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  1. Epic Named Shuriken?
  2. Enhancement trees & Item usage
  3. Monk Adept/Master/GM of forms
  4. Tempest/Graceful Death and handwraps
  5. New feat discusion
  6. Racial Tree AP fix
  7. Epic Feats, Levels 26-28
  8. Ranger: What's the max "Double-Shot" percentage?
  9. Guild Renown Decay
  10. Livestreaming Lamannia illegal?
  11. Missing tree and skill boost
  12. Question about ehancements, and existing characters
  13. Wiz INT - what I get wrong?
  14. problem entering storm horns
  15. Doubleshot vs. 10k stars
  16. TR xp balancing
  17. Armor needs to give more PRR, double it
  18. Poor Itemization of Update 19
  19. Item/Equipment/Implement to boost Spellcraft skill
  20. Cannith Challenge Equipment
  21. Sword and Board - Viable Defenses, but badly in need of greater hate-generation/DPS
  22. My barb feels less UBER
  23. Consider allowing capstones to grant a choice of +2 to several stats instead of one?
  24. Varg - Wizzies need SLA free metas - numbers for you
  25. The Old Enhancements
  26. Capstones
  27. New item min levels
  28. FYI - Half-orc 20% extra damage against stunned
  29. 15shards to reroll loot? No thank you. How Turbine can make more money inside:
