedback Thread – Double Dragons Raid
  99. Character Copy
  100. New Shadow Dragon Raid
  101. DDO store
  102. Newb question about ranger
  103. Question about tier 5 enhancements
  104. Is lammania only for vip's now?
  105. WYRMIC FOCUS - Crafting
  106. CoVs in chests
  107. Ingots, scales and bound status
  108. The U21 Raid loot thread - Unofficial
  109. Let's give an option to Icons to start at level 1
  110. House of death undone
  111. Now lets see if drocto will listen too the players and revise and make more loot !!!
  112. So we need to be level 28 to run the raids?
  113. where does the throwing flask drop?
  114. Gear Assistance
  115. Give Us A Reason to Run the New Raids on EE/EH
  116. Need help to open door for plorax optional in Spies in the House
  117. Lost 10 levels of Cannith Crafting after 1st TR?
  118. Three classes but two sets of enhancement trees?
  119. Which IC work with Sireth?
  120. Recarnation question
  121. When will the new pack be available to premium/F2P?
  122. get out the spreadsheets
  123. Fourth round: Sorcerers' Wand and Scroll Mastery not fixed yet
  124. Feast or Famin
  125. House of Death Undone change
  126. While some eat cake, others may leave the party
  127. Missing past life feat
  128. Please make PRR and AC more useful.
  129. Suggestion: Named Augments in old raids to stimulate use of content
  130. Update 21: Guestpass not working
  131. Wyrm-wrought crafted items
  132. New Rogue capstones look nice!
  133. Heroic True Reincarnation question?
  134. Quick Poll
  135. Bugged items, Items not what we were told, and Broken NPCs...
  136. Haunted Halls of Eveningstar XP
  137. VON 3 XP change
  138. A (not THE) guide to Crystal Cove...
  139. Did Tempest Rangers really need a nerf?
  140. Question about upcoming sounburst change
  141. High Road encounter algorithm is borked
  142. Thunder-Forged Weapons Compared to Green Steel
  143. Please Move "Difficulty" Down Next To "Completion Time"
  144. Cleaves possibly selftriggering colors of the queen
  145. 3 Course Heart of Wood Dinner
  146. Best Throwing Weapon
  147. DDO Card Crafting Results
  148. Will the raids come out in U21?
  149. Wyrm-wrought crit profiles one last try.
  150. NEW: There is a now a (very small) chance of winning +6 Tomes and +5 to +6 upgrade...
  151. 20% double-shot still sucks . . .
  152. SLAs and supernational abilities...
  153. Optional xp bug will hit haunted halls of eveningstar hard
  154. A (not quick) run through Haunted Halls of Eveningstar
  155. What happened to the DDO store?
  156. Question about latest patch notes
  157. Rogue hireling
  158. Lammania Server Download
  159. New Raids Too Easy
  160. BtC, BtA or unbound - whats the state of the new stuff?
  161. I like the trading card game "concept" but...
  162. Omnipresence complete EE Temple of Deathwyrm
  163. Ninja spy shuriken crit expansion stilll not working...
  164. Epic Reincarnation for a Drow Elf Pure Wiz
  165. New Inventory?
  166. Lamannia client dowload does not work
  167. Having problems with Shadowdancer and Unyielding Sentinel...
  168. Augment Summoning?
  169. Idea for an augment
  170. new lamania download
  171. Make the Stat selection of every ED able to do any stat
  172. Get rid of stat bonuses in EDs
  173. ED map
  174. inferno of the damned door at NW teleporter not opening
  175. Auction House in dire need of restock please
  176. Update 21- No love for the Barbs
  177. A fix to pure ranged rangers , And a balancing between 10k'ers !!!
  178. Temple of the deathwyrm
  179. Shadowscale Armor Look Thread
  180. Magestar- Nerfed or Bugged?
  181. Drop Rates for Shard's and Seals in Sentinel's Chain
  182. Somewhat Confused on Which Reincarnate to Choose
  183. DROW w +20 Lesser heart
  184. did they pull back on nerfing furyshot?
  185. Cannith Crafting Getting a Facelift
  186. A question about the lesser heart of reincarnation
  187. **The Libram of Silver Magic** not retroactive to items already created.
  188. Chrome, really?
  189. Light Nuker Update 21 Patch 1 First Look
  190. Shiradi/Colours Globe Proc... anything being done?
  191. Shadowscale Armor proc... why?!?
  192. Boulder Toss Change is upsetting
  193. So Colors/Double Rainbow procc Forcefield/Adrenaline on target not fixed???
  194. Haunted Halls Doppleganger Bugged???
  195. Please lower epic mobs' stat damage resistance
  196. Update 21 Patch 1 Fist Look - Sentinel and Crusader Feedback
  197. Fire on Thunder Peak / Temple of the Deathwyrm : Named items/mats Drop rates
  198. Test Dojo needs high level gear to test effectively.
  199. Divine Crusader Threat Range
  200. How to start at level 1 as ICONIC??
  201. Some thoughts on what Turbine sees as difficult (Wheloon and Storm Horns Epic Elite)
  202. Reincarnation timer overlap?
  203. How Rare is Rare cards 9 & 10 (IX & X)
  204. Newb Reincarnation questions
  205. Newb Epic Destinies question
  206. Look of new gear
  207. Lockout? Only after you fix the lag freezes!
  208. Also, some good news
  209. seriously - tier 2 twist for soundbust sla? are you insane
  210. Found on the Lammania Release Notes for U21P1
  211. Blitz broken?
  212. Guild boost
  213. Is the Epic past life Doublestrike bugged or am i wrong.
  214. Divine Crusader: NON VIP Access
  215. Exalted Angel SLA DC
  216. Shadow Dragon Materials and Fire Dragon Materials Why?
  217. Thunder Forge crafting ingredient costs
  218. @Devs: thoughts about changes to unyealding sentinel.
  219. About Character Wipe
  220. Thunder forged quarterstaff look
  221. Release note: Thunder peak question.
  222. combat mastery bonus not stacking:(
  223. Eidolon Shadow is breaking Fascinate
  224. Which heart?
  225. A reasonable request to the Devs
  226. Fire on Thunder Peak - Issue
  227. Nice npc loot for heroic non-named short sword
  228. Lammania dowm?
  229. can I iconic reincarnae and epic reincarnate at the same time?
  230. Reincarnating is awesome except for one thing...
  231. Might be silly but still...
  232. Forester's Brush Hook + Ninja Spy Capstone
  233. Feedback on Loot in FOT
  234. Amazing Shrinking Purple Dragon Knight
  235. keen edge and unarmed
  236. Epic 3 barrel cove
  237. U22 Loot Thread - Epic 3BC
  238. Bag Deposit Box
  239. List of the new Guild Amenities.
  240. E 3BC and Swashbuckler - First impression
  241. Release Notes: "The Pit" Runes Question
  242. Raid items need updates
  243. **** BREAKING NEWS ****** From Teh Troll News Network (TTNN)
  244. You know what would help bards? More spell points!
  245. Single Weapon Fighting Feat Line, Change it immediately!
  246. Testing on lammania
  247. Reknown Decay
  248. Error 201... HELP!!!
  249. Points on Laminia?
  250. EH Prove your worth, 99 reflex save fails