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  1. Other Sorceror Trees?
  2. Nobody wanted these boxes.
  3. Barbarian Enhancements!
  4. Important Notice about Forum Upgrade and Lamannia Feedback
  5. Important Notice about Forum Upgrade and Lamannia Feedback
  6. Important Notice about Forum Upgrade and Lamannia Feedback
  7. Important Notice about Forum Upgrade and Lamannia Feedback
  8. Important Notice about Forum Upgrade and Lamannia Feedback
  9. How do i download and use Lama?
  10. Sorc Enhancements thread/Shiradi fun build copied here to continue discussion
  11. Spellsinger Bards: I'm disappointed.
  12. New class mix for Jugg?
  13. suggested warchanter fixes (repost from old forums)
  14. suggested protection domain fixes (repost)
  15. Monk and Paladin surveys links are missing!
  16. Divine Reactor 13 FVS/7 Wiz
  17. Devs, you don't have room for bad enhancements
  18. The Official Bard Enhancements Discussion Thread!
  19. The Official Paladin Enhancements Discussion Thread!
  20. The Official Monk Enhancements Discussion Thread!
  21. The Official Barbarian Enhancements Discussion Thread!
  22. Possibly this is the point...
  23. Repost - Paladin Enhacements Feedback
  24. Warchanter Review
  25. Regarding 10k stars and ranged Balance !!!!
  26. Character Copy link after new forum update?
  27. Class and PRE balance, relevance and customization
  28. Bonus Types
  29. Touch of Death Nerfed - WAI or bug?
  30. Juggernaut Mk II
  31. What's up with the Dojo/Store downage?
  32. Pale Master Skeletal Pet feedback
  33. Alpha Overview - Artificer version
  34. my criticisms of the new enhancements
  35. Dojo door, can we get a spawn plz? kthx!
  36. Occult Slayer: Tier 5 Enhancements
  37. What's next for Lamannia
  38. Show all pre-req's on enhancements
  39. So is there any talk or mention of a new raid in the new expansion ?
  40. There was a thread about a shuriken build
  41. Not starting?
  42. Connect - waiting
  43. Waiting.... Lamannia
  44. Wizard's tree – my opinion and suggestion (long posts)
  45. Tree tier unlocks and class levels.
  46. core enchancements (bottom row) and some other.
  47. Devs: Another improved UI for the enhancements suggestion
  48. Pure Unarmed Monks Need More!!
  49. suggestion on the current issue
  50. Attempted exploit of enhancement system! (Also known as trying to prove a point.)
  51. Are Any Changes Being Made To The Current Enhancements On Lamania
  52. Is there more feat changes?
  53. An Answer for the Capstone Issue
  54. Client Crashes
  55. Where are the U18 release notes?
  56. New Augments?
  57. Iconics cannot reincarnate
  58. My experience with the new bladeforged generation and character
  59. Bladeforged Pally 2 / Sorc 18
  60. Make Bladeforged a playable race
  61. No epic versions?
  62. Problem downloading Lamannia
  63. shadows!
  64. shadow of a doubt incompletable sometimes
  65. new autogranted feat Bladeforged - buggy
  66. Iconic Chars, without the TR just another thing to ignore..
  67. Bladeforged suggestions
  68. The Official Disciples of Shar Discussion Thread!
  69. The Official Escape Plan Discussion Thread!
  70. The Official Shadow of a Doubt Discussion Thread!
  71. The Official Bladeforged Discussion Thread!
  72. Diehard: Inherent or not in BF?
  73. Public Lvl 100 guild w/ full airship
  74. U18 - Wheloon Story Line - Expansion?
  75. New cosmetic armor system
  76. request- half elf dil revamp~~
  77. Skill Tomes
  78. Quest Completions - True elite?
  79. Active and Passive Icons?
  80. Cosmetic Gear
  81. Quick thoughts
  82. Is house C really a good starting point for level 15 bladeforged?
  83. Leveing dialogue - Enhancements
  84. Daily Dice - Updated for U18
  85. Bring your own repair seems pretty powerful
  86. Just curious if there will be more epic feats coming soon
  87. Don't you know this is the internet?
  88. Bladeforged in Schemes of the Enemy
  89. Suggestion ~ swap necromacy with light for classification of heal/spellcraft skills
  90. Suggestion for the dojo or airship shop
  91. New test dojo room idea
  92. Can 't use character copy
  93. Collectables turn ins.
  94. What's this expansion?
  95. cannot run lamania after last update
  96. The Stormhorns
  97. Quest level Issues
  98. am i missing 10k stars?