  30. Any idea when the beta will open up for everyone else?
  31. Harbor revamp - good start, but it needs a bit more
  32. S&B Tank vs DPS = Tank fail?
  33. New named items just aren't cool enough
  34. The Thrill of the hunt is buged
  35. There is nothing epic about epic tactician - or any of the non "perfect" melee feats
  36. Can any Dev please respond with a simple yes or no?
  37. All of my enhancements are gone and my class is not a choice!
  38. Lam Dev Tracker not complete?
  39. Eveningstar Challenge items need ML28 versions
  40. Is Grace supposed to stack with Bow Strength?
  41. What are the EE mob saves looking like in the new stuff?
  42. Cannith Challenge Items and fresh character copy
  43. Change to Risia and other ml gear Not getting enough attention
  44. Open Letter to Turbine / Warner Brothers: My current thoughts about the game:
  45. Dex to hit and damage - its atrap
  46. Tie enhancment change into campain system
  47. Warpriest Suggestions for Vargouille
  48. Please add a bank to the Ball and Chain for Iconic creation
  49. Completionists Rejoice!
  50. Inquiry to the Devs - Spelltouched on throwing appears to be gone. Still there?l
  51. Quests with required secret doors
  52. Throwing Attack Speed Stealth nerf?
  53. The new Quest Ransack mechanic will NOT make me buy XP pots
  54. Manyshot + New Slaying Arrow Imbue + Adrenaline = Awesome Sauce
  55. Passive Past Lives: Wand and Scroll Mastery
  56. Arcane Archer - cant access tree
  57. 10 Monk/8 Fighter/2 Druid THF Clever
  58. Caster level change
  59. My general impressions of the new Enhancement system and its repercussions.
  60. Any Reason To Keep Weapon Finesse?
  61. Short Thoughts - Henshin Abilities (Along with a few questions)
  62. Info on Called Shot / Exposing strike
  63. Which of these is the best build?
  64. Please stop increasing stats
  65. Fighter Weapon Focus/Spec
  66. The Announcement You Have Waited For
  67. Lammannia Up yet
  68. Divine Empowerment?
  69. We need an offline builder released with U19
  70. Versatile empathy
  71. Unlink Prestige Enhancements from Character Class(es)
  72. Please Do Not Require Enhancement "Trees" to be 'Unlocked'
  73. Suggested Feat: Improved Spell Capacity [Epic]
  74. Ranger: Blunted Ammo - Truthful one
  75. Acolyte of the Skin suggestions
  76. 1750 favor reward
  77. Screenies of the new items?
  78. What is the difficulty of the new content on epic?
  79. new item affixes like Deadly and Accuracy
  80. Question about efficient metamagics
  81. No more Lammania Dev Tracker??
  82. Been Locked out of Lama, Can I get an Update please :D
  83. xp cap lev 26-28
  84. Lolwut???
  85. New Monk Form Feats - How do they Work?
  86. New Sorc Prestige slated for U21 - Make it Dragon Disciple please
  87. S&B Tanking...
  88. Heavy Draw Needs to be a Feat, not an Enhancement
  89. Sting of the Ninja nerfed for Shuriken
  90. Daily Dice on Lamannia Changes
  91. Halfling and Ninja Spy Crit for shuriken stacking?
  92. Lootgen with tactical bonuses
  93. Cant create an Iconic
  94. Is It Too Late?
  95. my warpriest idea
  96. Pajama Party Time II: Monkfell Conspiracy
  97. Thaw the Code!!!!!
  98. Impropper Background for Iconic Paths
  99. Patch Notes?
  100. Divine might is now an insight bonus? Doesn't stack with insightful gear then....
  101. Install in a Different Location
  102. Some new items - and hit and miss
  103. Iconics may not be friendly to new players....
  104. Remove the "Greater Weapon Focus" requirement for Kensai
  105. ML weirdness on Holy prefix and Cannith Challenge gear.
  106. lamannia and toon question
  107. Please Update Epic Midnight Greetings (and other items)
  108. Any LOB Alchemical Weapon Updates?
  109. Simulator?
  110. Arcane Supremacy: Nice enhancement, would make more sense for Sorcs.
  111. Seeking clarification regarding dragonmarks
  112. Shadowfell Legendary Upgrade
  113. Enhancement effects and YOU!
  114. Divine Might should be a tier4 enhancement
  115. Named weapons need paragon/epic/epic II flagging
  116. Stalwart Defender and Druid Forms
  117. Never need improved evasion? Always make your save?
  118. Sting of the Ninja nerf: DEATH of thrower builds!
  119. Please add "dagger" to Xen'drik Weapon Training
  120. Debate Bards - mainly spellsinger/charisma based will they ever get some dev love.
  121. Sorc enhancements - give access to AM and PM trees
  122. Undocumented Cannith Crafting changes
  123. Wand and Scroll Mastery enhancements in the Arcanotechnician tree
  124. Monk- shuriken max damage+attack speed build
  125. Shadowsight: Ethereal to Ghostly?
  126. Complaining about the new named itemization?
  127. The new spell crits: A concern/question regarding Blade Barrier
  128. Total AP spent vs. AP spent in tree
  129. Things that work or not? Nobody is mentioning them anymore...
  130. Please remove the Astral Shard UI from the lower right corner...
  131. Some questions on stacking
  132. i could only read lammania forum when went into open beta
  133. New Augments - +15 to skill is level 28??
  134. Suggestion: Allow the +20 LR Tokens to change Alignment
  135. Open or Closed?
  136. Devs, Kensei Status: One week before expansion launch - FIX ASAP
  137. Epic Elite quests: has anyone tried them here?
  138. Lamannia Forum oddness
  139. Action points
  140. Don't understand
  141. Causing Iconic Character Creation to Freeze
  142. +20 Heart of Wood
  143. Incredibly Synergistic Combinations
  144. Howl of the North - worth it? some random math
  145. So DC casting is still fail at end-game?
  146. Why is lamannia STILL down?
  147. Devs, what are your thoughts on enhancing an ability you don't have?
  148. +20 LR final rethink
  149. the Saves in epic new contents?
  150. What will happen to my lvl 18 character's experience when quest ransack goes live?
  151. Quivering palm & stunning fist not counting towards Perfect Peace counter correctly.
  152. Why doesn't the Monster Manual transfer to Lamannia?
  153. My +5 IcyBurst WOP Rapier is now level 20
  154. Shield Deflection
  155. Spells on darkness are still suck
  156. New fire ele form
  157. Incinerating Wave and Cauldron of Flame
  158. Bardcher Changes
  159. Lammanoa Client Download - there must be an easier way!
  160. Stick builds?
  161. Can someone help me understand the difference between the Standard/collectors edition
  162. Hard Life of Newbie Iconics (money)
  163. Is Howl of the North working at all?
  164. Racial Enhancement Proposal
  165. A few archery questions?
  166. Mechanic Faster Disabling missing - WAI or Bug?
  167. Spell Focus Mastery item stacking with Spell focus items: WAI?
  168. Dear Devs
  169. So I just redid my main pally on lamma and..
  170. Sorc nerf?
  171. Cannith Crafting Minimum Level Changes Still Maximum Level 20?
  172. New Daily Dice are awesome but.....
  173. Fw: Did you really remove the protection domain "close wounds" SLA?
  174. +20 lesser reincarnate heart with alignment change
  175. Thank you for making Spell Focus stack with school focus items!
  176. Color box of unique items have changed
  177. Free lesser reincarnation?
  178. Bard Enhancements
  179. don't waste your +20 heart of wood.
