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  1. Initial Impressions
  2. Get Rid of Points Spent in Individual Trees
  3. Was ranger skill boost dropped on purpose?
  4. Barb enhancements?
  5. My take on the new cleric enhancements
  6. balanced for a time past?
  7. New AP System
  8. Poor devs
  9. Stalwart Defender Review
  10. Need to spend our own APs to train Pet
  11. First set of changes to the overall system
  12. Dojo Inner Door (Use Bells of Opening!)
  13. Perform skill
  14. Please play the game
  15. Was my survey submited?
  16. Toughness changes
  17. Haste Boost
  18. Top-Shelf Tempest stuff: too little, too expensive
  19. A few thoughts after reading...
  20. dragonmarks
  21. Stop With This Trend Of Putting General Class Enhancements Into Selective Trees
  22. Stalwart Stance requiring S&B is not acceptable
  23. Change Stunning Blow DCs
  24. 22 APs total to get Human Healing Amp III is insane
  25. Feedback on what part of the enhancements?
  26. Tr delay on Lamma?
  27. Test of Ranger with Devotion 4 and Ranger with Heal Skill.
  28. helf ddo human versatility skill boost says it gives
  29. 12/6/2/ AAs
  30. Enhancements Alpha & U18,19 etc
  31. Thoughts on new system and Arcane Archer
  32. A quick update on the Enhancements
  33. so ok, this is what has happened to my rangerficer
  34. What has been done right?
  35. Unable to connect to Lamannia
  36. Monk Changes
  37. 40 action point pre-requisite
  38. Cleric Prestige Tree: Protection
  39. thoughts on enhancements
  40. FE enhancments
  41. Give us a way to install Lamannia without Pando
  42. I told you so
  43. My experience with slaying arrows so far
  44. Divine think tank
  45. one good reason
  46. Regarding Alpha
  47. My 2 cents of Cleric PREs
  48. The Ten Thousand Star question
  49. Bugging out!
  50. Missing Skill Focus: Spellcraft as a feat
  51. New Minos
  52. When in doubt...what would <stringtableerror> do?
  53. Prestige Capstone Suggestion
  54. Is history set to repeat?
  55. My Lam client wont go pass connecting
  56. Spellcraft, heal, repair and perform
  57. bonuses to skills need to be available to all trees
  58. Roll the spellcraft skill effect into concentration instead
  59. Let the DOOoOooOoOOoOOOOOOM Begin
  60. too many APs to get a racial PRE
  61. Problems/solutions to enhancement pass
  62. Feedback vs doom and gloom
  63. So... Anyone else with a dead build now?
  64. Forests and Trees - the Enhancement Forest
  65. Battle Engineer and WF PRR Bugged
  66. Can't connect to Lamannia
  67. Lamannia client won't connect
  68. Tree structure may give more different options...
  69. The Dojo and its door
  70. My take on the new system
  71. Make all enhancements usefull - suggestions inside
  72. Cleric would hardly be offensive than before...
  73. Ranger splashes
  74. Too Many Boosts
  75. Hidden Benefits of enhancements with mulitple ranks
  76. Class Trees unlocked by race
  77. Collectables
  78. A possible solution to slayer arrows?
  79. Barb Rage+Con
  80. Repair spellpower enhancements are unaccounted for
  81. Proposed change to spell power from Action points spent.
  82. Please consider lowering the cost to unlock racial classes
  83. What builds were nerfed?
  84. An example of why the tiered/gated system is bad using Dwarf tree, with remedy
  85. Where is Fighter Haste Boost
  86. Cleric bugs (including design decisions)
  87. An example of why the tiered/gated system is bad using Kensai tree, with remedy
  88. Where is ranger sprint boost?
  89. Leveling a cleric - a comparison of levels 7, 12, and 17
  90. my poor AA cleric
  91. Cleric Critique
  92. Paladins DO get positive energy spellpower
  93. Existing Class Abilities & PRE Trees - A Suggestion
  94. Detailed Review of Kensai after several days of testing
  95. A Melee Power Gamer's View of the Enhancements
  96. I really bookmarked it...
  97. AP tier pre-req's
  98. Fighter 12/Ranger 6/Monk 2 Dual wielding Halfling
  99. Suggestion: Ditch trees
  100. Cleric - Were you expecting a Melee and/or Offensive Caster Pre?
  101. Compromise Proposal
  102. ok so lets try this. give us 1 action point per epic lv
  103. Concrete example of how multiclassing is more limited
  104. Radiant aura. I hope I'm missing something.
  105. New Capstones = Requirement Fail?
  106. Pls move Radiant Aura to Core Abilities (just like Radiant Burst)
  107. Class Enhancements
  108. Clarification required re core abilities
  109. I'm hungry, I have to pee, and I'm trying to smoke.
  110. Feedback - Spellpower and Enhancements - They can coexist.
  111. Simple solution to the limit of 3 class trees
  112. Simpler and more flexible: it is possible and it is desirable
  113. 1st Attempt to break the new enhancement trees
  114. 4e Creep + Furious Button-Mashing + You!
