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  1. RE: changes to the flagging mechanic for reaver's
  2. Upgrading Old GH Items
  3. Additional NPC's needed in Gianthold
  4. Please add tomes to test server DDO Store
  5. Does Sheltering and Augment PRR stack?
  6. Epic Hires
  7. Shamanic Fetish - missing spellcasting implement?
  8. Thunderstruck = Reign? Do they stack or are they really the same ability?
  9. Prison of Planes on Heroic
  10. Rebellion for rogues?
  11. Outsider token turn ins
  12. Epic/heroic xp repeat penalties
  13. Update 17....
  14. Ideas for improving the new raid loot
  15. Old items?
  16. Why is the ghost cloak the ONLY item i see without an aug slot?
  17. PLEASE bring back The Guide
  18. Could we get colorless added to non-epic sacred band?
  19. Any chance of upgrade recipe for some older items?
  20. Can any-ML crystal go into any-ML item?
  21. Smuggler's Rest is Available
  22. So.. are old items upgradable?
  23. Petition: Give eWhitescale Armor Dodge 5
  24. Did I miss ...
  25. hey Feather, all of the upgrade recipes are backwards
  26. Does Tempest Spine have a "20th" list?
  27. Epic Hirelings
  28. Smuggler's Rest Trial Run Results
  29. Augments - Places to Buy them
  30. Is there a reason for level 25's to run the cove?
  31. Dragontouched Armor - AC / Dex Review/Updated Needed
  32. Crystal Cove Changes
  33. Cove barter box screenshots
  34. PLEASE - Macro for Turn-Ins
  35. Changes to guild augment items?
  36. Why BtC? Why? Why? Why?
  37. stability + resistance is a bug fix?
  38. Please Feather take some time to rethink the EGH raid loot !!!
  39. Why would a low/mid level run Smugglers Rest?
  40. Very rare green scales and very common white/blue/black - WAI?
  41. Devs/Squeak I need 2 recopy over my 1 of toons? Any possible solutions?
  42. Four broken things I would like to see fixed in U17
  43. Anyone checked the minos?
  44. The Azure Crystal, narrated by SteelStar
  45. No exceptional fortification or +3 DC?
  46. New Vorpal and Cursespewing affixes retroactive?
  47. Vorpal
  48. Friday's Crystal Cove event
  49. Feather: what about Tinah?
  50. 10 Commendations for an augment slot???
  51. Named Shurikens
  52. Clarification regarding old augments, old augmented items, and new augments?
  53. Petition: Bring back +2 Exceptional INT on Spyglass!
  54. +1 to the Chronicle Writer
  55. So i hope the silence from the devs means !!!!
  56. a way for level 25s to make cannith challenge items
  57. Any plans ot Update Lamannia soon?
  58. No Shards/Seals/Scrolls in EGH - Time to Unbind them for Desert
  59. This just in !!! crappy rewards/loot make lamania a ghost town !!!
  60. Hat potency listed as old system in hat box
  61. Feather, could you look into the coding for the containers??
  62. The Pendant of the Stormreaver
  63. U17 Monster Manual Addition...
  64. No Favor
  65. Epic Claw set and more stealth nerfed
  66. The treasure room
  67. Items with old guild slot augments
  68. Gold Doubloons
  69. @$%k Ranged !!! I think they finally done it !!
