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  1. The Official Experience Curve Discussion Thread!
  2. The Official Quest Experience Adjustment Discussion Thread!
  3. Raider's Chest?
  4. can we get a wipe
  5. Drow Warpriest and Celestias, :(
  6. Lammania XP changes
  7. Raider's Reward: An issue with.
  8. changes to the faster sneak movement enhancements
  9. Any respect for the old school TR'ers?
  10. Lookin for KK or another gm
  11. EK better suited for a splash than a primary build?
  12. new loot?
  13. Weapon Finesse and Handwraps
  14. The "Life Stealing" effect now functions as described on all items that it can appear
  15. Raider's Reward: Mitigating CITW item spam
  16. Please toss War Chanter something ...
  17. Raiders Reward : Applause
  18. New loot yet? Or any Dev response on ANYTHING?
  19. Is Lammania Dev Tracker Broken?
  20. doubleshoot need an update..
  21. Very Upset With Pumpkinheads
  22. Are our free lesser reincarnations use or lose?
  23. New way to acquire the new Hearts of Wood, TR Hearts of Wood no longer avaible at 12
  24. New Update Questions
  25. Devs: Let's Talk Tokens and Hearts...
  26. WHAT? Hall of Heroes is now home to the Life-Shaper, new Reincarnation Guide
  27. is there anyone who can log in the game?
  28. Amaunator Option for Favored Souls -- Cannot take Feats / Feats do not exist (10/18)
  29. What happens to Hearts of Wood we already have???
  30. Changes to TR heart purchases are not okay
  31. Tokens and reincarnation
  32. Ascendancy: Bolt of the Sun
  33. When people's response is screenshots of cancelled subscriptions . . .
  34. Druidic Heart / Token trade change: come clean Turbine - what is the real goal, here?
  35. A Note Regarding TR token changes AND 'The Plan'
  36. Remove ingame reincarnation vendors and reduce the pricing for reincarnation
  37. Do not change heroic tr mechanism
  38. And I thought they smelled bad...on the outside...
  39. Petition...
  40. Explanation of ne TR mechanics ... in pictures!
  41. Can someone please explain to me the Heroic TR changes ? (sans the drama)
  42. Dear Turbine, lets players explain
  43. So, about retaining those casuals and people who thought low level undead are hard
  44. For those exchanging your Tokens for True Hearts of Wood.. remember they are BtC
  45. Turbine: You've got some unrest here in the community. How about a response?
  46. Dragonmarks - parity
  47. Your new TR is bad and you should feel bad
  48. I could've just posted in another saga thread, but
  49. We can do math, you know...
  50. 53 runs of 10+ quests for a reincarnation? Bollocks.