  99. No new Bladeforged possible?
  100. My opinion of the new expansions..
  101. My opinion of the new expansions..
  102. Why building a caster (Wizard or Sorc) will be a terrible idea after Enhancement Pass
  103. review on the quest
  104. Devs, how about some news?
  105. A Question about Identical Enhancements
  106. Very Old Character Copy
  107. Just a funny thought
  108. Icon TRs and Past lives suggestion
  109. Post the 2nd round of the enhancement pass already
  110. I cannot connect to it the launcher doesnt work
  111. Devs why are you nerfing Favored Souls and Toughness?
  112. When is Lama Coming back online
  113. What kind of racial prestige are supposedly going to get?
  114. Lamannia launcher ERRORS
  115. Power of the Forge: Action Boost: For 20 seconds, how or when do you get?
  116. Wipe the Server Now!
  117. Whats Going on?
  118. what about class twist slots ?
  119. Wraith form question
  120. Duplicate Enhancement Question (After not a great deal of checking the forum)
  121. Please Clear Character Copy
  122. Will 18.2 bring the new launcher to Live?
  123. Free gold roll for VIP? It's unfair!
  124. Rogue Mechanic Enhancement Update? Info wanted
  125. ENH pass and character wipe?
  126. New YouTube Posting
  127. "we got a bunch of yellow dopants collecting dust here, we should be selling em!"
  128. *** Dodge Changes ****
  129. What's up with Paladin and Ranger Devotion enhancements?
  130. •The Haste spell now provides +1% Dodge instead of +1 AC
  131. Cannot continue because en-GB/DDO EULA - Turbine.html cannot be located
  132. Where's Dalsamira - Retrieve the Lost Tome
  133. Stalwart Stance requiring S&B is not acceptable - Part Deux!
  134. The song of weeping bards...
  135. Halfling racial - Dex modifier for thrown weapon damage
  136. Cleric - Enhancements
  137. New Epic Feats
  138. Treasure Changes
  139. Defensive tree AP costs reduced a bit.
  140. So my two main toons failed to character copy . . .
  141. The Official Bladeforged Iconic Enhancements Discussion Thread!
  142. Running with the Devils has been Crucibled or mob spell damage been lowered on elite?
  143. Divine Disciple
  144. Racial trees still suffering from the Spell Power problem
  145. Palemaster, Summon Skeleton, Big Feature, still missing something
  146. it seems some of the enhancements still cost too much
  147. suggestion about favored soul trees:
  148. Fix Xbow Reloading and Special Attacks
  149. Hmm did you change anything?
  150. Will we see changes to caster enhancements at all?
  151. Points spent per tree - suggestion
  152. Feedback - Cleric Enhancement - Pass 2 - The Long Version
  153. Monk/Rogue Staff lines
  154. Remove astral shard icon from main UI
  155. Monk Bugs and Balances
  156. New Harbor
  157. Acrobats and Dexterity
  158. Sneak Racing
  159. Suggestions for the Developers
  160. Bring back sneak-humping!
  161. AP spenditure
  162. Spellpower = skills - something here doesn't make sense
  163. Opinion on enhancements
  164. Kensei: A review for developers to please consider
  165. Suggestion: Change Protection tree to Warpriest tree
  166. 10,000 stances
  167. FvS trees - pass 2
  168. Eveningstar - Hall of Heroes
  169. Repair System and Repair Amplification
  170. Change the Penalty in Defensive Strikes to 40% movement.
  171. Henshin Mystic
  172. Lammania Launcher - HELP
  173. What is the vision for end-game divine offense?
  174. Still finding a 60 Necor DC to be wanting
  175. Can't access some trees on multi-class?
  176. Looks like player activity is at an all-time low here
  177. Hoping to get some Developer eyes on this Idea for Core Enhancements
  178. 24 ap for endess.