  70. Feather...
  71. Epic Ring of the Buccaneer stealth buffed?
  72. Crucible no longer needed?
  73. Questions about Fall of Truth arising from mobs seen in Event 7
  74. Updates to Old Gear, Game Mechanics and Transparency.
  75. To the owner of 'holdinstance'
  76. Any Word on Cannith Challenge xp?
  77. PSA: Some Fall of Truth raid items have changed
  78. Ranged. why you gotta hate???
  79. Updated Cove Items
  80. Focusing on Druidic items/ Tr items/ Challenges
  81. Please give Gauntlets of Immortality Healing Amp instead.
  82. Maybe the loot is fine if !!
  83. Old outfits revitalised
  84. Swashbuckler: Possibility to change from Steel to Wood for Druid use?
  85. THE Chest!
  86. Many improvements to mobs AI with 01/02 release notes
  87. Please consider giving the EE versions of the rune arms an Orange slot
  88. Epic Dragon Armor flavorization
  89. Augment Crystal Storage
  90. Suggestion: Craft augments
  91. Is ED farming still possible after U17?
  92. Did Murlynd's Spoon get upgrade?
  93. Suggestion: Crafting Stash
  94. Coming Soon ... Optimistic or Pessimistic
  95. Dear Mr. Feather !!!
  96. U17 Magical Training WAI?
  97. Red augments for mystical T3 alchemical
  98. Suggestion for new loot item for Epic Giant Hold
  99. Truth and Reconciliation (Spoilers?)
  100. Treasure compass consumed?
  101. Named Augments?
  102. temp augments
  103. Do FR Armors get updated?
  104. please add healing amp and exceptional fort
  105. Release Notes Updated.
  106. New enhancement system
  107. Old Epics
  108. Final plea for Yellow false life augments
  109. Dragon AI changes - testing the impact on heroic levels
  110. Before U17 Goes Live (possible Bug - Otto's Irrestistible Dance)
  111. My thoughts: Compass and Treasure map piece drop rate, and Butter Rum Coffee cost
  112. Anyone check the Whisperdoom turn ins?
  113. Cooldown shared by all tiers of Rum Bottles?
  114. Level 25 Cove Items?
  115. Toughness Augment Idea
  116. Epic amulet of the Stormreaver & Epic Charged Gauntlets
  117. Bday Box stuffs
  118. Delete this please
  119. Raid night?
  120. Not updating Epic loot results in some very sad upgrades
  121. Question about PRR in new slot system
  122. Changement Ă* apporter
  123. Are the new named augments bound?
  124. While the servers are down maybe an Enhancement Pass update for us . . . ? . .!
  125. EH Dragon scale helm slots?
  126. ship buff nerf
  127. new celestia graphics
  128. Thank you for the lag in CC
  129. Augments
  130. Stats of EH ghost-waking cloak?
  131. What about DDO Store
  132. Please revert Brigand's Cutlass
  133. New Hotkeys
  134. Live Server Downtime and Lamannia Mentions
  135. The Guide
  136. The Shard Exchange
  137. The Official Shard Exchange Thread!
  138. The Official Daily Dice Thread!
  139. Who is going to put up their EE items on the ASAH?
  140. New Collectables List
  141. What is the Limit on Astral Shards?
  142. Purple Challenge Crystals
  143. Quiver of Poison still bind on Acquire?
  144. 40% Cut, thought Turbine was a Gaming Company and not the Government...
  145. The Normal AH thinks its the Shard Exchange
  146. There's Dozens of collectables - Please stop using the same ones
  147. Real money auction house coming Soon™
  148. The Shard Exchange - Turbine We Need Answers
  149. I'm boycotting the upcoming Astral Shard Auction House
  150. Initial Impressions
  151. Thoughts on the Patch
  152. The new-new (and much worse) collectibles list
  153. Did a Troll get hired as Dev?
  154. Why is an Astral Shard sink needed?
  155. The Unoffical Daily Dice Thread Sans Gambling Rants
  156. thanks for saving me some cash
  157. Asking nicely/politely could we have some tomes(+1/2/3/4/5) put into the AH?
  158. How the revamped collectibles list SHOULD look
  159. DDO dice?
  160. Why is there such a high astral shard cut in the AH?
  161. Daily Dice Another Gimmicy Cash Grab That Breaks Immersion
  162. Cannith Daily Tokens
  163. Dice results: Gold
  164. Shards/Seals: it's the right time
  165. colllectable turn in
  166. I beg you: Please DO NOT release the new collectable changes to live!
  167. Daily dice? really?
  168. Next Build
  169. Devoplers Help
  170. PDK challenge
  171. i wonder when enchantment pass will hit lammania...