  180. Question on where to find a item
  181. about the artificier battle engineer... suggestions
  182. Shadowsight - Goggles
  183. Protector not giving wisdom bonus
  184. Solution to the Heroic/ Epic quest issues or"Why Does GH Flagging Suck?"
  185. Druid's blood moon frenzy
  186. Questions about Rogue Thief-Acrobat
  187. Duplicate guild trophies as end of quest reward choices...
  188. Are the Sagas borked right now?
  189. Lammania back up for testing?
  190. Requesting Ki-Shout like ability for Clerics (and FVS/possibly Paladins)
  191. Quest Issue: Whisperdoom
  192. Missing enhancement tree pages...
  193. The complete War Priest enhancements list
  194. Mabar rewards: +5/+6 Ability tomes and a few new rubies.
  195. Can someone post the Sorc trees please?
  196. Mabar for those of us who have a life and a job:
  197. Massive Nerf to ranger DwS positive energy
  198. New Icons are pretty cool
  199. Cleric Version of Warpriest: Turns vs spellpoints to power Divine Might
  200. Ameliorating Strike not working
  201. Henshin need to be reworked
  202. Warpriest should let choice between light and negative.
  203. Some deity diversity please!
  204. Motes drop rate and Draught of Midnight
  205. Suggestion: Drop tomes from Mabar ...
  206. Cormyrian weapons, please give them a slot!
  207. Questions about Mabar Signets and Sagas
  208. Are there any changes to the Bard trees?
  209. Ranged Version of Smite in War Priest Tree?
  210. Healers then we start..... Stop driving people away from the healer classes
  211. When can we expect a character wipe?
  212. Warpriest feedback
  213. warpriest missing enhancement!
  214. bestial nature need to change!
  215. Mabar Rewards
  216. Devs, favored weapons are alot like crossbows....
  217. new sounds on enhancement is annoying
  218. Warpriest, Clerics, FVS, homogenization and usefulness - what I'd like to see
  219. Caught in the Web : Heroic: 3 / Epic : 17
  220. Protect Protection
  221. Protect Protection
  222. Cleric Warpriest vs FVS Warpriest? What is the point ???
  223. Mabar mobs are disappointing
  224. New sorc tree tier 5 suggestion
  225. Devs: TWF feats work in Druid animal forms. WAI?
  226. The lack of ML28 Mabar items is disappointing.
  227. Signet of the Endless Night
  228. Are we okay with Turbine arbitrarily increasing the ML of Raid Items now?
  229. War priest analysis and review
  230. Empty Auction House
  231. Are Signet of the Endless Night BTC or BTA ???????
  232. Devs, will GMoF abilities be effected by spellpower soon?
  233. Developers: any news on the new Sorcerer's tree?
  234. Radiant Servant Feedback(About Pacifism, Divine Healing)
  235. Politely requesting What Goes Up be converted into a raid.
  236. Thoughts on Mabar
  237. shadar kai re-kit
  238. +6 tomes didn't make it to live?
  239. Purple Dragon Knight (Self healing)
  240. morninglord possible fix..
  241. Eldritch Knight
  242. Reincarnation Hearts & Potions (U20)
  243. Raider's reward box
  244. Eldritch Knight Enhancements
  245. Eldritch Knight: full tree, review and comments.
  246. The Official A Study in Sable Discussion Thread!
  247. The Official Eldritch Knight Enhancement Tree Discussion Thread!
  248. U20: only 2 new quests?
  249. The "Life Stealing" effect now functions as described on all items that it can appear
  250. XP Curve Revamp and Existing Characters