  51. Saga Feedback
  52. You want feedback? Here's another Saga thread.
  53. Too many currency trade-in things
  54. Tanking stances
  55. Epic and Heroic Otto's Irresistable Box in Lamdaland Store
  56. New Hearts of Wood in Store
  57. The Official Brothers of the Forge Discussion Thread!
  58. Hearts & Comms & Sagas Oh My!
  59. New Otto's Boxes in store
  60. Suggestion: New Adjustment to V-comm and Hearts
  61. Is 17 an 'average' Commendation reward amount?
  62. How to make earning hearts reasonable.
  63. Question about Hearts and Tokens
  64. Please consider an alternative to "Comms of Valor" for Druidic Hearts
  65. Thoughts on new TR grind.
  66. Exp Adjustments (explorers)
  67. Exp Adjustments (explorers)
  68. Has anyone finished a Heroic Elite saga yet?
  69. Lots of time and effort spent this weekend on the new hearts - very premature doom
  70. BtC Commendations put players in an awkward position
  71. Why Sagas?
  72. (Spot) and (Listen) DM text not showing that it comes from Spot or Listen
  73. Can anybody tell me the difference between the "new hearts"?
  74. Are they serious about the new TR pricing?
  75. Shadow form shroud of the wraith?
  76. Twilight L0L
  77. Question about epic TR feats
  78. Turbine, could you please respond to the current TR concerns?
  79. Massively has a nice news about DDO and the latest Heart of Woods changes
  80. Why Change "Tokens" From Free to a End Reward Choice?
  81. Summary of suggestions for wood problem
  82. Method to Re-Copy Toon to Lamannia
  83. Bags no longer allowed in guild chests - why?
  84. EK highlights why WF and BF need a bonus body feat at level 1
  85. If The TR Values Were Placeholders Turbine Would Have Had A Response
  86. Add Commendations of Valor to every raid chest.
  87. Earning Hearts of Wood - post U20
  88. A Turtles thoughts for Turbine, and the WHY I think the valor coms are bad.
  89. Will you get to choose your Iconic's first level class if you TR into one?
  90. Change saga completion requirement to a subset of the quest list ...
  91. How to improve my Toon?
  92. Read Glin's New Post, but feel the need to say something.
  93. If we are hellbent on sagas for hearts...
  94. Suggestions For Reincarnation
  95. Paying for "Endgame" Makes No Sense
  96. Sagas - A personal opinion on how to improve them
  97. Iconic LR
  98. Make Commendations of Valor BTA!
  99. Item Section is GONE on lamannia forums - really?
  100. 38 point build part of Epic TR?
