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  1. The Official The Thrill of the Hunt Loot Thread!
  2. The Official A Lesson in Deception Loot Thread!
  3. The Official Army of Shadow Loot Thread!
  4. The Official Through a Mirror Loot Thread!
  5. Available for testing, though perhaps not intentionally.
  6. Are servers down?
  7. Dear Devs, What's on the Agenda?
  8. NEW Sagas - Too many Questions...
  9. Re-rolling lot for 50 Astral Shards
  10. Level 15 quests?
  11. flawed bag of holding?
  12. Monk: Sting of the Ninja + Vorpal Strikes
  13. Spell Critical Changes
  14. Monk: Agility question?
  15. Failure to Launch
  16. Prize draw
  17. Should of used a circular tree system.
  18. Wheelon Prison wilderness
  19. Donate 6 Astral Shards
  20. Is the Dev Tracker working?
  21. Epic Destiny Feat??
  22. Disappointed - Must Select "Core Enhancement 1" to Unlock Tree
  23. Just like U18, None of the critters are in the Monster Manual
  24. Changes to double strike, and effects on rangers and monks
  25. 6PM Friday. Unable to enter the Prison wilderness area
  26. Reset Character copy attempt please -my character was stlll logged into main server
  27. Won't play Iconics without TR, explained
  28. no feather of sun on dev tracker
  29. Error creating SSL context / Lamannia beta
  30. Starting with 0 XP?
  31. ships buffs
  32. Replace Wail of the Banshee in bard spell list
  33. Crown of Summer Nerf
  34. epic level should reward enhancement point!
  35. cleric iconic need improvement!
  36. what need to be done
  37. Not able to select off-class enhancement trees
  38. Can we get another attempt at copying a character please?
  39. Proposal for RE-rolling loot found in a chest using astral shards.
  40. Mixed feeling about the named loot so far
  41. Looks a mixed bag
  42. Your Chance to Win a Prize
  43. soooo Just what CAN we do here?
  44. Random effect on Named loot: NO.
  45. Endless turning does not work with the Extra Turning FEAT
  46. Stormhorn's
  47. can't use DDO store in lamannia
  48. Keys
  49. cleric spell: word of recall
  50. Dragonmarks are not triggering Chimera item effects
  51. Dragonmarks are not triggering Chimera item effects
  52. Feedback: Enhancement Tree and Pure Pally, Pure Arty and Pure Druid
  53. Faerun characters with dragonmarks?
  54. What about Crafting and Holy?
  55. Let people change alignment with LR+20
  56. Mac client for Lamannia and the closed beta?
  57. Wizard archmage Enchantments no longer able to pick a minor second school for slas.
  58. cursed items
  59. Wayfinder Char-Copy
  60. Reincarnation Mistakes/Redo
  61. Devs, Compounding the Compoundedness
  62. Character Copy failure - an official response would be appreciated
  63. No Thank you!
  64. Item changes for those level 0 items.
  65. HP Calculation
  66. Wheloon Prison Map (epic)
  67. Dragon Mark of Finding & Rerolling Loot.
  68. Are Purple Dragon Knights Half-Orcs?
  69. Theoretically speaking...
  70. Quest Ransack AKA how to kill a (part of the) game
  71. Master Thrower
  72. Skulls vs Pumpkins
  73. Rare Encounters with Astral Shard Spending Options
  74. Greater Arcane Lore?
  75. Doubleshot + Repeating xbows
  76. Racial Paragon
  77. Barbarian issues
  78. Bank Space is needed now
  79. Bow doesn't shoot arrows.... At all....
  80. Login problems (need help)
  81. UI Changes
  82. Dispel Magic, Arcane Archer...
  83. Questgiver Locations
  84. Will you be able to recommend DDO to others?
  85. Striding and pernament haste feat
  86. Multiclass Jugg build!
  87. +20 Free LR Advice + Race Change combo
  88. Unable to enter the Prison
  89. Yeah Fred!
  90. multi-prestige pure class?!?!?!