  172. April 1st / waiting for a new build / sneak peak
  173. Not able to install...
  174. were did you put it squeak
  175. Late to the party, begging for plat and shards...
  176. It's Spring! how long before the Enchancement Beta comes to Lamannia?
  177. True Hearts
  178. Question: Blessing of Onatar
  179. Its gone
  180. Aurum Quartermaster doesn't "do" Restored Relics?
  181. Reset instance D:
  182. True hearts
  183. When will we here those magic words
  184. Hey Squeak - Character copy revamp before enhancements?
  185. There are only 22 items in the entire lammania AH?
  186. squeak - Coms to finish scales and such in the AH
  187. Enhancements Alpha General
  188. How can we make sure that our positive feedback...
  189. ToD rings / Shavarath Set vs Enhancements
  190. The Official Human Enhancements Discussion Thread!
  191. The Official Elf Enhancements Discussion Thread!
  192. The Official Halfling Enhancements Discussion Thread!
  193. The Official Dwarf Enhancements Discussion Thread!
  194. The Official Warforged Enhancements Discussion Thread!
  195. The Official Half-Elf Enhancements Discussion Thread!
  196. The Official Drow Elf Enhancements Discussion Thread!
  197. The Official Half-Orc Enhancements Discussion Thread!
  198. The Official Artificer Enhancements Discussion Thread!
  199. The Official Cleric Enhancements Discussion Thread!
  200. The Official Fighter Enhancements Discussion Thread!
  201. The Official Ranger Enhancements Discussion Thread!
  202. Unable to log onto both live and lama server.
  203. Patching
  204. New/Modified Skills
  205. Skill changes - Heal, Repair, Perform, and Spellcraft
  206. Clerics are now Hjealbots
  207. So when is this new Character copy coming?
  208. Hey EVERYONE!
  209. i really like the new cleric domain..
  210. Some Enhancement Information! (Updated 6-28-13)
  211. While You Are Tinkering With Skills...
  212. Everything you know is changed
  213. Initial Impressions
  214. A suggestion for anyone discussing the new Lam build
  215. Rangers and Paladins need their devotion lines back
  216. NEW Ranger Enhancement Line
  217. "Autogrants"
  218. Enhancements - Alpha version
  219. The artie enhancements are pretty nerfy
  220. character wipe
  221. Perform DCs?
  222. Skills
  223. No thanks to less degree of freedom
  224. PSA Regarding Spellpower, Spell Crit and Toughness
  225. all prestige classes
  226. AA's get spunked in initial version of enhancment pass
  227. Human (and HElf) capability to take class PREs and treat char- as class-levels?
  228. Update 18 Question
  229. Stalwart and excessively lengthy chains.
  230. Moar AP please?
  231. Teir 5 requirements are too high
  232. Concerns with alpha version
  233. some problem i have seen..
  234. Ranger Devotion enhancements are unaccounted for
  235. elf weapon specialize
  236. Multiclass Enhancements question
  237. Artificers should have Returning projectiles
  238. Devs, as you do this - take a cue from Primal Avatar and Fatesinger
  239. Choice constriction
  240. Some first thoughts...
  241. Pando Media Booster failing...
  242. Kensai: Tier1 Exotic Weapons + Tier5 Crit Range Don't Work
  243. Loss of Freedom to branch out (Not Enough AP)
  244. Arcane Archer Imbues not Working
  245. Loss of Slayer Arrows
  246. Arcane Archer now on Par with Kensei Arcane Archer
  247. Points spent in racial tree requirements.
  248. So ummmm yeah - LR's, TR's and levelling stones are going to be needed.
  249. Introductory Detailed Review of Kensei
  250. My General thoughts on the Enhancement Pass so far.. Critique and Suggestions