  101. Proposal: A different approach to Commendations of Valor
  102. Knight of the Chalice capstone
  103. DDO Store Down
  104. If the popular theory is that players spend more money on the game when they TR...
  105. Cannith Tokens of the Twelve Question
  106. Earning True heart of wood takes from 1 to 4 hours
  107. Redemption in Korthos - Amalgam Still Bugged
  108. What problem is Turbine trying to solve?
  109. Sagas are bugged
  110. XP boost for 3BC
  111. Will the old Ottos Box be retroactively changed into the new ones?
  112. I Don't Want to Run Your Sagas
  113. Compromise for the BtC/BtA debate
  114. lord of dust / servant of the overlord
  115. Help...
  116. recopy my characters to lammania
  117. Transitioning from the old XP Curve to the new XP Curve
  118. Epic Past Lifes - Pictures and Description
  119. Epic Reincarnation
  120. TR cache
  121. Iconic Past Lives (pictures)
  122. Iconic Past Life Feat(s)
  123. Anyone know what the ICONIC pastlife feats are?
  124. Epic Destiny Past Lives first look
  125. PRR, Diminishing Returns and the new past lives
  126. A Couple of Reincarnation Problems
  127. New Items
  128. LRing out of an iconic's class or TRing into an iconic without the normal class
  129. Trouble Heroic Reincarnating
  130. Epic Karma and existing capped toons
  131. For the love of Pete, enough with these terrible designs - karma
  132. True Drudic Heart of Wood
  133. Suggestion: Reset destiny XP with epic reincarnations
  134. Whoo hooo - gender change at last!!!
  135. Let Sleeping Dust Lie: The Most Arbitrary Form of Difficulty
  136. question about otto box and ITR
  137. I was wrong OR Teh Troll showed me the light
  138. Past Life feats not displaying during TR Character Creation
  139. Suggestion for a change in Epic Reincarnation for DC Casters
  140. Heroic caster lives
  141. Earning Hearts of Wood - I am coming around on the new system
  142. AA Enhancement Bonuses
  143. Comms no longer in Sagas
  144. DEVS: A review of the paladin enhancements from u19, and suggestions for improvement
  145. A Twelve idea
  146. Weapon Bond & Manyshot
  147. Question about epic past life feats?
  148. Place a banker in the reincarnation grove
  149. the reason why we disagreed with new way to get heroic heart
  150. Half a Heart
  151. Lr +20...
  152. Temple of Vol Change
  153. Temple of Vol nerf...cute.
  154. Missing? Really?
  155. Any stealth fixes in latest lam build for bards?
  156. new: XP warning / confirmation
  157. When will U20 be on live?
  158. What if i TR my toon now? (before the U20)
  159. U20 and the free LR
  160. Bug in reincarnation
  161. Bags & Guild Chests--Why the Change?
  162. char copy not working
  163. Oh boy is
  164. character copy not working
  165. Sagas and Epic Reincarnation
  166. Gender Change When TR'ing Finally.. But any plans to add it to LR hearts?
  167. Iconics not in store
  168. Iconic TR and TR bank space
  169. Iconic reincarnation question
  170. Enough already!
  171. SLAs and multiclassing help
  172. Earning heroic hearts along the journey, not beyond the destination
  173. Pre-Reincarnate planning
  174. Stackable past life - absorption not worth it - arcane
  175. TRing into PDK means "aren't you a little short to be a purple dragon knight?"
  176. Epic TR should give an option to start from 1 or start at 20 with current settings
  177. Spellbook empty after epic TR
  178. Tokens, Comms, and Fail... Oh, My!
  179. Character reset
  180. Test Dojo Loot Room Index
  181. Free LR+20 working with Iconics with Update 20?
  182. TR'ing - It's all about disparity (or Something here does not smell right)
  183. Occult Slayer Remake Suggestion
  184. Eveningstar Quests/Shadowfell Quests & Heroic Saga's
  185. Will it be faster to TR (i.e. go from 1 to 20) or Iconic TR (i.e. go from 15 to 28)?
  186. Wilderness Area Idea
  187. Opinion Poll ~ are the new Past Life feats good enough?
  188. How do I use epic destinies at heroic levels?
  189. ED twist at lvl 1
  190. Next Prestige Enhancements
  191. Where did my TR cache go?
  192. New Owlbear companion
  193. Help me pick my new One Toon Wonder ~ thank you!
  194. What happens to extra XP when U20 goes live?
  195. U20 Nov 12?
  196. Fast Healing is NOT fast
  197. TR timer
  198. Shears for Epic TR?
  199. So what's on the plate for iconics?
  200. Time for a Threnal change.
  201. Need Help Logging into Lamannia
  202. Need help with lamannia(first time)
  203. Mistakes implementing Epic Reincarnation, let me count the ways
  204. Commendatios of Valor: Future Uses Ideas
  205. My opinion for changing Dark Cleric
  206. Commendation of Valor drop rates
  207. Will 5k favor be reachable in U20?
  208. question about heroic otto box and iconic
  209. Petition: Remove ML Requirements From All Gear
  210. Past Life Enhancements Unlocking Hidden Pre's
  211. Confused on TR then picking Iconic, is the first level still restricted?
  212. named item?
  213. twist of fate points
  214. Brilliant Reincarnation System
  215. TR Bank
  216. Does LoD chain still only gives seals/shards on Normal?
  217. XP oddity
  218. Please clarify the 28->32 point build upgrade when using a Lesser Heart of Wood
  219. Question - TRing at level 28
  220. No love for the barbs?
  221. Please, Can you make LESSER reincarnation NOT destroy my styling
  222. Wand and Scroll Mastery from Eldritch Knight not fixed yet?
  223. The Official Randomly Generated Weapons Discussion Thread!
  224. Tempest sucks
  225. Weird behavior regarding XP
  226. Caster weapons again being ignored
  227. Bond of Retribution and Destruction (crit multiplier) don't work!?
  228. Do epic past life feats work whilst levelling?
  229. Best ML:1 Item with Augment - Master's Gift
  230. Reincarnation table
  231. Suggestions for the new Iconic PLs
  232. Bug with reincarnation
  233. How many Epic past lifes there are total? 33?
  234. PDK Nerf
  235. A Samll Problem bugged?
  236. Please make Cookie Jars available outside of the DDO store.
  237. New cookies: the trend of lazy design and shifting casters/dex melees continues
  238. Which epic PLs do you like best? Which are worth grinding first?
  239. Some Prefixes are missing from the auction house..
  240. about iconics:
  241. For Cormeayr(sp)
  242. Fate Points
  243. Should we click 42 times for heart seeds?
  244. Enhancement Tree Limit?
  245. iconic true reincarnation question.
  246. TR into iconic race
  247. Against the Demon Queen NON RAID
  248. the cost for Iconic Heart should be lowered.
  249. Character transfer of a character already on Lamannia
  250. Some thoughts on the new XP curves