  179. Looking for expanded Deity options/feats in the future
  180. Mass hold forever, wail never!
  181. Dear Devs: Why the hate on UMD lately?
  182. Wizard race enhancement. HELF or Drow?
  183. Changes I think should be made to the new enhancement system
  184. Flawless Blue Armor - Now with ONLY 3% crit!
  185. Ranger reflex save and Dodge AP costs
  186. Hoping to get some Developer eyes on this Idea for Core Enhancements
  187. Ranger: Lack of devotion ENH
  188. Ranger: Tempest high tier stuff still ****
  189. Fighter: Stalwart Defender PRE is horrible
  190. Disappearing Weapons
  191. Toughness a waste of a feat now
  192. General Rudown of the Various Trees
  193. Harbor Cleanup
  194. Why still 5HP per class level not character levels?
  195. The point of innate abilities and the death of some pure builds
  196. Wondering when we can test out the other three Iconics
  197. Dragonmarks WAI?
  198. Epic Shield Mastery Suggestion as New Epic Feat
  199. When will we see racial access to class trees?
  200. How do you get to Eveningstar on Lama?
  201. Guessing the new enhancement effect on my charaters
  202. Are these revamped enh , or same ones with a few bug fixes ??
  203. Why are there no class trees?
  204. Another Plea for Artificer Returning Bolts
  205. Really, really love the new enhancement system (explained)
  206. I want to see increased missles of Magic Missile, Scorching Ray, Frost Lance, ETC.
  207. Monkcher: No point in Doubleshot
  208. Wands and stuff
  209. AP requirements ment for Pure and MC
  210. Live vs. Lammania: Wakut Mindfilleter Edition
  211. Please undo Spellcraft, Heal and Repair changes
  212. Too much specialization can be a bad thing
  213. Expansion beta release date.
  214. The Unyielding Mountain
  215. Arcane archer only racial PrE for 3 1/2 years and counting!
  216. In need of help
  217. Ranger Sprint Boost Bug?
  218. merge savants in sorc enhancement lines
  219. Proposed wizard tree : Wild Mage
  220. Kensai Fighter: Capstone is weaksauce
  221. No crossbow Kensei?
  222. Perform skill, thanks!
  223. XP Cap
  224. Druid Crown of Summer
  225. The eight and a half cents of the cost
  226. Defensive Strikes needs to go.
  227. ETA on Going Live?
  228. Kensai Fighter: lack of tactics DCs
  229. Super laggy on Lamannia. Just me?
  230. suggestion about minimum points spent in a tree...
  231. Racial Tree Prestige Accesses at Launch?
  232. Spellcaster Damage Amplification Enhancements
  233. Qu: Paladin Durable Defense and Censure Demons
  234. Leveling up on Lamannia
  235. Acolyte of the Skin: a suggestion and a thread to discuss
  236. The Official Army of Shadow Discussion Thread!
  237. The Official A Lesson in Deception Discussion Thread!
  238. The Official Friends in Low Places Discussion Thread!
  239. The Official The Thrill of the Hunt Discussion Thread!
  240. The Official Through a Mirror Discussion Thread!
  241. The Official Wheloon Prison Discussion Thread!
  242. The Official Bladeforged Iconic Discussion Thread!
  243. The Official Shadar-Kai Iconic Discussion Thread!
  244. The Official Morninglord Iconic Discussion Thread!
  245. The Official Purple Dragon Knight Iconic Discussion Thread!
  246. I am sure that I'm just stupid
  247. The Official Purple Dragon Knight Iconic Enhancements Discussion Thread!
  248. The Official Shadar-Kai Iconic Enhancements Discussion Thread!
  249. The Official Morninglord Iconic Enhancements Discussion Thread!
  250. The Official Friends in Low Places Loot Thread!