  91. Monk strikes with monk weapons?
  92. Multi-Classing/Multi-Treeing
  93. Shield AC stacking
  94. bladeforged iconics suck.... which they do NOT do on live...
  95. random loot loot
  96. Dear Devs, Why MotU has turned me into a TR Junkie.
  97. No low-level Void Strike in any Monk tree breaks finishers
  98. Tier 5 Enhancements
  99. Monk - Shintao / Henshin Mystic thoughts
  100. I hope this is just oversight and not another epic nerf
  101. Wizard Tree: Replace Spellpower with Caster Levels
  102. What about epic caster levels?
  103. Alpha strike - a sick joke?
  104. Bards need Heal as a class skill
  105. A Ray of Hope Encounter @ Wheloon Prison
  106. So do you like the new spell power skills?
  107. ED and XP -- something's not adding up
  108. Edric Crastmere in main Quest Hub
  109. my 2 cents on the melee side of things
  110. The more I think about it, you guys should really go back to the drawing board.
  111. Upside and Downside
  112. Racial Prestige Class Enhancements
  113. Wheloon Prison Quest End Fights a let down?
  114. auguments
  115. Failed to queue for server 0x80004005 when logging in
  116. The view from my chair
  117. Overall Impressions of the Iconics
  118. Purple Dragon Paladins?
  119. List of new Epic Feats
  120. Power-level penalty for a level 21 grouped with a 28?
  121. Unable to log onto server
  122. I like change but this is too many.
  123. Changes to stacking exceptional bonuses and greensteel
  124. Since the Expansion is Trying to Attract Some New Players Let's Remove Useless Feats
  125. Upcoming Secret Doors Changes: A Suggestion which should make everyone happy...
  126. The best AC you have ever seen!
  127. Warpriest Preview, Please?
  128. Sprint Boost
  129. The Official The Tracker's Trap (Storm Horns) Loot Thread!
  130. Consider a few more diverse augments
  131. The Official Lines of Supply (Storm Horns) Loot Thread!
  132. The Official A Break in the Ice (Storm Horns) Loot Thread!
  133. The Official Breaking the Ranks (Storm Horns) Loot Thread!
  134. The Official What Goes Up (Storm Horns) Loot Thread!
  135. Allow viewing enhancements tree when already spent
  136. Cannith Crafting
  137. Do the developers know what each class is supposed to excel at?
  138. Where are the Raids, and when do we get them?
  139. What makes this release worthy of being an Expansion?
  140. Unerwhelming Weapons.
  141. Too few enhancement points?
  142. Stormhorn loot makes me sad
  143. Whered Phax go? My 3 wishes for UI changes still unfulfilled by expansion
  144. Blue borders on random loot.
  145. I do not see much reason to play longer then 2 weeks next update.
  146. Thanks for the feats!?!
  147. No mercy
  148. Any New Spells?
  149. KEEN and Improved crit feat not stacking
  150. A simple change to Double Strike/Shot
  151. I'm BEGGING you NOT to add another raid with farmed ingredients to craft items!
  152. Why did you nerf Tarlov?
  153. Thanks for the feedback
  154. Devs lets have a roundtable on "AP spent in tree" please?
  155. Dragonmarks? Dragonmarks? Dragonmarks?
  156. Please take another look at tempest and do some configuring
  157. 18barb/2ftr access only to barb and racial trees
  158. Producer Rowan, are we stuck with this loot?
  159. prison area bug
  160. Choice, a thought
  161. XP for Heroic quests need to be improved
  162. Would like to see a better variet of weapons in new content...
  163. Enhancements: Will the new enhancment system abate or accelerate the decline of DDO?
  164. Stormglory Typhoon
  165. Astral Shards
  166. Your BEST Weapon....
  167. No APs for Epic Levels is Pretty Weak