  115. favored enemy stuff
  116. Proposed change to spellcraft: 3 skills instead of 1
  117. Tactics DCs and alternative stats
  118. Partial Spellcraft Solution: Tie Stat to Prestige
  119. New Monk Enhancements
  120. weapon damage display
  121. If you enjoy active, button-pushing cool downs, make your voice heard!
  122. Greater DragonMark of Sentinel
  123. New trees: Too many clikies or is it just me?
  124. Survey's: logged out due to inactivity.
  125. Magical Training
  126. RE: Whirlwind Attack
  127. Arcane Archer Energy of the Wild is... weird..
  128. Test dojo doorway is gone
  129. The Monk Is Dead
  130. Lammania ramble and Sir Pointsalot questions
  131. Domains =/= Prestiges
  132. Alpha and Pre-Alpha - an issue
  133. Monotheistic Pantheon?
  134. Worried about Spellpower changes and its influence on Spellswords
  135. Gazebo is Grumpy
  136. unlocking racial PREs and You
  137. Big + for Turbine - hope Ill see it on live
  138. Players = Not Responsible?
  139. Remember the original Enhancements?
  140. What have you tried out and why is it interesting?
  141. Welcome to bizarro world (build fundamentals under the new system)
  142. The problems with the enhancement system
  143. Can we get a class tree for enhancments !!
  144. Cleric enhancement changes, a worked example
  145. Radiant Servant was incomplete and now...
  146. Change slayers !!!
  147. Avenue for Multiclassing under the new system
  148. surveys?
  149. Lamannia install without Pedo Media?
  150. Alpha schedule and racial prestiges
  151. Active Single Shot Ranged ENH/ED Boosts And (The Lack Of)Lead Tracking
  152. New Enhancements and how they interact with runearms
  153. Devs, let me be crystal clear about this
  154. Missing AP's ?
  155. No Dev response for Clerics/Divines?
  156. Enhancements Alpha General - Locked?
  157. Dojo door missing
  158. Stalwart Defender tree should get a way to boost the party
  159. Frenzy and Ranged Combat
  160. Tier 3 of Radiant Servant?
  161. Get rid of the static +X enhancement bloat
  162. Silver Flame Arcane Archer Evoker excitement
  163. Unite that AP requirements throughout all enhancement trees, as it is now on live.
  164. Some Dojo Redesign Requests
  165. Lesser reincarnation and race selection
  166. Gold Seal Healing Elixir
  167. Down
  168. How about allowing us to have 6 smaller trees?
  169. Points spent in tree: More carrot, less stick.
  170. Where's the week of testing with full char selection?
  171. Single Class, Multiclass, and Capstones - to be successful you need to open things up
  172. Elf Wizard
  173. Can someone who's client is not stuck "connecting" tell me if Fusilade mandates ...
  174. Enhancement interface
  175. Proposed Modification to the 3 Class "Panel/Tree" Limitation
  176. Lammania Client Issues
  177. Deepwood and Favored Enemy tweaking
  178. Healing Amp Math
  179. Why not 1 tree instead of 3?
  180. Stalwart Defender Shield Requirement
  181. Sage in quest completions
  182. Enhancement Alpha Suggestions
  183. How to respec feats on Lam?
  184. Splashing 2 arti or 1 cleric becomes very interesting for scroll users
  185. The Masters Gift
  186. Tier 5 Kensei and Greater Weapon Focus
  187. Feedback on the enhancement system
  188. Enhancement idea
  189. Artificer Capstone
  190. new stalwart defender capstone
  191. Why playing on Lamannia is vital to the future of the game, now more than ever
  192. Optimistic about the future for bards (humor)
  193. Vargouille/Squeek/MajorMal appreciation thread
  194. the core of ddo
  195. Jorasco Dragonmark Heir?
  196. Stalwart and some basic hopeful guidance
  197. Problems Connecting?
  198. LR and Race Respec with Enhancement Pass
  199. Haling Loot Sacrifice Enhancement line
  200. Hi devs: charge/bullrush/overrun
  201. Wizard/Druid Enhancements
  202. Leave the gates but make core abilities free
  203. Lammania Pre-Alpha Archmage and Pale Master Enhancements
  204. Alpha enhancements in PDF
  205. Archmage Response
  206. Pale Master response
  207. Increase Number of Columns within a Tree
  208. (Lack of) Persistence of Enhancement Abilities in Hotbars
  209. Lamannia gone Poof
  210. The Official Druid Enhancements Discussion Thread!
  211. The Official Favored Soul Enhancements Discussion Thread!
  212. The Official Rogue Enhancements Discussion Thread!
  213. The Official Sorcerer Enhancements Discussion Thread!
  214. The Official Wizard Enhancements Discussion Thread!
  215. 10 k stars disapeared = monkarchers death ?
  216. Rogue
  217. Divine Healing targets?
  218. Tier 5 enhancements now reduced to 30 AP
  219. Enhancements that require low HP are bad
  220. Open Heal and Perform skills to wizards and sorcs.
  221. FvS Prestige Tree: Protection
  222. Pale Masters and the Heal Skill
  223. Air Savant Tree
  224. Pale master Summon
  225. Rogue Enhancements should be a template for other melee
  226. Pale master Summon
  227. Thief-Acrobat "Acrobatic" - stacking melee alacrity?
  228. new Forums . . . what's the future of Character Copy?
  229. How (imo) the new system should have been
  230. Important Notice about Forum Upgrade and Lamannia Feedback
  231. Sorcerers nerfs and bugs: details inside.
  232. AoV FvS human
  233. RE: Turbine's design direction for blue-bars
  234. Acrobat response
  235. Rogue Mechanic??????
  236. general feedback
  237. FvS Protection Tree (half serious thread)
  238. Analyzing: The Forest for the Trees
  239. oh no my posts!!!!111oneoneone
  240. The end of multiclass rogues?
  241. Devs, do you have somethign against wand and scroll mastery?
  242. sever down?
  243. Free Maximize
  244. Savants Suggestions
  245. Capstones need to be as powerful as 2 levels in any class
  246. Still wondering about AA and Repeaters
  247. Crit Damage???
  248. Do any of you ever use DC-based wands?
  249. Spellcraft - Why INT?
  250. Fun with Shiradi, remember when 12 sorc/4 fvs/3 wiz was a gimp build?