  168. Wheloon and Stormhorn trader areas
  169. Lammania dev tracker not working
  170. Exit Confusion on Enhancment Panel UI
  171. Making Enhancements effective...
  172. PM Pet?
  173. Character skill trees
  174. xp ransack and such
  175. Pay 10 astral shards to skip this thread
  176. Wheloon and Stormhorns traders.
  177. I like the new enhancements!
  178. Racial enhancements: overall view
  179. This lack of communication..
  180. Spectacle Eyewear Model Retroactivity?
  181. Devs: With Level Cap being raised, please don't forget to do these things
  182. Devs, were are the other racial PrEs that were promised?
  183. Now is the time to address Epic Elite saves
  184. Staff Builds
  185. Is defensive Strikes still brokenly OP?
  186. I'm in ur beta forumz..
  187. Sagas!
  188. What's Happening to Manyshot,10k + Fury?
  189. Fixing old bugs
  190. Suggestions for Racial Trees
  191. The Official The Tracker's Trap Discussion Thread!
  192. The Official Lines of Supply Discussion Thread!
  193. The Official A Break in the Ice Discussion Thread!
  194. The Official Breaking the Ranks Discussion Thread!
  195. The Official What Goes Up Discussion Thread!
  196. The Official Storm Horns (Adventure Area) Discussion Thread!
  197. Min char level to run on epic
  198. Getting Error Using Lamannia Client?
  199. A random encounter requiring the /dance emote
  200. Email invite and WORLD CLOSED status
  201. Skill Augments too weak
  202. There will be upcoming additions to Storm Horns and Wheloon Named Treasure
  203. Feather of Suns's post aren't showing in Dev Tracker:
  204. U19 and Monster Manual
  205. 1000 Cuts and Growing Storm Analysis
  206. Vorpal Strikes Does Not Work With Ninja Spy Core Enhancements: WAI?
  207. "Failed to queue for server (0x80004005)"
  208. Enhancement Preview III... What say you now?
  209. Hall of Heroes Transport
  210. Is ANYONE able to sign in?
  211. Destiny Orb Feats
  212. Detailed list of Epic Destiny feats?
  213. Eveningstar Challenges
  214. Paladin Splash Still Too Good?
  215. Stalwart Defender / Sacred Defender stances don't make sense
  216. Please fix Archer s Focus
  217. Kensei: Shattering strike and deadly strike are horrible
  218. Why the XP changes will bring more FTP players to end game
  219. The Stormhorn Mountains
  220. Are we going to get any Owlbear upgrades?
  221. Do risia effects add to ML now?
  222. high road pack
  223. Thoughts on new enhancements - Fighter/Ranger/Monk TWF
  224. Thoughts on new enhancements - Wizard
  225. Epic levels should give 4 more APs each!
  226. Thoughts on new enhancements - Monk Archer
  227. Level update to 28, whats the point?
  228. Favor Issue for Iconics
  229. Protect Baudry's interests
  230. Old topic...but I think it's worth asking about it.
  231. Excellent job on quests and wilderness so far
  232. Vorpal < Greater Vorpal : Disruption < Greater Disruption?
  233. Thoguhts on new enhancements - Half-orc 18/2 Barbarian/Fighter
  234. Old Effects updated
  235. Exotic Weapon Mastery Clarification - add exotic weapon prereq
  236. Stormhorns Map
  237. i like random affixes on named items
  238. Character Copy Question
  239. Random loot drop rates?
  240. Am I Blind?
  241. I Am Usually the Guy...
  242. Ninja Spy Enhancements and Vorpal Strikes
  243. Some Changes needed for Rogue Mechanic
  244. wizard twist questions with new enhancements
  245. Kensei Weapon Group Specialization
  246. Iconics not working properly with the Wizard
  247. Paragon weapons?
  248. Shadow xpack
  249. Masteful Craftsmanship no longer affects challenge gear?
  250. Ranged Archery Attacks?